10/19/22 Still not the truth, but at least the person being charged was involved.



Probably final update / June 24, 2022

Looking at the totality of evidence this is what it looks like.

1) Brittanee was set up by a jealous female friend who arranged some locals to grab her. She was initially lured into a car by somebody who she had met at a club and was part of the scheme.

2) Raymond Moody was the last person to have possession of her, not the first, and she was probably alive for several weeks or more.

3) The female friend of Brittanee made use of a familial connection which used a private security firm to make sure the FBI was not a problem.

4) The FBI was fully on board with the charade until some sort of pressure was applied around roughly 2020.

5) At that point senior FBI personnel met with people from the security firm to arrange to clean up the case in a final way without implicating the client.

6) They met with the friend of Brittanee, who provided basic information about the person they had used as as contact, and that eventually led to Raymond Moody, who was given a friendly offer along with alternatives.

7) Moody agreed to the cleaned up version, including a quick death for the girl and no involvement of anybody else.

8) No media will ever have completely free access to ask questions of Raymond Moody unless the specific media representative has a strong history of helping law enforcement spin stories or the questions are preapproved.

9) The big problem, of Moody potentially implicating the client is solved by simply preventing him from doing media interviews.

10) The intersection of this case with the Crystal Soles case, and possibly others, and the involvement of Georgetown or Williamsburg deputies, will probably not come to light for many years.

11) All the clumsiness among various agencies is a prime example of the difficulty of exporting deceptions from one group of people to another. Within the FBI maintaining an in house deception is easy since employees are carefully controlled, and likewise in other groups involved. But two or more groups promoting the same set of deceptions for different reasons trip up. The current, latest version has indications of this same phenomenon. The best example may be the reference the 'in charge' person made to video surveillance of passing cars which was not made public. This would be information fed to him as part of a bigger deception, necessary to convince him that he is on the 'right' side. But he was given this information in the hopes he wouldn't share it, which he did.

12) Anybody wanting an easy way to crumble the FBI's latest version of events can simply scrutinize the evidence used to back up the implied 'unreleased surveillance' of Raymond Moody in a car when Brittanee disappeared. "Fifteenth Circuit Solicitor Jimmy Richardson" has stated that evidence exists. The FBI would normally be required to present that evidence at some point e.g. at a trial, but it's unlikely it actually exists. The FBI got the name of the person who did the actual abduction and owned that car, and that person, who probably lives in Surfside, is the weak link between the cleaned up version and the true version.

As long as accurate information is given about how long she was alive it isn't that big a deal.


Update 8 / June 2, 2022

Another disappeared link and cache.

Notice on this page the reference to "Fire destroys possible stash house tied to Brittanee Drexel disappearance | Charlotte Observer"


The link goes to an archive.org page which has been recently removed.


"The Wayback Machine has not archived that URL."

Why removed?

Because once Raymond Moody confessed it became likely that it was somebody in law enforcement who burned the house down.

Who has the ability to get archive.org to remove caches?

Not your local police. That is almost certainly FBI agents covering their tracks.


Law enforcement appears to be trying to cover a lot of things since Raymond Moody confessed.

A whole bunch of Post and Courrier articles, along with their caches, are disappearing. These articles involve Shannon McConaughey, a lot of articles involving Brittanee Drexel have also vanished recently, along with their caches.

http://   archives.postandcourier.   com/archive/arch98/0398/arc0304186916.shtml 

http://   archives.postandcourier.   com/archive/arch98/0298/arc0219183860.shtml

http://   archives.postandcourier.   com/archive/arch98/0398/arc0310184640.shtml 

etc, listed on



Law enforcers in that region appear to be hiding a lot about a bunch of murders, and federal agents are helping them cover up something.

In a lot of places 'law enforcement' is simply a gang of criminals who abuse their access to vast government resources, in order to commit crimes and cover them up.

When they feel the need to target a person or group, the Taylor family in this case, they use their privileged 'official' status and resources to convince newspapers, judges and others to cooperate. The FBI was heavily involved in this case and they easily cover their own tracks using their access and power.

An interesting link has jumped up in Google search results.

I've Googled the various people in this case and have not seen this link before.


It references a member of the extended Taylor family who apparently was sent to prison for failure to register as a sex offender some time around 2013.

It is the same person here, note the reference to McLellanville, and the photo which is used on some of the blogs mentioned below.


The person's 'criminal history' is a) trespassing and b) contempt of family court, according to that page.

