"9 juveniles injured in gunfight that broke out at 12-year-old's birthday party" 


"Scientists Claim to Spot Fungus Growing on Mars in NASA Rover Photos" 







 "In an effort to cut down on corruption among Vatican employees"






Edward Teller was one of the first people to discuss climate change.

 "Teller was one of the first prominent people to raise the danger of climate change, driven by the burning of fossil fuels. At an address to the membership of the American Chemical Society in December 1957, Teller warned that the large amount of carbon-based fuel that had been burnt since the mid-19th century was increasing the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, which would "act in the same way as a greenhouse and will raise the temperature at the surface", and that he had calculated that if the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere increased by 10% "an appreciable part of the polar ice might melt.""

"In 1959, at a symposium organised by the American Petroleum Institute and the Columbia Graduate School of Business for the centennial of the American oil industry, Edward Teller warned that:" 

"I am to talk to you about energy in the future. I will start by telling you why I believe that the energy resources of the past must be supplemented. [...] And this, strangely, is the question of contaminating the atmosphere. [...] Whenever you burn conventional fuel, you create carbon dioxide. [...] Carbon dioxide has a strange property. It transmits visible light but it absorbs the infrared radiation which is emitted from the earth. Its presence in the atmosphere causes a greenhouse effect [....] It has been calculated that a temperature rise corresponding to a 10 per cent increase in carbon dioxide will be sufficient to melt the icecap and submerge New York. All the coastal cities would be covered, and since a considerable percentage of the human race lives in coastal regions, I think that this chemical contamination is more serious than most people tend to believe."




So Trump did have something up his sleeve.

Military coup USA. Estimated timeframe < 3 months





"Before joining the Department of Defense, Esper was vice president of government relations at Raytheon, a major U.S. defense contractor. During his time at Raytheon, Esper was recognized as a top corporate lobbyist by The Hill in 2015 and 2016."



Yay! Oil!

A giant oilfield discovery off Brazil.


And a trove of oil discoveries off the north coast of South America.




And remember that 'biggest ever' oil find in Texas in 2016?


And then a year later this?


And a massive find in 2017 in Mexico?


And two weeks ago another massive oil discovery in Iran?


And of course two months ago China's massive 'game changer' oil discovery?


The oil industry is under dire threat, oil is about to collapse.

Their next step is predictable.

But good news! There are still wise investments.



Are bitcoiners being played?


Bitcoin now has several forks, none of which use a productive algorithm, but the appeal is supposedly improving something?

Worse, BSV marketcap is around usd $2b which paints bitcoiners as dense or the market as rigged.


Until BSV marketcap drops below $10 million or so something is inflated.


Et tu, Boeing?

"LONDON – The NTSB has released an initial report on the crash of the Atlas Air flight 3591 which crashed on February 23, 40 miles away from Houston’s George Bush Intercontinental Airport."

"The report shows that the plane did, in fact, hit a front of extreme weather."


Actually there was bad weather over the airport, but not in the flight path.

Oops, video too.


Don't worry though, we have a backup explanation. 






Danger Will Robinson, Danger.

If Bitcoin drops below usd $7,000, likely, then it will very likely drop to well under usd $1,000.

A time for caution.


United Nonsense

Bowe Bergdahl was a pacifist who admitted that the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq harmed his country. He avoided killing and probably reduced hostility towards Americans, but is blamed for U.S. casualties.


Eddie Gallagher was a U.S. navy seal who deliberately killed Afghan and Iraqi civilians, including a young schoolgirl and an old shepherd man tending livestock. It's extremely likely that his killings caused numerous retaliatory attacks against U.S. soldiers, and will cause more in the future, but he is supported by most U.S. soldiers. 



Is it appropriate to embarrass law enforcement 'authorities'?

A lot of innocent people have been exonerated from prison, even from death row, and there is even compelling evidence that a dozen or more people were executed for crimes they didn't commit, due to misconduct by authorities.

But now the Innocence Project plans to exonerate a dead person after their execution.

Prosecutors do not support the process obviously, even though it is not illegal in the United States to knowingly convict a person who is not guilty.

When do the rights of innocent people to not be targeted take precedence over the 'right' of 'authorities' to avoid accountability and embarrassment?



Does the military make boys into men, or into gangsters?

In ages past, an organized group of soldiers was necessary from time to time. When a threat arose, regular citizens would mobilize themselves and organize into a defensive posture. In peacetime there would be training etc, but no need for a large standing army.

Today the military is big business. People by now have figured out that there will be a war every few years, and it will be sold to the public as a 'defining, necessary war'. The people who fight in these wars are led to believe that they are doing the same thing as soldiers who arose spontaneously to fight a necessary war in eras past.

In order to cover up the inherent immorality of fighting unnecessary wars, it's necessary to pretend that there is some secret code of morality behind or under the forces that fight them.

But is there?

Trump recently pardoned a bunch of soldiers who had been accused of some serious offenses.

The supposed hidden morality of fighting unnecessary wars obviously is weakened if the soldiers killing people for unnecessary reasons are also committing common murders, so some people tried to portray a sense of moral indignation among 'good' soldiers who fight unnecessary wars.

https://news. yahoo. com/trumps-pardons-servicemen-raise-fears-172350934.html


But is there really such a group? Are there really 'honorable' people who, as adults, will travel thousands of miles to kill primitive strangers on pretexts that have become blatantly silly? Read the comments below the following article. The overwhelming sentiment among U.S. soldiers is that those who commit the most serious 'war crimes' should not be held accountable. What is the rationale for supporting immunity? Incredibly it is a variation of 'morality' mixed with cultural superiority.


What are the sorts of crimes that this overwhelming and vocal majority of commenters on a U.S. military website support immunity for?


"Witnesses told investigators that Gallagher boasted of killing up to 200 people during the 2017 deployment. Another witness said Gallagher told him he killed “three a day” and to “do the math” for the total number he killed."

"Gallagher is charged with shooting two civilians — an old man and a little girl — and with shooting indiscriminately at civilians throughout his deployment....One witness told investigators Gallagher told him it was “OK to shoot at women.” Information leaks have been an issue in this case."

Are the examples from that article 'exaggerations' or otherwise not representative? Actually, if you research the details on that same latimes website, and other websites, the details are worse. In that case he was deliberately killing obvious civilians, including a schoolgirl walking to school and an old man tending livestock.

In each of these cases most of the details of the crimes have been kept out of mainstream sites like Wikipedia, which only describe vague crimes that led to the charges.



Obviously there were some soldiers who supported the prosecution hesitantly, including a number of soldiers given immunity from prosecution for testifying. And there were a tiny few soldiers who actively opposed the murders, who complained or otherwise impeded the crimes.

That particular website, 'navytimes' takes a posture that very clearly supports any abuses soldiers can get away with.


Are there any military focused publications that will at least vaguely suggest that some accountability in a military is necessary?

"Problems in the SEALs ranks have ranged in recent years from accusations of war crimes and drug use to complaints of sexual assault, child pornography and molestation."


Obviously they are underreporting the problem, but at least they are suggesting some accountability might be appropriate. Comments by soldiers on that article? No comments section on that website, obviously,


A mad dash.

For many decades there have been massive shenanigans in the oil markets. Fake oil wars, vast oil fields kept secret, etc.

The internet has made things difficult for oil companies and the groups that use them. Various massive oil fields not exploited yet, hidden from the oil markets for decades, could be exposed at any time. When that happens there will be no way to split the monopoly and maintain crude prices. The oil within a few hundred miles of Indonesia is probably enough by itself to send oil down to $10 a barrel.

A few hundred thousand people, or less, around the world, are scrambling to cash in on what could be an epic financial earthquake. 

Saudi Arabia, long a major oil exporter, has never been privy to the inner mechanics of the oil game, but their royal family has been loyal.

As things go, the royals are probably scheduled to hang from traffic posts during the next major war involving Iran, Egypt, Iraq and Jordan. That will probably not be something they need to worry about though, since they will have plenty of cash to flee as their country sinks into chaos and poverty.



Maybe with Edward Teller's help the woes of the oil industry can be solved.



Chinese. Clever. 2.

A number of entities appear to be getting ready for a 'realignment' in the crypto world. The U.S. not among them.

But the U.S. did dodge a potentially milkshake tipped bullet launched by the Chinese.

It would have made amazing headlines, if it were combined with other stories. Therefore it seems the other stories are likely.

First a Europeanisch doctorette opens shop.


A Chinese man, the right reverend Chi Ming Che, who also goes by 'dr', invited a random U.S. citizen, who was suffering from inadequate finances, to be treated at their clinic.



Fortunately, a Scottish lass, no doubt a highlander, spotted the charade and then things got too confusing to follow.



In Vietnam, people who criticize the state are often jailed directly for criticizing the state.


In the U.S. people who criticize gangsters are often jailed under devious pretexts arranged by the gangsters they criticize.



"Officer down, request backup"

"Show me your hands! Now!"

"Sir, I'm a quadruple amputee"

"Code 16, combative suspect."




Another millionaire minted.

Where do your taxes go?


The video shows a guy being shot in the back while running away. If the police would just admit they made a mistake it might be a few hundred thousand dollars and some extra vacation days for the cops.


Instead they are going to pretend the video doesn't exist and end up paying many millions.

Some policymakers try to force an urban environment that leads to the public supporting such killings.

