Pages that may get written.

1) Archetypal Political Crimes

Criminality is subjective, and always involves projection from a powerful entity onto one more vulnerable. In other words the 'original archetypal authority' is muscle of some kind, and the 'original archetypal crime' is vulnerability of some kind.

The Odebrecht case, a corporate scandal from a few years ago has been moving back into the news. 

The strategy of the United States prosecutors has been to use 'money laundering' as the 'offense' that justifies their involvement.

Of course corporate bribery, like any 'crime', is unethical, but what exactly is the basis for the United States taking the lead in this case using a 'money laundering' pretext? It was a Brazilian company whose corporate crimes were committed largely in Latin America.

As Latin American 'pacification' by the United States has not been adequate, and will not end favorably for the United States on its current track, the basic issue of Europe's 'possession' of Latin American cultures and land is growing.

A basic value of the melting pot is that corporate identity, one's current temporary 'social' group, is one's identity. Things that existed for a person when they are born, like ethnicity etc, are minimized in order to create new identities for citizens which are more profitable for the conqueror.

There are a lot of variations of this, and they all require stripping away individual identities so that a new 'melting pot' person can be created.

Together with this process is the need to modify the worldview that surrounds those citizens.

All people are born with some sense of 'possession' of external objects. A person is conscious of 'possessing' their arms, for example. If a stranger walks up to you and tries to remove one of your arms you will try to impede them.

This kind of 'possession' extends then to various other things. For example if a group is living on a piece of land, and another groups arrives to hijack that land, the first group will resist or make the 'crime' expensive to the best of their ability. It is an innate human function to make crime expensive. Land is a commodity, more of a currency than cash.

Back to the money laundering, a person should wonder 'what would the motive of the United States be in encouraging the concept of money laundering?'

In other words 'what projection is involved'.

Money laundering in itself is, at best, an abstract derivative of group crimes. Nobody would look at any specific money laundering incident and say 'it is the money laundering which is the crime'.

So why would the United States try to shift the focus from the initial crime to a derivative act?

2) There have been a lot of completely unarmed people shot by police, and those shootings are ignored by mainstream media

Instead, mainstream media focuses on police shootings that many people would not consider completely beyond reason.

A young guy holding an imitation gun and walking towards police? The mainstream media pretends that this kind of shooting is what annoys people. 

Anybody with common sense would walk in another direction until he fired a shot. 99% of people who draw guns like that do not injure anybody. In many cases, including this one, it is not even a real gun so the chance of him shooting anybody is very small.

This case is getting headline treatment because the photo shows him holding an imitation gun, and many people would say they could understand shooting him.

In other words the article is trying to pretend it is holding police accountable, while actually acting as an apologist for them.

Those cases where there is not even an imitation gun? Generally ignored unless a celebrity popularizes the killing or a group publicizes it and presses the media.

There was a woman killed by police in her own home, in California last year. She was unarmed but may have been hostile when police forced their way into her home. There was a brief mention of the incident in a local paper but no mainstream coverage and her name did not appear once on Twitter and similar social media sites. 

Notice that the article says 'multiple callers' in an attempt to make her 'crime' appear serious. She had been in an accident several days earlier. She was in her own home, breaking things. The police broke into her home and killed her. There was no investigation. Almost no publicity except a few short references in local papers to the killing. If somebody kicked down a police officer's door and broke into his home, and killed him when they heard him arguing with his wife, would there be an investigation?

A week later, and about 5 miles away, police killed another young lady with a knife. 

A 'utility knife' is an 'exacto' blade used to open cardboard boxes and slice wires. You cannot 'stab' anybody with it, you can only slash. So a smaller female with that knife would not have been a real threat. If she had a real knife she could have been a menace, but the solution would have been for anybody to step back a few feet. Like leave her house.

The website that for years listed police killings is no longer active. 

Instead there are dozens of new sites that are designed to cleverly excuse police killings while pretending to cover the issue.

If either of the two women had been adequately armed their encounters may have ended properly.

3) Where do 'economists' get this nonsense? 

The Fed is not going to 'tighten' anything unless it wants to trigger the recession that is waiting for a way to happen.

There is no way to keep the money supply low unless all of the developed countries become police states to prevent urban issues. 

There is no way to prevent money from flowing into gold and other commodities unless every wealthy person on the planet becomes stupid suddenly.