The interesting thing about the Justia document is Taylor's lawyer arguing that the offense was not that serious.

 "Although Taylor argues that the district court should have considered that his offense was not as serious as other sex offenses, the district court was not permitted to consider the seriousness of Taylor’s offense when determining the term of supervised release."

In other words, here is a rough timeline.

1) That person committed a sex offense that is referred to as 'not that serious' by his lawyer, but the actual offense is omitted in the appeal decision. Appeal decisions usually give extensive details about the original case, and it appears the details are omitted because the prosecutor is trying to deceive the public about 'something'. The deception probably involves the fact that FBI agents arranged a harsh sentence to help with the 'Taylor kidnap gang' narrative they were pushing.

2) Brittanee Drexel disappears and, later, law enforcers try to connect a few different members of that family to the crime, using two different witnesses who appear to have fabricated stories at the direction of law enforcement.

3) That person neglects to register as a sex offender and pleads guilty without a written plea agreement. In other words at the time his lawyer considered it a trivial matter that didn't need documentation, probably because the original offense was not that serious. Details of the original offense are not easily available.

4) The FBI gets involved in fabricating evidence in the Drexel disappearance, and a number of blogs pop up later, evidently written by people working in law enforcement, which try to move suspicion away from possible law enforcement involvement in several murders.

5) The court surprises Taylor by sending him to prison for 18 months and a number of years of supervised release.

6) The decision to uphold the sentence on appeal was made in 2013, but here is a Facebook page suggesting it was in 2020.


It looks like a pretty elaborate effort by federal agents to create negative publicity against the Taylor family just as the FBI was trying to sell the 'alligator pit' fiction which they had carefully, and deliberately, cultivated from an inmate.

They were trying to get media to publicize a 'failure to register as a sex offender' in such a way that it would suggest maybe he kidnapped or raped somebody or committed any other violent sex crime that might resemble the Drexel kidnapping or the McConaughey disappearance

'Sex crimes' can refer to extremely serious things, but there are actually people who get charged as sex offenders for things like peeing in public. For a lawyer to refer to a sex crime as 'not that serious' means it was probably something like patronizing a prostitute in a place where prostitution is illegal or something along those lines.

It looks like one more thing in the long line of abuses by federal and local cops in that area trying to keep people from looking at police involvement in various murders.

Related links.






Pretending that the FBI was deceived by an inmate is not the first step on any path to reform.

There is nothing wrong with letting the major weight fall on Raymond Moody, but other aspects including how long the girl was alive have to be presented accurately.

While Moody's crimes have to be addressed and corrected, so do the crimes of police and FBI agents.

A long time before the United States created its 'laws', it was considered illegal to falsely testify against a person.


An important point about the 'Taylor' aspect of the Brittanee Drexel murder

There is a reason that law enforcement uses tactics like the 'Fake Polygraph Test' and the 'publicity blitz' which were used on the young Taylor.

The reason is those tactics usually work.





In most cases, with most people, the FBI and other law enforcers know that they would have gotten a credible confession and a guilty plea regardless whether the person was guilty.

Most people who are aged close to the younger Taylor will reliably confess even if they are not guilty. A core foundation of U.S. law enforcement is that if you get a confession then the crime is solved, even if you know the confession is not true and the person is not guilty.

False confessions are extremely common in the United States, they are the bread and butter of the FBI, but they are almost never mentioned in mainstream media except with regard to 'enemy' societies.


The only reasons that these tactics did not work on Taylor are that

a) he was raised to be skeptical towards people pretending to be authority figures, and

b) people in that area in South Carolina stepped in to put a stop to the FBI misconduct.

Many thousands of people are in prison in the United States for crimes they did not commit because of games like that, played by corrupt cops and federal agents.

It's common to blame one single corrupt cop when gangs of law enforcers conspire to imprison people for crimes they weren't involved in, but in almost every case, including the Brittanee Drexel murder, dozens of police worked together to falsify evidence and mislead the public.



A 2010 news account of an "attempted abduction" that never actually happened.

The supposed 'victim' created the story under pressure from law enforcement who were trying to fakesolve the Brittanee Drexel case.


Notice that the news station was the only one that knew when and where the surrender would take place. They were given that 'scoop' by law enforcement in exchange for trying to help law enforcement portray the man as guilty, and to suggest to the public a connection between the Taylor family and Brittanee Drexel.