Note that most of the news articles on the story don't show the surveillance video of the shooting, which the cops were not able to edit, and the articles hint that the person killed was involved with armed robberies. In fact the person was statistically more likely to be running for other reasons, and it is likely the gun police 'found' was not in his possession when he started running.

There is nothing wrong with killing somebody while they are committing a killable offense, but to kill people on the grounds that there is a 40% or 50% chance they were involved in a serious offense in the past is obviously a cover for the cops. 

Compare a similar case.


Should people avoid cooperating with cops?

It is very common for police to use their jobs as a cover for very serious misconduct. According to experts, tens of thousands of people are in prison for crimes they did not commit. In many areas it is common for police to fabricate charges, commit rapes and thefts and other crimes. The opportunity that police 'use' for most of their misconduct is in the context of 'doing their job'. Unless you know the cop you are dealing with is not a hazard, cops should be avoided by smart people.

In the first video above the person knew he was going to be charged with some crime whether or not he had committed a crime. Police enjoy the power that comes with their job. It gives them the appearance of being 'tough' because of their gang and its resources, but not the actual substance of toughness, and they compensate by claiming 'authority' to do nonsense things. Pretending to have caught a criminal by manufacturing one is an extension of that part of police fraud.

Maybe some Congressional hearings would be appropriate.



"Secretary of State Bimbette, your plane is waiting."


"Thank you mr president."



Another coverup?

Bill Allen was a federal agent working undercover in the oil industry for many years. Although it's not widely known that his career in the oil industry was facilitated by his employer, the FBI, there have been a lot of casualties from that partnership.

Shaeffer Cox was a candidate for political office who may have been persecuted for being a threat to Bill Allen.




It isn't entirely clear who did what, or why, a person would have to read the documents, watch the videos, figure out the various politics involved.

What is clear though, is that this is one more in the long list of a 'law enforcement' gang attacking a critic rather than doing their job. The 'law enforcement' gang usually has the ears of the media, more so than other gangs, and that is evident when you read the comments on the article at


Oh, wait. The comments section says "There were no comments on this article."

An article about a guy who got 38% of the vote in an election, and has very vocal supporters has no comments?

Much more likely once the comments section started to discuss the actions of the federal agents it was unplugged. / Just speculation.

I personally am not interested in reading through this case, but there is one small aspect which is true to at least some degree and is probably why he was targeted and prosecuted.

"Schaeffer Cox had also angered state and federal authorities by openly accusing them of drug trafficking and child prostitution. Oil pipeline service company executive, Bill Allen, who had been spared prosecution on multiple counts of sexual abuse of minors in exchange for his 2008 testimony against pro-2nd Amendment Alaska Senator Ted Stevens, was among those implicated. Schaeffer Cox said: “The State Wide Drug Taskforce supplied children for sex to a number of state and federal officials in exchange for those official’s cooperation in concealing the ongoing illicit drug trafficking activities of the State Wide Drug Taskforce,”


A summary of the initial crime.

"In August 2017, a panel of three Circuit Judges; Graber, Clifton, and M. Smith, reversed the conviction of solicitation of murder against Schaeffer Cox. The solicitation of murder charge was based on a hypothetical situation that informant Fulton had raised to get Schaeffer to state he would kill federal agents."

"Schaeffer had agreed that in a situation where federal agents had killed his family, he would kill those federal agents."



No weapon? This is a case for detectives. Call detectives at once. No. Wait. Call the inspector.

"When deputies arrived, they found Chief Lucky Miller dead, she said, and there was no weapon."


In what looks like a classic coverup confusion clusterfluck, police seem to be waiting for guidance on what to cover up. There is so far no indication of cause of death.

And of course 'no weapon was found'.

Wait. That means they were looking for a weapon. Why didn't they mention the cause of death? Uhm, coverup.

"What are we going to tell the public?" 
"Just tell them no weapon was found." 
"The public is too stupid to figure it out."

"Online records show Nealey with addresses in Texas until he shows up in Oklahoma in 2000."


Uhm, cop jumps from Oklahoma to Texas? Police chief has a nose for drugs? Florida cops help out of state cop dispose of weapon?


Meth. It's what's for dinner.

Wait. An update.

"CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story mistakenly stated that Officer Miller had been shot. The cause of his death remains unknown."


Wait another update.

"When medics arrived, they found Miller dead on the hotel room floor. His face was beaten and right eye completely swollen, but there were no other apparent injuries to his body, according to the court document."



Is bitcoin about to crash? Hard?

There have always been a lot of people saying bitcoin was due for a drop.

Now, not only are there several 'bitcoins', there are also fiat governments preparing to issue their own digital currencies, and many of those governments are not known for tolerating competition.

This is all developing during a climate of increased protests around the world, and no doubt a pending 'response' to that 'instability' that involves collusion amongst supposed geopolitical 'foes'.

The deciding factor, though, is likely to be the 'declassification' of things governments use to maintain control.

Stability is only good on a level field.


Blocking people on Twitter is low class, but is there any politician who doesn't block people?


It's bizarre that a group of federal law enforcement agents publicly joked about raping Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, and were generally considered within their rights as federal employees, but she is not within her rights to block people? 

Nobody should vote for public figures who block people i.e., most public figures, but should people give respect instead to the cops who were joking about raping her? 


Chinese. Clever.

One more point about Dr Slick.

Anybody can watch the video and see certain obvious differences between Hong Kong cops and U.S. cops.

In the U.S. it would be unthinkable that a cop would wait so long to draw a weapon against an unarmed person. This gives U.S. observers respect for Hong Kong authorities, even if it isn't spoken. Hong Kong police may be undemocratic, they may be shills for an oppressive regime, but they are adults.

Another sort of obvious observation involves the weapon the officer used. In the United States police use military style weapons and projectiles designed to stop a large target with one bullet. Most U.S. cops have at least a 9mm handgun with military type bullets. It isn't clear what the Hong Kong cop was using, but from the effects a person can say 'it was probably much less than a .38'.

The appearance is that not only are Hong Kong cops more adult, civilized, competent than their U.S. counterparts, there is also a behind the scenes management of those cops that has a 'mature' discipline, as opposed to the panicky defensive posture invariably taken by U.S. cop management.

Everybody wants the protestors to get basic liberties they are fighting for, there isn't a grey area about whether or not people should be forced to submit to distant political powers they don't agree with. But at the same time, even though China can be criticized for many, many things, their cops are quite a bit classier than U.S. cops.

The Uighers have far more to protest than most protestors, and its unfortunate that the civility of Hong Kong cops may make the west's criticism of Chinese Uighur repression less effective.


Dr Slick

This has to be one if the coolest protesters ever.

First he either pretends to be shot or is hit by a non lethal projectile from a cop's gun, and immediately drops.

A minute later the cops are preparing to take him away. There are people urgently waiting for organs.

Then he breaks and runs. Didn't quite get away but deserves to be made king of some country for his quick thinking.



In the 1940s and '50s the United States tried to use nuclear weapons to establish racial boundaries.

This bizarre attempt at a colonial show of force included detonating a series of nuclear weapons on the doorstep of the Inuit indigenous people of Alaska, a remote tribe whose land includes vast oil fields. The bombings were planned under the guise of creating a port, but using nuclear bombs to create an inland port in a remote part of northern Alaska? Seriously.


In the same time period after WWII, the United States was trying to consolidate control over captured areas of influence near Asia. After a lengthy European colonial history, the Marshall Islands had been in the Japanese sphere of influence until 1944, and were then consumed by the U.S.

Among the efforts to intimidate those who might protest were a series of nuclear tests around the Marshall Islands, followed by an elaborate series of 'welcoming gestures' by the United States to encourage Marshallese to renounce their past and embrace the United States.


"During the Castle Bravo test of the first deployable thermonuclear bomb, a miscalculation resulted in the explosion being over twice as large as predicted. The nuclear fallout spread eastward onto the inhabited Rongelap and Rongerik Atolls. These islands were not evacuated before the explosion."


In 1990 there was brief coverage of U.S. military dumping of toxic waste in Europe.


In 2000 there was a brief flurry of publicity about U.S. military dumping of toxic waste in Korea.


In 2004 there were reports of a significant increase in birth defects in Iraq due to depleted uranium used by U.S. forces as projectiles, and other toxic wastes from the invasion.


Ten years later some coverage of worse dumping in Iraq.




There is no question that the U.S. is wide open to having its influence in many foreign countries reduced due to changing geopolitics. But the real hostility towards the United States will more likely come from the thousands of communities in poor third world countries where the U.S. left behind toxins that cannot be cleaned up. 


Who is encouraging national media inaccuracies that walk police officers further and further out on a limb?

This article from the Associated Press is one of many examples.


It says

"...police killed a man in Brooklyn after they say he slammed an officer's head with a chair. That officer was placed in a medically induced coma for several days."

Instead of simply telling the truth.

The officer did not suffer serious injuries. He was held at the hospital for three days while police tried to exaggerate his injuries so it would look like he was justified in killing somebody.


"The city's largest police union, the Police Benevolent Association, says a lack of support from police leaders has left officers feeling isolated and abandoned, exemplified by the decision in August to fire an officer in the 2014 chokehold death of Eric Garner."

Instead of telling the truth, again.

A group of police officers strangled a man who was not resisting. They did not 'use a chokehold as part of police procedure'. They strangled him.

Then all of the officers involved were found to be non accountable, except potentially one.

