The archetypes described on this page use definitions specific to the current situation, so this is not in the archetypes section.

Jung described a lot of archetypes but he spent less time discussing how they relate.


Here are two videos that explain in general terms how the 'growing tip' or coyote of Western civilization has been stunted, shuffled off to prison and/or put into a state of 'enforced stupidity' which will last a long time. 

Sort of like a Thalidomide generation except it will turn out to be much more than a generation.


Below are a progression of archetypes not necessarily relevant to the current topic, and will be followed with more specificity.


The Coyote is related to the growing tip of a population. 

Tribes have rapidly developing awareness in this area, and it is their main strength.

Melting pots have all sorts of substitutes for this archetype, sort of like modern medicines which try to minimize symptoms. If a person wanted to be generous they could say that things like drug use are the 'coyote' of a melting pot, or a step lower, 'criminality', and that would have been sort of true many hundreds of years ago.

The key to understanding the difference in this archetype between melting pots and consolidated societies is the function of privacy. In a melting pot privacy is forbidden, because it inhibits the creation of what Jung called "mass men". All sorts of ruses are concocted to prevent access to this natural medicine, and ultimately the consequence is death, all around. In tribal societies there are all sorts of traditions designed to cultivate the 'coyote' archetype, traditions which gradually decay into symbolic 'rites of passage'.

Today a blind supporter of melting pots who had some understanding of the Coyote archetype would promote drug use as a way to 'force' consolidate their melting pot. Opium has been used this way in the past.

A person or group which wants to cripple its population stifles 'the consolidation of Coyote', which includes humor. As Europe and the United States collapse continues, more and more humor will be criminalized by people trying to prove they are 'good' and should survive. 

The Tik Tok Coyote

Tik Tok is an app or website that originated in China but now has a U.S. aspect and is probably in other countries as well.

As a 'Coyote' phenomenon it is an interesting thing for people interested to watch. Some time ago, maybe a year or two, there was opposition to the company in U.S. media. More recently some types of opposition that were more organic, as the first video below shows. 

The Hunter archetype is almost always misrepresented.

An excellent example of the hunter archetype is a child. Some children survive, and some don't, and that leads to another archetype which has not been commonly described. But in order to describe this post hunter archetype first some points have to be made.

1) A person hunts skillfully only to the extent that they have developed the previous archetype, and part of melting pot 'consolidation' involves this. When one melting pot competes with another new phenomena arise such as people pretending to be able to do things they cannot do. In this case there are a lot of melting potters highly skilled at pretending this, and it eventually works out that the melting pot closest to having solid ground in the previous archetype has an advantage. The same applies to small groups and individuals.

2) The 'musical chairs' aspect of groups has been mentioned elsewhere but its also an important part of the weakness in how archetypes develop in a melting pot. Every group leaves behind exactly what it first encountered, in other words the only thing any group actually produces is fleeting, illusion. But within any group anybody can observe one constant. No matter what the group or its purpose or appearance, every group consists of leaders who try to extract more long term benefit for themselves at the expense of people lower in the group hierarchy. This understanding is baked into certain 'groups' like the Amish.  Many people look for a 'realpolitik' foundation for their paradigms and get them from their group which leads to their group having a 'baked in' vulnerability that can be exploited as necessary. The 'weak coyote' and 'weak hunter' are foundations that exist all throughout European cultures, including the United States, for example.


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