Pages that may get written

1) Will Sirhan Sirhan's opinions become public?

Sirhan Sirhan is possibly going to be paroled. 

He has spent 53 years in jail for something he did when he was 24. In any other developed country he would have been freed long ago.

This page will go in the Weltanscauungskrieg section, because most younger people are not familiar with the context of suspicions that surrounded Sirhan's conviction, and these things overlap with a lot of more recent events which most younger people are only vaguely familiar with.

In fact he has been released. 

At some point somebody will make a 'Zeitgeist' type documentary connecting him to Whitey Bulger, Ted Kaszinski and dozens of other high profile criminals who all have one thing in common.

2) CFS, Covid & Worldview

This will go in the Weltanscauungskrieg section and is based in part on the article 

and various articles about 'long virus syndromes'. 

3) Is it common normal for military organizations to fabricate targeting information?

As the U.S. was withdrawing from Afghanistan there was a lot of publicity about 12 U.S. soldiers that were killed. Immediately the United States announced it had struck a terrorist vehicle.

"But at a family home in Kabul on Monday, survivors and neighbors said the strike had killed 10 people, including seven children, an aid worker for an American charity organization and a contractor with the U.S. military. 

A lot of people who have 'fought' overseas tell stories about targeting civilians deliberately, and there are constant stories about that kind of 'warfare' in wars in Africa, Eastern Europe, Latin America, as well as ongoing colonial wars.

This page will try to assemble examples and determine if that is common policy across countries.

4) One of the strangest economic things recently has to do with lumber

In April 2017 Trump added a 24% tax on some Canadian lumber. 

That doesn't explain the jump from then to May 2018, so some articles blame housing starts.

But that doesn't remotely work. 

The lumber chart looks like it has been trying to break upwards for years.! 

And it sort of looks like policy makers have been trying to camouflage that.

Why? It would be some policy objective that would cause a lot of opposition if it were clear, and certainly not something Trump would have understood anyway, so it probably overlaps with his other tariff and trade policies.

5) A lot of people mischaracterize police misconduct

A lady is walking her dog. A man approaches out of the blue and grabs her trying to wrestle her to the ground. 

It has nothing to do with one being black or another being a cop.

He wants to pretend that she is some major criminal which would justify assaulting her.

Had she just robbed a 7/11?

Was she suspected of killing somebody nearby?

She was trying to walk her dog on a beach that had certain 'open' hours.

What would be the maximum escalation for walking a dog improperly? If she continued trying to walk her dog would he have been justified in shooting her?

What would have happened if there had not been witnesses? Would she have been set up, and presented to the public as a criminal?

The other side of the story is that he appears to be an older cop. For all of human history it has been the norm for cops to target people for their vulnerability, and she was clearly smaller than him. He would not have tried to enforce 'his' law that way unless it was an easy win. That's how it was when he was hired x number of years ago, in fact it was probably part of why he liked the job, and that was part of why he was hired.

She, and her lawyers, are trying to make it a racial thing, but it's simple vulnerability. He treats his wife that way, his children, even his dog. 

Notice the woman always makes sure her dog has at least some slack.

6) A fascinating article in the Washington Post

This will obviously go in the Worldview section and look for further examples of this kind of propaganda.

The United States invaded Afghanistan a few weeks after the Taliban eradicated opium production in that country.

There isn't some blurry history. The Taliban eradicated opium. Then, the people who traffic opium derivatives were about to be unemployed, except for their day jobs. Then, a few weeks later 9/11 happened. Then, the U.S. went into Afghanistan and restored opium production.

But wait, the Washington Post has a new version of history. 

An article so far off on basic history does not get written without a payoff of some kind.

Usually it is easy to trace such propaganda efforts, but in this case the 'face' is almost entirely 'local Afghani', which gives the appearance of being 'genuine'. Notice the references to the assassination which preceded 9/11, and the fact that the linked Washington Post story lists the son of that victim as the author in this article. 

There is no doubt that he, specifically, is sincere and is fighting for admirable motives.