That cop was given a high paying internal job for several years that enabled him to make a fortune. Then he was given several hundred thousand dollars from his pension fund and told that he would be 'fired' in order to reduce public criticism.

The article concludes with

""Policing is a difficult job, and that's nothing new," said Dermot Shea, who will take over as police commissioner on Dec. 1. "Let me let me be firm: We have zero tolerance for any attacks on our officers.""

Wait. A police commissioner who has never studied history, does not read the news and feels his job is to protect police officers from the danger the public presents?

Let the games begin.


Why will nobody point out the obvious?

The United States is like Rhodesia, South Africa etc in the past. It is a white nationalist country that is putting on a progressive posture to survive, but without white nationalism the U.S. will have to reinvent itself as a foreign entity established by force in the midst of hundreds of Native American Nations.


The United States cannot 'fight' white nationalism because white nationalism is the only thing keeping the United States together.

What is the smart solution?

Return the 'fake reservations', and a substantial amount of other land, to Native American control. Stop sabotaging their defense and sovereignty. Establish good relations with them.


That oil executive that headed the CIA? You mean George Bush?

No, the other one.

The one that replaced former ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State.

The one that was doing business with China when they gutted their oil moles.





So is he on board with boosting oil?

You bet.

https://news .yahoo. com/pompeo-netanyahu-escalate-pressure-europeans-012430373.html



Match made in heaven.

https://www.sfgate.  com/business/technology/article/HP-says-it-has-received-a-proposal-from-Xerox-14815308.php


No lawyers needed.


The difference between accountability for cops and for citizens is ridiculous.



Would that same cop 'detain' a fellow officer who commits any crime, serious or trivial?


The Fiat Cryptojacking nightmare begins.

There have long been competent technical analysts guessing that bitcoin would fall back below usd $1,000 before the next bull market began.

In 2013 the first major market manipulations by influential fiat interests in crypto began, primarily involving China. That country's high level economic experts would release perfectly timed comments that shook the market and which were profitable. It was sort of like the Asian version of western oil company corruption.

Now suddenly, as crypto charts weaken, a slew of new fiat news that seems to pave the way for a government hijacking of the cryptoeconomy.



As this website has described, there is currently a mad dash by fiat interests, governments, to position themselves for the ai network coins that will be developing soon.

It looks, at this point, like governments are going forward with their option of cornering the nascent ai economy. If this does happen, and it looks more and more likely, it will lead to an Orwellian nightmare whose scope cannot be imagined.

The first tendency in the west and in non overcentralized economies will be for corporate actors to get hungry for a slice of the pie.

This will necessarily lead to a dramatic centralization of power in most industrialized countries so they can compete with China and other governments that already have more internal leverage over their citizens.

This will lead to some small indigenous or 'non melting pot' ai economies, which are likely to be branded as 'the new terrorists' until the global melting pot has consolidated adequately, at which point the global stage will revert to ethnic competition at a national level.

One significant red herring in this process comes from artificially propped up fiat currencies. By any sound reckoning, most fiat currencies are extremely overvalued relative to commodities, in other words inflation, or some other balancer, has been suppressed through cleverness.

This leads to the possibility that one fiat group, or a collection of them, could use fiat chicanery to quickly balance the wealth of thise involved by cornering some commodity or commodities, including pseudo commodities like digital currency.

In other words a fiat interest could solve its 'pending inflation' issues by suddenly remonetizing gold or another commodity. If this were done with bitcoin it would give fiat powers an illusion of vulnerability to people less versed in digital currency. People on the fringes of the digital economy would continue extending until they saw the trap.


The only real conclusion from the latest investigation of Mueller / Russia etc is that nobody was doing their actual job.


Flynn was a U.S. general working for Erdogan.

Strzok was a pimp trying to throw a U.S. election.

Mueller was just glad to get out of his retirement home alive and smile for reporters.


What are the police hiding in Texas' 4th Congressional district this time?

"But on Tuesday, the sheriff announced in a statement that he had recommended prosecutors drop the charges against Gonzales and let him go, citing a "lack of cooperation from witnesses and discovery of exculpatory evidence during the course of the investigation." He did not specify what that evidence could be."


Some public comments on that article.

"When this guy was arrested, there was quite a bit of support for him being the wrong person. Numerous people at the bar said he was not the shooter. There is a whole lot more to this story that the Sheriif and other investigators are not saying."

"Tons of people said he wasn't the guy. People came out saying the cops wouldn't take their statements."

"The police said People weren't cooperating cause they weren't saying what the police wanted them to say....."

"Whats funny is my girlfriends sister goes to A&M commerce and she was saying that the night it happened people were telling the police it was an older white male yet this dude still got charged, go figure."

Uhm...look at an earlier report?

"Texas Rangers were assisting in the investigation, as is the FBI."

"Police were originally called to The Party Venue, which is located at 2275 Highway 380, for illegal parking complaints along the road, and the shooting broke out 15 minutes later."


The police are hiding something major. Next step will probably involve them fabricating evidence that makes the current evidence more obscure. Maybe a 'secret witness' that they are not able to identify publicly.

Oh, they already did that.


The FBI does have an extensive history of using its legal 'authority' at a local level to fabricate national resources.




This is just one possible 'conspiracyish' scenario.

The guy looks like a Pacific islander and has an hispanic name, which suggests he may have been 'convicted' by a federal agent who saw the arrest as a way to 'cultivate' an asset. Some of the Pacific islands under U.S. influence that often have hispanic sounding names are quietly growing in strategic importance and U.S. federal authorities are desperately scrambling for information.

In the past that region of the Pacific has intrigues that are still considered uber sensitive. Just speculation at this point.



Greenville Texas? Is that in Hunt county, Ralph Hall's old Congressional district?


Are these crooked federal cops who hid behind Jack Abramoff still investigating local murders?

Google "GOP lobbyists spiked terror report"


Without ads https://pastebin.com/YgZ1hqr3



If you see an article from 15 years ago that says "also used his personal credit card to pay more than $350,000 in travel expenses for other Congressional trips", don't mess with their investigations unless you own a bank.



"On a less flattering side, the movie opens with Wilson in a hot tub in a Las Vegas hotel, flanked by two strippers who are high on cocaine. The U.S. Justice Department in 1980 investigated Wilson for possible drug use, but the probe came up empty."



This could be the biggest espionage/sabotage event in modern history.

As 5G rolls out, a map showing its progress.


The map clearly shows 5G advancing fast in China, Korea, and Switzerland, with a distinct lack of progress in the United States.

Of course bandwidth and speed will give an overwhelming advantage to 5G networks once ai coin networks start popping up.


The devastating effect of delaying 5G is easily predictable, it isn't an obscure scientific idea, it's sort of like a race car driver who insists on pouring soda in his gas tank. It begs for scrutiny.

For some years the United States has been promoting the idea that Huawei was a security threat.


Obviously some Chinese interest was instrumental in pushing the U.S. response, it's not possible for an entire country to go so far in the wrong direction without 'help', but how could the United States have bit so hard into the lure?

The answer appears to be simple psychology. 

The Chinese have refrained from reminding the U.S. of its history of industrial espionage. There is probably even evidence of discreet Chinese efforts to suppress criticism of the U.S.'s history in that regard.

High level analysts in the U.S. were probably waiting and waiting for various expectable repercussions from historical missteps, and pleasantly surprised when not much ever developed. They probably credited 'the new era' or 'the modern age', but soon they will do damage control on the abysmal positioning of the United States for ai networks.

Then they will research the influences that led the U.S. to 'blacklist' Huawei, and they will find a vast network of Chinese influence at the highest policy levels.

Then, 'boom'. The Chinese will have a wealth of unused negative pressure to use on the U.S. as the U.S. scrambles to enable competent ai digital networks to develop technologies.



This week in aviation history.

An American pilot pre films himself in the bathroom, then plays the recording for a woman in the cockpit while he is on a second bathroom visit. The airline says "You had to be there." Not all giggles ensue.


A Chinese pilot invites a woman to the cockpit so she knows he makes money. He is now unemployed.


Should the United States contract the Boeing investigation out to China?


The United States legal system is planning on changing its motto.

The old motto "Freedom for sex" will be changed to "Cigarettes for sex".



How does the U.S. legal system have credibility?

Quite a few people have been executed in the U.S. who were later shown to be almost certainly not guilty.

On November 20, 2019 another person is scheduled to get a lethal vaccination for a crime he did not commit.

Any person can research the case and get most of the facts.


Most of the people who will be involved in the execution, dozens of guards, judges, lawyers etc, will have researched the case. They will be aware that they are participating in the killing of somebody for a crime he did not commit.

And not one of them will refuse to participate. Some of them might say something like "Everybody knows he's not guilty, but we're being paid to kill him, so there isn't anything we can do."

Those who are not adult enough to acknowledge what they are doing will simply claim ignorance and say "Well, he was convicted."

The one rationale some people evidently have for approving his execution is that he was having an affair with the victim and the victim's husband had a common law right to kill 'somebody'. Most people would not dispute the husband's right to kill the man, and some people believe he was within his rights to kill his wife.

The problem with that though is that the 'marriage' was a hillbilly marriage. All of the people involved, accused, victim and killer husband, were rural hillbillies. The husband considered the woman 'his' property, the accused considered any woman who would sleep with him his temporary property. The victim herself was a world class hillbilly slut. 

The case isn't really about who should be killed, or who should have the right to sleep with whom. Rather it's a simple case of whether or not it's okay to use the false legal pretext of one crime to kill somebody for a different crime.




