1) Coincidence or Strategy?

Peru has the largest silver reserves in the world and their population has one of the highest concentrations of Amerindians and Mestizos.



They also have, by far, the highest Covid mortality rate, deaths per 1m people, of any country anywhere in the world.


A key part of the British / U.S. economic strategy since WWII has been to control the price ratio of silver to gold to limit economic expansion in places with a strong indigenous American population, like Peru. If silver ever goes high relative to gold, countries like Bolivia, Chile, Mexico and Peru will start developing financial clout which would impede U.S. efforts to control them.

The chart to the right appears very bullish, but if you take into account the relative decline in Western power, it would be very expensive for British derived societies i.e. Australia, Canada, the U.S. etc to continue propping up gold. Diversifying 'monetized metals' into a variety of new elements might seem to buy some time unless you take into account that there are two or more sides now.

2) What is the U.S. economy really going to do?

It's been clear for a long time that the U.S. is going to make a mad dash into uncharted waters in order to deal with its rapidly contracting 'market share' in the global economy.

"If tackled astutely, the IMF, the World Bank and the BIS believe that the creation of CBDCs could offer a “clean slate” that would enable the global financial system to significantly enhance the efficiency of cross-border payments."


Massive hidden asset purchases are an open secret which even analysts only refer to discreetly, in roundabout ways.


That article points to a possible example of the 'induced selective blindness' that comes with any new attempt to secretly impose a 'fake science' solution on the public. The first time Weimar type solutions were tried, those governments thought they had outwitted economic science. They wanted more money, and they got more money, until the ground disappeared from under their new economics. This latest government project, of secretly buying massive amounts of public sector debt and equities, is going to end interestingly.

At some point soon the U.S. is likely to completely overhaul its tax system, probably eliminating all individual taxes except those on the superwealthy which will be eliminated a year or two later. Income taxes serve no point in the current economy, except to stifle growth, waste effort by millions of people etc. If the government's various 'q.e.' programs were used to generate income indirectly, for example if the treasury traded equities for profit, it would make personal taxes irrelevant. So the most likely net effect of this upcoming contraction is that the U.S. will become what the Soviet Union tried to become, a fully government controlled economy with almost no private sector, except in name.

3) The most endangered indigenous population in the world

As big as the current threat towards indigenous American populations is, there is another population under much more severe threat.

As the global economy shifts east, Australia will rapidly become the 'British outpost in Asia', a front for Britain and the United States to slow the economic shift away from their control.

The biggest threat to this is that regions indigenous population. For a long time Australia, and its regional bloc, has been diluting Aboriginal culture. But in order for British derived policies to survive the expansion of Asian influence there will need to be a much further reduction in indigenous power there.

What does that mean in practical terms? Every extermination uses new tools, and there is no way to predict exactly how Aboriginal Australians will be reduced.

All a person can say for sure is that the reduction of Australian indigenous populations is of such high, and growing, importance to Britain and the U.S. that vast resources will be put into making it happen.

4) One of the big mysteries of 'apps' is why certain apps are not available on pc's

All computer devices, whether smartphones, tablets or whatever are backdoored to some extent, but why would certain companies want to force their clients to access their apps through smartphones when there is a substantial market for those apps on pc's too?

Is it a commercial consideration?


Or something else?

Everybody knows which government is harming individual privacy.




And everybody knows that government is part of a melting pot consortium whose goal is the elimination of any privacy which might threaten the power of that melting pot consortium.

Those individuals who facilitate those projects will pay the same price as their victims, at least.

5) A transparent ruse to lure the Chinese into a sandtrap



Standing by waiting for the Chinese to announce their SHA hack in 3,2,1,

6) The incredibly low bar that was set by Britain, Australia and the U.S., when they controlled the global economy, will have incalculable effects

"Beijing will “take all necessary measures” to protect its companies and “defeat U.S. attempts to interfere in China’s internal affairs,” Wang said. He gave no details.


7) Language Mysteries

In the NetFlix documentary "The 43", about some students abducted and killed by police, there are some interesting things about Spanish vs English.

In Season 1, episode 2, around 7 minutes 37 seconds, the spanish is "...Una alcalde puede dirigir al accionar de varios corporaciones, policia de distinto ciudades, mas la policia ministerial, mas el ejercito?..."

Was the 2014 murder of 43 students in Mexico covered up via an elaborate ruse which tried to channel blame to a corrupt local mayor?