The girl claims two men were not able to grab her and throw her in a van. She looks like she weighs under 100 pounds.

She claims that as this happened on the main strip there were no witnesses.

She looks like she is lying. She is telling the story in such a way that it does not appear she is telling the truth.

Police strangely had the older Taylor's photo in the police line up, along with local criminals, even though he had never lived in Myrtle beach.

Police were prepared immediately with a publicity campaign to connect the fake abduction to the Taylors, then to Brittanee Drexel. All of the material the tv station suddenly found came from the police.





Some important background on the Brittanee Drexel case.

There was a family that was drawn into the Drexel case not because they were involved in any way, but simply because there were some cops that did not like them.

1) When Shannon McConaughey was murdered the police tried to pin the murder on some members of the Taylor family, despite evidence pointing to the involvement of a local deputy. The deputy was fired, but in order to prevent the public from learning about the coverup and the deputy's involvement in the murder, a slew of blogs was started by people connected to the sheriff's office to divert public attention.

"According to this legitimate source, the reason why charges were never brought up on these monsters is because someone inside the Department (a Deputy), purposely botched the investigation by tampering with evidence. The Deputy was ultimately fired and let go.


Other blogs created by law enforcement to further the coverup of the deputy's involvement in the murder are not hard to find.





Note that it may well be that Harry James Rivers is really a criminal, and that his real criminality was used to create a fake 'criminal gang' around the Taylor family, as part of the police coverup. A person would have to research Rivers and any cases he was involved with.

When law enforcers do things like this they don't have to worry about consequences, because they have such control of the media narrative that no matter what happens they can spin the result so that their misconduct is reframed as some sort of secret undercover project or an intelligence gathering operation.

A person only has to look at the details of thousands of cases like that of Esar Met, detailed on this website, and it becomes clear that this kind of shoddy police work is very common.

2) There never was the tiniest shred of evidence pointing to anybody in that family. Zero evidence. The police tried to fabricate evidence but came up with absolutely nothing against Taylor. They did find evidence against the deputy, and a person would have to ask that police department for details on why the deputy was not arrested. Unfortunately there is no agency that arrests crooked cops specifically.

3) It looks like one older member of the Taylor family was considered 'disrespectful' toward police, so police hounded the family, including both father and son with false charges. The McDonald's robbery was real, youthful stupidity, but the rest was simple fantasy concocted by the police and FBI.

4) In 2010 a 20 year old girl who appears to have been acting under guidance from law enforcement tried to create a crime in which one of the Taylors and some others would be framed for supposedly almost abducting her. Everything was going well, the girl identified Taylor in a police lineup, but then it was learned that Taylor, the person police were trying to frame, was at a business when the abduction was supposedly happening, and there was clear video of him being at that business at that time.




5) Some time after that charade the FBI deliberately cultivated false information from an inmate, and tried to 'solve' the Brittanee Drexel case by pinning Drexel's disappearance on another member of the family, who had a previous arrest for a clownish McDonalds robbery.

The inmate did not produce the information on his own, his fiction was guided by the FBI.

The FBI knew from the very beginning that Taylor was not the abductor, nor the killer, nor did he have any other connection whatsoever. He was simply a rural guy with minimal schooling and a previous arrest whose father was known for not smiling at police.

He was selected only because his family was not especially tolerant of bad cops, and because the police and FBI perceived him as a soft target, somebody easy to frame.

Law enforcement does this to thousands of people a year. The only thing unusual in the Taylor case is that the younger Taylor had local people who helped him poke holes in the FBI charade.

Most people do not have any competent help, and in fact it's common in many places for judges and defense lawyers to work together with police, FBI and prosecution, as in the Esar Met case, to falsify evidence.



Another example in the news recently was Melissa Lucio, a Hispanic woman who was just about to get executed for a murder that never happened. Fortunately a French film maker made a documentary about the case as the execution was approaching, and it has been postponed.


At this point more than enough evidence is public which shows that she was on death row only because of corruption and incompetence by law enforcers. But even if she continues avoiding lethal injection she faces years of filing more paperwork before she has even a chance at being released from the fictional charges.

The law enforcers involved in the corruption do not have any worries about facing accountability, as long as they stay out of politics and play their crooked games discreetly.


Update 7 / May 2022

More indications the FBI is managing the case and using local law enforcement as a front in case mistakes pop up again.


It will probably be a long while before the public knows if the FBI is telling the public the truth this time about Raymond Moody being the killer.

