Pages that may get written in the future.

1) The 'exposure' of private companies which market Microsoft flaws is very deceptive 

The implication of stories like that is that Britain, the U.S. government etc are trying to promote an honest internet, but foreign corporations are sabotaging that.

The truth is that the U.S. government is aware of what these corporations are marketing realtime. The moment a Microsoft flaw is put on the market the U.S. government knows about it, and leaves it unpatched as long as the flaw is useful. When publicity pushes action, governments try to profit from their own misconduct.

"Questioned in parliament about several governments’ use of Pegasus spyware, James Cleverly, the UK government minister with responsibility for the Middle East, said: “We do of course know about the capabilities of the Pegasus software; its licensing is of course a decision for the Israeli government.”" 

"A spokesperson for the UK government’s Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office said: “It is vital all cyber actors use capabilities in a way that is legal, responsible and proportionate to ensure cyberspace remains a safe and prosperous place for all.”" 

"Pegasus was designed and marketed by the NSO Group, which was formed by a number of Israeli cyber specialists. It has extensive links to the UK: in 2019, a London and Luxembourg-based private equity firm, Novalpina Capital, invested in the company as part of a management buy-out."

"Novalpina announced that it controlled the board and owned approximately two-thirds of the capital. The company has not responded to requests for comment. 

"Highly targeted interception technologies play a critical role in protecting the public. They can do so without undermining the right to privacy (ICCPR Article 17) and freedom of opinion and expression (ICCPR Article 19) when their use is prescribed by law, under circumstances that are strictly necessary to meet the legitimate aims of a lawfully authorised body, and that are deployed in a manner that is proportionate to that aim. On the basis of your previous letter, you appear to share this perspective, which is welcome."

"There can be no doubt whatsoever that the lawful, appropriate and responsible deployment of NSO technology by intelligence and law enforcement agencies is essential in order to address the serious challenges in many countries of what would otherwise be untraceable and undisruptable serious crime, terrorism, paedophile rings, human trafficking, drug cartels and the like." 

It looks like 'Israel' generally was set up, which is fine, but pretty hilarious considering British global internet surveillance.

The story is being generally publicized in Europe but not in the U.S., a European will have heard about it, an American not, generally. So there is probably an American component of the story in the works.

Microsoft, and the U.S. government, knew about all the flaws recently publicized for a long time, but they now pop up and claim to be interested in protecting customers?

The overall project is a strategic undertaking which appears to be intended to prepare for Asia's increase in power. It will fail. 

2) The supposed integration of Japan into the British 'Five Eyes' surveillance network has dark implications, and deserves a page 

Australia is the main 'white European' front in Asia, of course.

Japan is the most 'useful' ally to the white European intelligence consortium.

Notice the language in the .au article above.

While Britain was pretty clever in its global pillaging for many years, its retreat is not too bright. 

3) Are humans really about to colonize space?

This page will be in the archetypes section, and will look at evidence that, although people are close to traveling short distances from earth, there is likely to be a severe reversal of the trend toward outer space before any real space travel occurs.

4) Are Coronavirus mutations being directed by small groups of scientists?

Peru has had a much higher mortality from Coronavirus than any other country in the world.

They also have possibly the highest concentration of Indigenous American blood of any population in the Americas.

This page will look at how their mortality numbers grew, and whether it is likely that the virus was assisted by outsiders. 

5) The melting pot's actions toward North Korea continue to be ridiculous

The melting pot has absolute control over both Koreas, but its control of North Korea is especially full. Any agency in any developed country can purchase any government official in North Korea at a reasonable price and most top NK bureaucrats are owned by the melting pot. They carefully arrange scenarios which serve their interests, and the price has been fully paid by the North Korean lower class by now.

Pretending that the U.S. has any interest whatsoever in North Korea, aside from political profit, is silliness. 

6) Is there more to C auris than meets the eye? 

"Among 101 clinical and screening cases of C. auris† in DC during January–April 2021, three had an isolate that was pan-resistant. All resistant isolates were identified through skin colonization screening at one long-term care facility for severely ill patients, including those requiring mechanical ventilation."

"Among 22 clinical and screening cases of C. auris in Texas during the same period, two were pan-resistant and five were resistant to both echinocandins and fluconazole. These seven cases were identified in patients who were cared for at two facilities that share patients in the same city; two patients were at a long-term acute care hospital, three at a short-term acute care hospital, and two at both facilities. Among these cases, four were identified through colonization screening and three through clinical isolates (two blood isolates and one wound isolate)." 

In other words there are at least two distinct strains at one facility in Washington DC, and three distinct strains at two facilities in Texas.

