This page will have super discount items for Tribal Cash customers.

1) Super discount electrolyte drink

If you are tired of spending a lot of money on electrolyte drinks here is a chance to get them at a super discount.

  1. Step 1) Look at the ingredients on your favorite drink mix
  2. Step 2) Buy the ingredients at a store
  3. Step 3) Mix the ingredients

Don't forget step 4, pay for these instructions.

Here's a cheat sheet in case you don't feel like doing step 1.

'spoons' = flat teaspoons

To make 2 liters

  • 2 spoons Sodium citrate / or sodium chloride 'table salt' can be substituted if you are on a budget
  • 2 spoons Potassium citrate
  • 1 spoon Magnesium citrate
  • 1 spoon Calcium citrate
  • Sugar or inulin, to your taste
  • Citric acid, to your taste, don't use more than a quarter teaspoon per 2 liters
  • Water, enough to make a drink
  • Additional flavoring optional

Adjust the quantities according to taste, the above suggested spoon measurements are general guidelines only. Best to keep sodium and potassium amounts close to each other, and calcium and magnesium amounts close to each other. If you get cramps increase potassium and calcium a bit, or decrease sodium and magnesium a bit. If you start vomiting blood or hallucinating see a doctor.