One of the most effective new advertising tools is 'Virtual Reality'.

The owner of a 'prime' piece of virtual real estate can 'create', for free, an unlimited number of sales people to sell any conceivable idea, product etc to any 'passer by'.

More significantly, those 'sales people' can be individually tailored for effectiveness, according to the target, or client.

A virtual storefront can be used to sell anything, food, merchandise, ideologies.

Anybody who would place an advertisement in a magazine or on tv or on a website can get a prime piece of virtual land and create an experience rather than an obvious advertisement.


Is virtual reality about to take off? 

Virtual reality systems are artificial worlds that use technology to give the illusion of being in a certain environment. There are several popular vr worlds that let a person 'walk around' a world that is completely artificial, created on a computer.

VR headsets are used to provide the sights and sounds of the vr world. 

Virtual real estate, land that exists in virtual worlds, can be quite expensive, because speculators believe that companies soon will be setting up store fronts and advertising mechanisms in vr worlds that have a lot of potential.


Second Life is an established vr ecosystem that has existed since 2003.

It has an economy with a currency that predates bitcoin, and its development should offer insights into the developing digital economy.

~Virtual reality worlds have a huge amount of potential to influence education, politics, etc. Facebook moved into the virtual reality sphere a few years ago.

If it monetizes a vr world with its Libra currency it could have significant influence.,Oculus,Virtual%20reality,Vr%20headset




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