The bug is very difficult to remove from metal and building surfaces, so it probably is not that easy to remove from skin.

Anybody, including any animal, visiting an infected facility will be depositing small amounts of the fungus wherever they go, for weeks, even if it isn't detectable.

7) Cheap Labor vs Free Labor 

8) Financial Market Nannies

For a long time, it has been obvious that certain technical aspects of market trading in high volume dollar exchanges have been cleaned up to give more credibility to those markets. There are plenty of examples. 

These 'clean ups' involve vast sums of money, and part of the motive, no doubt, is to give an impression of stability to anybody looking at charts.

Of course the simple fact that these 'clean ups' occur reduces credibility, in other words they show that the markets are controlled by one, or a few, large players.

The conventional view is that these technical blips are natural, this page will show they are not.

9) The United States, like a lot of countries, has a zoning problem that is called a 'homelessness' problem.

Homeless people almost always camp in areas where they believe they are not violating anybody's property rights, their primary objective is simply to avoid problems and find a place to sleep at night.

'Homeless sweeps' have become a regular feature of the United States. They usually involve a large group of police officers rounding up a group of homeless people, forcibly grabbing all of their belongings and then dumping those belongings in the trash. 

There are lots of places a person can buy an acre of land for less than $5,000 and build a liveable place for another $5,000. But even in places that do not have strict zoning rules, the person living in that $10,000 self owned house will have problems with authorities simply by virtue of their poverty unless they can stay completely out of view.

Laws are made to protect the wealthy, of course, but at some point those laws will cause problems.

What is the reason for strict zoning laws? As laws are now, any person who own a home has at least $50,000 or so in equity, most have far more, so the gap between the most wealthy homeowners and the least wealthy is not too noticeable. Nobody who has a house is too uncomfortable compared to any other homeowner. But if there were millions of people living in $5,000 houses there would be a vast bloc of people both vested in redistributing wealth, and with a stable enough situation to act on their interests. More importantly, though, a person in a $5,000 house will be much quicker to risk everything than a person in a $5 million house.

Here is a basic outline of a $1,000 house, which is perfectly comfortable, but illegal in most populated areas.

This design is not copyrighted, anybody can use it.

Step 1) $800 Buy 10 sheets of the cheapest 4x8 exterior plywood, 100 feet of 2x4s, lots of nails, a hammer, a saw and some tobacco.

Step 2 $100 Pay a homeless person $100 to hammer all the wood into a rough house.

Step 3) $100 Make necessary improvements as needed.

A $2,000 house will be more than two times bigger, because area increases faster than perimeter.

10) China's 'one child' policy is finally bearing fruit 

11) The good news is the Albany River Rapist has finally been caught

Bad news? It's the governor. 

People run for office for one of two reasons, money or sex.

At the rate things are going nobody is going to want to run for office in 10 years unless the dollar gets a lot stronger.

The interesting thing about that case. A female state trooper, very young and attractive, is told that the governor wants to change the rules so that she will be qualified to work on his personal security group, and she agrees.

"Oh, I'm 23 years old and got hired for the politician protection unit because I charmed the old cop who was running the unit. Now the governor wants some.'

He seems to have had a history of hiring hookers, but this hooker lost her eagerness for fast promotions once she got up close and noticed his dentures were oozing some kind of fluid and his toupee was lopsided, so she said 'How dare you, that's harassment'. But she kept the job, of course.

Interestingly, a newspaper found out about the romantic rule change and decided not to report it. Nobody in the state trooper agency had any problem with the governor doing that, including his prospective 'trooper escort', until it got publicized.

State troopers in Arkansas used their physical force to help Bill Clinton actually force sex on women. No Arkansas state troopers had a problem with that then, or now.

Which is actually worse? Offering somebody a promotion with an implicit suggestion sex is involved, or using physical force to rape somebody?

With regard to the accusations against Cuomo, there is one problem.

About ten or fifteen women accuse him of evidently trying to use his high power job to sleep with them. That's very common in every profession and powerful people do that because it works. In other words if there are ten or fifteen women who claim he tried to use his power to sleep with them, there must be around that number, at least, who he succeeded with.

Unless at least one woman comes forward and says 'I slept with him to keep my job', or to get a promotion, or because of being pressured or for whatever reason, then it could well be he's just a politician playing politician. So far there does not seem to be any woman who he actually succeeded with, if that were actually what he was doing. Any powerful man can find loads of women eager to sleep with him, but where are the woman Cuomo actually slept with in exchange for jobs, promotions etc? Is it 'victim blaming' to ask one of those women who actually slept with him and got a promotion to come forward?

