This isn't really an archetype, but the pattern of using a 'superior' religious or political ideology to 'help' some other race by conquering them is a common theme in history.

Melting pot religions, like Christianity and various political ideologies, are the doom of the melting pot.

 Western colonial tradition is built around the so called Abrahamic religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

Judaism was an authentic local tradition, whose core belief was in 'one god', something that gave it's followers an advantage over other tribes. They could be equal in every other way, but because they were taught from childhood that 'god', the top or totality of what Jung would call 'Self', was one, they were simply more efficient.

This was a natural tradition whose purpose was to unify the various 'deities' a child has, before those deities personified.

Any individual's psychological and intellectual maturity is based on their synthesizing one 'Self' from the various components of their personality, according to analytic theory. What any person actually does depends on the individual of course. If a person has a religion with a million external deities but they develop only one 'Self' then they are in better shape than a person with one external deity but a million selves. But a tradition that encourages health i.e., 'one deity' is probably better than one that doesn't.

https://carljungdepthpsychologysite. blog/2019/04/19/carl-jung-on-god-in-the-red-book-quotations/

If a person misses the boat in religion, monogamy is a 'second chance' to unify the Self. And to the extent Christianity promoted monogamy it may have had a healthy effect on its victims, but in most or all human subgroups, as well as in various other species, monogamy develops with or without the help of crusaders.

The next 'Abrahamic' religion was Christianity.

This was initially a blatantly contrived religion whose only purpose was to pacify colonized people more than a thousand years ago. Slowly it evolved from a sham religion into a dangerous expansionist cult that cultivated the darkest primitive impulses of conquest. Christians roamed the world looking for people to kill so they could serve their fantasy 'peaceful deity'.

Although contrived and fabricated out of nearly whole cloth, the creators of the fictional ‘Christianity’ tribe borrowed authentic traditions from various other tribes. Ultimately the monster they created has been pacifying generations of colonized people, and it's venom has started to seep back into itself.

There have been several documentaries made that explored the early Christian fraud, but as yet there hasn't been much effort to redirect the misguided to a philosophy that is not so corrosive. Consequently, various early pagan like traditions are gaining in traction, particularly among ethnic nationalists.

Then Islam, of course.

Along the lines of Christianity, Islam was intended to make a difficult population more manageable. It is much closer to Judaism than Christianity, which might be why Muslims have developed far faster than Christians.

Next came Baha'i

More directly connected to history, and maybe a step up from Christianity and Islam, it was derived from another related religion.

At the end of the day, religion is really not a group sport.





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