Sim Gill is running for re election as DA. 

He is paid to do a job, but like a lot of people in his profession he uses his office to try to construct a local empire for himself.

This page will explain his involvement in the Hser Ner Moo murder prosecution, along with a few other things.


Mr Gill started a Conviction Integrity Unit with a panel of five people, including Judith Atherton, the judge whose disregard for basic judicial ethics led to the conviction of Esar Met. 

The purpose of the unit appears to be to give a heads up to Mr Gill's office about any innocence organizations that may be reviewing a case, and to give his office a chance to settle matters quietly without negative publicity.

Mr Gill is an elected District Attorney. A big issue for politicians involved in the judicial system is the expense of exonerations. A single exoneration involving extensive misconduct by authorities can cost a lot of money. A place like Salt Lake City which has many dozens of such cases could face tens. or hundreds. of millions of dollars in liabilities if their conviction integrity unit focused on reviewing cases honestly.

Another issue in this specific case is that Mr Gill had previously worked with some of the federal agents involved in this case, and it's likely his misconduct was substantial.


"We are very grateful for the service all Law Enforcement, Military and 1st Responders do for our community, for that very reason we offer these brave and amazing individuals 50% OFF on their individual orders when presenting their agency ID. 

Everywhere in the world, except Salt Lake City, people know that only the worst cops would use their badge to get a 50% discount at a family restaurant. The fact that the offer is at the top of their page suggests it was a popular offer, and was useful to both sides. The restaurant was associated with a previous kidnapping which looks like it was a distraction from another crime.


Should you vote for Sim Gill?

Here are some of the public mentions of him with regard to the prosecution of Esar Met. 

Below will be some of what was not reported by media.


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