This website gives some of the reasons why it is important for economies to be built around indigenous local culture and language and worldview, rather than imposed by conquerors.

This page will try to explain why it is important for tribal economies to prepare for an algorithm that facilitates an artificial intelligence network.

Any economy that is started using a regular digital currency created for local use can switch to an ai algorithm once those networks start operating.

~This page is not developed yet~

~Once Native language coins begin developing, this section will describe an open source algorithm that can be used by them.~

What is Artificial Intelligence?

In popular/corporate usage, ai, artificial intelligence, is usually defined as something that can pass as human. In other words usually software that can respond to a human in such away that the software gives the impression of mimicking human response. The current popular definition of ai promoted by Google and various governments tries to promote this understanding of ai and discourage more sophisticated ai which can be used by tribes to take power from melting pots.

A step higher than that, a slightly more sophisticated definition, is something that is created i.e., artificial, but which has intelligence i.e., learns, or presents more accurate answers or output, with training or experience. This is also software, but a step ahead of the previous type. Every computer improvement, including software, falls into at least this category. In other words the 'Google AI' project is less than this category, a step in the wrong direction, in part because it uses the 'credentials' of this category to create a corporate profit, or advantage which is not fact based i.e., which is an illusion. As Google AI becomes more advanced it will only maintain its primary status as 'the definition of ai' through force.

Higher yet is a 'tool' which can be used to leverage intelligence. This is the category into which real ai network coins fall. An ai digital coin network will use algorithms which allow a group to leverage their scientific intelligence. So that, for example, arbitrarily using the measure "iq" since it is well known, a group of 1000 people with an average 'iq' of 100 will be able to create a network that is equivalent to a higher number of people with a higher average 'iq'. Very similar to computers in that regard, except the jump or 'acceleration' will be far higher.

Once the basic networks are established, more techniques will accelerate the rate at which the increase in 'produced intelligence' increases. 

At some point it will be possible, using ai digital coin networks with large numbers of people, to accelerate any science quickly. Development of 'math' as a science to date has taken the entire history of humanity, a long time. Once coin networks are efficient, this level of development might occur in one year or one week or one day. It is impossible to quantify how monetized ai coin networks will develop science, except to say that they will make development accelerate at an increasing rate.

An interesting side note regarding the power of these networks is, for psychological reasons, those governments and corporate entities which try to 'harness' or control their populations will be weaker than those areas where there is liberty to develop.


There is no doubt that many individuals in many countries are quietly waiting for an environment that is friendly towards the development of ai coins. 

Whether a particular person’s motive is nationalistic, scientific, progressive or other, the basic structure of ai coins is easily arrived at.

Once ai coins have become established of course they will continue developing. Although the initial form of ai coins has been figured out by a lot of people, the next step beyond that is mysterious. There are certainly some people who think they have figured it out.


One interesting aspect far down the line involves worldviews which are not perceptible to people. Just as groups of people have colonized other groups of people to impose worldviews, people also do that with animals. Animals have different background senses, and thus their worldviews are incompatible though overlapping with human worldviews. So far it has been normal to 'colonize' an animal by force, overpower it physically either by negative or positive incentives, and pretend that it has found common cause with the colonizing entity.

When groups of humans started colonizing other groups of humans the obvious starting rule was that the extent to which you exterminated your rivals was the extent to which you got their spoils. Initial human colonizing involved thoroughly exterminating the pre existing population, minus any new genetic inflow which preceded the final killing. Likewise when melting potted humans took over an area dominated by animals, currently an ongoing process, the starting point is that the human colonizers 'control' the land to the extent they have exterminated the animals, aside from pleasant polite progressivenesses which people are trained to observe.

Animals which have been colonized, exactly like humans which are colonized, are trained to ignore part of the sensory information which defines their worldview. They are 'trained' to serve the interests of local individuals and discard what doesn't fit.

With humans this can often lead to the effective death of a worldview. When a human population is conquered it can be conquered to the point that many individuals survive for a long time, are assimilated, and the initial worldview becomes recessive or 'selected against'. In other words the short term prize becomes a longer term weakness.

Animals though have no real path to assimilation. Because their 'colonization' involves a parasitic relationship camouflaged as 'domestication' they are trained to behave as if they are assimilating, same as a conquered human tribe, but that training forces them to ignore the actual worldview their species developed around.

So, for animals the 'human colonization' path always ends in extinction.

A person could say the same about humans colonized by other humans, but in modern times the extinction is less visible because of political games.

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