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1) Country vs country, or melting pot vs tribal?

The documentary film Black Code has a lot of information about the Chinese Ghostnet cyber project to surveil and harass Tibetans. 

One small problem though.

The Chinese did not make all the back doors that are utilized in their surveillance. They are put there at the request of the U.S. government, which shares them with allies. They are obviously updated frequently to protect against leaks, so any longrunning project would need regular updates from Microsoft or the U.S. government.

The Chinese made stupid mistakes, like not having a password to protect their control server. So you had people without a lot of cyberspying skill using the most sophisticated surveillance tools provided by the U.S.

The story is not "China spies on Tibetans".

The Story is "China and the U.S. collaborate to eliminate tribal challengers."

Obviously vendors of zero day hacking tools are acting under the explicit control of the governments and corporations which control them. in the case of most computer software, that is the U.S. and its surveillance partners 

Even high level employees of groups like that are able to construct a worldview in which they are heroically defending some value. It's very rare that a person sucked into that worldview escapes though.

The supreme irony is the British constructing their own gallows. Is there some 'greater good' for them? Does the imagined success of their derivative societies like Australia and the U.S. justify their clumsy strategy? At this point they are acting so aggressively against natural trends that they harm their allies as much as themselves.

2) Private military contractors are known for a few things 

Fighting well is not one of those things. 

Aside from the U.S. military games in Afghanistan providing elaborate cover for the global opium supply chain, it allows various small groups the ability to have utter control of 'prisoners', something that appeals to many of the types of people attracted to professional 'soldiering'.

There has been a lot of chatter recently about a supposed exit from Afghanistan. If the U.S. exits Afghanistan then it will quickly find another tribal country to occupy, it's a necessity for the United States at this point. The final step will be when the U.S. government is overtly militarized domestically and the 'tribal targets' are its own citizens. The last melting pot step.

3) Imagine if a stranger said they would allow you to shovel your own sidewalk when it snows.

Agreeing with their authority in that matter would be a slippery slope, but that is the way governments have disempowered their populations for centuries.

Several states have agreed to give parents 'permission' to let their children roam outside. 

Is it really the business of bureaucrats whether children can wander? Do laws that prevent children from wandering actually reduce child kidnapping and similar crimes? Or do they have another objective?

Step 1) Bureaucrats terrorize people by exaggerating a real danger. 'Debris from space could possibly land on your house and kill you."

Step 2) Convince people that bureaucrats are motivated by your wellbeing, rather than the power of their paid jobs. "We don't want space debris to kill anybody."

Step 3) Ask the general public if they want to protect their families. "Okay, we have to vote for that law."

Step 4) Create an agency of people who pretend to have special authority. "The Space Debris Agency will need to exercise its powers to protect the public."

Step 5) Start the terrorization campaign. "50 people were arrested for constructing buildings which violated space debris laws and putting others at risk."

4) Eraser Bug

There has been a progression of attacks peripherally involving infrastructure, and the next step is not hard to predict.

Complex malware has been used to do intricate damage to all sorts of systems.

A predictable next step is the quiet introduction of simple malware which erases everything on computer systems. This will be like Trump's isolationist negotiations with China, except this is a step that would succeed where the negotiations failed.

This likely attack is the next logical step in a series of efforts to disentangle economies, internet infrastructure, and other things. Because this effort is not specifically 'malicious', in other words its goal is to separate, not destroy, it will probably evolve as a progression of damage which evolves a little faster than it is resolved i.e., no fatal blow to any infrastructure, but targeted efforts which can only be solved by isolating national networks. 

5) Is China or India going to land a woman on Mars as its first foreign visitor?

This is a possible big strategic step which would polarize some groups and expand global interest in outer space, while empowering developing countries.

Would be a risky step since the risk of sabotage would be high, but the publicity benefits would be enough that various countries are probably considering it.

6) Clade Coins

Anybody who has researched a lot of coins will notice that there are distinct groups of people involved with coin groups and exchanges.

Because of the nature of digital currency security, these groups are in obvious competition, and because the basis for any coin's security is cryptography, and because all cryptographic security is eventually broken, a person should diversify across algorithm classes to be prepared in the event one group breaks another's algo. There are indications this has happened.

Algorithm hacks are always exposed slowly. The breakers milk their success as long as possible while hiding their access, but the political nature of digital currency might motivate early exposure.