One article says

"senior aides “sought to implement a practice whereby individual staff members who were women were not to be left alone with the Governor.”" 

which sounds exactly how another recent similar scandal started.

It may be that the governor has been using knockout drops in drinks like Bill Cosby, or he may have filled lots of top jobs with temporary girlfriends like Harvey Weinstein, but so far no victim who actually slept with him and got a top job has come forward.

There certainly are indications of a broader context in Cuomo's hold on power prior to this scandal.

"DeRosa, 38, was hired by Cuomo in 2013, after earlier jobs as acting chief of staff for since-disgraced ex-Attorney General Eric Schneiderman and as the state director of the advocacy group Organizing for America."


"As The Post exclusively revealed, DeRosa privately told Democratic lawmakers that his administration stonewalled their requests for complete data on nursing home deaths from the virus." 

Removing Cuomo will reduce scrutiny of whoever was controlling him, and two more news items appeared on the day he finally resigned. 

Firing somebody for criticism is low class, but the norm in corporate and government work. Not hiring somebody because they are not attractive to the boss is also the norm, but considerably less tolerated by the public if a politician is exposed as deliberately doing that.

The most intriguing aspect of the scandal is the 'top aide' connection to Schneiderman, and suggests that more dominoes will fall and lead to some broader scandal unless it is covered up properly.

12) Once again, the government overplays its hand.

Monero is a 'privacy currency' that forced its way semi mainstream through all sorts of unethical pumping.

But if there is a very high chance Bitcoin is a government currency, there is a much higher probability Monero is. It has had access to certain 'privileges' which could only have come about with discreet government backing.

One important player in Monero's history is a character called 'fluffypony'.

Now there is news of some sort of extradition request to a country he did business with shortly before the Monero scam started. 

The purpose of this legal charade isn't clear yet, but the fact that it is a charade is. It's timing, just as crypto volatility is increasing, and just as the Chinese are cracking down, suggests the purpose could be to give Monero credibility as a 'non government coin', which of course it is not.

Most likely the extradition will be stymied, since he has quite a bit of knowledge about Monero's dark beginnings, or he will be killed before he can be extradited.

13) African mineral resources are likely to be much more in the news soon

Ongoing colonial efforts, under guise of anti terrorism, will probably be a major factor in the loss of Western influence in Africa, with Australia being probably the most serious offender at the moment. 

14) Synchronicity and Worldview

This will be in the archetypes or psychology section.

Synchronicity, as described by Jung, is often considered a mystery, but it has a clear scientific basis when viewed as the manifestation of differences in perception caused by competing worldviews.

Any worldview is just a collection of guesses about what connects various phenomena, and the worldview itself is subordinate to those phenomena, of course, like a book about something is subordinate to that thing.

When two worldviews, two people, approach the same 'reality' accurately they are approaching from two different directions, both paths subordinate to whatever they are approaching.

The development of any species requires the ability to triangulate 'reality' from perceptions or 'worldviews', and eliminating competing worldviews, i.e., psychological colonialism, is ultimately dangerous to the wider species.

Another reason ongoing colonial interests contradict the expansion of the species to outerspace.

15) Two constant news items for the past 40 years have been water shortages and greenhouse gasses

1970s "There are going to be water shortages, and greenhouse gasses are going to heat up the planet, somebody better do something"

1980s "There are going to be water shortages, and greenhouse gasses are going to heat up the planet, somebody better do something"

1990s "There are going to be water shortages, and greenhouse gasses are going to heat up the planet, somebody better do something"

2000s "There are going to be water shortages, and greenhouse gasses are going to heat up the planet, somebody better do something"

2010s "There are going to be water shortages, and greenhouse gasses are going to heat up the planet, somebody better do something"

2020s "There are going to be water shortages, and greenhouse gasses are going to heat up the planet, somebody better do something"

Maybe it's time for a new news theme, like "It's hot and everybody is thirsty."

Oil companies have been scamming global populations for decades, hiding major oil finds and propping up the price so development would continue in wealthy industrialized countries, and poor countries would stay poor. 

16) The CDC has long been warning about the use of easily available microbes in biowar 

But so far the public has not been told of any incidents which appear to have been the result of bio attacks.

Nor is the general public aware that the U.S. government is the primary malicious bioweapon actor globally.

17) "The business of America is business"

~Calvin Coolidge

PFAS chemicals have been causing vast amounts of harm for decades.

Limiting them would be bad for business.

They are everywhere. In your food, probably in your water. In your kitchen utensils.

Don't worry though. The government will help you. If your business depends on them.