4) Something obviously is going on with the lumber market! 

The lumber chart stands out from most commodities because of its breakout in 2017.

A lot of things were presented as an explanation, tariffs, hurricanes etc, then it spiked again in 2020, and now is heading up again. 

Lumber is a pretty transparent commodity, unlike metals. When prices start to rise organically there isn't much that can be done to hide it.

So when lumber started heading higher, then the U.S. put tariffs on Canadian lumber, were the tariffs meant to hide an organic price increase? It looks like it.

Same thing can be seen in some other commodities.

Why would the government want to hide the increases in certain commodities?

A likely explanation is that it is part of the strategy of dealing with the loss of power in the dollar. If a person assembled all the charts but ignored all the explanations, things would look gloomy for dollar markets. Supply chains, tariffs and other explanations put the heat elsewhere.

If bureaucrats have been camouflaging commodity cost increases for several years, a few other things can be deduced.

5) Who knew?

Prince Charles wraps up a visit to Egypt and Jordan with one of his wives. 

6) There is no doubt that mandatory vaccinations will play a part in the rapid decline of Europe 

But how big a part, and details, are a mystery.

7) A scam of such proportions that if it gets a page it will be in the Worldview section 

The one aspect of the U.S. economy which nobody discusses publicly is the use of foreign economies as 'hosts' for the dollar.

'Modern Monetary Theory' is yet another scam dreamt up by bureaucrats to take peoples' eyes away from century old crime of parasitizing foreign economies which have weaker militaries.

As scams go it is not even that clever, it simply relies on the ignorance of its audience, and creates a plausible sounding explanation which hides the fact that the dollar's strength has always been derived from the ability of the dollar's governing structure to coerce 'cooperation' from weaker countries.

As a consequence of the internet and similar things, the coercive dollar strategy is prone to utter destruction at any moment. People ignore the issue, enemies do not take aggressive steps to flip the dollar on its back like a sick turtle, only because of inertia, the hypnotized chicken effect.

Once there is any kind of mainstream discussion about the real source of the dollar's historic strength, and when its vulnerability is visible, it will be bedtime for a lot of economists and politicians.

The big riddle is how Japan will fit into the future turmoil of the dollar. Smart money is probably that China and Japan are already preparing some kind of commodity based international trade solution which creates a temporary subordinate position for Australia as 'the new western power' until Western Europe is sufficiently weakened at which point Australia will be spun into irrelevance.

8) Is Peru going to clamp down on foreign miners? 

A single country doing that, or several countries doing it on their own, will boost metals prices.

So there will not be much resistance from the mining consortium.

But if a 'Latin Silver Consortium' starts to develop it will be considered a terrorist organization by the Australia / China / U.S. mining consortium. China will step out and pretend to ally with them but it will be a sham similar to any U.S. alliance with Taiwan.

9) The 'metaverse' is a great advertising solution, but it will do more 

The 'metaverse' will rejuvenate the advertising industry, probably turning it into one of the biggest industries within a few decades.

But it has another feature which will have a much bigger impact.

Tribal groups are known for cultivating unusual senses, while melting pots extinguish those senses.

One of the features of the metaverse is that, once it becomes widely used, younger people will completely bypass any vestigial senses from their lineages and jump to the advanced melting pot stage of 'not having' any non rational senses which would develop in 'real world' situations but not in the artificial metaverse. The 'information' they would have developed through non rational sensory input will be replaced with some kind of corporate silliness.

This is certainly not good for metaverse users, but it does offer a lot of power to those who see it and decide to take advantage.

Non rational senses are a sort of anchor which prevents an individual from being completely blinded by collective nonsense from the melting pot. The atrophy of non rational functions, and the corresponding loss of those senses, will created a new kind of completely ungrounded human animal. Extrapolating from less extreme, but similar, melting pot tricks, a person can guess that it will lead to weaker and weaker rational functions.

One of the interesting peculiarities of weakening irrational functions in individuals is that they create a feeling in those individuals that their rational functions have improved.

This page would probably go in the worldview section, along with other items pointing out the pending catastrophe of separating 'science' into a rational respected part and an irrational ignored part.

A vast worldview has been constructed to defend all sorts of sciences, and as 100% certain as those sciences seem, they are actually flawed at the most basic level. Products of ambition rather than real science. 

