Pages that may get written.

1) "Reasonable Doubt" is another 'NetFlix Propaganda Project' work which uncovers some of the techniques used in melting pot propaganda 

It was supported by various melting pot organizations which appear largely progressive. 

But whose 'progressiveness' in this case is revealed as a thin veneer by looking at props in the film and researching a bit. 

A propaganda tool which has been discussed already is the 'mafia storefront'. An organization which few people would willingly support, if they knew its objectives, hires innocuous 'front people' to give an acceptable veneer to their project. A massive transnational conglomerate might hire a midwest farmer to be their press liaison, for example.

In this case an organization which promotes 'the rule of law' has been cleverly used to promote propaganda which tailors the interpretation of 'law' to suit melting pots against indigenous interests.

They are building on, extending, a flawed worldview which does not withstand scrutiny, and which will degrade. It is worth a page.

2) Otay

""We probably missed many generations of recombinations" that occurred over time and that led to the emergence of Omicron, Soundararajan added. 

3) Ethan Crumbley FAQs 

Question / He is being charged as an adult. Is he an adult?

Answer / No, he is 15. In all 50 states he is considered a child with regard to criminal acts. Charging him as an adult is a way for those involved in the prosecution to look tough on crime so they don't have to worry about the case in future elections.

Question / Why were the parents charged? Are they bad parents?

Answer / The parents are good parents but have deficits similar to their child. Charging them was done for the same reason he was charged as an adult i.e., to provide some political benefit to the prosecutor.

Question / What was the direct cause of the shooting?

Answer / Administrators within the school provoked the shooting by psychologically boxing him in. Their primary goal with regard to school violence is the same as their primary goal with regard to other school issues i.e., to keep their job and get promoted.

Question / The police say the parents fled to escape prosecution. Is that true?

Answer / No, it is one of the many things the police and school officials lied about. The family was worried about hostility from the community so they left their house. The police saw an opportunity to pretend they were fleeing so U.S. Marshalls could pretend to heroically capture them.

Question / Is the dishonesty by police and school officials going to have any effects on future school violence?

Answer / Yes, it will lead to more school problems, including violence. Children who are not grounded socially will do more extensive planning of similar acts, and are more likely to consider that kind of action since it got a lot of coverage and created a stir.

Question / What is next for the kid and his family?

Answer / Now the three of them enter the part of the legal system which is highly refined and goal oriented. All three of them will express remorse and confess to having been misguided. The parents know that if they show sufficient remorse, along with fear of those holding them, they are likely to receive 'leniency' for pretending what they are asked to pretend.

4) Why is the president of the El Salvador playing to a fringe U.S. audience? 

Who is pulling his strings?

5) Stock Market Mysteries

There are two major unfilled gaps on the stock market chart. November 20 2020 and November 23 2021. The first is well below current levels and requires a market crash to fill, the latter requires a modest increase.

If a person wants to use gaps as their way to find short term trends, gaps suggest a slight increase from here followed by a crash.

Looking at gaps is kind of fringey, but there is a strange dynamic at the moment.

 The Fed has been talking up the taper in recent days suggesting it might even accelerate. That money has supposedly been going into bonds but its net effect has been to push that same money into stocks by some circuitous route.

So why did the market just jump so substantially when taper is being hyped more than ever?

It's likely that whatever institutions used by the Fed for its qe programs are the same ones used to enforce the integrity of charts i.e., to make U.S. markets look sound.

6) One of the biggest mysteries surrounding Coronavirus has to do with Australia

Australia has a lot of unique Covid trends among countries with a largely European population. 

Australia is undertaking a massive strategic shift which requires the elimination of a lot of its indigenous population. If there is a large surviving remnant of aboriginal people when Australia replaces the U.S., that remnant will be more powerful than the Europeans.

When two genetic populations intersect there is mixing in which both benefit but neither gains an advantage over the other. Because of the relationship between 'genetic competition' and 'real estate', it usually works out that one group wants an advantage. The stronger group always has the option of taking an advantage through force. Today 'force', or generally slaughter of another group, is more subtle and involves financial, medical and other tool types.

