This page will discuss developments in the biowar evolving from the Ukraine conflict, and explain how and why Britain's upcoming biological offensive against Australia's Aborigine population will affect/prevent the expansion of humans to outer space.


From the Ukraine page

"Important to note that the danger is not from Russia, it is from Britain. Russia is in a rapidly increasing stance and has no reason to threaten other countries, it only has to wait. Britain though has been in rapid decline and has few options."

"And of course nuclear weapons are obsolete at this point. Bioweapons are the trade of the day. The United States i.e., Britain, has the most developed bioweapons capability, and this 'skirmish' will provide cover for Britain's elimination of the indigenous Australian population, though it's not clear how they will carry that out."

"If the British are successful it will be the end of any possible human expansion into outer space for a very long time."

The page will have several sections, including a) a section looking at archetypes, patterns, likely to play out, b) a section looking at the next likely step at each point, c) a section with links to research d) a section involving cover used for the biological aspect, and e) a section involving the biological aspect itself.



1) As of mid March 2022 the next major step involves getting the Russians to use an accelerated weapon, like tactical nuclear bombs.

There may be a lull before this step is reached, but the British cannot move forward until the Russians broaden the war in a way that brings the public onboard.

The most likely scenario is control of the sky by British missiles followed by Russian escalation.

The British cannot yet get other countries to escalate until there is a certain type of escalation by the Russians and their allies. The most developed bioweapons capacity is in the United States, but because of differences between the core British group and the U.S., these facilities are not directly accessible to the British. In other words the British have to slowly 'bring the U.S. onboard' by drawing out the Russians first. Once the Russians react then the British will use back channels to take control of the U.S. bio response. 

Britain does have control over some influential U.S. people though. 

In Progress

Biological Aspect

The most likely scenario as of March 2022 is still some immunization program among Australian Aborigines. 

"“And MRNA had never delivered a product to that point. Not a vaccine, not anything” - Albert Bourla Pfizer.

From comments under a quote which is concentrated in white Australian Twitter posts.

In Progress