The problem is those who are puppetmastering him.

They have no interest whatsoever in anything to do with any population's 'security interests', including that of Afghanistan or the United States.

It's a corporate group, after money, hiding behind lots of bodies of people who didn't see what was going on.

7) A powerful group is doing a blatant end run around financial markets

Net global gold production is around 4 tons a year.

Central banks have been more than buying that up for years. 

Uranium was suppressed for a while. The appearance has been there was some sort of long term project to push uranium down so it could be cornered in a way similar to oil. Now there are a bunch of well connected players creating a mix of public and private ways to capitalize 'if' it recovers. Westinghouse Electric is private, but will get preferential treatment by regulators. An analogous public corp would be Lightbridge. 

8) The world may be in deeper trouble than most people suspect

"The Greenland ice sheet is 1,500 miles long and nearly 700 miles wide, ranging from 1 to 2 miles deep.

"Greenland is roughly three times the size of Texas and contains enough water in ice to raise sea levels by about 24 feet. 

Amsterdam, Singapore, Panama City, Monrovia, Bangkok, Paramaribo, Nassau, Washington D.C., Jakarta, Havana, Kuwait City, Taipei, Madras, Manila, Dublin, Copenhagen, Buenos Aires, Oslo, Brussels, Rome, London, Lisbon, Stockholm, Tokyo, Cairo and thousands more will be underwater if there is a big surprise from Greenland. 

9) There is a simple solution to the economy

"At last count, more than 12 million Americans were getting some form of unemployment assistance. Most will be cut off entirely next week. The rest will see their benefits reduced. 

Decades ago, Fed intervention was minimal and the national debt was in a range where it could have been paid off eventually, so policy and practice involved token gestures which might make paying off the debt eventually more possible.

Unfortunately, it was only token gestures and now there is no way to both preserve the dollar and pay off the debt.

That isn't such a big problem, there isn't a tragedy if the dollar is devalued, but the costs of ignoring the reality of the new 'unpayable debt' dynamic will increase and increase.

So the problem itself is not unworkable, but ignoring it is creating a non survivable situation for the economy.

The solution is not hard to figure out. Stop pretending that there is some correlation between 'dollar soundness' and 'dollars printed'.

Smoke and mirrors are currently hiding roughly $28 trillion. If the government says "Okay, that money actually exists, it's part of the economy, in the form of debt we are hiding", then it will become easier, as a matter of policy, to deal with 'facts on the ground'.

Tax revenues, particularly from people making sub $50k or so, are a negligible part of revenue.

The last wheezing gasp of the dollar should be in the direction of creating a survivable environment for the masses of people waiting to eat the rich.

A trillion dollars a year would buy a lot of 'trickle up' programs.

10) Another case where police are obviously hiding something

First, news in national media that a teenager has pleaded guilty to killing an undercover cop and an informant.

"A teenager involved in a botched robbery that ended with the fatal shooting last year of an undercover Cleveland detective and his informant has been sentenced to a term in the Ohio youth services facility. 

Looking to local media, things become muddy.

"Williams would not say whether Skernivitz was working with them or the FBI when he was shot and killed in an unmarked car. 50-year-old Scott Dingess, a possible informant, was with him and died as well.

"On Friday, two teens and one adult were questioned in the deaths. They are currently being held on charges unrelated to the shooting."

"We think there is a connection to those three, and maybe others," Chief Williams said. "Still deep into this investigation, there’s a lot more work to be done."" 

Then, a few hours later, a cop that cop worked with committed suicide.

"Sabo's death came hours after 53-year-old Cleveland Det. James Skernivitz was shot and killed on Thursday night. While Williams would not confirm if Skernivitz and Sabo worked together in the past, he did state that the two knew each other, as many officers do." 

Likely scenario / crooked FBI agents running crooked local cops, and they control all aspects of every investigation so it will be 30 years before anybody finds out the truth.

11) One of the strangest 'hotspots' is Taiwan

China for a long time has used Taiwan as a pawn to weaken the United States.