The interview in the video on that page mentions that Raymond Moody may have a terminal illness, and that may have played a part in his confession.

Also the female reporter asks if somebody named "Angel" was with Raymond Moody. That reporter has probably fished through mounds of papers involving the case and learned the name of the woman who vouched for Moody. The prosecutor's response was cagey which could indicate the FBI was still cleaning up the story and had not given him all the details yet. If that woman died suspiciously then it would point back to the security company hypothesis.


Update 6 / May 2022

"The prosecutor now says that Brittanee voluntarily got into a car somewhere along the strip and [was] driven to Georgetown County, South Carolina 30 miles away."


So Raymond Moody drove a car up to Myrtle Beach, abducted Brittanee Drexel, then drove a motorcycle up to Surfside the next day? Surfside is where the cell phone pings stopped for a while on the day she disappeared.

At a very minimum this suggests she was alive for at least two days. He would not have, all alone, driven a car to Myrtle beach then brought her south to Georgetown and killed her then driven a motorcycle north back to Surfside the next day. Remember, there is video of the road when and where she disappeared.

Law enforcement has a lot of holes they need to patch in their latest version of events. It's not quite as ridiculous as their alligator pit silliness, but it may get there as they add details.

It's possible the FBI is entirely managing the case still, and the 'local prosecutor' is completely out of the loop.

""I don't believe that there will be other charges arising out of this case," Richardson said. "You know, everything can change. But from what we're looking at right now, I don't believe that there are co-conspirators or anything like that."



Now police are saying he took her to the Santee river, raped her, then took her to where her body was found, all presumably on his motorcycle.

The Santee river was probably thrown in to create some overlap with the ridiculous "Taylor Family / alligator pit" fiction the FBI was pushing previously. People who see "Santee river" now will incorrectly assume the FBI was on the right track, rather than fabricating everything.

"According to 15th Circuit Solicitor Jimmy Richardson, Drexel was raped and murdered at the Santee River and then her body was moved to Old Town Avenue."


"WMBF News also obtained records that show Moody signed over Power of Attorney to a man named Bryan Cooper on May 2, just two days before he turned himself in to his attorney. We are working to learn more about Cooper."

"Moody was first named a person of interest in Drexel’s disappearance in 2012, but up until this point, he had never been charged."

"Right now, details are limited on what happened in between Drexel leaving the Blue Water Resort and then being in Georgetown County. We are continuing to push for answers in this case."


What is known with a high degree of certainty is that the FBI will now concoct a ridiculous and blatantly untrue story, and the mainstream media will not raise any questions about it.


Corrupt FBI agent Gerrick Munoz

It's incredible that the media is cooperating in deflecting blame from the FBI for the alligator pit nonsense.


That series of lies was deliberately solicited by the FBI, and the FBI pushed them at the public even though the FBI agents involved knew it was not true.

The very first testimony by an FBI agent involving the alligator pit story makes it clear that he, the FBI agent, knew the story wasn't true, and that the people he was representing i.e., more senior FBI employees, also knew it was not true.

The FBI needs to shovel money in the direction of Timothy Taylor, or they need to fire some of their crooked agents and supervisors.





There used to be a PDF online that detailed the scumminess of agent Munoz and his colleagues. He was clearly testifying to something he personally knew was not true. That PDF is hard to find now with all the recent articles.



Update 5 / May 2022 / Most likely scenario

Based on the evidence, this is what probably happened.

1) Raymond Moody was driving a Harley at the time, so it's unlikely he was the person who abducted Brittanee initially. He had money at the time, despite being recently released from prison, and also had people to vouch for him, indicating he may have been part of a larger group involved in the abduction.

"The ticket shows Moody was traveling 45 miles per hour in a 30 miles per hour section of 16th Avenue North and Cherry Drive in SurfsideBeach."

"It also shows Moody was driving a Harley Davidson motorcycle when he was pulled over."

"The ticket indicates Moody paid a $133 fine and therefore did not need to show up to the set May 20, 2009 court date."


'A woman who claimed to be Moody’s girlfriend said in August that she was with Moody on the night Drexel disappeared in 2009 and that she and Moody were no where near Myrtle Beach at that time."


2) The strip where she disappeared from on her walk had security cameras, and if a Harley had been seen in the area she disappeared from Raymond Moody would have been arrested long ago.

3) Most likely the 'jealous girlfriend' made some kind of local contact with somebody who would 'teach Brittanee a lesson'. That contact then eventually got Raymond Moody involved.