All common public algorithms are almost certainly already broken by large governments so this refers only to the private sector.

7) The centralization of military power in the hands of a few conniving conspiring melting pot entities is dangerous 

When something like this happens, 

in any country,

there should be plenty of individuals with sufficient resources to solve the problem thoroughly, on their own.

Decentralizing finance through bitcoin is largely an illusion, but if military power were adequately decentralized, a decentralized and fair economy could follow.

A problem that has often developed in the past with decentralizing power is the formation of mafias. As long as the price to solve a problem is available easily to anybody, but high enough to be usually fatal to the group or individual solving the problem, most power would flow to individuals, not groups. In the local view it would be anti Darwinian but in the broader scope of human development it would be a positive step.

Notice the bizarre reaction of a Chinese observer here, but there are daily comparable reactions by Western observers in other circumstances. A Chinese observer says

"Pratasevich told Franak Viacorka, an aide to opposition leader Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya, that he suspected he was being followed, according to Deutsche Welle." 

He is referring to the interview at 

https :// www. dw. com/en/there-are-no-real-sanctions-on-the-belarusian-regime-says-opposition-adviser/av-57640405 **link gone**

So the Chinese observer is trying to bring the Western focus on a specific individual in Byelarus, a focus which appears justified, and from a Chinese perspective the logical next step is for the focus to generalize to that country.

The transparency of the Chinese strategy in this single incident comes from the fact that there are several different sources using several different facts to claim that the specific individual ordered the kidnapping.

One example from DW

"According to pro-government media in Belarus, President Alexander Lukashenko himself ordered a MiG-29 fighter jet to be scrambled and intercept the Ryanair jet over an alleged bomb scare."

So the Chinese are using a very transparent and simplistic ruse to step on the accelerator of European fragmentation. If anything their efforts are unnecessary, like somebody on a sailboat blowing on the sails to make their boat go faster, but still an interesting example of a low level person piling on to the enemy of their mafia.

As usual in cases like this, western governments 'don't know whether to sh*t or go blind', so they do both. 

Industrialized societies have criminalized individual initiative, so they are left with a cancerous mass which they follow. Ironically, one of the most common excuses for industrialized official support of gangs is that they, the industrialized 'leaders', want the people to 'learn'. Everybody wants to be the chief, the teacher in this case, but nobody wants to be the indian. Industrialization creates a lazy pinnacle where anybody who sees a problem is obligated to do nothing, and when asked why they do nothing their response is "I'm teaching".

Everybody is elite and their eliteness is evident in their teaching.

https  ://  abcnews  .go.  com/International/us-restricting-visas-aid-conflict-ethiopias-tigray-region/story **link gone**

"What is your job?"

"Well, I am elite. I teach people."

"How do you teach them?"

"Well, I let them learn."

"Wow, that is very elite."

"Yes, I am well paid."

8) Fuzzy borders between conspiracy, interpretation and reality. 

Dissociation is a common reaction to 'stresses' which don't fit into one's version of reality.

The most common severe dissociations are seen in children who have been sexually abused, and are things like 'multiple personality disorder'. 

A side note, notice her reference to her childhood in Michigan at 44 minutes 22 seconds. Although it sounds very conspiracyish, people in the U.S. government do appear to have been operating a child pornography ring in Michigan from at least the 1960s to the mid 1970s. One character involved was Frank Shelden 

but anybody can research and they will find a web of FBI agents and other federal employees involved.

Although MKUltra did involve child sexual abuse, the project in Michigan appears to be a separate project consisting of bureaucrats who used 'national security' as a path to satisfy their unusual tastes, and whose 'unusual tastes' made them more reliable in a series of projects that, in the view of some people, required compartmentalization or secrecy. There are many motives gangs, including bureaucratic gangs use 'secrecy' as a cover, and any organization which uses 'official secrecy' as part of their operational security, i.e., most government organizations, is not actually doing the job they claim to be doing.

Notice also that while child sexual abuse is 'socially inherited' i.e., obviously a learned tendency, i.e., it has no natural base, victims who recover to any extent try to recreate the world they lived in by painting a very similar picture to the 'melting pot' vs 'tribal' paradigm. They are sort of reliving some form of a real colonization which occurred in their society. Some of the 'facts' in their newly organized world may not be precisely accurate, but they mirror their broader society's history in an unusual way.