Why does the media give police a blank check on coverups?

Police have always robbed drug dealers. It's part of what they do.

But marijuana is legal now, and robbing drug dealers is no longer an acceptable way for cops to earn extra money.

"When asked for further details, such as what Dietze told the officer, DA’s office spokesman Greg Risling declined to comment. He also would not say why Dietze was charged a full year after the crime."

This is a blatant coverup involving corruption that numerous high level LAPD cops are involved in. Robbing drug dealers is not something one or two cops decide to do. It's something police departments do.


How far does the corruption go?

The lawyer for at least one of the deputies is well connected and his partner is a former federal prosecutor.


Despite the robbery having occurred more than a year ago there is still no indication the deputies have been sentenced.

The potential sentence mentioned by prosecutors is far less than any non cop would get for an armed robbery involving over half a million dollars and a vast amount of drugs.

There are also plenty of indications that additional involvement by other police is being covered up.


The appearance is that the defendants are going to get the usual plea deal offered to corrupt cops, i.e,, they will get a drastically shortened sentence as long as they don't talk. Prosecutors will arrest a few low level people to justify the deal.

Some cops do go to jail for corruption though, however briefly.

Ronald Watts was a famous corrupt cop in Chicago, involved in stealing, drugs, even murders. He got 22 months, in exchange for keeping his mouth shut.

"...they wondered: Was the FBI really this inept or was something else going on?"




The federal charges come with an implicit agreement that no further investigation will be done. Sometimes, though, another person contacts the media and the FBI and local police are forced to pretend to find more corrupt cops that they 'missed' the first go round.


A person without a badge in their pocket would get decades in jail for each of many of the crimes, including murders, that police officers like Ronald Watts are not even charged for.

You have to guess at the conversation the FBI agents have.

"Well, we have plenty of evidence he stole drugs and murdered several people. If his crimes are ever fully in the media and validated by a prosecution hundreds more cops he worked with will go down. Let's charge him with petty theft."

"We could charge him with misusing his patrol car. Theft makes cops look bad." 


The real Sacoolas story.

The family of Harry Dunn, a young British man killed accidentally/carelessly by an American, are determined to see some form of accountability or proper resolution, but they don't seem to understand what they are up against.

For them it is a straightforward matter. Somebody killed their son through careless driving, and they feel that they have an obligation to use legal channels to investigate and discourage that kind of accident.

On the other side, it has been widely reported as a case of 'diplomatic immunity', but there is a little detail being ignored. 

"According to Sky News, the only diplomats with immunity in the U.K. are typically those stationed in London. But a special arrangement between the U.S. and the U.K. has been in place since 1994 for RAF Croughton."


The fact that a group of bureaucrats in both the UK and U.S. would work together to arrange an unusual 'legal immunity' status, under the guise of 'diplomatic immunity', for employees at a surveillance/spy base should raise concerns.

The person who was primarily granted 'diplomatic immunity' was an American working in Britain.

What sort of scenario were those bureaucrats thinking about when they arranged for Americans working at that facility in Britain to have immunity? 


Fortunately, U.S. citizens are not affected?

A recent study in Canada found that when women are exposed to fluoride during pregnancy their children have lower iq scores.



Meet little Joahny.

At age 4 he realized he was a boy trapped in a girl's body. His school helped him transition.


Then at age 6, as a girl, he started to get fat. His doctor recommended surgery. He lost 20 pounds.


At age 8 he realized that he really wasn't a girl, so he had gender change reversal surgery. 


Now, age ten, little Joahny wants to be a power ranger with a butane torch that shoots flames from his nostrils.

But he can't afford the surgery.

Won't you help?



Around the country, cops exaggerate their injuries, and minimize the harm they do.

During the Houston drug raid one of the cops who killed two unarmed homeowners was supposedly injured and fighting for his life, when, a day later, his doctor sent him home to recover.

Friday, October 25 2019 police in NY killed another man, but made sure the story of their own injured cop was headlines.

He was supposedly gravely injured.


A day later he supposedly emerged from his coma.


And then on Monday, two days after supposedly fighting to survive, he was released from the hospital.


This is not an unusual media play by cops in Houston and NY. It is done around the country. If a cop breaks a fingernail in many cities he or she will file an injury report and police will tell the media vaguely that 'a cop was injured', and often somebody will be charged with breaking the cops fingernail and be sent to prison.

There are a lot of dangerous jobs in the United States.

If you meet a logger, without even speaking you know that he has had broken bones and other serious injuries. Most loggers get injured at some point in their job. Same with a number of other dangerous professions.

Policing is very different. It is one of the safest jobs that provides a fairly high salary and usually good benefits. It is not a dangerous job. About 50 cops a year die from gunshots, another 50 or so from car accidents, another 50 or so from cancer, heart attacks etc.

In this case the NYPD wants the public to cheer for their injured officer who is pretending to have been at death's door?

Should police show any respect to those they kill?

If people who were attacked by police exaggerated their injuries the way police do, lawsuits would be a daily event. There have been a lot of Youtube videos that showed attacks by police. Several of the most outrageous, including one that involved a male cop punching a female full force in the face, have been removed from Youtube, but there are still a lot. Should this guy have claimed injuries?



Simple Math

The U.S. initially told the public that the rationale for the Vietnam war involved a geopolitical 'domino theory'. That turned out to be nonsense of course.


Then the Pentagon Papers leaked and cast further doubts about the war.


A few years after the war ended, a career CIA agent admitted that the CIA had fabricated documents to push the U.S. into Vietnam.


Since then, every few years more documents leak, or are found, suggesting that the Vietnam war was a massive fraud, but the exact corporate or policy entity behind the fraud has never been publicly identified.

The Iraq war was discredited much more quickly. The Invasion of Iraq was engineered by oil company lobbyists and executives, including Dick Cheney, who used their positions in government to drive up the price of oil.


At some point, should Americans start getting wise to these fake wars?

Here is an outline of the one developing. It still isn't clear where it will actually start.

The United States has become a net exporter of oil.

That means that if the price of oil goes high enough the United States economy and U.S. oil companies will benefit. Those countries that work with U.S. oil companies, and produce a lot of oil, will also benefit, Saudi Arabia, Russia, etc, as long as the countries that have been prevented from exporting oil can be continuously prevented from exporting oil in the future, for example due to war.

The only financial losers will be lower income Americans who pay a higher percentage of their wages on fuel, and those foreign countries that buy refined U.S. oil products.


On the other hand, the shale oil that the U.S. has is more expensive to produce. If the price of oil were to drop, U.S. oil companies would start losing money rapidly, so oil must be kept above their breakeven price.

The U.S. has effectively neutralized most of the countries that have the power to crash oil prices by exporting, the major competitors against U.S. oil companies are Venezuela, Libya, Iraq, Iran and Nigeria.


The oil glut has put a lot of pressure on the U.S. to prop up oil through political and military activities.

One of these new arenas is the oil fields in Syria which the U.S. wants to 'protect'.


At first glance it looks odd. Why, of all the conflict areas in the world, would the U.S. send physical troops to an extremely vulnerable position doing something that does not seem to be in the U.S. interests?

Of course the answer is that the United States is not sending U.S. troops there, the oil companies are. 

The Russian and U.S. governments are both largely controlled by a transnational group of oil companies. They appear to be two separate countries, acting on competing, confusing motives, but actually they are part of one oil consortium interest, putting on a show that will 'justify' reducing the oil export capacity of a region.

There is still a problem though. The U.S. is ostensibly 'protecting' one fairly small oil field, or group of oil fields. Even if that, or those, oil fields were 'taken' it wouldn't effect much of anything unless it involved the destruction of other oil export capacities nearby.

So, again, why would U.S. and Russian oil companies be placing U.S. troops in an extremely vulnerable position?


Why is it not a crime to deliberately send a person to prison for a crime he or she did not commit?

In the United States there are literally thousands of judges, prosecutors, police and others who have been caught fudging evidence to send people to prison.

Occasionally they lose their job.

Sometimes they retire.


But they are almost never charged by the 'legal system' with any crime.

If you are a friend of theirs, you are fairly safe too from 'normal' prosecution for crimes. So there is pressure on the public to appease these people, to be their friends, so a person doesn't have to worry about being arbitrarily attacked, criminalized, by them.

What should be done with these people who are extremely dangerous but utterly immune from prosecution?


In Charge of examining the Mueller Investigation?

Uh, that would be John Durham.

Some years back there was a high level 'fixer' named Henry Schulman, he was a well connected, very high dollar attorney. When high level corporate or government types needed a high profile issue to disappear, he would be assigned to investigate and issue a public report. He investigated, and 'resolved' some of the highest profile scandals in the United States just a few decades ago, and yet it is almost impossible to find mention of him on Google.

John Durham, who is 'investigating' the Mueller Investigation, is a similar type. He has a carefully crafted history, impeccable credentials, and is supremely loyal to power.

Durham has participated in numerous 'sensitive' investigations that involve potential criminal activity by powerful allies. His gift is in assessing how to strengthen his allies, and not in pursuing some objective justice.

Like Shulman, he has no legal papers published, no books, does not do social circuits. It's all about the security of power, not the pursuit of justice, but always with cleverness and discretion.

He is known for investigating the destruction of the torture videos, and... not finding any wrongdoing.

He also investigated some murders committed by the CIA under the guise of 'interrogating prisoners', and found that no crimes had been committed. 