10) The Chinese government should articulate clearly why they believe they own a group that does not want to be owned by them. 

The U.S. government should do the same.

11) It is disgraceful that a teenage conman working for the cia has taken over a Central American country and wants to turn it into Miami 

12) The NetFlix Propaganda Project gets a lot of free publicity 

That film is set in 1950s Turkey, but anybody who has watched NetFlix should know that there will be white vans somehow put into the picture at moments when certain points involving political authority are made.

13) Prime Conspiracy Theory Material

"lower mill recovery and lower ore grade milled at CC&V in North America, the ramp down of the mill and lower leach pad production at Yanacocha in South America" 

"mechanical mill failure at Carlin's Goldstrike roaster on May 26, 2021 which negatively impacted production, combined with lower grades and throughput at Tongon" 

"voluntary suspension of underground mining activities at Obuasi in May, lower grades at certain operations, inflationary effects, and the ongoing impacts of COVID-19" 

"mill fire in June 2021" 

"lower mill throughput rates at Cadia, Lihir and Telfer. Cadia’s mill capacity was limited by the replacement and upgrade of the SAG mill motor resulting in lower gold production during the period. Mill throughput rates were also lower at Lihir and Telfer following planned and unplanned shutdown activities." 

Q3 2021 seems like it should have had better numbers than Q3 2020 just due to less Covid.

The one commonality of gold mines everywhere is theft by management, and a plot involving several companies dropping production numbers is in the realm of the possible. Suspicious production drops in other metals recently, especially platinum group metals like palladium, should cause curiosity. 

Strangely, a significant series of accidents at an African palladium producer a year or two ago is hard to find on Google at the moment.

14) Duh

Several weeks of bleeding reserves. 

Then some terrorist incidents that hit the 'supply chain'.

Then fully deplete reserves and massive terrorist strikes in Libya, Saudi Arabia and Iraq which push oil to the moon.

Then a fully pacified population which will accept a huge uranium solution involving some sort of fake progressive generosity from Australia and Canada.

15) Another transparent ploy

Turkey starts using a 'new' economic theory that makes no sense whatsoever unless in the context of a globally controlled economy. 

They have actual college educated people in Turkey, people who can read and write, so they would not play that silly game unless they knew there was some muscle behind it.

A contemporaneous NetFlix Propaganda Push in that country is oddly coincidental.

16) Messenger rna 'conspiracies' could make Thalidomide look like Penicillin 

17) After centuries of being drunk on power, Britain does not know when to retreat 

Same could be said of other countries though.

18) 1+1=

a) Heavily industrialized countries have set the bar very low with regard to treating vulnerable nations and respecting tribal sovereignty

b) Any surviving tribes will eventually become aware that they have an interesting unique advantage with regard to the development of sciences, including 'military' technology.

It isn't clear if China's missile falls in this category, but soon there will be surprises. 

19) WTF?

A major, established nuclear fuel company with 6,700 full time employees and a market cap under $5 billion?

And it pays a dividend? 

20) Pretty compelling evidence that the 'energy crisis' is going to end with a terrorist disruption of oil after reserves are drawn down

"China, Japan, India, South Korea and the United Kingdom 

Europe is wise already.

Japan has no choice but to obey its owner.

India is along for the ride because people are speaking English and wearing suits.

South Korea is easy to get on board.

Russia will join eventually but it has to filter discreetly through their oil players so it looks like a 'Russian' decision.

21) 80 people do not plan a crime and get away with it unless law enforcement lets the crime happen for a reason 

Most people know that.

And the reason isn't hard to figure out.

The United States already is the most policed society in the world, with the highest incarceration rate, but planners know that within a few years, maybe sooner, there will be an extensive need for extra policing in all urban areas.

22)  "True Crime Story : Indefensible" is an interesting documentary that might get a page in the worldview section

The story involves a guy who killed his wife and was found not guilty by reason of insanity. He was not 'insane' by common standards, which raises an issue that was ignored in the documentary.

An expert witness said he was dissociating and thus not criminally responsible. Dissociating is a real thing. Everybody dissociates many times a day, but the concept has been refined and applied to describe a subgroup of dissociators who are recovering from some trauma and who dissociate as part of that recovery. The implication was that 'because he was dissociating, he must have been dissociating severely, and therefore was insane.