'Aliens' and 'extraterrestrials' are a common theme among people who have been sexually abused at an early age, and the path that takes in the narrative in the video above is unusual and seems to show more 'recovery' than is usual.

From the overall pattern of 'common' dissociations, a person can deduce that what is called 'child sexual abuse' is actually on a continuum which includes things that are seemingly unrelated to sexual abuse. In other words the dissociation in abused children is closely related to other phenomena which, in many cases, are not even considered pathological, because they are part of a group experience, a commonly held set of beliefs.

The only easy way to identify 'something', for example a set of beliefs, perceptions, etc, which 'contradict reality' i.e., which contradict the sum of any individual person's experience, is to look at 'groups of individuals' who have a set of beliefs as if they were a single individual.

The woman in that video, and her supporters, are clearly reacting to something similar to 'child sexual abuse', but which was 'perpetrated' by a group with different motives. What confuses the issue is that the group they are focusing on is also associated with real child sexual abuse. MKUltra was a real, documented program of the U.S. government and a few of its allies, and part of that program did involve actual child sexual abuse, but that abuse was an element and not the goal of that, and similar, programs.

Looking across cultures, it's clear that the 'separation' of the two groups, i.e., the separation of 'those bureaucratic employees involved in the various programs discussed' and 'that specific woman and her supporters' mirrors many other conflicts or 'separations' between 'melting pot' groups and 'targeted tribal' groups. In other words there has been a sort of transference between the targets of the broader society i.e., indigenous targets, and a subpopulation of the broader society.

9) When Freud, Jung and others discussed 'transference' they did it in a very narrow, flawed way.

One of the big mysteries of analytical psychology is why such limited attention was given to what could be an entire field within psychology.

It would have been obvious to both Freud and Jung that awareness of transference and how it works would be poison for melting pots, it would expose a lot of the crimes committed against tribal societies.

Yet both of them conspicuously and deliberately minimized their studies of the process. Jung wrote The Psychology of the Transference in which he makes plain how it relates to colonialization, but he steps around any politically sensitive aspects. Freud carefully limited even observing the subject, except in the most limited way.

 In Freud's case an argument could be made that he was afraid to get involved in politics, but what made Jung so cautious?

10) The Iran Nuclear Fiction 

Some facts

1) For decades, oil company interests have been promoting the notion that Uranium is somehow a malicious entity. Uranium has always been the biggest threat to the oil consortium. Zionists fantasize that they are using some strange political power to play this 'Iran uranium prevention' game, but, as usual, they are simple stooges to the oil consortium. A group of oil consortium interests within the Zionist infrastructure uses dim witted Zionists to pump oil for them, whether through pretending Iran is about to make a n bomb or Iraq is going to launch chemical weapons. 

2) For decades uranium has been the best quick fix to carbon emissions, but has been discreetly prevented from coming on line by blatantly corporate influence. A person should look carefully at the 'big events' which short circuited nuclear power.

3) The step of enriching uranium to a level to make bombs is not a big step that requires elaborate visible preparation. It would take less than a day for an established entity with scientific facilities to enrich to bomb grade if they wanted to. Iran has never shown credible interest in a nuclear weapon.

4) There have been various entities which have openly published very simple plans for a basic nuclear bomb, including a prominent Pakistan scientist. Even without that, building a nuclear weapon is high school physics level science.

5) A significant amount of the carbon emissions of the last three decades could probably be put down to the discouragement of uranium use by oil interests.

11) Was the 2019 Coronavirus a bioweapon targeting Indigenous people?

From the beginning of the Covid epidemic there have been indications it was a bioweapon released as part of a complex strategy to reduce indigenous populations.

An important part of colonization is accelerating the mortality of older indigenous people

a) The statistical likelihood of that virus emerging naturally in the city which has China's highest security biolab is miniscule.

b) The statistical likelihood of that virus organically arising and initially appearing in that city also at the exact time as military games were going on, likewise miniscule. 

c) The overt rationale, the cover, for the release seems to be that it would contribute to a significant reduction in carbon emissions, which it did. 

Looking more in detail at the progression of the virus seems to show though that either its proliferation was later guided in such a way as to target indigenous populations in Latin America, or that was its initial purpose.

British derived societies i.e. the U.S., Canada, Australia etc have a long history of exterminating tribal populations. When overt killing became problematic the shift was often to sterilization and social programs which reduced populations. 