He is also known for some very clever investigating of FBI misconduct, which headed off some massive negative publicity for the FBI at the expense of a few low level agents. The appearance is that he was handed that case to give him 'credibility'. He took material involving FBI corruption, material that was going to be made public, and minimized the extent of corruption exposed. Additional material has since been researched publicly and seems to show that he was more interested in hiding corruption than prosecuting it.

He also was a Vista volunteer working 'with' the Crow Indian tribe in the 1970s. It isn't clear what he actually did.

"From 1975 to 1977, while employed as a VISTA attorney, my clients included principally the Crow Indian Tribe and individual members of the tribe. The focus of my legal activities was the protection of the natural resources belonging to the tribe as a whole and those possessed by individual tribal members."


The Crow tribe has an interesting history of being targeted in clever ways by the federal government, stealth targeting designed to force backdoor assimilation and sabotage sovereignty.

In 2001 their new constitution was examined publicly.


"Critics contend the new constitution is contrary to the spirit of the Crow Tribe, as it provides authority for the US Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) to approve Crow legislation and decisions."


Durham can be trusted by those for whom he really works, but the public should be skeptical.

He may not have been involved in efforts to sabotage Native sovereignty, it isn't clear what he did in that regard, but he is the type who you should not trust your rights to, unless you have a lot of power.


Sticks & Stones.

This long police bodycam video was released showing a young teen girl bring arrested. It looks like a typical fight between a group of guys on one side and their target on the other. Except the group of guys are cops, and the target is a girl.

If anybody else, male or female, knocked a kid that age to the ground, then dragged them, it would be a felony.

To reduce the number of viewers, police released a 38 minute video with the incident in the middle.

Fast forward to the 21 minute mark to see the girl being arrested.


Note that she was probably taught by her parents to resist aggressors, and the police are trying to teach her to submit. Note too the body language of the officer, including pressing his thumb into her palm.

Even after she is handcuffed behind her back, he wants to control her hands. He is used to controlling the field of view of the bodycam, including covering the lens, but he is caught up in the moment. That kind of thing is not only 'not discouraged' among police, it is reinforced. When he brings the 'captured' girl into the police station he will be admired rather than shamed.

Also note the numerous comments below the video from people who defend the police without having watched the video. This seems to be organized somewhere. Controversial articles and videos showing police misconduct are often met early by a large number of commentators defending the police.


The complaining has not yet begun.

When Europeans arrived in North America, Natives were negotiating with their own local integrity, from strength. Gradually though they began to realize that their territory had been infiltrated with customs that were offensive, what they considered criminal customs. As the new immigrants got more organized so did their crimes.


Europeans grabbed North America, Australia, huge swaths of Africa and Asia, and Latin America, all the while 'teaching' their foreign customs, their organized crime. The superficial 'colonizing' culture was built on top of European values, which meant it had to be fair in a European way long term.

One of the many concessions that enabled this 'fairness', according to that paradigm, was the idea that colonizing was actually just a kind if immigration. Anybody, any group, had the right to infiltrate any other group's society, and take possession of it, as long as it was done in a certain way i.e., with European propriety.

In other words any 'criminality' was in the lack of propriety, not in the specific offense. The goal of the 'colonizer' became simply to 'merge' colonizing with more long standing European values.


The 'new world order' is a colonial shell game.



Will the United States start building overseas jails?

The United States has started pursuing foreign nationals who commit overseas acts that might be crimes in the United States.

Julian Assange is one of the first to be aggressively pursued under this new mentality.


Unless other countries start pursuing legal actions against U.S. officials and leaders, and start trying to extradite those officials, this is likely to spin out of control.

Assange is Australian. The fact that the British government and its agencies are assisting the U.S. in removing him from Europe for 'legal' punishment in the U.S. is one more indicator Britain is on shaky ground.

It appears that Britain is decaying in the same direction as the U.S., perhaps accelerating to catch up, and the only bright side is that eventually there will be pockets of rebellion towards a more archaic but valid value system.


The point being not that countries should create, nor that they should be involved in, foreign issues or wars, but simply that countries reflect their societies weaknesses. Britain should be a retreat for European values, not a leader of the decay of those values.


The United States has been criticized for supplying weapons that have destabilized and impoverished Yemen.

A person could argue that the United States didn't know what the weapons were doing, or even that it made strategic sense to have a hand in that mess.

But it is very hard to justify the United States using vast federal resources to prevent Yemeni Americans from sending money to their homes. No doubt the Homeland Security or FBI agents involved wanted people to assume that it was a matter of terrorism or crime. Fortunately there was a weak link in the process.



Insider Trading?

Some people are suggesting that comments made by Trump may have been made for the purpose of, or used by others for, insider trading.


There are a lot of high dollar groups paid to investigate companies, politicians etc for the purposes of specific corporations.

Corporation A might pay a private security company B to research politician C for their own reasons. These 'researches' often involve illegal or grey areas, yet it is assumed that a security firm that found a pipeline of valuable market predictive material would not make use of it. It's like imagining a bank robber would address bank tellers with formal titles like 'sir' or 'ma'am'.

When Ross Ulbricht was being investigated by various U.S. Government agencies, numerous agents employed by those agencies used information and tools involved in their job to steal thousands of bitcoin. The government agencies involved declined to investigate until one of the crooked agents was exposed publicly, and when one agent was exposed the government investigators investigated only that one person.

Then another crooked agent was handed to investigators, publicly, along with advice that the second agent was part of a network of crooked agents. Because the second agent had been burned publicly, the government investigators investigated and, like the first agent, he was given a mild sentence in exchange for agreeing not to talk.

Getting back to the crooked use of inside information involving political communications, that kind of activity has long been the 'side gig' of high level law enforcers. There is no question whatsoever that numerous employees of various agencies use their 'surveillance' tools for the benefit of individuals they have other ties too. It's more the norm than the exception probably.

So any charade involving so called 'insider trading' by people associated with one political group should be taken with a grain of salt. It may very well be true, but the investigation or prosecution is highly selective and not motivated by any interest in fair markets.


Suicide bomber nations?

The United States has walked, or been walked, into an absurd situation.

It found a 'magic bean' that solved all of its financial and political problems, a perpetual national credit card.

Now, though, the credit card is starting to mysteriously bounce at random moments.


Industrialization is usually seen as a national 'developmental step', an inevitable process that 'eventually smaller countries will be grateful was imposed on them'. There are problems with that view though. It isn't necessarily inaccurate, but it is poorly framed, in a dangerous way.

"In 1820, before the first Opium War, China's economy was the largest in the world, according to British economist Angus Maddison. In another investigative report published by Michael Cemblast of JP Morgan and updated by the World Economic Forum, similar conclusions were reached—i.e., China's economy was the largest in the world for many centuries until the Opium Wars. Furthermore, China was a net exporter, and had large trade surpluses with most Western countries. Within a decade after the end, and as a result of the Second Opium War, China's share of global GDP had fallen by half, and its sovereignty over its territory was seriously compromised until the end of World War II, and the retrocession of Hong Kong and Macao at the end of the 20th century."



What are the police hiding?

The 'botched' Houston drug raid was in the news for a while. Now that it has left the headlines, police can resume covering up.




When did the U.S. become a moron factory?

Opium is a pretty safe drug. If you smoke too much you go to sleep, dream vividly and wake up impressed.

People generally smoke opium rather than eat it because the smoke is one of the sweetest smells known if you smoke it, and the taste is one of the bitterest known if you eat it.

So there you have a very safe drug, with a special idiot factor built in to guide naive people in a safe direction.

It would be very difficult to arrange ten deaths a year from opium, but the U.S. Manages tens of thousands incredibly.

What should the country do? Hire an investigator to figure it out?



Spun. Crooked.

Somebody went to a high level FBI supervisor to point out that another high level supervisor was having sex with a high level FBI lawyer.

Both of the supervisors, and the lawyer, were involved in throwing a U.S. election.

Guess who was the first one to be unemployed.

Hint. Don't rat on one supervisor to another supervisor until you have a new job lined up.


There isn't much doubt that the election was severely interfered with on behalf of Trump. You would think that an investigative agency would investigate. Instead they are like a mafia clan which sees one bank get knocked over so they stick up a competing bank that they don't like.

Then they use their agency as an escort service for married employees, but only high level employees. It's safe to say that if a low level FBI employee got caught banging another low level FBI employee both would get the standard FBI punishment for misconduct, which is also no punishment, but it comes with some kind of paperwork.


 Trump has started the "America Akhbar" chant with a "heads up" to Saudi Arabia


 Waiting for the big boom.


Was a police officer just sentenced to 99 years for shooting an unarmed person in the back?

Uhm, no.

The person who got 99 years in prison was the guy who lightly kicked a cop in the face.



The cop who shot an unarmed guy got, uhm, acquitted. 

https://www.news4jax. com/news/georgia/https:/www.news4jax.com/news/georgia/jury-finds-ex-kingsland-officer-not-guilty-of-manslaughter-in-killing-of-black-motorist article removed, no caches available

According to the census bureau that county is 20% black. 


But 'juror # 15' was the only black juror, before she was pushed out. The prosecution also seems to have rigged the jury in other ways. 



A good summary of police attitudes in the U.S.

"If I see this on Facebook and all that…I’m gonna charge you...” ... “You’re not allowed to record my image."

Police in the United States expend vast public resources targeting those who criticize them. They operate in small gangs for the simple reason that they are unable to operate as individuals.