They have held it in front of them as an object which they clearly have more interest in than the United States has. 

The United States has let China get more and more powerful by using the back alley of their influence over global treatment of Taiwan.

If the three entities, Taiwan, the U.S., and China were three individuals it would be obvious to everybody what China has done.

The next step is obvious. China has shown that they hold the stick. Next they will pretend to own the carrot too.

Once Taiwan is more 'legitimized', foreign powers will start lining up behind it, and the world will be split between a 'new U.S.' as the two Chinas become friendlier until they merge.

The one wildcard, Taiwan's support for indigenous rights, is too far down the Western totem pole to have any effect.

12) What is going on with helicopter crashes, and why is it being hidden?

Yesterday several more fatalities listed from a helicopter crash. 

The Wikipedia page listing helicopter crashes is being purged to avoid listing most crashes. 

But in fact there have been quite a few recent crashes. 

The most likely scenario is that a private group of Westerners made some sort of corporate deal with either a competing Western aviation group or a developing Eastern group.

This page will try to guess which groups are likely involved, and whether some aspect of any of those groups is responsible for keeping publicity under the public radar.

13) A proper war

Afghanistan as a whole supports the Taliban. There isn't much question about that. Anybody who has invaded Afghanistan has learned that as a whole, Afghanis support their traditions and history.

But certain parts of Afghanistan may prefer a decentralized or distributed leadership which keeps their opponents in check. 

There isn't any doubt that resistance to the Taliban is supported by various external interests for their own reasons, but if there are regions where a local group has local support for its own sovereignty, it would always be proper to ally with that group defensively.

A day later 

On the other hand, it's possible that any 'resistance' opposing the Taliban was a fraud from the start, a creation of external corporate interests.

14) Is NetFlix being slowly exposed as a massive propaganda project?

There is more than enough evidence that NetFlix is part of a 21st century 'worldview war' propaganda effort, but, so far, very little mention of that.

As a propaganda project it is ham handed and clumsy, and that aspect of it may be what finally does it in. 

Searching for the documentary on NetFlix's own site does not produce any results, interestingly, for some viewers.

Pages for most films load normally, but any pages for that 'documentary' lead to messages that the internet connection is down.

15) At some point, poverty shows up in demographic effects which are visible to policymakers 

Among the 7 million people mentioned, there are probably several hundred thousand who will suffer a cascade of losses due to informal 'poverty taxes' built into the system.

16) An interesting article from Oregon that deserves a page

The first premise of weapons rights, e.g. gun rights, is defense of one's person. A small person should be able to defend against an offensive threat from a big person, and one person should be able to defend against an offensive threat from two people.

The next premise, a short walk, is defending extensions of one's person, i.e., property rights, but not ideological positions.

The problem here is that industrial societies have created complex structures which allow individual 'property' to be defended by corporate structures. You can own part of a 'corporation' and a separate group of people will defend your ownership for reasons which ultimately cannot be defended.

Notice that as the thieves are leaving, it is an older person who decides to stop them, and a younger person who says 'not worth it'. 

As industrialized economies stress under various growing pressures there will be a natural tendency for unsurvivable social structures to fall by the wayside. Ultimately, those areas where guns are respected will have created a bridge to the next step of civilization, while places where guns are considered improper will have to start from scratch.

17) Assign blame for drug deaths? 

If drugs that a person wanted were not illegal for that person then drugs would cause very few deaths because there would be quality control, Yelp reviews etc.

93,000 people are listed as having died from overdoses last year in the U.S. 

Almost all of them are dead because drugs are illegal, not because drugs are dangerous. A paper plate is not dangerous unless you make it dangerous.

And there are a lot of uncounted overdose deaths. Many drug users report overdoses that happened that never got noticed, because they did not end fatally, and unless there is a toxicology exam you don't know if a death was an overdose.

Most significantly, the vast majority of overdose deaths are in young people willing to take chances, a resource that should not be wasted.

18) Hazmat + horses = walking, duh 

At least N Korea is catching up to the industrialized world.