If European Australians want their descendants to have secure control of Australia they must eliminate all 'full blood' aborigines so they can fully assimilate the mixed blood people between the two groups. Britain needs this to happen because of the rapidly increasing power of Asians relative to west Europeans.

That's all fine, and a normal pattern, but there is a curve ball in the modern world.

Various human subpopulations have developed unusual traits and sciences which are uniquely appropriate for a population which is going to live in a radically different environment.

For example one trait which has evolved in less populated areas is the tendency of men and women to speak dialects which sound distinct to outsiders. In other words an outsider says "the men and women speak two languages". This trait accelerates the ability of that 'twin dialect' group to both evolve and develop sciences unique to their specific circumstances, among other things.

There are very few of these human who have coincidentally evolved 'space travel traits' in the eons before human space travel, and the few who exist are rapidly being extincted. 

This is one of many pieces of evidence which indicate the current human 'expansion' into outer space will probably not happen. Humans may establish some temporary foundation outside earth's orbit, on an asteroid or planet for example, but a capability to live off earth will probably not happen in this cycle.

As described on other pages, the 'conquering' Australian population which 'wins' by eliminating the weaker aboriginals and absorbing them will make adaptive traits from those populations not just 'recessive', but 'selected against'. In other words Australian descendants of the surviving population will have a series of something like 'genetic diseases' which prevent the evolution of specific adaptive traits.

Because these traits are very high level, not trivial, they will evolve in some form in some other population, but only after it has been isolated for sufficient time.

7) Political leaders need to decide whether they want to encourage local sovereignty or continue trying to own foreign groups by pretending they are not foreign 

 The tribal sovereignty position will win ultimately simply because of the increasing ability to produce mass casualty defensive weapons. The only question is how expensive the transition will be.

8) Corporations in the United states can seize 'malicious domains' via the U.S. court which controls website domains 

In the United States any domestic corporation can be used by 'the government' to spy on foreign competitors. You have to guess that it is probably the same in China.

The problem is that 'the United States government' actors in things like this are corporate and have nothing to do with the population. In China probably likewise. Right now China is rapidly trending up and it is certain that they will have full control of domains online within 10 or 20 years, maybe much sooner.

The worst part is that when China has power they will be following the rules the United States created.

9) Looks like a perfect storm 

10) Lots of unarmed people are shot, often in the back, by police

 Why are most of the police who are accused in those crimes either minorities or women, when they only commit a small fraction of those killings? 

11) There are about half a million homeless people in the United States

Last year the United States exported 12.1 million indestructible houses to countries like China 

12) There are small trends and big trends 

Anybody who has used unemployment benefits knows that there are usually limits. You can get an amount for several weeks which is dependent on how much you earned. Then, depending on the economy, there might be some kind of 'extended benefits' where the federal government pays a few more weeks.

If you are one person trying to manage finances, that small trend is the one you notice.

If you are some economist trying to minimize hungry mobs you might do better looking at the collective number of people who are no longer eligible for benefits.

13) Now we're up to 4 doses 

People are being prepared for virus wars, in which constant vaccines will be required wherever hard borders don't exist.

14) As Australia and China prepare to develop their mineral consortium, propagandists tries to cover them

"The deal helped GM grow in the Chinese automotive market, but also gave China access to the rare earth magnet technology that was first developed by U.S. military scientists. 

So called "intellectual property" fictions are at the core of Britain's strategy to empower Australia in Asia.

The Chinese know the Australian strategy is silly, so they play along.

The West is buying the Brooklyn bridge from China, but the worst part is that it was Britain that asked China if it was for sale.

China "Brooklyn bridge for sale? Sure. How much you pay?"

Britain "We will have to negotiate secretly, but you can decide how much."

15) An interesting news article from the 1950s

Or maybe today.

The FBI normally obliges that kind of cooperation, but in this case they benefit from giving the appearance of trying to do something while local police are giving the appearance of resisting a progressive influence.

