A list of websites around the world which quickly delete user comments which interfere with the agendas of their moderators. Main purpose is just so I can remember which sites delete my comments and not accidentally return to post comments there.

As a general rule, liberties correlate with economics, and speech liberties in the U.S. and Western Europe are starting to decline as Asian liberties increase.

Each category is divided into high class, low class and ultra low class. Low class sites delete comments without acknowledging a deletion was made or without letting the commenter know. Ultra low class sites hide the deletions from the commenters by using cookies to make deleted comments visible only to the original commenter.

Worst / sites which overtly steer the masses 

Twitter / low class / Elon Musk has done positive things, like investing in space expansion, and negative things, like his neuralink stupidity, and spending tens of billions of dollars to fix a thousand dollar website falls in the latter category.

Reddit / ultra low class

Bitcointalk / low class

Medium / Offensive but comments which moderators disagree with sometimes remain if worded carefully

Yahoo / low class

RT / low class

Mild / Moderators only delete comments which are objectively harmful / spammy


Free / A comment is not removed by moderators unless it is commercial spam or objectively criminal