Another cop on trial?

"Darkness and something covering Presley's body camera obscured the details. Presley was recorded telling another officer afterward: "He started taking off. And I fired.""


 If cops carried their guns unloaded, or carried a loaded granny gun and an unloaded 9mm or .45, deaths from police shootings would drop dramatically with almost no increase in cop fatalities, which are already very low.

About one tenth of one percent of all black males will be killed by police, 100 per 100,000. 


Among all races, police kill far more people than credibly threaten them, and they do it with impunity.

Police killed at least 1166 people directly in 2018.


52 police officers were killed by gunfire in 2018.

28 died of 9/11 related illnesses, which is considered a 'police fatality'.

26 died in car crashes, which are considered 'police fatalities'.

18 died of heart attacks, which are considered 'police fatalities'.


Obviously the disparity between the two numbers is not sustainable in the internet age.

Whether one number goes down, or the other number goes up, a healthy balance will be found.

As it turns out that officer was acquitted of murder and manslaughter, found guilty only of violating his oath.


Newark has decided to reduce criminality and violence by replacing lead water pipes.

 "Now Newark can replace all the lead pipelines in the city with copper ones, and fast."


It seems like a financially smart move. Lead leads to a lot of social problems that can be expensive for a municipality.

Replacing lead pipes with copper pipes will create a lot of short term jobs for people to replace the pipes.

But a lot of long term jobs are also likely to be created. Lead has been studied a lot, copper somewhat less. Copper is strongly suspected of having a link to various ailments that involve degeneration of the nervous system.

As with lead a few generations ago, the level of copper in water that is considered safe is quite high, in the milligrams per liter. All indications are that numerous health and research jobs will be created eventually to study the synergistic benefits and damages of various metals. Zinc and copper are related, sort of like calcium and magnesium, or potassium and sodium.





North Korea's first 'nuclear bomb' was actually just a huge mound of conventional explosives.

That's pretty widely known. Western agencies exaggerated it into a nuclear weapon because the Korean Peninsula has been one of the top two weapons markets for decades.

North Korea cannot make sandals without Chinese advisers. 

Now some Grumman or Boeing shill is trying to paint them as being able to launch a missile from a submarine.




 There is no immunity like FBI immunity.

 A former acting head of the FBI sent his buddies girlfriend on a political dance, then she speaks in his favor, so no prosecution.

 https://news. yahoo. com/judge-pressures-prosecutors-decide-whether-120039007.html


 The FBI may not have the extreme corruption issues that Homeland Security has, but it has more crooked history and if top FBI agents start being investigated *BING* job openings.

Most of the articles on the topic are very partisan, but if one tenth of what is said is true then McCabe should have been prosecuted. Even if none of it s true, unlikely, he is still a greaseball who used his high level connections to try to start some kind of power dynasty.



More indications an immense terror attack is imminent

"Larijani also said that Saudi Arabia does not need to rely or depend on its main ally, the United States."


A peaceful coexistence among Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia etc would devastate oil companies and make the vast new shale oil fields in the U.S. unprofitable. 

The U.S. can reliably be expected to prevent Saudi Arabia from responding to Iran's calls for talks.

Because the monarchy is the least stable of the countries involved, and because the monarchy itself is a symbol of cooperation with the west, an attack on the royal family could credibly be seen as having come from a 'terrorist' group. Removing prince bin Salman and replacing him with a more traditional puppet, while catching Iran and Iraq off guard, would be accomplished also by a major attack in Riyadh.

TLDR Riyadh will probably be an adventure travel destination soon.

On the other hand, Iraq is ripe for the creation of a new fictional terror group.


And their oil exports have recovered substantially, making them an attractive target for an oil war.


TLDR 50% chance of U.S. reinvasion of Iraq, 50% chance of Riyadh becoming Beirut. 


Hariri Declares 'State of Economic Emergency' 

Caught in an elaborate blackmail sting, Lebanon's prime minister has declared an economic emergency.

Under emergency economic law payments to bikini models is limited to $100,000 a day.




Badge Immunity or Badge Intoxication?

During the Amber Guyger trial both the police investigator and a deputy chief of police said that they did not believe she committed a crime. They hint that there is some secret 'totality of evidence' that is not visible to others. 


Has there ever, anywhere, in the history of the a United States, been a non police officer who killed somebody under anything resembling those circumstances, and did not go to prison for a long time?

And yet it is almost certain she will not receive more than a token 'punishment' because she is a cop.

Should people like that police investigator and that deputy chief be working as police officers?

They could not be more corrupt, but there is nothing anybody can do about it.

Now she is convicted by a jury of mostly black and female jurors.

Maybe next investigation should be how she got promoted so fast. Anybody can listen to her words for a few seconds and know that she is far below average intelligence. Yet she had some skill to offer the department and those who make promotion decisions. Aside from being dumb, she doesn't look that physically imposing, so it probably wasn't any martial skill that greased her promotions.

Almost nothing is gained by sending people to prison in the vast majority of cases, but that fact will not become evident and useful until prisons are filled with former police officers, judges, etc.

As it turns out, she was tried and sentenced by a jury of mostly blacks and women. Whether she actually spends years in jail remains to be seen.

https://abcnews. go. com/US/jury-deciding-sentence-police-officer-amber-guyger-wrong/story article removed, no caches available

When there are tens of thousands of former police officers serving lengthy prison sentences, reform of the legal system will happen.


The British Empire Reaching into the Future

Are the various remnants of the British empire consolidating into states?


It would require an enormous war, WWIII, to create sort of stable miserable states out of the various former British areas that are disuniting. But after that war would come a steady deterioration of those states into whatever ethnic areas can be salvaged.

It's stupidity on a colossal scale and it seems to repeat every few generations.

It's sort of like somebody going into a store to buy something for $5 and he tells the cashier "I want to pay $1,000", so the cashier says "okay, pay". Then he says "I want to pay a million dollars." And again the cashier says "Okay, pay." Then the man says "I don't have a million dollars", and he takes out a gun.

There isn't any need to expand the melting pot mentality, to sell globalism to people at gunpoint. It might benefit some groups politically and financially but it makes no sense.


Have the Chinese been modeling their purges on Stalin?

It is bizarre that the fiction of Afghanistan has any credibility.

There are many dozens of countries that the U.S. could intervene in on the grounds of 'it profits the U.S.', but Afghanistan is not one of them.

Afghanistan does have some significance to it's neighbors, but the Taliban is strictly domestic, has never made the slightest whisper about any interest outside its borders.

Aside from producing most of the world's opium, there is nothing 'international' about Afghanistan. The Pakistanis treat it as a tribal territory, and the U.S. continued involvement there helps them with that. In other words delivering a vast future market to China, as well as a significant Muslim population that will ally with China.


Why would the U.S. be delivering Afghanistan to China?

The Afghan invasion was synchronized with the 9/11 oil war, so it seems likely that it was part of the calculus of those U.S. 'oil politicians' involved in Iraq etc.

Because Chinese nationalism exists at a more urgent level than U.S. nationalism it's possible that the wave of 'oil corruption purges' several years ago in China were the Chinese government's attempt to 'have its cake and eat it too' i.e., to enjoy the benefits of corruption along with the benefits of fighting corruption. It's a common melting pot theme, similar to priests converting savages. The priests can, and do, get away with anything, but as long as they wear the robes of humility and service they are playing roles that are indispensable to the melting pot, and are safe.


Spiegel, Spiegel

The top two articles on Der Spiegel are a not so subtle German warning to keep any upcoming war limited, as well as an explanation for why, for those who need it.

The first article observes that a war is coming and it is a strategic war, meant to change something big. 


The second article a simple observation of one of the many weapons available to random Gunthers who disagree with something.


Wait. It gets better.


And below that, in case anybody misses the melting point pot.



Where is the Whistleblower?

Several days ago this.

"An internal Trump administration whistleblower has filed a complaint about “multiple acts” by President Trump, according to the New York Times’ Nicholas Fandos, Eileen Sullivan, Julian Barnes and Matthew Rosenberg."
"In part, the complaint is about a troubling “promise” made during a conversation between President Trump and a foreign leader, per the Washington Post’s Greg Miller, Ellen Nakashima, and Shane Harris. But the Times reported Thursday that the complaint is broader than any one call or promise."


Now this.

"The document by the still-unidentified whistleblower contained allegations that were "very credible" and "deeply disturbing," said House Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Adam Schiff, D.-Calif. The complaint is believed to be related to a July phone call between President Donald Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky."...

"The idea that the Department of Justice would have intervened to prevent it from getting to Congress throws the leadership of the that department into further ill repute," Schiff said."


It looks like a naive 'whistleblower' got caught 'whistleblowing' and before it could be determined who knew about 'his' or 'her' information it leaked, probably by the whistleblower, to a journalist.

The whistleblower himself or herself is probably dead or in a military jail by now, but eventually one or another agency will have to produce 'somebody' to answer questions. A lot depends on who owns Schiff. He seems to be fishing for Acosta's old job.

Much potential for entertainment.

A. Big. War.
Trump has been maneuvered into leaving office, alongside Egyptian President al Sissi. That will put pressure on Pence briefly, then Biden, to play ball with the looming massive oil war. Pence is less bright and more ideologically reliable, but Biden is more 'for sale' if needs shift.

Iran and Iraq will be easy to eliminate as major oil exporters, but Libya and Saudi Arabia more difficult.