The host of the episode, Jena Friedman, is basing the documentary on the question of 'should privileged people be excused for murder?', which is a mistake. Privileged people always are excused for crimes, and that is part of the appeal of being privileged, e.g. wealthy. It's not something that will change anytime soon, even if the nature of 'privilege' adapts to some new system.

The obvious 'privilege' in society is money, but in this case the focus is sharpened a bit to show a little more precisely what it is that money buys in a case like this.

First a person has to look at the nature of 'expertise' which the documentary highlights.

Psychiatry is largely a fraud, several pages on this website deal with that issue. Anybody can research the history of 'modern psychiatry' and see that it is maintained entirely through cleverness and coercion. Psychiatry is not about defining any pathology subjectively. It is about creating a group which is 'sick' and another group which will supposedly lead the sick people back to health. It is a variation of 'policing' except that it more often uses implicit, rather than explicit, coercing.

The lawyer in this case understood that and simply hired an 'expert psychiatrist' who also understood it.

The lawyer and 'expert psychiatrist' are outsiders, people who do not respect psychiatry and the legal system because they know that psychiatry and the legal system are not based on anything objective. But these people use psychiatry and the legal system as tools to get wealth which they can then use to pass their time more comfortably.

In other words they are doing the same thing that everybody else in the legal system and in psychiatry is doing. There are no people who actually believe that 'psychiatry is medicine', nor are there people who actually believe 'the legal system is justice'.

There are many people who are gifted at pretending they respect those things, but none who actually do. Unfortunately, some poor souls are so deluded by their own pretending that they don't know that they are pretending, and they play the system to get prestige or money or comfort.

The lawyer and expert psychiatrist do not fall in that category. They are pretending, but they know that they are pretending.

When anybody recognizes a colossal fraud they have various options. A younger person might challenge it, but in this case it's risky. Both the legal system and psychiatry have incentivized a vast army of dangerous people to pretend their system's legitimacy, with the hope of those people being to one day gain enough power, within the respective frauds, to gain privilege.

So the big question ignored by the documentary is not whether fraud is fraud, of course it is, the question is whether the proper way to address the fraud is to milk it.

23) "the persistently firm US dollar" 

The global economy is in a twilight zone where the dollar's 'strength' is perceived relative to the Euro. 

The USD CNY chart is hard to figure out. 

But if you flip it, and take into account China's entry into the global economy, they do well when the global or 'western' economy contracts, like 2008. 

So what about all those factory jobs in China? What will happen to their jobs if the Yuan becomes strong?

They will be in the position the U.S. / UK has been in for a long time, of being able to kick back and live on their wealth while 'poor' countries like the bulk of Western Europe and the U.S. in a little while, produce trinkets for them.

Britain has a long history of playing dirty globally, and there is no doubt China is ready this time.

China's one big vulnerability is the same as its main rival, i.e., a history of consuming tribals, but there is a big wildcard.

While tribes have come and gone throughout history, China is the biggest and most successful 'tribe consumer' in history. The British have a few hundred years of drunken experience at this crime, but the Chinese quite a lot more.

A person should wonder if there are old Chinese texts detailing how 'sciences' are extracted from tribals. China's old agricultural texts make it likely there is a 'grafting' book that applies to consuming tribals and it's anybody's guess which book would have come first.

24) China knows oil companies control policy in the United States, and they smell the trap 

Fortunately for them, even after all their corruption purges they still have loads of oil consortium stooges who have infiltrated their upper ranks. The oil consortium will be careful to keep its highest infiltrators secure from retribution once reserves are drained and the 'oil supply chain' is attacked.

25) At some point, a mistake will be made, and one of these variants will be exposed as having been the result of 'gain of function' work in a lab 

Then there will be scrutiny about where the variants were released.

When Latin American variants are scrutinized accurately the U.S. will be in a difficult spot.

26) Are the Chinese mocking the fraudulent 'group science' aspect of Western civilization? 

It sure looks that way.

27) The U.S. / UK Petroleum reserve release is an obvious ploy by the oil consortium, but China is necessarily a focus 

The most likely scenario is an aggressive attack on oil producers once the reserves are depleted.

But it's also likely Australia will be 'empowered' by the ploy, possibly by clueing the Chinese into what is going on and trying to reel some more top Chinese bureaucrats in.

Australia will be trying to stay out of the news, and the UK / U.S. will do everything they can to help, but they have to keep up the appearance of challenging China.