Looking at the progression of Covid, and at 'official' public health attitudes towards its control, as well as the timing of peaks in Latin America, it looks more and more like there was a deliberate effort to steer the most severe demographic effects of the virus to that population / region.

At this point a strong circumstantial case could be made that at least some government interventions in the Coronavirus epidemic have been motivated by a desire by some people in high positions of power to reduce indigenous elder populations.

A second paradoxical 'psychological' part of this is the vaccination of indigenous people. As discussed on the Indigenous Archetypes page , vaccination is a strong psychological tool which encourages submission. It certainly does save lives in the short term, but it is often used for its ability to weaken the resistance of those who oppose the power of the vaccinating government.

When such a program is implemented, it is not done 'by a country', nor even 'by a government'.

Rather it is a discreet effort by a small number of people with significant power within a country or government.

Western colonial power structures have evolved in such a way that the original colonizing entity retains control at the top level as lower level power structures in society 'democratize'.

As long as there is not overt repudiation of the original colonizer at a societal level, the original colonizing entity will maintain control even if the victims feel they are gaining power.

A common misconception is that the long term goal of colonization is economic, but the big benefit perceived by those who engage in malicious 'dirty tricks' on behalf of their group is the destruction of a competing worldview. When a group is adequately assimilated all of their sovereign power is diffused and the melting pot entity stratifies in such a way as to put the original colonizers on top permanently. An invisible perpetual cast system. The worldview of the conquered group becomes 'disappeared' to the extent that their legends become unintelligible, their sciences become hidden, etc. It was a great thing thousands of years ago, today it is idiocy. 

The absurd comedy in the gullibility of some partially assimilated groups is one of the few darkly entertaining parts of the tragedy, like watching a bull charge into a sword. 

12) As in many countries, the U.S. justice system is arbitrary and heavily weighted against vulnerable defendants 

13) Uhm, what?

Here is a news article that is an excellent example of how the public is manipulated. 

Look at the subhead "Advocates demand real government action to honour 215 Indigenous children whose remains found at residential school.

Then divide it into parts.

Part one is the 'real government action'.

Part two is indigenous extermination, personified here by 215 children's bodies found in Canada at a forced school project.

Part three, the curve ball, is the solution, which is 'to honour' the victims, rather than solve the underlying problem.

Part four, the spit on the curve ball, is that somebody wants the government to solve the ongoing problem by taking credit, and power, from the solution.

"So sorry that we took, and still have, your land. So sorry that we killed a vast number of your people, including these children, in the process of consolidating our gains. We will be happy to have our ownership of the conquered cultures cemented by being the authority which solves this imbalance."

14) The United States is built on trying to steal the thunder of natural law in crooked ways, like most countries

In Making a Murderer Part 2 Episode 1, at 20 minutes, a lawyer points out that in the United States there is no federal law against putting an innocent person in prison for a crime they did not commit. "There is no federal right to not be in prison if you are innocent."

A person does not have the right to walk into a federal court in the United States and say "Here is evidence I did not commit this crime" or "Here is who did commit the crime."

Instead, a person has to show that the U.S. constitution was violated.

Like a company that has a monopoly and forces people to use their product over superior ones, the United States forces people to rely on a set of mandatory guidelines, including the Constitution, which are specifically designed to empower the state. This is in contrast to tribal authority which relies on elders who are unaffiliated with a corporate entity such as a government.

In the United States, people like to say that "the U.S. system isn't perfect but it's the best we have." Then usually a historical parallel with someplace like the Soviet Union is made.

But the truth is that in the United States, liberties are not the result of the constitution nor anything else peculiar to the United States, they are a derivative of the wealth of the United States. Any country that has a vast wealth of resources will provide more liberties for its citizens.

In fact a big part of the U.S. strategy against the Soviet Union was to drive their economy down, create mass poverty and thus an authoritarian oppressive state. In the west a person can research the Holodomor and they will find responsibility placed entirely on the Soviets. In some other places a lot of research has been done showing how large U.S. interests deliberately encouraged the factors causing the famine. The goal being to disempower a potential rival. Now that the Chinese are becoming more powerful, and the U.S. is no longer in a position to do the same disempowering, the growing alliance between the Chinese and the Russians will, at some point, be as expensive to the U.S. as U.S. policy was to the Soviets.