Notice in part two of the NetFlix documentary, at 27 minutes 43 seconds, a police informant said the students were looking for the mayor's wife.

Ultimately an 'international' investigation was done by the OAS.


"The United States historically has sought to use the OAS to advance economic, political, and security objectives in the Western Hemisphere. Although the organization's goals and day-to-day activities are still generally consistent with U.S. policy toward the region, the U.S. government has struggled to obtain support from other member states on some high-profile issues. The OAS has received criticism for its role in delegitimizing Latin American governments hostile to the United States, both from members of Congress, activists and its own members.


"The Attorney General of Mexico, Jesús Murillo Karam, reports that four people have been arrested for the disappearance of the students, and that four other mass graves have been found in Iguala, Guerrero."

"Officials of the Attorney General's Office declare that 28 of the bodies found in the first mass grave do not belong to the students"


Notice that all of the murdered students were indigenous.

As in all countries in the Americas where Europeans have political power over the indigenous, disappearances of indigenous people is much more common than that of whites.

This issue is sometimes publicized as an offense against women.


But it is actually a simple function of one ethnic group having control of another. Here is an article from a few weeks ago.

"He disappeared May 27 amid tensions over Yaqui highway roadblocks protesting gas ducts, water pipelines and railway lines that have been run across their ancestral territory without consulting them or giving them much benefit."

"Perhaps best known abroad for the mystical and visionary powers ascribed to them by writer Carlos Castaneda, the Yaquis stubbornly fought the Mexican government’s brutal campaign to eliminate the tribe in the late 1800s and early 1900s."



The Wikipedia article https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Intelligence_Centre_(M%C3%A9xico) is also interesting in this regard.

Note the Wiki warning at the top of the page as of July 9, 2021

"This article contains content that is written like an advertisement. Please help improve it by removing promotional content and inappropriate external links, and by adding encyclopedic content written from a neutral point of view. (March 2018) (Learn how and when to remove this template message)"

Anybody who has tried to edit Wikipedia will tell you that any edits which contradict the group which runs Wikipedia only stay up a few days or less.

8) Police in the U.S. shoot thousands of people a year, including killing about a thousand.

Many shootings are of unarmed people, and others who don't need to be shot. Most of those are never publicized unless a special interest group forces the media to pursue it.

Only a tiny few shootings are publicized by major media without the public forcing it. Those, of course, are shootings that most people consider justifiable.



An obvious solution is to make all officers wear body cameras, and make all recordings available immediately to the public if they involve gun play.

Many murders and other crimes are committed by police officers who know their organization protects them from scrutiny. Requiring body camera film to be public immediately if it involves shooting will increase accountability

9) Hilarious irony?

Christianity and Islam are the two biggest forces for promoting colonialism around the world. Each of those religions is composed entirely of people whose ancestors were colonized and whose cultures were eliminated. There is no such thing as 'an original Muslim' or 'an original Christian'. The very first member of each of those religions was a convert.

Both are sort of 'composite religions' based on a mix of colonial fantasy, Judaism and some surviving tribal remnants.

Like the Soviet Union and the U.S. during the cold war, these 'fiction based religions' rely on public ignorance to survive, and both ultimately serve the global melting pot, not their followers, nor any real value system.


Should Christians respond by protesting atrocities in Muslim lands, in solidarity with indigenous?

They are doing that already of course. It's a vast trick against indigenous people globally. If you are in a Christian area the Muslims will support you as you are destroyed, and if you are in a Muslim area the Christians will support you as you are destroyed.

There is no safety for any indigenous group, anywhere, unless it has secure borders and adequate weapons.

10) Spacetime, the Christian Apocalypse and the retreat of Christianity and Islam

Is the 'Christian Apocalypse' a warning about the result of over consolidating empires? The early Christian references to an apocalypse within 'a present lifetime' are clearly meant to convey a 'religious beast' of sorts, a 'group mind' phenomenon caused by unifying tribes into a singular 'Christian beast'.

This page will use deductions from films like 'Marketing the Messiah'


to show how Christianity and Islam formed symbolically, and how 'incomplete religions' like Christianity and Islam have to become fact based disciplines in order to compete with various Asian based belief systems.