19) 50 years ago the last 1 minute of this video would have been news in most industrialized countries, 500 years ago not 


20) Inflation will have effects which are more visible to some people than others, around the world 

21) In a few decades the United States will have to find some small countries to take the heat for abuses in Afghanistan


22) The irony of banning somebody else's 'modesty' dress code is laid bare by a female British politician 

She does not seem to be aware that Western clothing has an implicit 'modesty' function, nor does she seem to be aware of why she opposes such a function.

She will be excused from her hypocrisy, by most people, on the grounds that she has a magnificent rack.

23) Sorry, not sorry 

Bureaucrats construct elaborate charades to distance themselves, and their colleagues, from any possibility of accountability.

It is common practice in most, or all, militaries, to deliberately target civilians, as a way of blowing off steam.

It is very common.

Anybody who has talked with honest soldiers knows that.

From the press reports etc, it appears that is what happened in this case.

Holding some people accountable would improve the military, but bureaucrats like noisy militaries, not decent ones.

"The U.S. military said Friday that it mistakenly killed at least 10 Afghan civilians, including seven children—but not an Islamic State terrorist, as intended—when it launched a drone strike on a car in Kabul last month. 

No, the U.S. military did not 'mistakenly' kill the ten people. They mistakenly killed an aid worker which 'mistakenly' caused some public examination of the strike.

It may not be a big deal to most people in the U.S. military, but it probably is a big deal to the families of the seven children and three adults.

It probably is not a coincidence that the general in charge of Afghanistan, see his photo here 

has the glazed look of a chronic substance abuser who hides his chemical dependency behind a public taste for alcohol.

There are no indications the U.S. plans to help the family, which just told news agencies they fought against the Taliban, aside from giving them a little money which the Taliban will then spend. 

The people involved in deliberately killing those civilians would have left a trail of chatter "Dude, you got some more Hajis", "Yeah gotta get them before they are old enough to use weapons", but the public won't find out until it is declassified in 2050.

If not for the publicity surrounding the withdrawal, and the fact that one of the people killed was working for an influential agency, this would have been one more of the thousands of uninvestigated civilian massacres committed by giggling teenage soldiers who will do everything possible to cash in on their military jobs when they get back to the U.S. 

24) When alternative media start supporting police misconduct, something is wrong

Police do not like body cameras because it leads to convictions for their misconduct.

How could anybody say seriously they don't like body cams because the body cams require too many gigabytes of storage? 

A 1 terabyte usb drive can be bought for $30 in bulk and will record several weeks worth of misconduct. A battery which lasts a week between recharges can be bought for less than $5.

Bank tellers, which have much less reason to be filmed, do not complain.

Maybe the big mystery is how come so many people who put so much effort into covering up for themselves and their buddies are paid to impose themselves on others.

25) Large melting pots have always supported the murders of indigenous activists 

When the U.S. did not hide its interests in Latin America it was common to sacrifice indigenous activists for United Fruit Company and similar corporations. 

26) The most skilled propagandists of this age deserve a page

Some of them are clumsy. 

And some are straightforward. 

But what they have in common is that they are doing the opposite of what they believe they are doing.

27) Connecting conspiracies

It's very possible Trump's 2019 trade talks were a warning that international economic disentanglement is coming.

It's also very possible that the Corona virus was the scientific communities contribution to that disentanglement.

If there is a conspiracy among major countries to 'address' global warming realistically, those two things would be followed by a series of step which create supply panic in fossil fuels just as practical local solutions become available. 

Modular nuclear reactors have been mentioned sporadically in the news recently, and they are likely to be more so soon.

Because oil was a center of political power, and replacing it with uranium involves a whole new group of people, this starts with top down strategies, so a race may be on now, or just starting, between China, The U.S. and others to build nuclear infrastructure in developing countries as part of the new colonialism.

As with every other strategic competition, the United States will start losing faster and faster until there is a solid indigenous American power base in the Americas to temper Chinese conquest.

28) Legalized prostitution?

