This is not a well defined archetype, but it is common in melting pots in various vague forms.

Jung's 'Shadow' archetype was well developed and can be studied in a lot of complex ways. This 'shadow' archetype is simple and a poor attempt to copy Jung, but might be useful to somebody.


In American history 'racism' has been a constant. Initially it was necessary to justify taking land from its original people. Later it was useful in explaining why a foreign race was enslaved.

There should not be any confusion about whether there is fertile ground for dangerous ideologies.

One of the constants of this racist history is that it has always been supported and enforced by official authorities, whether low level 'law enforcers' or politicians.

Today there is substantial pressure on official authorities to disavow racism, to renounce and 'solve' it. At the top level of course nothing has changed, but superficially the promotion of racist ideologies by authorities has adapted. One interesting way to analyze the current law enforcement strategy is to look at their targets.

Two examples will be used here which are two extremes on the continuum of individuals often targeted.

James Reardon is a harmless individual who is fairly articulate and has some rhetorical skills. He never had any intention of committing any 'terrorist' acts, and could not have been goaded into any such acts. He was targeted simply because his story could be twisted into a narrative of 'terrorism' if the public were prevented from accurately examining the evidence, which is what happened.

Richard Holzer is at the other extreme end of the spectrum. Although harmless on his own, he is somebody who can be goaded into violence by literally anybody interested in doing that. A simple minded type, like those who pursued him, he reflects his environment, sort of like a tape recorder that repeats what it hears with minimal analysis or processing.


Holzer was in a world that was inhabited by only a few people, most of them FBI agents.

He had said something racist to a Mexican, and the Mexican said "Give me some money and I'll put a voodoo hex on your target". He gave the Mexican some money and the Mexican moved on, a few dollars richer.

The FBI then decided to get in on the game. They had a female agent suggest she was interested in him for his racist views, and she and a group of other agents encouraged those views so they could further their careers at his expense.

Reardon was not interested in any violence and it would have required such inducements to lure him into a plausibly 'real' terror act that there would have been no sense in trying. Holzer was at the other extreme. An attractive woman could have gotten him to do almost anything, and in this case the FBI decided that getting him to appear to be a terrorist was what they would do.


The important question is why law enforcement routinely targets harmless 'racists', those who don't really pose a threat.

Part of the answer is probably related to the historic involvement of law enforcement in encouraging racism. Only two generations ago the FBI was engaged in dirty tricks against people like Martin Luther King and Fred Hampton. So law enforcers feel a need obviously to 'prove' they are no longer the front line of racist policy.

Another reason though, is the simple fact that nothing has really changed. Law enforcement, as a profession, attracts two kinds of people mainly, 1) people who want power to enforce 'their' individual and group superiority, and 2) idealists who have the unhealthy notion that it is possible to 'enforce' morality externally by policing people. A third type of law enforcement employee, the ethical person who is simply trying to earn a paycheck without injecting fantasies into their work, is very rare, and harmless, so can be ignored.

All around the country, at local state and federal levels, there is abundant evidence of 'higher level' law enforcement managers with racist ideologies using idealistic younger employees in a way the younger employees do not understand. It is sort of like a crooked business hiring somebody respected from a local church to work in their public office.

The idealistic young idiot thinks 'Well, I guess my job is to clean up things, bring morality back."

The crooked old hand in charge says "Thank goodness for these idiots. They seem to get stupider with each generation."