East Timor is a country, like Algeria, that evicted its colonizers at a high price, and whose independence might give it an edge eventually in the digital economy.

First settled 42,000 years ago, in the 1700s it was colonized by the Portuguese.


When the Portuguese were expelled by the indigenous population, Australia, Britain and the U.S. armed and assisted Indonesia in a massive slaughter apparently meant to put a fear of rebellion in anticolonial movements.




Indonesia itself had been a lucrative colony of the Dutch, and may have been trying to appease the powerful colonial powers.

"Prior to WWII, Indonesia had been one of the most lucrative colonies for the Netherlands."


Documents have been leaked in recent years showing the extent of involvement by the U.S., Britain and Australia. Roughly a third of the population of East Timor was exterminated.


The economy of East Timor is ripe for an experimental project.


Should the countries which engineered the mass slaughters not be responsible for bringing their surviving victims back to a reasonable level of economic success?

Australia, Britain and the U.S. arranged the destruction of East Timor. Fixing economies like that using fiat methods would cost billions of dollars.

But creating a digital economy that was fair would cost a tiny fraction of that. A digital currency issued to each person, perhaps juiced up a bit with some reparations money from the Australians, British and U.S. governments.

If you ask Google why Indonesia invaded East Timor, the first prominent answer is

"By broadcasting accusations of communism among Fretilin leaders and sowing discord in the UDT coalition, the Indonesian government fostered instability in East Timor and, observers said, created a pretext for invading. By May tensions between the two groups caused UDT to withdraw from the coalition."

In other words, despite a mountain of leaked and released documents showing that the CIA, along with Australian and British intelligence agencies engineered the invasion, the average young American, Brit or Australian who searches on Google will be led to believe that it was Indonesia behind it all.

Google is known for being an extension of the U.S. government, but a major search engine perpetuating lies like that is offensive.

A good lawyer could probably squeeze $50,000,000 out of the three countries and Google to set up an experimental digital economy in East Timor.

It's very clear that there is still a very active effort by the governments of the United States, Australia and Britain to distract attention from their roles in the genocide.

The documents that are available publicly do not mesh with public positions of these governments with regard to East Timor, and it seems like the most basic common sense to force some accountability in this matter. East Timor is an impoverished country where a substantial proportion of the population makes less than US$ 2 per day in wages. In other words it is still used as a colonial economic dump to support more developed colonizing economies.