Saving Britain

There are two British camps very obvious now. One, the 'official Britain', is paving the way for a Chinese empire expanding West. The other, as typified by the film mentioned above https://www.imdb.com/title/tt11851846/ is trying to quickly slow down the British descent, and perhaps buy time for 'something'.

Britain is in a very rough spot, but they are not the first empire to have been in that space.

As a country, Britain is almost certainly finished. They have been watered down abroad, into melting pots which lack their history, and they are being watered down domestically into a new melting pot where soon their history will not be their friend.

Will Britain 'live on' in Australia, Canada, the U.S., etc? Those countries are in the same position as Britain even though they have land and numbers. Australia is where Britain is investing heavily now, and where it stands to pay a heavier price.

Another focus of this page is how various scenarios might play out with regard to Australia and Asia.

11) Underwater cities?

Building an underwater skyscraper would be much cheaper on a per unit basis than building on land, and enough energy to power the building could be gotten easily from tidal changes in most places.


12) Billionaire Space Race

Colonizing outer space is one of the most powerful psychological tools governments have to reduce aggressive tensions on earth.


It's certain that governments will invest heavily in promoting this as economies change.

There are a lot of nuances though. If space is heavily promoted as any local economy contracts too much, it would be hard to predict its effect.

Most importantly though, as long as the scientific worldview on earth is built around one melting pot worldview, as it is now, space travel will not happen, except cosmetically.

13) "And for out next trick..."

"A ranking of 153 countries and Taiwan" 


14) NetFlix has a documentary "Nisman, the Prosecutor, the President and the Spy" which deserves a page

In 1994 somebody drove a white van loaded with explosives to an Argentine Jewish Community Center and killed 85 people.

At the time there were a lot of theories, ranging from an Iranian terror attack to an Israeli false flag to a local operation etc.

At this point it looks like the initial investigation was discredited in such a way as to make the entire incident into a nationalistic cauldron which is still brewing.

Judging by various patterns in Netflix documentaries overall, it looks like one of the clumsiest coverups of all time. It would make Epstein blush.






"In 1987–88, Argentina's National Atomic Energy Commission signed an agreement with Iran to help in converting the reactor from highly enriched uranium fuel to 19.75 per cent low-enriched uranium, and to supply the low-enriched uranium to Iran. According to a report by the Argentine justice in 2006, during the late 1980s and early 1990s the US pressured Argentina to terminate its nuclear cooperation with Iran, and from early 1992 to 1994 negotiations between Argentina and Iran took place with the aim of re-establishing the three agreements made in 1987–88. Some have linked attacks such as the 1992 attack on Israeli embassy in Buenos Aires and the AMIA bombing as part of an Iranian campaign to pressure Argentina into honoring the agreements. The uranium was delivered in 1993."

"Some have linked attacks such as the 1992 attack on Israeli embassy in Buenos Aires and the AMIA bombing as part of an Iranian campaign to pressure Argentina into honoring the agreements." Now seriously.


In 1960, adolf Eichmann was captured just a short distance from the where the AMIA explosion would later occur.


This points to an important psychological aspect of the bombing.

It's very easy for melting pots to 'sacrifice' entities which try to exist within them, because they can control the contexts within which those entities perceive events.

When any interest, including a melting pot, tries to overtake another interest they have methods which they use, their proprietary toolkit. When one small group wants to overtake another small group, any peaceful conflict will be a mix of truths and untruths. In international diplomacy the general process today for resolving those conflicts is generally a British derived system. For example Interpol has a lot of members from various countries, generally different aspects of the melting pot. If one aspect of Interpol, one country's representative, has a conflict with another, it will generally be resolved in a way established over centuries in Western Europe. As many countries are a mix of tribal and melting pot interests, it follows necessarily that, for example, Interpol representatives from a specific country will necessarily try to represent the 'melting pot' aspect of their country.

Britain, the United States, has invested a lot in controlling as much as possible within international organizations. It's a retreating battle to maintain influence, and it compliments direct military action intended to reduce emerging tribal or 'tribal like' entities, as in Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan etc.

When any entity, melting pot or tribal or somewhere in between, tries to peacefully 'conflict' with another entity, it almost always comes down to whose mix of truth and fiction is more appealing to outsiders who will 'vote' in a Western European context.

But there is an exception when a melting pot, or empire, has reached a certain level of power relative to those not within its sphere.

Like most, or all NetFlix documentaries, this one has an agenda. But it looks a little different from most NetFlix products.