4) Once the private security firm was brought in on behalf of the 'friend' of Brittanee, they tried to clean up the mess by creating a fake suspect with the police and FBI i.e., Taylor. This security firm made a lot of mistakes, including using identifiable employees to create cover for the online part of their operation. On the Websleuths website, at the time this was unfolding, there were individuals using tactics specific to those types of companies, and their trail is crystal clear.

5) Once their 'Taylor' project was discredited they worked on Raymond Moody to maneuver him into confessing, a simple operation since, although heavily twisted, he is pretty simple.

6) The FBI has probably been restricting access to Raymond Moody to help keep the other people involved i.e. clients of the security firm, from being caught, and create a tidier narrative.

7) Raymond Moody will probably be killed by 'suicide' within a few weeks if he can't be prevented from speaking to media. Media in South Carolina are utterly submissive to law enforcement though, and it's possible they will be able to arrange a guilty plea and sentencing without any scrutiny by media through the whole process.


"Raymond Moody, Georgetown, was pulled over by Surfside Beach Police Officer Steve Brode at 3:21pm April 26, 2009, according to the ticket obtained by News 13... The ticket shows Moody was traveling 45 miles per hour in a 30 miles per hour section of 16th Avenue North and Cherry Drive in SurfsideBeach.... It also shows Moody was driving a Harley Davidson motorcycle when he was pulled over.... The ticket indicates Moody paid a $133 fine and therefore did not need to show up to the set May 20, 2009 court date.... In August 2011 Georgetown County Sheriff's deputies and South Carolina Law Enforcement division agents conducted a search for clues in the Drexel case at the Sunset Lodge Apartments in Georgetown."





Update 4 / May 2022

Best Twitter thread on the subject so far / the only person who is a bit cautious about the news, but also sensible.


I don't know the person but will watch their posts rather than mainstream news posts.


The FBI was not able to solve the case for years, and resorted to fabricating a supposed alligator pit end for the victim with the help of a convict who gave the FBI the story they wanted.

That set up started with a young lady, who was working for law enforcement, pretending that some black males had tried to abduct her.




A family member of the person the FBI was setting up as a suspect is mentioned in that article.

Before Raymond Moody was arrested Google was also prominently showing the articles from a few days later which mentioned that the supposed abductor the FBI was trying to frame had an airtight alibi.

Now, history is being rewritten and Google is filtering results in order to give the impression that the Taylor family might have been arrested justifiably. Google is probably doing this as a favor to the FBI so they don't look like the crooked swine that they are.

The older Taylor is not especially polite to police, that is his 'crime'. He was proven to not have been involved in the fake abduction because he was elsewhere at that moment, as per "business surveillance video". If he had not been in a business with surveillance video the FBI would have solved the case by fabricating him as the killer.

That is the only reason his son was later framed, the only reason a girl working for law enforcement tried to set him up as an 'abductor' nearby where Brittanee was taken, etc.

The complete sleaziness and scumminess of the FBI and their colleagues in North Carolina police departments in this case is mind boggling.

Hopefully they have arrested the right person, but I would give 5/1 odds he will be dead before media can talk to him in depth.


Update 3 / May 2022

The timing of this Twitter post is highly suspicious. It could be the person is a cop with inside information using that information to blog, but who knows.


Hints are being dropped in media that a confession of sorts was involved.

"An arrest warrant for Moody alleges that Drexel was killed by means of manual strangulation.


"Fifteenth Circuit Solicitor Jimmy Richardson told WMBF News that Moody turned himself in. He added that the search for Drexel’s remains took three days with it starting on May 4 and ending on May 7. He said that her body was four feet in the ground.


People should be very suspicious if Raymond Moody 'commits suicide' before he can be interviewed publicly.

At least one person on social media is claiming that he confessed and led them to the body.


If this is true then it completely solves the case, but it should be viewed with extreme skepticism in light of past FBI activities in this case. A powerful fixer i.e., private security company, would push exactly that kind of confession claim.

Previous NC law enforcers in this case appear to have been selected to work on this case based on their willingness to arrest a person who was not involved, based on evidence those same law enforcers concocted.

"Fifteenth Circuit Solicitor Jimmy Richardson" is an unknown and he may well be the rare honest cop, but a smart person will wait for the killer to credibly confess in a public media interview.

At this point 80% chance the FBI is telling the truth and Raymond Moody is the killer.

