Down the page are screenshots of various articles related to the case subdivided into three sections.

1) The first section, 6 photos, involves Mae La, the camp where all of the people involved were before they came to Salt Lake City.

The first picture refers to the part of the Mae La camp where Esar Met lived, and those specific raids occurred in 2007 while he was in that section of the camp.

The second picture is from the Wiki page of Padoh Mahn Sha Lah Phan, who was the leader of the Karen National Union, until he was assassinated just a few weeks before Hser Ner Moo was killed, and just a short distance from the Mae La refugee camp. 

People who live in camps along the border are increasingly important as the region heats up. 

2) The second section, 11 photos, involves news clips related to the state trying to quickly and secretly convict him in Utah, the United States.

Esar Met was coerced into pleading guilty, but once he was in a place with civilian witnesses in a Utah courthouse he started shouting that he was not guilty.

The Utah judge then banned him from future public hearings on the matter.

Then, much later, he was coerced into a bench trial which would prevent any public scrutiny of the case.

Again, once he got to a public place he said he did not kill the victim and wanted a full trial.

At this point the prosecutor filed papers to challenge his competency.

Notice also that the defense lawyers and judge tried to hide the fact that Esar Met wanted to plead not guilty, and that he said he did not commit the murder. They were trying to claim his outburst was due to other issues, but once somebody from the Salt Lake Tribune published the reason for the outburst, the state actors were thrown off balance.

Notice also the similarity to what was done in the Destiny Norton murder just two years previously and less than a mile away.

When the accused in that case tried to speak to the media, the judge issued a gag order preventing any media contact with him.

Worse, there are similar patterns that extend to two other child murders in Salt Lake City, and which involve commercial 'law enforcement' interests.

3) The third section has news articles about this case, first, then other cases which are related in some way. Included in this section are articles involving a group of specific people, mainly Utah businessmen and law enforcement employees, who have meddled improperly in the Utah legal system to make easy money.

Notice that shortly after the end of the trial, Vice President Biden approved a large grant to two forensic companies to process rape kits. The grant was a huge cash windfall for the two companies, which were Sorenson Forensics, the DNA lab the prosecution used, and Cellmark, which had been bought by LabCorp, and which was the DNA lab the state's investigator brought the defense samples to for testing.

Those three images are at the very bottom of the page.

The obvious appearance is that somebody aware of what was done in this case resolved the matter privately with the 'Justice' Department, by overlooking what was done in the case, in exchange for $41 million spent to appease victims' rights groups.