"President Joe Biden pledged during the 2020 campaign to accelerate the study and regulation of PFAS, but his EPA has yet to designate the class of substances as hazardous under the Safe Drinking Water Act." 

Have scientists found some place where a person can go to reduce their exposure to these chemicals? 

18) Before the U.S. invaded Afghanistan, the Taliban were friendly to the U.S.

We helped them fight the Soviets and contributed billions to their economy by buying opium derivatives even though those derivatives were outlawed by them.

Now, after almost two decades of occupation, two decades of teaching about Western liberties, freedom, nail polish, LGBTQ options, shampoo varieties etc, and pouring over a trillion* dollars into building their defense infrastructure, they are joining the Taliban faster then the South Vietnamese joined the North after U.S. defense corporations finished raping that country. 

*million has six zeros, billion has nine zeros, trillion has 12 zeros 

Here is a silly article that makes the U.S. look like a poorly trained monkey. 

The U.S. came from thousands of miles away, installed a puppet government that it backed up with the biggest military in the world, then suddenly withdrew its forces.

Now most of the Afghans are supporting the Taliban, which is no longer a fair ally to the U.S. and which is starting to drift towards Iran.

People in most countries learned a lesson from that, but the U.S. is looking for another primitive third world country to invade.

19) It is a lot easier to eliminate a satellite than it is to build and launch one.

As long as countries like the United States, and others, try to continue consuming their tribal victims, they will have to start developing more and more complex psychological operations to justify continuing colonialism on earth in a way that does not threaten their space projects.

Simple math. 

20) "For years, Illinois has been known as the 'false confession capital of the United States'..." 

This page will look at whether other states might have better claim to that title.

Some states keep evidence of false confessions hidden by refusing to exonerate people who are not guilty.

21) Another extremely unusual case of a federal cop getting a lengthy jail sentence

These cases are still extremely rare, but getting more common. 

22) There are several outer space treaties which will be much less effective at limiting problems than international earth treaties

There has been a lot of cleverness by 'progressive' types trying to 'guide' others, but the bottom line is the bottom line. 

23) Times are changing 

Brilliant, Neem Karoli Baba were both smart, a generation ago, especially Neem Karoli Baba.

Not so much now. 

24) Uh

Tuesday news. Afghan capital could fall in 90 days. 

Thursday news. Afghan capital falling. 

Next week's news. The U.S. puppet in Iraq is gone but the backup puppet is not ready. 

In fact it looks like the game plan all along was a massive regional mass of civil wars. 

Sunday Kabul surrounded by leisurely Taliban stroll into capital 

Not clear yet if U.S. forces will go directly to Libya or wait a while in an intermediary country.

People should have listened to Abdullah.

Abdullah never lies.

“The former president of Afghanistan left Afghanistan, leaving the country in this difficult situation," Abdullah said. "God should hold him accountable.”"

"In a stunning rout, the Taliban seized nearly all of Afghanistan in just over a week, despite the billions of dollars spent by the U.S. and NATO over nearly two decades to build up Afghan security forces. Just days earlier, an American military assessment estimated it would be a month before the capital would come under insurgent pressure."

"Instead, the Taliban swiftly defeated, co-opted or sent Afghan security forces fleeing from wide swaths of the country, even though they had some air support from the U.S. military." 

One of the key points about pre U.S. invasion Afghanistan was that anybody was free to come or leave.

In that regard it was much freer than the United States and most of the countries that participated in the invasion.

Whether that key freedom remains will depend on whether the countries around it want to promote that key liberty.

So far the Taliban is promising to protect all women and children, except those that don't grow beards. 

25) Colonialism 2.0 / Should enclaves be the new melting pots?

The U.S. gets a lot of criticism for promising extravagant liberties to a tiny population of younger people living within what has always, in recent memory, been Taliban land.

The U.S. wanted to control all of Afghanistan, and it lost the whole country. 

What if Afghanistan had a small enclave of progressive government, small enough that the bribes needed to control local government, combined with the military needed to withstand threats, were both affordable?

As the United States starts to break up into micro states it might be wise for it to encourage that same tendency elsewhere.

26) At some point this website will have to have a page deconstructing the fantasies of police.

Here is the video of a cop shooting an unarmed woman at the 'capitol riot'. 

And here is an interview with him.

"“I tried to wait as long as I could,” he told Holt. “I hoped and prayed no one tried to enter through those doors. But their failure to comply required me to take the appropriate action to save the lives of members of Congress and myself and my fellow officers.”" 

What he, and most police officers, don't realize, is that a) No honest person actually believes the excuses and rationalizations police use, and b) those excuses and rationalizations are not true. They lack any factual foundation.




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