20% chance it is an extension of the FBI's previous skewing in this case, and Mr Moody will be dead within a few weeks.


Update 2 / May 2022

It does look like law enforcement is telling the truth this time, but there is still a huge gap


And there should be some skepticism until further proof is provided, based on the mentality of Raymond Moody, and the fact that he would have had difficulty charming Brittanee into his vehicle.


The person they arrested this time is probably the actual killer, but still it's unlikely he abducted Brittanee alone. There is strong enough circumstantial evidence that some of her friends were involved that a person should study Raymond Moody's confession carefully after it is extracted.

If the same law enforcement crew is still controlling this case then they will make mistakes when they have him explain the abduction itself, and of course they will prevent media from interviewing him, as in the Esar Met case, and literally thousands of other cases.

If South Carolina media interview him credibly and properly, at length, with no prison guards standing near him, and if his story is believable, then this could probably be called solved.


Update 1 / May 2022



It isn't clear yet if the newest suspect is just another patsy arranged by the FBI. Most likely the evidence at this point will be verifiable, and true, or the FBI will have problems. Until/unless media is allowed to interview the suspect, people should be suspicious.

At any rate, hopefully the previous black kid who was a suspect will get enough of a payday from the FBI's blatant misbehavior that he will be able to hire a tutor.

The SCDC, South Carolina Department of Corrections, is designed to protect crooked law enforcers at every step.

"According to SCDC policy... inmates within SCDC are forbidden from speaking to reporters over the phone.

As a side note, if it turns out that the FBI or police really did solve the case this time, their focus will be on extracting as much value as possible for the incarceration industry. A character like the latest suspect would be a goldmine for psychologists trying to reduce that kind of crime, but he is worth much more to the legal system as a way to get more funding and support of police. If the focus were on solving the psychological side then there would be no barrier to finding out, factually, whether Raymond Moody also killed Crystal Soles https://13wham.com/news/local/her-daughter-is-also-missing-case-often-linked-to-drexel-disappearance but the psychological side instead is made subordinate to any benefits 'law enforcers' can extract for their industry.

On researching a bit / it does kind of look like another fakesolving by the FBI, due to the 'obstruction' charge instead of 'murder'. In this case the guy does seem like he may be guilty, even if the FBI and police are only trying to close the case without evidence. It should be clear within a few weeks.

The biggest problem has to do with the fact that she disappeared while walking from one hotel to another on a crowded strip. This, the way she disappeared, points to several people being involved, and if Raymond Moody was involved then he probably was not acting alone. So if the police are cooking evidence again, and they are going to push Raymond Moody as a circumstantial suspect acting alone, they will create another fiction full of holes.

Hopefully it is safe to say

1) The remains found were positively identified as a female of roughly the age of Brittanee Drexel

2) Some clothing or jewelry identifiable as belonging to her was found with the body

An alternate possibility which would equally justify the arrest would be if the body is associated with Crystal Soles.






One of the darker aspects of the body's discovery may be evidence of how long she was alive after disappearing.


Below is the page prior to Raymond Moody confessing.



Brittanee Drexel and Shannon McConaughey were two teen girls, 17 and 19, who disappeared in South Carolina. 

Shannon was found dead but Brittanee has not been found yet. The FBI appears to have deliberately cultivated false information from a prisoner and then, knowing that information was false, tried to 'close the case' on the basis of that false information.


Once more information was public and it was clear the FBI had deliberately promoted inaccurate information, the FBI promoted the view that it had been deceived by the inmate.

These two related cases are interesting because they provide what appears to be clear evidence of a 'private' security company, hired by the guilty, using its connections in law enforcement to skew a case.


There are several facts that should make a person hesitate to be sure Brittanee Drexel is dead.

1) The disappearance involved some acquaintances of hers who probably arranged with some local males to have her 'sold' and 'held'.

2) The fact that her cellphone pings stayed in a neighboring town for a while probably indicates she was taken to that town to be held initially, and then her phone and other items were taken south to be dumped.

3) The simple fact that she was an attractive young woman would have given her a high 'cash value' among the people most likely involved. In other words in the short term she was worth a lot alive, nothing dead.

4) If the most likely scenario played out she was held captive by a captor or captors who would have had more and more difficulty killing her the longer they kept her.

It's unknown of course whether she is alive or dead, but giving false closure to the family by pretending to have proof of her death, as the FBI did, is much worse than simply not investigating the obvious suspects, which the FBI also did.