In the final episode, season 1 episode 6 at 40 minutes 25 seconds, the documentary makers ask three questions which makes this agenda clear.

"Three years after Prosecutor Fein was removed from the case, the following has not yet been established

~The significance of the calls between the intelligence agents in the hours prior to receiving news of Nisman's death

~The source of Nisman's undeclared funds

~Who Allan Bogado was working for"

Each of those questions focuses on the same specific 'target', for example ' A Bogado' was spying against local Iranians while masquerading as an Argentine spy, etc. So who would he be working for?

Then, at 41 minutes 10 seconds Mario Cimadevilla, Director of 'AMIA Special Investigation Unit" says the 'suicide bomber' was a fiction, and says 'Maybe it suited somebody for this to go unpunished and pointing to certain countries as suspects"

In fact many people were 'punished', people who had nothing to do with it.

The bigger implication is that the AMIA bombing was similar to the last WTC attack, an attempt to kickstart the 'global war on terror', by a commercial, transnational group whose most visible face is a subset of Jewish people, but in fact is controlled by simple melting pot corporate powers.

The evidence seems to be that a very small group of 'political Jews' was led to believe that by sacrificing a number of other Jews they could provide a 'greater good' benefit to Jews generally i.e., in a political sense.

Spies are a lot like cops, in that nobody is a born cop or spy. They are people who have some severe character defect which is presented as a positive quality by virtue of their job. A young person who steals will be urged to become a cop. A young person who likes an illusion of hidden power over others will gravitate towards spying.

When Zionists got their own play state they became candy for more competent melting potters.

Any melting potter with a 'broader view of the world' could have walked a small group of Zionists into understanding the benefits of bombing the AMIA building, and they would be sure that they did it on their own, and that they were 'super spies' as a result of 'their' project.

As the time approaches for the melting pot to harvest the Zionist state there are probably a mountain of similar historical events that will bubble up.

Similar examples of melting pot actors setting up pseudotribals, using projects incredibly named 'SourGum' and 'Candiru', are in the news today.




15) America's Fiction Industry


1) The Taliban were the legitimate government of Afghanistan when the U.S. invaded, nobody disputes that.

2) The Taliban are very conservative and punish things like drug use, adultery, child abuse, theft etc.

3) The Taliban had no control nor influence over Osama bin Laden. They allowed anybody in their country. They were not involved in any way with 9/11. The United States invaded Afghanistan because the U.S. did not want to invade Saudi Arabia.

4) The United States committed far more massacres of civilians than is widely known. In the early years of the invasions in Afghanistan and Iraq U.S. soldiers used to upload constant Youtube videos showing themselves committing war crimes. There was a constant stream of these videos, which got no publicity in the mainstream media, until the military cracked down, probably threatening soldiers who uploaded those videos with extra pushups.

5) The Taliban eliminated opium production, child sex abuse by soldiers and similar acts. The United States immediately restored those things after it invaded.

6) The real quarrel the U.S. has with the Taliban is that they are somewhat tribal, and bring their own worldview to the outside world. It was the same as the reason for invading Korea, Vietnam etc.

7) In that article George Bush pretends to worry about Afghan women. The truth is that the U.S. flooded money into one tiny sector of the Afghan economy which led to a 'superclass' of 'liberated' women whose 'liberation' was their ability to go to hair salons and wear makeup and so on, things which obviously created offense among traditional Afghans, male and female. It's the same tactic used in other countries. Pay a small subset of the population to become libertine, then split the country into two sections, one of which appears 'Western and liberated' to outsiders.

8) The United States paid a vast amount of money to poor Afghans to pretend they supported the United States. The soldiers being mentioned killed in that article were Afghans being paid by the United States to fight the legitimate government. It is to the Taliban's credit that they do not kill all such mercenaries, but when they do kill them why is it a problem? If a foreign government pays people to attack any legitimate government, tribal or not, why would that legitimate government be obligated to not kill those mercenaries. The United States has a long history of executing people who were innocent, how can the U.S. criticize the Taliban for executing guilty people?

16) Extinction, thinking errors, CRSPR & behaviorism

One of the monoliths of CRSPR type tools is similar to the 'mafia storefront' referred to elsewhere. In the 'mafia storefront', a group of business people hire naive younger people to be their front, to create an attractive or 'harmless seeming' front in which those younger people don't understand how they are being used.

