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"India Elects Tribal Woman To Be Its Youngest President Ever: PM Modi Says A 'Ray Of Hope' For Citizens


 Any person can be called 'tribal', but obviously any person working within the framework of a melting pot is not working as a tribal person. He or she is serving as bait to lure people who are still within a tribal framework to finish surrendering.

Just as in the U.S. when tribal entities are made sub parts of the U.S. melting pot.

A tribe, exactly like a person, either has a healthy sovereign space to survive, or has an unhealthy unsovereign space to die.


For a lot of people there is haziness about what globalism and tribal extinction are, and why they are harmful.


Although there have been 'empires' of sorts since the beginning of recorded history, today is different.

The human population now has several hundred 'old tribes' which have sufficient populations to survive as tribes indefinitely, and which have been differentiating for several thousand years. That number has been dropping rapidly in the last few centuries, and the decline is picking up.

That means if each of these tribes had geographic borders they would continue evolving in their original direction, and they would each have the ability to absorb new DNA from outside groups, and the 'new' DNA would strengthen them, as long as those descendants stayed within the general bloodlines of their original tribe.

Those mixed blood individuals who left the tribe, took their DNA to a new tribe, would be 'federators'. Federating is a natural function of tribal intersection, and has little to do with the fictional 'federal' authority used by political gangsters in places like the United States..

At some point somebody figured out how this works and got overly ambitious, imagining that if a little federating is beneficial to all sides then a completely federalized human bloodline i.e., a global melting pot, would be even better.

Now, of course, most people know that is not true. But there are still a lot of people who misguide the public and promote the untruth that when a tribe is fully absorbed i.e., when its survivability as an original bloodline is gone, that it is still a tribe. In fact it has simply become food for the conquering society.

The hundreds of Native American tribes which have been absorbed into the United States, by extincting them, by lowering their number of individuals below the threshold of survival as a tribe, are no longer real tribes. They are like cattle kept to feed their 'owner' over time. In this case the colonizing country gradually lets the DNA of the captives be introduced into the main population, believing that such a process strengthens them, i.e., strengthens the colonizer.

There are several kinds of political federalizing influences in the world.

1) The most genuine federalizing is simply through mixed blood people. They create a space between two groups that is beneficial to both. They don't need a political infrastructure or fake gang powers.

2) Well below that is the political federating done for example in India and Pakistan and many other countries which is designed to maintain tribes as viable entities.

3) Similar is the federating in Eastern Europe, e.g. 'the Russian federation', whose purpose is to maintain local rivals as viable external entities. In the case of Ukraine, 'the West' has been trying to draw Ukraine into the British centric melting pot, and Russia properly put a stop to that, just as the U.S. put a stop to the USSR trying to draw Cuba into the 'Soviet' melting pot 60 years ago.

4) Much lower yet is predatory federalizing, in which a predator country takes the land of a less armed culture and destroys their viability as their DNA is absorbed over generations by the colonizer. Examples include the United States, China, etc.

What is the endpoint of full globalization?

If the United States and China continue consuming their respective victim societies, eventually the world will have two or three viably distinct genetic populations, plus lots of 'federalized' people who pertain to those two or three genetic boundaries.

A person can dream up all sorts of utopian fantasies about how these final two or three tribes may live together in harmony, but the truth will be a little different.

Worse than that though are genetic issues which are discussed on other pages.

And worse yet is the loss of tens of thousands of years of divergences along paths whose melting potted sum is much less than their original parts.



Has this kind of thing ever happened before?

Yes, it happened with humans up to about a few tens of thousands of years ago.

Humanity was divided into Neanderthals, 'early modern humans', and other 'tribes'. One group, 'early modern humans' managed to eliminate all the other tribes so a long period of redivergence followed with local competition etc until the current phase of consolidation.

The next step on the current path is to finish eliminating viable tribal populations i.e., assimilate them, and then have a final competition/war until one is left, on and on.

The alternative is either heavily arming tribal populations, or federating locally, like animal species do with those neighbors closest genetically to them.

In this scenario any countrys' internal politics would be something like India, but with better armed tribes, and external politics would be like Russia, again with better armed neighbors.

Ultimately the center of external federating would probably arise in the place with the most diverse gene pool i.e., Africa, so if Russia manages to stay ahead of villains like Nato then their next step would be to strengthen tribal Africa in a way that led to a sustainable federation.






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