It may be that instability in Egypt will be used to start some pan Arab movement including Libya, and Saudi Arabia's monarchy will be presented to Europe and the U.S. as an alternative. Of course Saudi Arabia would crumble almost immediately against a pan Arab movement, unless it were to be propped up with western troops. The scenario would be more obvious to Arabs, including Saudi monarchs, but they are likely to go along with it in the hopes of unifying Islam.

The Middle East will be a cauldron for a while, but once it settles, the U.S. will basically be a third world country.


There is a lot of evidence this is part of an external process that has been cultivated over a long period of time.



followed the next month by


Beltagy is one of the few people on either side who could unify Egypt without using the army.

"Beltagy was arrested on 29 August 2013 by security forces in Giza. On 29 October 2013, a three-judge panel at Cairo Criminal Court stepped down from the proceedings, citing "uneasiness" over the trial. On 7 December 2013, Cairo's Criminal Court refused to return a verdict and recused itself in a case involving Beltagy and Safwat Hegazi citing "embarrassment" as a reason for its decision. On 11 December 2013, a second panel of judges withdrew from the trial. On 21 April 2015, a guilty verdict was returned against Beltagy over violence against protesters, and he was sentenced along with former President Mohamed Morsi and several other Muslim Brotherhood leaders to 20 years in prison."


Egypt has been on an arms buying spree since al Sissi came to power and it looks like Egypt will be puppet mastered into using those weapons soon to unify the country behind the army, which is popular in Egypt. The country seems to be waiting for another Nasser, something that al Sissi, despite all his feminine charm, does not attain.


Interesting to note that Nasser and the chief of his army, who accidentally delivered Egypt to Israel in 1967, are among the very few non Soviets and non cosmonauts who received the 'Hero of the Soviet Union' award.




When Nasser died his funeral was one of the most attended events in history, and all Arab leaders attended, with the exception of Saudi king Faisal. Here is a Youtube video of Faisal meeting Nasser a year before Nasser's death.


Five years later king Faisal bit the big one at the hands of another royal, prince Faisal, who was then sent to the head chopper.

Whereas past Middle East wars have had a more local focus, this one upcoming is likely to be more along the lines of the 'vote' among European nations to form the European Union.



In other words, a competition between politicians, social engineers etc, and nature. If Iran's alliance with other Shia countries, or with Islamic countries generally, were strong enough to counter ethnic alliances then the meddling of western powers might not be needed, from the pan Islamic standpoint, which is why they, the pan Islamists, a fabricated, virtually non existent entity so far, might imagine they are drawing the west into a trap.

It might seem like a confusing mix, but basically it's an artificially fabricated extension of the fictional 'war on terror', but with much higher stakes.



Cops accused of stealing a large sums of money can't be sued because of badge immunity.


So who should 'the legal system' go after?

A 6 year old who threw a tantrum?


A parent and grandparent who simply did not get the grossly inflated paychecks that cops get, and were not able to afford daycare?


And of course it's nearly impossible for a cop to get arrested for rape.


Arrest a 5 year old for 'sexual misdeeds'? 



Next step, al Sisi exile in the U.S..

Yay, it's the 1950s.




This is so predictable.




The timing is too coincidental.

Somebody wants war, somebody else does not.



At least the public will probably find out in the next few days if it's a big war or a small war.



A common tactic in the U.S. legal system is to force a plea bargain when evidence is weak.

The FBI has done that to countless people, sending many innocent people to prison for long periods of time, using the implied 'justification' that 'some of them are guilty'.

Recently a top FBI agent was caught lying about some leaks that he was involved with, and which may have profited him. 

But instead of admitting that he lied, he claims to suffer from foggy memory syndrome.

The prosecutors are letting him rely on his buddy network, and his high level connections, to bail him out. He claims he 'would win at trial', but the obvious fact is that even low level law enforcement employees seldom lose at trial because prosecutors don't really want to convict them. Somebody at his level of government, with his connections, has virtually no chance of being convicted.

The bar for accusing a top FBI official of lying is very high. An accusation that was not well founded would be a career ender.



He is a close associate of Peter Strzok, another high level FBI agent who was expert at passing himself off as an uberpatriot while he slurped at the pig trough. Strzok was caught sleeping with one of his young employees as he got that employee and others to help Hillary Clinton in the presidential election.

In bureaucracies that do not rely on competence, politics is the key. He had the promotion system at the FBI figured out. It was considered a virtual certainty that Clinton would win, and if she had won then his efforts to use the FBI to skew the election would have helped his career.


In any civilized country neither Clinton nor Trump would have gotten within 1,000 yards of the White House.


The United States, for decades, has been trying to goad Muslims into killing U.S. civilians.

Yesterday the United States 'accidentally' killed several dozen civilians who were picking crops.

Obviously the attack was not the product of any intelligence, and obviously anybody with the slightest competence could have figured out easily what the people were doing.


These kinds of attacks, deliberately targeting civilians, are a sign that somebody in Washington D.C. is trying to pump up anti U.S. sentiment in Afghanistan to 'justify' the fictional 'mission'.


The most corrupt occupation in the United States.

Law enforcement is famous for using the media to manipulate. Here is one more example.

Several years ago a group of FBI agents were assigned to 'investigate' a supposed 'animal rights terrorist'. They could not find any evidence of actual wrongdoing, so they paid a young lady many tens of thousands of dollars to infiltrate the person's social group and lead him to believe that she would have sex with him if he bombed something. Even then the guy was not that interested in bombing anything but the FBI encouraged her to create a plot, and the federal agents provided money and anything else that might be needed.

The federal agents took the 'love letters' he had written to her, and gave them to behavioral analysts to help them come up with a way to entrap him. When the FBI corruption was exposed the FBI 'lost' the love letters and claimed that they had wanted to polygraph the girl to make sure she was telling the truth, despite the FBI using recording devices, cameras etc and actually having teams of agents monitoring the setup real time.

"At the time of his conviction, the FBI had built a network of more than 15,000 informants like Anna and the government had classified eco-terrorism as the No. 1 domestic terrorism threat — even though so-called eco-terrorism crimes in the United States were rare and never fatal."

Dozens of FBI agents, analysts, technicians etc were employed in this specific project, in addition to their publicly exposed informant and probably other informants in the same social group.

If you were even peripherally involved in animal rights at that time it's likely several of the people you knew, or their friends, were informants paid to pretend they were your friend so they could trap you in some sort of 'illegal' act.


That case was one of thousands that have led to calls for some sort of accountability for dishonest law enforcement personnel.

Any normal citizen who fabricated an offense, for the purpose of imprisoning somebody for the fabricated offense, would spend many years in prison. But 'law enforcement' employees have been caught thousands of times committing this crime, and they almost never are held accountable, especially those who commit these crimes as 'federal law enforcement' employees.

Now law enforcement employees in California are trying to portray themselves as 'transparent', but they fail miserably.

They have assembled a list of dishonest cops, meaning cops who have publicly been known to lie and are too low ranking to influence the list.

To show their transparency they give an example in the following article. The obvious purpose of the article is to paint a picture of law enforcement dishonesty as a trivial issue, something anybody might do.


California said "Okay, we will make a list of cops that have been caught lying", but they are listing mainly low level minority cops caught in trivial lies that make police misconduct look minor.

What do the cops neglect to mention?

Miguel Hernandez was killed by a deputy a few years ago. Who did the LAPD assign to investigate and gather evidence i.e., determine whether the shooting was justified? Some random investigator? No, one who had already been disciplined for something similar and lied about it. In fact the same person they accidentally used as an example of their transparency.



Note that the person the deputy shot was hit in the shoulder, and the bullet then penetrated both lungs. In other words he was not facing the deputy. Also, the one witness who saw and heard everything up close was arrested for narcotics and the police claim he refused to give any information to them about the shooting.

Somebody did the math and it worked out to $2.7 million.



BOOM. Inflation.

It may not come immediately but it will be soon.



https://finance. yahoo. com/news/fed-may-expand-balance-sheet-220824747.html



Good to know.

"Freeman, the district attorney, told the News & Observer that Wilkins doesn't have to step down yet."

A sherif is charged with arranging the murder of a deputy. 

No big deal. $20,000 bail and you might as well stay on as sheriff since it's a misdemeanor. You know what? Let's make it a traffic infraction so it doesn't affect your pension.




"One guy in Kuwait was the only one who saw anything?"

That quote from the first comment at https://www.almasdarnews.com/article/unverified-video-allegedly-shows-houthi-drones-heading-towards-saudi-arabia-from-iraq/

The map shows the absurdity of a launch from Iran, passing over Kuwait, and then hitting Buqayq.


The United States somehow has a vast number of satellites around the world tracking all kinds of things, but it neglected to put any in the Middle East, so we have to wait for random people to figure out that oil companies / investors were behind the attack?


Here is a chart showing the recent spike.


There is almost no volume on the initial spike, when the market opened, and low volume afterwards, so the biggest holder / trader was obviously prepared and there wasn't really any panic buying.

But now Saudi Arabia says it will resume production faster than expected, and there is heavy volume on the drop, so the biggest holder / trader is unloading more slowly into automated trading programs.

From now on, even if there is a major war in Iraq / Iran or Libya, the United States based oil consortium that needs to sell shale oil at a higher price will be selling long term oil futures unless they can figure out a way to permanently prevent Iran, Iraq, Libya, Venezuela and Nigeria from exporting any oil.