The monolith grows until it reaches some natural limit outside the control of the mafia which created it.

The terminal phase of the monolith is not caused by a visible internal flaw in the mafia worldview, it is caused by a flaw visible only to the larger worldview, of which the 'mafia worldview' is only a part. So if the originators of the 'mafia storefront' were able to suppress other worldviews then they would have an objectively flawed system which would not be challenged within visible, i.e., human, worldviews.

Of course there has been heavy activity since WWI to eliminate new worldviews, new tribal perceptions of the world.

Extinction, as a biological safety mechanism, is related to worldviews and their diversity, or lack.

'Thinking errors' are a silly application of pseudopsychology used by people who don't understand certain things, in an effort to 'solve' those things. CRSPR is a gene editing technology.


Behaviorism has several aspects. In Universities it is taught as a science that can be applied, used to control others. Among various traditional groups it is used as a learned defense.

This page will point out what is obvious to many people, but invisible to others, regarding the use of CRSPR type tools. The page will also explain the role CRSPR type tools have in the melting pot's attempt to defend itself from emerging indigenous worldviews, and will try to guess, or explain, where it ends.






The NetFlix series 'Unnatural Selection' will be the context for the page.

17) An extremely unusual case in which a police officer received long jail time for fabricating evidence


Several times a week there are articles about extreme misconduct among groups of cops, prosecutors etc, which result in a wrongful conviction. Those cases almost never lead to any accountability for police, prosecutors, etc.

There has to be some explanation for why this cop was treated harshly while nearly every other cop, prosecutor, judge etc who does even worse is not, and this page will look for that.

Here is an example from a few days ago

"Wood also said his office is launching an investigation into misconduct by Askey and investigators for the way they handled the original murder investigation."


People know there is no reason for anybody to follow a story like that. It goes without saying that the 'investigation' will not find that there was any misconduct. And if publicity or some other pressure force a finding of misconduct, there may be an announcement that that there will be some accountability, but there will not be.

"Wood went on to say during the initial investigation, witnesses were asked to lie on the stand during the two trials against Russ Faria, and key exculpatory evidence was attempted to be destroyed."

 What would happen to somebody who is not a cop or prosecutor if they get somebody to lie on the witness stand and hide evidence?

18) Another page on the current AI fraud? Yes

"Ferrucci first proposed Watson’s idea to his boss at IBM’s laboratory in 2006. He thought that building a computer to tackle a question-and-answer game could advance science in the field of AI, known as natural language processing, where scientists program computers. Recognize and analyze words. Another research goal was to advance the technology of automated question answering.


"Artificial intelligence (AI) is intelligence demonstrated by machines, as opposed to the natural intelligence displayed by humans or animals.




Has Google purchased Wikipedia and redefined AI?



A tragedy of immense proportions developing, the page will probably have cartoons.

19) Once in 2010 and once in 2020 silver broke out above usd$20 in a way that appears odd.


In both cases it was eventually pushed back down by what could be called 'the melting pot consortium'.

Silver relative to gold, 'goldsilver' https://www.tradingview.com/chart/?symbol=TVC%3AGOLDSILVER is such an important geopolitical number that there is little doubt that 'the consortium' will try again and most investors will see it as 'cleaning up the charts' or 'cleaning technicals', in other words fixing what some people perceive as the unnatural chart patterns from 2010 and 2020.

The world's largest silver mine is owned by a corporate mix from Britain and Mexico, with the physical silver actually being extracted in Mexico, suggesting a dramatic increase in instability in Mexico as this act plays out.




This page will examine the various ways the 'geopolitical' side of the process is likely to develop.

20) The beast slowly emerges from the swamp

"Macron also announced that special COVID-19 passes will be required starting in early August to enter restaurants and shopping malls and to get on trains and planes.


Of course hilarity ensues.

"but how can people not resident in France access the passport?


21) Oh no, are bureaucrats lying again?


Needs a page?


22) Most, or all, modern 'nations' are still melting pots.

Here is a German article from 2010.


And 2020.


Another side of the same phenomenon, though perceived very differently among people who are too melting potted.


Despite any individual's, or group's, feeling about 'liberation', there are actual sciences which can be used to study the damage done by melting pot deviance. These sciences are only visible in non melting pot groups. Some Tibetan sciences, which are disappearing rapidly, will be used to point out the possible paths 'consolidated' melting pots, i.e., relatively stable countries, are on.