16) The United States has committed, firmly, to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions

In a few years or so. 

17) When this cop shot somebody, her first words were not "Oh, I killed a person accidentally", they were "I am caught already and will face accountability."

""Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God," Potter could be heard saying as she hyperventilated.

The officer kept her face buried in the curbside grass for minutes following the shooting, the video showed.

"Just breathe," Luckey said.

"I'm going to prison," Potter responded.

"No, you're not," Luckey said." 

"Can I say he had a machine gun?" Potter responded.

"No, there's video, we should probably do first aid on him" Luckey said." 

"Can we drag the body into the bushes and drive away? I saw a black man nearby. Maybe he did it." Potter responded.

"Again, video, witnesses" Luckey said. 

If she were brighter she would realize she is on trial because she is a woman or minority, not because she shot somebody inappropriately.

A tiny fraction of male white police officers will go on public trial for a shooting like that. Most black or female officers will, though.

18) Joe Biden, of course, is not selector of high law enforcement officials

He is just their temporary face. 

This particular woman was given that particular job for a reason.

And it was not to protect black women from white women.

19) A federal court in the United States has kept someone in jail 6 years for what? 

What would be the upper limit for his crime? 10 years? 30 years? 

20) It would actually be profitable for a medium sized investor to develop Covid strains 

 A larger investor would benefit from much higher margins, and could hire specialists to tailor the new strains to focus on specific vaccine companies.

21) Uhm 

All of the common operating systems already have backdoors installed by governments.

China hacks its opponents and critics.

Russia hacks its opponents and critics.

The United States hacks its opponents and critics.

Until public key cryptography is publicly exposed, and until there are secure operating systems, countries and regions should be careful.

22) Wrong phrase

"Now the economy is in another cyclical upswing because the Federal Reserve injected $4 trillion of liquidity to “simulate” the economy. 

If you put a dead car on a hill and let it roll down you would not say "It appears the engine works now."

But the bigger mystery is how, for decades, no economist has pointed out that Volker's 'magic economics', and all U.S. expansion before and since, have been due to some mystery intervention by an unknown U.S. agency with regard to foreign economies.

When that mysterious Agency's actions are public, Japan will probably cut ties with the United States.

23) The F35 is a money maker, but for who? 

Just days ago an F35 crashed in a way that suggests either it was being controlled remotely, or it is poorly engineered. 

The plane has not been produced in high numbers yet, but it has been around for a few years. 

Mysteriously, and shortly after that crash, Finland decided to buy a bunch of the $150 million airplanes. 

Why would a country spend $150 million per for an obsolete weapon which can be neutralized for a few hundred dollars or less, and which cannot perform the basic functions it was designed for as well as an unmanned plane costing less than 1 percent of that?

The only explanation that seems logical is that whoever made the decision to buy the plane on behalf of Finland was incentivized in some way.

Finland is spending over 3% of its 2021 GDP on those planes. 

24) Thousands of people in the U.S. government have done things similar to what Assange did, but with different motives and more casualties 

If the U.S. government is going to attack Assange for trying to expose misconduct by bureaucrats...

25) In the 1970s and 1980s there was no internet and the U.S. government had a lot of control over which information was public

The inflation mystery, and why the Fed governors were not aware, can't be hidden from foreign observers much longer. 

The question is how the U.S. government will limit scrutiny of its actions domestically.

26) If somebody says the Rurik dynasty was founded by the Varangian prince Rurik, how should a person respond? 

27) Some people will misinterpret what the U.S. is doing 

The goal is not to slow the Chinese development of automated policing, it is to give an edge to that nascent industry in the United States.

28) 4 weeks severance pay and three months benefits?

There are millions of people who wish they had gotten fired from this job. 

CEO going to a resort right after is bad optics though.

29) "The vulnerability in the Apache Software Foundation module was discovered Nov. 24 by the Chinese tech giant Alibaba" 

The United States government has a long and well documented history of creating vulnerabilities in people's software, so they, the bureaucrats, can exploit it. Then they pretend to look for terrorists that don't exist so they can justify it. This creates more jobs in other agencies which specialize in creating terrorists.

