This is one of the most distinct melting pot archetypes.

It does not occur overtly in any indigenous society for the simple reason that the line between 'family' and 'society' is not distinct in indigenous society.

The melting pot uses all sorts of cleverness to blur this line between family and society, i.e., to fabricate a 'new' indigenous society where ‘race is a construct’ and similar nonsense abound, but as long as the world has two or more melting pots it is not a survivable technique.

If a decisive war were to leave only one melting pot at this point in military technology, it also would not be a likely survivable technique unless there was a solid nonviolent ideology behind the 'ruling race', but if there were such an ideology then that society would not arrive at that position, sort of a catch 22.

The only possible exception, in today's economic and political climate, might be China. They have a history of defensive politics and a successful economy, and are only using global expansion techniques that were made acceptable by other powers in decline. A nightmare scenario would be China as the dominant melting pot, followed by an uptick in expansionist aggression caused by their one child policy. In that case the initial political complaints against that long term policy would probably lead to some new form of government in China, but only after the country was comfortably dominant as the primary melting pot.


The 'Hungry Beast' is part of the core survivability of the melting pot, the mechanism that first allows it to exist, then feeds it, and ultimately destroys it in favor of either a) in the past, a 'new indigenous society' or b) in the modern age, a collapsing society that reverts to its composite parts plus some new ‘federating’ people, individuals too melting potted psychologically to identify with a tribe.

Today it is not possible for a melting pot to 'consume' enough to become a new indigenous society, but that process can be deduced as having occurred in past melting pots.


This archetype is evident across the melting pot in many different areas.

As the melting pot nears the end of its 'easy food' stage, individuals are forced to look for something, somebody, they can sacrifice to support any of the various worldviews that their world requires.

There are legions of young people who get plastic surgery, or jobs, or clothes that 'build' the role they are trying to live, and each of these has a corresponding 'victim', somebody meant to foot the bill, a 'loser' to their 'winner'. But as the melting pot loses steam, the artillery starts falling closer and closer to one's own position.

When the internal damage becomes severe, a second round of external victims is sought, but again those targets become closer and closer.

At some point small groups of sub melting potters start forming again, reliving the historic roles, but in whatever the 'new' context of the day is.

Here are some examples of how various 'melting pot beasts' find food.


The Sacrificed Ally

This story is in the news today.

It involves the Hungry Beast archetype at several different levels and makes an excellent example.

The basic story involves three girls who are friends.

Girl 1 was raised by parents who believed that 'you don't lie to children'. The parents enforced that morality on themselves.

Girl 2 was raised by parents who believed that 'children must not lie to adults'. The parents enforced that morality on their children.

Girl 3 was raised 'by the melting pot', including a 'schizophrenic' parent. The parents trusted the melting pot to have a hidden integrity, in other words not to consume them and their children.

The latter two children decided to, or felt obliged to, sacrifice the first girl to a mythical creature called Slenderman.

They injured the first girl and were then grabbed by melting pot authorities to be 're educated' in the context of 'treatment' for 'schizophrenia'.

The 'victim' is now reborn as a 'survivor', and is being educated by mentors in playing that role. The two others, if they survive long enough, will eventually also become 'survivors' if it becomes profitable to the primary beast, i.e., to the melting pot.

'Surviving' in the context of the melting pot often means regrouping, picking the flag back up.

"Unprompted, he would often tell how he took shelter as a 4-year-old when Allied planes bombed his hometown of Dresden during World War II. He would describe emerging three days later with buildings smoldering around him, bodies in the rubble."

'Schizophrenia' as an organic brain illness is a 'fabricated monster', like Slenderman, which has been carefully constructed by proponents of the melting pot. An overview is on the Colonial Psychiatry page and the Nouveau World page.

It is a catchall disease for a syndrome created by conflicting worldviews. 

Like Slenderman, it is a 'real' monster to those who have seen it, and many of those people then take it upon themselves to help 'fight' the monster by further analyzing it, describing it, etc., making it 'easier to find and fight'.

But, also like Slenderman, it can be easily deconstructed by simple facts. Ultimately a battle shapes up between the simplest of facts on one side, and the 'true believer's' certainty of their truth on the other.

Deconstructing a mass delusion is not the purpose of this page, but a person can research it and links will be added.

"If the human race survives, future men will, I suspect, look back on our enlightened epoch as a veritable age of Darkness. They will presumably be able to savor the irony of the situation with more amusement than we can extract from it. The laugh’s on us. They will see that what we call “schizophrenia” was one of the forms in which, often through quite ordinary people, the light began to break through the cracks in our all-too-closed minds."

The specific use of 'monsters' like Slenderman and schizophrenia varies according to the cultures being consumed. 

Schizophrenia is a distinctly European creation, and Laing is from the westernmost part of Europe i.e., an 'extreme' European. A person would guess that he would have a colonial, or melting pot, mindset, but he seems to be an 'indigenous' type person, both in his flaws and his strengths. He has both the 'anarchic' explorer mindset of the indigenous, including flexible morality etc, and was very fond of alcohol, which is usually seen as a negative trait, but he also has an internal 'scientific integrity', his 'science' is what he knows, not what he has been taught. Scientific integrity is the enemy of the melting pot.

Slenderman has qualities that define him as European but is more an age specific creation. There are very similar monsters in that age group across melting pots, but each adapts to local pressures.



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