As the Chinese become wealthier they will have more and more liberties.

A problem for the U.S. is that while the U.S. has always provided 'extra' liberty for the wealthy, the Chinese have slightly more of a political tendency to provide extra liberties for the unwealthy. And while the U.S. does not, and never has, focused on holding powerful people, particularly in government, accountable, the Chinese have a pretty strong track record of fighting corruption at the expense of the powerful. In fact, as the Chinese have grown wealthier they have had more and more accountability, in the form of corruption trials for example, for higher level people.

In the U.S., law enforcement can literally get away with anything, while in China there is at least some chance of accountability for higher level cops and bureaucrats.

As the developing world globalizes, and Chinese liberties increase just as U.S. liberties are decreasing, the U.S. illusion of being the best system, or of being somehow a superior system is weakening.

Brendan Dassey and literally tens of thousands of other people are in U.S. prisons because, though they are innocent, they personally do not have wealth.

The prosecutor in the Steven Avery case is not in prison, despite using his job to prey on vulnerable people, because he does have wealth.

15) Autism clades and idiot savants

This is part of the weltanschauung section, and may get its own page eventually.

A natural feature of 'eliminating world views' is a reaction in which some compensation to the 'conquering' world view springs up. As the conquering world view hijacks more and more of the natural compensatory functions of its victims, the first normal step is for individuals to identify that a problem is developing, and develop some sort of systems to reduce the approaching damage, such as diplomacy etc. If that doesn't happen, e.g. if the power of the conqueror is enough that some kind of enforced stupidity prevents that problem from becoming visible, eventually natural processes start fixing things. These natural processes are visible in lots of small bits of evidence.

Brendan Dassey is a person convicted in a murder in Wisconsin and featured on a Netflix show as his false confession is studied. He has a number of peculiarities, including, most obvious to most people, his 'slowness' in what some people consider intelligence. He has a lot of other peculiarities beside that slowness that may be less noticeable.

Some years ago I knew a guy from Texas who had a striking physical resemblance to Brendan Dassey despite being about 40 years older than him. Strangely, that person also used a lot of similar gestures and mannerisms and had some similar quirks of personality. The two people are not close relatives, I'm very sure, since they are from very different regions, but there are other similarities in their families among traits which are not generally considered genetic.


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16) The evolution of inferior status among conquered peoples

When Barack Obama became president, a lot of people imagined that it was a sign that 'non western Europeans' had reached a certain level of power in the United States.

Likewise when Donald Trump became president some people guessed that another disenfranchised group had reached a certain level of power.

One of the tricks of assimilation though is the perpetuation of a sort of caste system among groups, whose long term objective is the assimilation of conquered tribes into a framework in which the original conquering society continuously gets more control over the lower castes, but that control evolves in a less and less visible way, it becomes more and more abstract.

"Such individuals were, however, permitted to work as domestic servants, the newspaper reported." 

In the United States there have always been people who considered the president to be the most powerful person, but the evolution of power outside that political office has always been faster than the evolution of power within that group of people.


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17) The flow of power to China accelerates 

China has a vast amount of future wealth, in the form of the past actions of the United States and its allies throughout the third world.

But the real rivalry is not visible to a lot of people.

The U.S. had, as its overall objective around the world, the strategy of simply preventing any tribal challengers who would up end the apple cart, mess with the status quo. For a long time the U.S. knew that as long as no new tribal paradigms were introduced into the global worldview it had created there would be no serious challenges to its power.

China is very similar to the United States in that it has built a vast empire around the ultimate control of a small ethnic clan, but China is far more developed as an empire than the U.S. 

China already has a vast stratification that is complex, and invisible to most Chinese. In other words those Chinese who are 'at the top' of their society know it, but a lot of people at lower strata also believe they are at the top, or expect to get there.

So when China and Pakistan discuss controlling tribal groups in Afghanistan, Pakistan sees it as a way to be a slightly more useful servant of China, which might lead to Pakistan becoming a key player for China, or even equal. Not going to happen, of course, any more than the U.S. looked after its allies. It's a big game of entangled interests which is built, above all, on deception.

China and the U.S. are two sides of the same coin, the main difference being only that China is rapidly becoming more powerful, and the U.S., the opposite.

Taiwan makes a deliberate effort to encourage its tribal population, in other words it acts, in a global sense, against the U.S. and China.

