This page will deal with Rex Heuermann and the Gilgo beach murders.

There are a lot of obvious problems with the police version of the investigation, including
1) They show video of him buying minutes for the 'burner phone'. Did they not look for that video in the initial investigation 12 years ago? Really?
2) They knew from the start that a person of interest was a 6 foot 5 male driving a very specific type of vehicle. Did they not research that in the initial investigation? Really?
3) They claim that it required a task force and 'the secrecy of a grand jury' to conduct the investigation. Really? Do regular investigations force police to publicize everything they are doing unless they use a grand jury?
4) They say a key piece of evidence is that the 'burner phones' always pinged in the same place as his personal phone. If the 'burner phones' pinged in numerous locations then they would have narrowed the suspect list down to less than ten people back in the initial investigation 12 or so years ago.
It looks like he almost certainly was identified shortly after the initial murders and was not arrested, probably because of connections to somebody in local government.
That raises the question of whether he is associated with the person who killed the other victims.
In that case, considering what is known so far, media should try to do a lengthy interview with him quickly in case he is killed before a trial, something that is a possibility, however slim, if the other killer is being used and/or protected.

The fact that he owed $425,000 in back taxes means he made over $1,000,000 in that time period after paying employees, expenses, etc, which raises the possibility that he was in fact identified quickly in the initial 2012 or so investigation, but police decided to shake him down instead of arresting him.

If he is killed before media interviews him thoroughly, there are a number of possibilities that will be silenced.


The focus of the page will be the 'private security firm' aspect which will probably not be covered in mainstream media. 

Evidence seems to point to his having been identified in 2020 or 2021 by a private security firm using a proprietary DNA database.

The website had previously discussed a quiet scandal involving a Utah database that a private security firm was trying to acquire. This case, and its resolution, points to that firm, or a similar one, having acquired by 2021 a DNA database that was comprehensive enough to identify this character.

The most likely scenario is that the firm invested in this case to gain leverage over the killer, since evidence seemed to point to a cop or authority figure, and they instead found Heuermann who is not a high ranking individual.

In other words it is very likely he is guilty.

There is a very tiny chance that he was cultivated and set up, and will be killed before a confession, but that's very unlikely, <3% chance. 97% he is guilty.

Another aspect that may be discussed is similarity between Heuermann and two other serial killers, Richard Kuklinski and Keith Jesperson. 

There are a lot of differences in the three, but also a few interesting similarities.