Because of the very specific circumstances surrounding her disappearance, if she is dead it is more likely that she would have died of a medical issue than from overt violence like the fictional gunshot and alligator pit nonsense that the FBI was trying to sell.

Aside from the alligator pit deception there was also a false abduction deception arranged by state police, probably with help from the FBI

https://wpde. com/news/crime/arrest-made-in-botched-boulevard-abduction https://web.archive.org/web/20160709031052/https://wpde.com/news/crime/arrest-made-in-botched-boulevard-abduction 

and several other less publicized deceptions, intended only to deceive the public and make it look like the FBI and police were doing their jobs when in fact they were simply doing work for the private firm hired by the actual culprits.

One of many peripheral stories involved a supposed 'zombie prostitute' and her family reunion.

January 2018, the person who the FBI tried to frame is to be sentenced. A lot of online people are promoting it as proxy justice because they believe the FBI nonsense.

First this 


Followed by international coverage of a strange local story




Followed quickly by


Then finally


This 'zombie prostitute' story may have been contrived by 'law enforcers', with the cooperation of the people involved, to give credibility to the 'alligator pit' story among a certain segment of the public. If the case is investigated properly it will become clear why the 'zombie prostitute' tale is suspect.


More material will be added once research is done, but so far indications are /

1) Shannon and Brittanee were both held, at some point, by individuals with a connection to law enforcement in that region. 

2) Both federal and state law enforcers deliberately mishandled each case. Their motives appear to have been both financial and the 'friend of a friend' motivation often employed by private security firms.

In the Drexel case, the firm that was hired to "keep the investigation in South Carolina" arranged a high profile state police investigator to be assigned to the case. They would have paid him for his efforts.

SLED agent Kin McKenzie was a high profile prominent investigator with the South Carolina state police. He was assigned to 'tidy up' the Brittanee Drexel case, which he did. His internet presence has largely been scrubbed, probably to cover his similar actions in other cases and cover his real employer. A few broken links...

https://wpde.      com/news/story.aspx?id=481213 Story removed from all online sources, including caches

https://www.myrtlebeachonline       .com/2010/07/12/1583322/sled-agent-added-to-drexel-disappearance.html Story removed from all online sources, including caches

https://www.southstrandnews.   com/local/sled-joins-sheriff-s-office-in-brittanee-drexel-case2010-07-13t19-20-13/ Story removed from all online sources, including caches

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The FBI side of the investigation involved getting a lot of FBI agents to ignore evidence. That could only be done easily by a senior FBI supervisor with a gift for spinning scenarios, and he or she could have a direct connection to the firm, for example through past military service, but money would still be offered as a politeness.

3) The later case, involving Brittanee Drexel, was misdirected very early, at a point when it was more likely she was still alive. This led to some conflicting motives among the people involved and probably explains their shoddy tradecraft.

4) It's unlikely that Brittanee is still alive, but it is very possible. Unless the investigation is refocused in the proper direction this already slim chance will dwindle further. There is a very slim chance she is one of countless people used by small drug and human traffickers, individuals and groups almost always closely linked to law enforcers and private security firms. Note the reference to DynCorp near the 13 minute mark of this video https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ldkw62WkaBU The involvement of a high dollar, well connected security firm in a local case involving a local crime involving people without a lot of money is unusual, unless the security firm has an interest in the crime.

5) Although the use of a private security firm to fix a criminal case involving a non wealthy client is not common, many other aspects of these cases are common. The corruption at the local, state and federal levels that are involved in this case, such as deliberately seeking false information from prisoners, is widespread in the United States. 


During the Dakota Access pipeline protests, the group of oil companies that would profit from the pipeline hired several private security firms to make sure the protests were not successful. 

These security firms, working for the oil companies, infiltrated the protestors, arranged arrests, managed media and engaged in various covert actions, most of which are not yet public. 

"As of today’s date there are several Security Companies working for the DAPL pipeline. TigerSwan Security is in charge of the DAPL Intelligence and overall supervisor of the other security companies. Leighton Security and HE Security are in charge of security for the DAPL equipment at the work sites. Leighton Security is working under HE Security. 10 Code Security and Russle Group Security are in charge of drilling operations for DAPL. SRG Security is in charge of filming operations. I was told by a 10 Code employee that SRG Security and Russle Group Security are working under 10 Code Security."