India is somewhere between the global melting pot and the truer federal societies. It has a vast number of original tribes with their own languages and cultures, and so far India has remained on the fringes of the melting pot and has not started wholesale extermination of sovereign tribal identities.

So the first step a person would watch to gauge how things are developing might be the development of strategic ties between India and Taiwan.

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18) Nuff said

"The Bureau of Criminal Apprehension said the U.S Marshals Service does not allow officers on its North Star Fugitive Task Force to use body cameras and there is no squad camera footage of the shooting." 

He wasn't allowed to have a gun, and police weren't supposed to use cameras?


19) An interesting mistake

In the Netflix series The Innocence Files there is an odd mistake that deserves its own page.

At about 21 minutes an expert in something says that back in the caveman days of prehistory, the only way a caveman knew who stole meat from the cave was if there was an eyewitness.

This is sort of a combination of a whole bunch of mistakes, which are then mistakenly rolled into another mistake, then passed of as truth.


20) A common theme in policing is that the police like to take power, credibility from victims, and transfer it to themselves.

In the Netflix series The Innocence Files, season 1 episode 5, at 30 minutes or so, an Innocence Project lawyer is trying to talk to the son of the victim years after the crime. This is a key part of the exoneration of course.

A more interesting, and relevant example is the Steven Avery case.

The police approached a relative of the victim and asked her to lie about the crime, in order to help the victim supposedly.

That relative of the victim not only lied about the evidence to the public, but also to other family members of the victim, and even to her own daughter.

So a woman was murdered, then the police convinced a female family member of the dead female victim to lie to, among others, her female child.

This is not so rare an occurrence probably, but in this case it is a tv show which has been viewed by millions of people.

A person has to wonder if anybody asked that woman 'Why did you lie to your daughter about evidence involving the murder of another female in your extended family?'

The United States is far far down Orwell's darkest path, but this particular slice of darkness is a bit too unnatural.

Notice that at about 33 minutes in that episode the sheriff's department sends people out to harass people who had cooperated with the Innocence Project. The problem there is that there is a strategic issue which would not have been relevant, nor visible, to local police at that time, but would have been a priority at the federal level. So most likely it was federal agents of some sort who became aware of the Innocence Project effort and then made some effort to act through the local sheriff.

And then, at 40 minutes in that episode the prosecutor who sent the apparently not guilty person to prison on the basis of weak eye witnesses asks why a family member of the victim would lie about facts. The prosecutor and police are playing a sort of game, bouncing responsibility back and forth, as it weakens a little each time. the prosecutor will say 'Must have been the police who wanted to deceive the victim's family, but I wanted to help them, and would have if not for the police', then the police bounce the same nonsense twisted to favor them, on and on.

In that particular Netflix case the person was 'exonerated' and set free, but there really isn't any compelling proof that he was either innocent or guilty. He could have been guilty, but he was exonerated.

In the Avery case it is much less likely that Avery is guilty, and there is near zero chance that Brendan Dassey is guilty.

The difference between the two cases is mainly where the victims' respective families fell with regard to the convictions.

As much as 'the legal system' may have been motivated to hide the truth from the victim's family in the California killing, their motive would be much more desperate regarding Avery and Dassey.

Season 1, episode 7 has another example of something that seems to pop up a lot.

In that case in Philadelphia, a young lady is coerced by police into confessing that she was involved in a murder, because the police wanted to convict the person she had been with, who was also not guilty. Researchers later learned that police had found the real murderer quickly, probably at the same time one group of police had found the real killer while another group was framing somebody. So that case followed a trail similar to the Esar Met case.

The police realized they had gotten a confession from the wrong person and decided that they didn't want the publicity of explaining how they did that, so they went forward and convicted the wrong person.

Season 1, episode 8 is a bizarre twist in stealing from the victim, because the victim was a cop, and it shows how 'law enforcement' types leapfrog their way to more power.

A cop was killed and the Houston D.A., Dan Rizzo, has to both milk power and credibility from 'the victim' and give part of the stolen loot to 'law enforcement'. In other words he has to do a very delicate and difficult con job in order to portray himself as 'serving cops' while 'serving victims' while also extracting the 'authority' of the victim for himself, as he also extracts it for 'law enforcement'. He is present at the grand jury, where he sees a way to do it, but in some confusing way he ultimately gets caught. It's very unlikely he will ever pay a price for the simple reason that he was doing what cops and prosecutors are paid to do in the legal system.