A top U.S. general, moonlighting as a corporate whore, took $150,000 to sit on the board of Theranos. 

Then when everything went south he says "I dint know nuffin".

Where did he learn how to evade responsibility as he fills his pockets like that?

29) The mafia storefront

A central feature of melting pots is the use of naive people to 'lead' other people who miss the bigger picture. In the case of the United States, the leadership is fully 'British colonial', i.e., their objective is to subordinate other races to the original colonizing culture. But they cannot use, as their public face, only people who are from that culture. So a cadre of 'front people' are used, people who do not really have any power but who are given illusory titles like 'ambassador' or even 'president'.

This page will list news items which show cracks in the facade of the U.S. 'mafia storefront, and try to provide some history of why a particular person was used. The interesting thing about the 'mafia storefront' strategy is that very few people stop and wonder how or why the supposed 'leaders' of various government entities have no power.

Why would a person be appointed 'Special Envoy' to a country if they do not actually have any policy control? 

30) The prohibition of drugs leads to property crimes, that has always been part of the melting pot strategy to criminalize conquered groups

40 years ago there was always a long line of heroin addicts nodding off underground at the 125th street station in NYC.


31) There is already a page discussing two girls who went missing in the Myrtle Beach area, disappearances that cops appear to have been involved with

Is this a similar case? 

32) There is an odd connection between the attraction some people have to white vans, and the prevailing rape culture in industrial society.

Here is an odd missing persons case. 

There is no evidence that the guy is involved in his girlfriend's disappearance, and it's possible she will turn up somewhere, maybe she just needed a breather. But the fact that the guy is in a white van, and is trying to keep everything secret, i.e., play cop, is suspicious.

That particular story just looks like a couple of young people trying to pump their social media channels. Whether it turns out to be another white van crime remains to be seen. 

There are many similar cases that look much more serious. 

White van people, and their secrecy, is a part of industrial conditioning, colonial training.

An aspect of this culture which many ignore is the difference between privacy and secrecy. If you are doing something that involves somebody else's space, but are hiding your actions as 'secret' i.e., hiding behind fake privacy issues for group or personal profit, then you are a 'white van' person.

If the guy in that first case is silent for reasons of privacy then he is acting properly, protecting the privacy of his girlfriend.

If he is not cooperating with the girlfriend's family for some other reason then he is not acting properly.

It is suspicious that he was hitch hiking about the time she disappeared, since it would be consistent with somebody disposing of a body in a protracted way without wanting to leave a car near a visible trailhead, but so far there is no indication of anything other than a social media ploy.

A big part of rape culture is the fiction that there are people or groups which are assigned or paid to pretend they serve a parent function to others, and those people are 'authorized' to redraw the line between privacy and secrecy.

A search of the area where he was picked up hitch hiking would determine if there is a body there. If there is not a body there then she is probably camping or hiding out until she gets a certain number of subscribers. 

Update / it turns out it was another white van crime. 

Two interesting ironies in that case.

1) It is common for a police officer to kill an unarmed mentally ill person who is no actual threat, and then fabricate a perceived threat. So killing a mentally stressed person is common practice in policing, which may be why police feel obligated to pour resources into this case, as if to say 'it was not a cop who killed her'. Very few cases involving a woman killed by her partner get as many police resources as this case got.

2) Looking at the two of them there does not seem to be any great chance of him attacking or defending against her in a lethal way. He makes it clear that he was pushing her because there were witnesses and he did not want to create a public scene. So one of the things that probably led to his final aggression against her was the traffic stop itself. She probably started stressing and he knew he had to stop things before police got called. 

The vast majority of these murders are a long string of abuses by a husband or boyfriend which end in a murder, and which police do not invest resources in.

This case was not one that likely would have ended in a death if there were not pressure put on them.

If it is true that he was hitting her 

and she said that she hit him out of fear of him, then they should have just gone their separate ways instead of continuing in a white van.

Was she hiding his abusiveness? She owned the white van and it may be that she bought it for a reason she did not consciously understand.