The worst computer vulnerability in years was made public by a Chinese company?

30) When Coronavirus first swept the globe, South Korea was virtually untouched

There are only a few plausible explanations for why they are getting hit so hard now, and they are not among those reasons given in the media. 

31) Being a journalist should require at least a thinking cap

"Journalists in the United Kingdom and Europe don't have the types of protections that the First Amendment in the United States provides. 

32) Inflation Mystery

A 2011 documentary about the 2008 crash has some interesting points that may apply today and explain how the upcoming crash will develop. 

The recent stock market run up has shuffled a vast amount of wealth to wealthy people, as usual, some to the well off and none to the underclass.

One of the things a person has to notice is that the unresponsiveness of gold to inflation talk coincides with an upcoming change in how gold markets are administered. 

The money supply expanded pretty significantly since Covid, but so far there is no footprint that increase has left on government policies.

One conclusion, or guess, would be that policymakers expect the 'larger' money supply to contract, a sort of shock to the very wealthy which would produce a lot of stories about big investors getting hit hard.

Policymakers do not ever do such a thing to big investors though.

Is there another place that large 'semi liquid' cash could be extracted from and made to disappear?


Current crypto total market cap is a few trillion, all of it froth, and 'disappearing' that amount of money overnight would buy some time for governments which are too plugged into the global system.

So one possible scenario would be a final massive pump in crypto followed by a crash in equity markets and crypto from which equities would recover but crypto not. Assuming the British banking consortium i.e., the U.S., UK and Australia have been managing crypto markets, and the evidence points to that, if they pulled support after the crash but left the markets intact it would serve to endlessly drain funds from 'anti government' types imaging that the market was ever real or might recover.

There would also be an opportunity for that consortium to stabilize the economy and issue a digital currency in one step. The smartest plan would be a digital UBI but politicians never do the smartest thing. A more likely step will be a digital currency which starts with a lump sum to low interest people.

That still leaves the question about gold.

When equity markets recover they will not be able to do it on the froth created by government support of crypto and Covid money.

When Basel 3 comes into effect and forces institutional holders of gold to sort of support a specific underlying currency with that gold it will create the opportunity for an informal gold standard among banks within that system. 

Because of globalization the British are taking a last stab at maintaining control, or at least postponing their decline.

One problem is that crypto has given some people the taste for independent currencies, something which would undermine British control.

If the Chinese continue backing up British control as they expand into Africa and Latin America then the British will have bet right.

Gold's weakness cannot continue much longer without some explanation from experts which makes sense.

A person should also keep in mind the possibility that China also has some leadership which manipulates and connives, as the British do.

The Chinese and the British did not conquer and destroy countless cultures by being transparent with them, and the Chinese have a bit more long term experience with that.

33) Israel, like a lot of countries, is scrambling to trickle out documents which would otherwise leak 

The United States will be playing catch up soon.

The only country which appears immune is China. Not because they have no misconduct, but because nobody can read Chinese documents.

Fortunately, Netanyahu extended the 'secret' classification for Israel's most sensitive 1940s documents by 50 years, so those documents are safe.

34) The United States is bending over backwards to deflect scrutiny of widespread targeting of civilians by regular units, by pretending it was mostly done by small groups 

35) If stocks keep running up before the government admits inflation is going to be out of control there may be grounds for a class action suit 

A lot of big investors have been given 'obvious' information about inflation, while the Fed has been misleading small investors.

Investing is about the same as gambling, but the dealer should not be favoring one party.

On the other hand, Kathie Wood got pulled into the scam so not all big investors escaped. 

She is not the brightest crayon in the box though. 

A person has to wonder if a group of people in one branch of government were deliberately misleading those in another branch. 

36) Within a few years, soldiers sent from one region to another will require extensive vaccinations, including for pathogens which are 'expectant but not yet visible' to medical people 

Military employees who refuse the vaccine today are almost certainly jumping to a special watchlist which will become more significant soon.