It's very unlikely Cuomo sex tapes exist, this page is just a test of search engines.

It seems bizarre that Bill Clinton, and hundreds of other politicians, have committed what most people would call forcible rapes, using state troopers as muscle in Bill Clinton's case, but no enforcement authorities ever had an interest. Meanwhile Cuomo is being investigated by the Attorney General of his state for being obnoxious. Both are democrats, which makes it more odd.

Cuomo is Italian, and Italians are more touchy in social situations generally than other Americans. As ridiculous as Cuomo may be as a politician, it's a stretch to say he is even in the same league as Bill Clinton, Or John Kennedy, or most governors, etc.

It seems very unlikely that he is even in the top 50% of people of either sex when it comes to sexual abuse or misconduct.

The current climate affecting Cuomo looks a little like a reaction to the NY Harvey Weinstein investigation.

Weinstein's lawyers had arranged with the then NY Attorney General for him to escape charges by carefully using the 'prosecution' of Weinstein to discredit his accusers. Only cases which had glaring flaws were to be prosecuted. The effort was a little too transparent though and led to a counter project to remove that Attorney General. 

Cuomo married one of RFK's daughters, with whom he has children, then divorced her. By common U.S. standards he is therefore not 'married', even though he has children, and most Americans would call his actions 'flirting', or more accurately 'coercive flirting' because of his job and the circumstances. Not a signature of a great political leader, but also not very high on the scale of abuse. So far there doesn't seem to be any evidence of anything beyond that. Very, very few people reach his age without having done worse things.

Biden, of course, is widely known to have done, many things, many times, much more offensive than anything Cuomo has even been accused of so far.

The obvious deduction then is that the Cuomo issue is directed in some sense at Biden. Whether as a calculated plot or as a simple sociological phenomenon would be anybody's guess.

If it is an entirely natural phenomenon, a 'coincidence', then Biden knows he is in line. When his turn comes he also knows there will be parallels to Clinton. If it is part of a calculated plot then Biden, as a politician, knows he only has to identify  the threateners and obey them, and he will have no problems.

The timing of the accusations against Cuomo, so soon after Biden takes office, are an unusual coincidence, at the least.


Now one of the people who might replace Cuomo is being accused of more offensive acts than Cuomo has been accused of 

It's sort of like Republican anti gay politicians. When a U.S. politician starts aggressively opposing gay rights, it is only a matter of time until he is forced to resign for having gay sex with an underage boy in a hotel room, while snorting cocaine.


Once vegan rights activists, or animals, get enough power, politics will really change. Most people have been directly involved in promoting the abuse and consumption of animals.

Should that stop after animals or their defenders get political power? 


Women have only been legally able to vote in the United States since about the time of WW1. Most blacks long after that. Native Americans even later in many places.

Some people would imagine it is democracy evolving, but really the power structure never gives more than it gets. As the melting pot consolidates locally, it can afford to 'empower' sub groups, giving them an illusion of power, as long as the newly empowered can't follow the trail of real power and see how it shifted.

Sovereignty is the only thing a melting pot cannot afford.