Season 1, episode 9 is more serious yet from a victim's perspective. A number of police were angry at an individual who they felt did not show them sufficient respect, so when they got a rape case they framed him for it, as 'punishment'. One of the detectives tries to explain that he targeted the individual because his girlfriend had made complaints about him, which is silly, and does not explain why none of the DNA evidence, all of which pointed to somebody else, was hidden away. In cases like this police still try to co opt the victim, but it's hard to imagine how a police department which malfunctions in that way can still pass scrutiny in other areas.


21) El Salvador has a long history of being controlled by U.S. puppet regimes which engage in roundabout strategies to exterminate Indigenous groups

 The current regime looks like it is more camouflaged, but not by a lot.

Here is a double whammy, U.S. propaganda in Wikipedia being used to cover a U.S. puppet in El Salvador

"On 10 October 2017, Bukele was expelled from the FMLN, accused by the FMLN Ethics Tribunal of promoting internal division and performing defamatory acts against the political party. He challenged these Acts from FMLN that were unethical and corrupt, illuminating much of the wrongdoing that FMLN had done over the years, including acts from former president Funes. Bukele did not attend the hearing scheduled for 7 October 2017 by the FMLN Ethics Tribunal, arguing that they were biased in favor of the plaintiffs. 

And another indication that bitcoin is a U.S. government project  

It's a very clever ruse, but it's only a matter of time before there is some hook the U.S. will put in which will appear to 'obligate' their latest stooge to start exterminating indigenous people.

Before that happens he will bring the dimmest bulbs in the bitcoin 'community' to support him, so there will be a progressive aura around the next stage of indigenous extermination.

"But he’s struggled to draw close to the Biden administration, which is seeking to undo Trump’s hardline immigration policies restricting asylum requests, which Bukele embraced in exchange for strong U.S. support for his tough governing style. 

22) Prion diseases would be an ideal bioweapon to instill panic in a population

If a government or group identified certain features of past prion diseases and engineered a new one just for use as a bioweapon, they could take it quite far. 

Although the Canada disease is not specifically identified as a prion disease, the fact that it appears to be 'a prion disease without prions' could be the result of some entity having identified a pathogenic feature which underlies the prions in prion diseases.

An early 'world view weapon.'

There are more and more groups which have strong motive to issue bioweapons, and the growing power of melting pots, along with a growing cooperation among melting pots against local or tribal entities, is likely to lead to a lot of interesting new weaponized pathogens.

The United States has many decades of experience developing these weapons, but soon there will be an explosion of interest in developing countries, and once enough people understand the vulnerability of genetically distinct populations to bioweapons the two options will be either a complete loss of scientific liberties, or very hard borders globally.

23) A few news items look designed to be fodder for conspiracy theories in the future 

24) Latin America has always been an unstable European satellite, but the thing to watch for now is silver

A high priority strategic goal for the United States has always been to keep the price of silver low enough relative to gold, and other commodities, that Latin American governments would have difficulty forming a strong economic bloc with interests apart from the U.S. 

As the U.S. plays various economic games to preserve the dollar, the risk of a sudden massive surge in silver is one of the biggest risks facing the U.S. in Latin America.

Nicaragua does not appear to have significant silver reserves 

...but from what has been discovered so far, and the fact that most mining companies are U.S. or western Europe based, it's possible that there has been a long game of misrepresenting silver reserves in various countries.

There still has been minimal reporting of the oil consortium's control of discoveries of oil fields over the last 50 years, and it is possible that strategy was also used with metals, not to keep the price high, as with oil, but to hide silver reserves in places where indigenous threats to colonial power might develop.

25) One of the things some people don't understand is how 'law enforcement' benefits from putting innocent people in jail

"According to a review by Injustice Watch, Missouri's attorney general has opposed nearly every wrongful conviction case that has come before it and been vacated since 2000, including 27 in which prisoners were eventually exonerated.

That resistance continues regardless of political party affiliation.

“They've got ethical dyslexia about what it means to represent the interests of the people of the state of Missouri,” said O’Brien." 

People who join groups always have motives which are a bit different than the motives they believe they have, but in 'law enforcement' that divergence is usually more extreme. 





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