A person should be careful with PDFs that discuss corruption, so the text of the PDF is copied at the bottom of this page.


Many people are aware of the activities of 'TigerSwan' in sabotaging indigenous interests during the Dakota Access protest. 


Historically these companies have been known for some shady work overseas. 


In fact, these companies, morphing constantly in name, have long been active in criminal cases in the U.S. 


Wealthy people who can afford these companies can have virtually any criminal charges mitigated or disappeared. Because these companies operate through powerful networks, usually involving a shared history in military or similar organizations, and because they almost always have superb connections at high levels of investigative agencies, these firms are largely untouchable.

These firms are intertwined with 'official' agencies wherever they work.

"He has admitted that he was employed by a clandestine private security firm that was paid by commercial firms to monitor protesters."


The case discussed here, involving Brittanee Drexel and Shannon McConaughey is a little bit different though.

In this case the firm involved made a series of catastrophic mistakes, exposing their personnel and tactics.


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Jaycee Dugard was kidnapped in 1991 and was not found until 2009. Below are a few of the reasons it took so long to find her.




"DAPL FOLLOW UP1.09/16/2016: I spoke to Francine Johnson, ND Private Investigation and Security Board (NDPISB) in reference to DAPL security officers being license in North Dakota. The NDPISB had concerns that security officers were being brought to North Dakota from other states and not registering or applying for a Security Officers license. Francine explained that if the Security Officer was working for DAPL and receiving their paycheck from DAPL, then they did not require a North Dakota License."

"2.Francine and I spoke about whether a North Dakota licensed Security Company could have security officers from DAPL working as a subcontractor for them. Francine told me this could happen as long as the officer made application with the licensing board and a full background was done by BCI and the FBI."

"3.I asked Francine if I could get a roster of security officers that worked as DAPL security officers and Francine asked me to send my request via email.'

"4.09/19/2016: I sent a request via email for the roster.'

"5.09/21/2016: I spoke to SA Joe Arenz and SA Lindsey Wolt, ND Bureau of Investigation. SA Wolt is currently investigating an incident that occurred on September 03, 2016, that involved DAPL security officers and the pipeline protesters. SA Wolt told me she was in the process of having several security officers interviewed. These officers included several dog handlers."

"6.10/17/2016: I met with SA Joe Arenz. As of today’s date Frost Kennels of Ohio have not been cooperative and no dog handler’s interviews have been done. SA Arenz told me he has been provided a letter from the State of Ohio stating that Frost Kennels is not a registered security company in the State of Ohio. Through Social Media I have been able to identify (2) handlers, Richardo Bullard and Ashley Welch."

"7.SA Arenz and I spoke about the private security and whether they have been registered through the NDPISB. At the time of the September 3 protest, 10-Code and Silverton were the two private security companies working for the DAPL pipeline. Silverton was possibly working under 10-Codes security license. The dog handlers were working under Silverton and were not registered as security officers under the NDPISB. I was told the intent was to eventually get the handlers registered and that on September 3, 2016 there was no intentions of using the dogs or handlers for security work. Because of the protest events, the dogs were deployed as a method of trying to keep the protesters under control."

"8.I have been told Silverton is no longer doing any security work for the DAPL pipeline."

"9.I spoke to Morton County ASA Gabrielle Goter about the report of dog handlers not being properly license through NDPISB. ASA Goter told me she felt any violations should be handled through NDPISB. 10.10/18/2016: As of today’s date there are several Security Companies working for the DAPL pipeline. TigerSwan Security is in charge of the DAPL Intelligence and overall supervisor of the other security companies. Leighton Security and HE Security are in charge of security for the DAPL equipment at the work sites. Leighton Security is working under HE Security."

"10 Code Security and Russle Group Security are in charge of drilling operations for DAPL. SRG Security is in charge of filming operations. I was told by a 10 Code employee that SRG Security and Russle Group Security are working under 10 Code Security."

"11.Through this investigation it has become evident that many security companies have been hired to do security work for the DAPL pipeline project. Although lists of security employees have been provided, there is no way of confirming whether the list is accurate or if names have been purposely withheld. Many of the initial security officers have come and gone and there is no way to prove who was doing security work. Through this investigation it has been proven that the dog handlers were not properly licensed to do security work in the State of North Dakota."

"12.At this time this report and SA Joe Arenzs’ report will be forwarded to the Morton County States Attorney’s Office and the ND Private Investigators and Security Board for possible charges."