Is it easy for the billionaire scammers to hide? 

Here is the initial spike, caught on the Hong Kong stock exchange in one oil sensitive stock.


There was a full two hours of heavy buying before the news hit.

Somebody bought a massive amount of a Chinese oil stock with at least two hours advanced knowledge of the attacks.

The same can be found in other markets, and despite this blatant evidence of 'mainstream' involvement in the attacks, the people who carried them out do not have to worry about being caught because they are the real 'transnational authorities'.

But it gets worse.

Here is a chart showing that Chinese stock, which was used to make a pile of money in the recent run up. Since 2016 the chart looks bullish.

Whoever knew about the oil pipeline attack before everybody else has been buying that Chinese oil stock.

U.S. oil stocks have been mostly sliding in that timeframe, and their charts are horrendous. It is difficult to buy U.S. stocks ahead of news because a lot of people, including regulators, watch for that.

A person would have to research that company to see if there has been a fundamental that has been gradually improving, or if the rise has another cause, but it looks like it is probably a big, non Chinese, investor who has been preparing for the oil industry's long anticipated next war.

60% of its shares are held by institutions.


And large funds are generally aware of the politics around their investments, and this kind of corruption is commonplace.

So, are foreign institutions betting on China, or are they betting on an oil war?

The Saudis say their oil production will resume faster than expected, maybe two weeks.


So 'buyers' clearly have plenty of money to push prices up, but the next run up will need something more concrete. In other words if 'an investor', meaning an organization with enough regional influence to effect news sources, media etc, were to take the next step in their 'instant millionaire' scheme it would require a massive amount of damage to some oil production facility.

The U.S. has always been pretty immune from such attacks, but the Arabs and Iranians know the game and are probably getting tired of always footing the bill.



Monopoly money.

Two precious metals traders do what many sleazy traders do in many markets, the equivalent of over marketing, and they are charged with a serious crime.


A collection of 'diplomats' and businessmen arrange a bombing that cost a few thousand dollars but nets billions of dollars?

No charges.




Protected by a gag order?

"CAMP HUMPHREYS -- David W. Frodsham will say goodbye to friends and co-workers during a farewell dinner April 6 in the Community Activity Center here. Frodsham is leaving United States Army Garrison Humphreys after serving as deputy garrison commander for almost five years. His next assignment will be as deputy G1 for the U.S. Army Network Technology Command at Fort Huachuca, Ariz."

"Also, Humphreys added the Splish & Splash water park and the Child Development Center."


"Bischak joined the Army in July 2012 and has served in the Military Intelligence Corps Band on Fort Huachuca since July 2015..." 

"A probable cause statement submitted with Frodsham’s arrest contains details about the investigation and indicates that the two men would meet for consensual sexual activity, and that Frodsham would provide underage children for Bischak to have sexual contact with."


"A woman who previously worked for the Arizona DCS has broken her gag order and is speaking out about a horrifying child sex trafficking ring in which children are raped and tortured."



Sneaky Law Syndrome

There are a lot of ways crooked individuals try to slowly get more and more power. One of them is to portray themselves as 'protecting others'. This always starts with pretending to protect simpler people from obvious risks. Many young people will look at the following and think "a) That could be risky, b) therefore a person should be careful, and c) the people who prohibit it are acting benevolently."


Most older people though recognize it as an attempt by a devious person to get a foothold as an authority figure so they can force others to gradually obey less and less 'justifiable' laws.


A Quiz

Two online gamers get in an argument. One of them arranges a "Swatter" to make a prank call to police that will result in problems for the other. He didn't know the other had given him a fake address. The Swatter calls police and sends them to an innocent person's house and the Swat team shoots the innocent person, claiming he was 'reaching towards his waistband'.

Question Who gets a harsh sentence and who doesn't? 

Answer The cop of course wasn't charged because he had badge immunity.


The person who arranged the Swatting got 'time served' because his father is a cop and badge immunity in that state is hereditary. The judge made a show of saying it was a 15 month sentence, because he didn't want it to be obvious that he was cutting a break for the son of a cop.


The one who had no cop connections got 20 years.


Note that the father of the gamer who arranged the swatting seems to have been in the news years back.

"April 9, 2000 Because there were no witnesses to Tuesday's fatal shooting in Colerain Township of Timothy W. Lucas by Deputy Robert Viner, the investigation..."


Nobody benefits from a jail sentence in the vast majority of cases, but cops and their kids need to start filling their fair share of jail spaces.


So many groups trying to protect the U.S. voter.

Voters, humble sheep who pretend they select the president, have an abysmal election ahead.

One silly candidate is offering random cash prizes.


Another is trying to imitate the fake federal morality of criminal hot potato.


Meanwhile, the mainstream media is herding voters towards Biden by distancing him from Obama among right wingers and portraying him as facing multiple challengers at a time on the left, rather than as one of many candidates.




Should parents be able to decide which foods their children eat?

The United States has been trying to consolidate government control over citizens in recent years by doing things like forced vaccinations, mandatory fluoridation of tap water, etc.

One of the tools used has been forcing parents to feed their children a corporate mainstream diet.

Here is an example of less educated parents who decided to enforce a vegan diet on their children. One of the children did not want to be vegan, so he left home, which is his right.

The police then fabricated a slew of silly charges, using words like 'kidnapping', 'assault' etc. Then they provided Orwellian explanations of why they used those words.


The boy was in the low 5th percentile  in terms of weight, but if he was eating a vegan diet then he would normally weigh less, and he had leukemia as an infant, which the 'authorities' saw as an opportunity to add another ridiculous charge.

Should 'authorities' decide for parents what is healthy and what is not? 

Millions of people raise vegan children around the world. They weigh a little less than carnivorous children usually. If the boy was actually malnourished wouldn't it make common sense to explain that to the parents so that they understood it? Obviously their intent was not to kill the child. Anyway the boy exercised his natural right to leave home, and was then kidnapped by authorities who proceeded to charge the parents with kidnapping, in a deceptive sleight of hand.

Who profits by turning a non event into a series of fictional crimes? Unfortunately it's the nature of gang authority that the gang members reinforce their own opinions amongst themselves and use force to make sure others pretend to agree.

A follow up story says that the house where the boy ran away to was his grandparents house. The grandparents are the parents of the ex wife of the boys biological father. The police knew what they were doing was wrong, but in a bid to portray themselves as 'rescuing a child' they said the boy looked like 'a holocaust child', which is a sneaky way to head off criticism of their actions.

They then portray the father as 'unconcerned', another sneaky maneuver. He was recording their conversation on a computer, so obviously he was preparing a defense, but knew better than to interfere with cops trying to pretend to be saving a child. If he had acted aggressively in defending his child he would have been swarmed and the media would have been told he was violent.



Many, many millions of people, around the world, wish curses and death on government employees who abuse 'surveillance'.

Whether male or female, domestic or foreign, tall or short, fat or skinny, the low level government employees who spy on their own citizens are viewed with contempt by others.

Israel is known for spying in the U.S., it has been caught on many occasions. Usually it is not news, since Israel has easy access to most U.S. government information without 'spying'.

So, it's odd to see a story that starts by describing Israel as supposedly using a device that intercepts or interferes with phones etc. Especially odd since that device is widely used by law enforcement in the U.S.

Why would U.S. law enforcement say they 'found' several of a device that is almost exclusively used by them, widely used in fact, but that the devices were 'traceable' to a foreign government?


In the decades after WWII the superpowers collaborated in ensuring 'Israel' was survivable, and one of the fictions they promoted was of Israeli super soldiers and spies. 

With the advent of the internet and with control of media less centralized, though, Israel's reality, as a country built on cash and connections, is slowly seeping into the mainstream. There are still efforts to promote the fictional national persona, like the following article about a supposed top secret hit job that actually was nothing but several dozen inept people clumsily trying to kill a low level opponent several years ago.


Israel is not a widely respected country, except among members of the small clique that profit from it. It is not 'a homeland for Jews' nor 'a reservoir of Jewish values'. But neither should it be a scapegoat for the spying routinely done against U.S. citizens by masses of corrupt U.S. 'law enforcers'.


Has China finally surrendered to the oil industry?

Historically, China has been one of the only countries to actively investigate corruption, and resist overt control of its government by oil industry interests.


The United States of course has never investigated, nor prosecuted, oil industry corruption for the simple reason that the oil industry is too powerful in the United States. Even corruption peripheral to the oil industry is almost impossible to prosecute in the U.S. The'Fat Leonard' investigation is an example. Note that in the 'Fat Leonard' scandal only low level officers receive real punishment, and so far fewer than 50 of the more than 400 people involved have even been identified publicly.


Now though, a very strange story that claims China is cooperating with oil industry efforts to prop up crude by restricting exports of oil from Venezuela under the guise of 'political sanctions'.

https://finance. yahoo. com/news/venezuela-reels-chinese-oil-giant-160000936.html https://web.archive.org/web/20190915071734/https://finance.yahoo.com/news/venezuela-reels-chinese-oil-giant-160000936.html 


It's a very strange development which defies logic, since it seems to run counter to Chinese interests, unless put in the context of its longer term plans.



Of course corruption always wins in the end in any melting pot, and China is an ambitious melting pot. Below are just a few of the oil executives who have been arrested for corruption in China in recent years.

The United States has never arrested an oil executive for corruption.

Zhou Yongkang was an oil kingpin who penetrated top Chinese political circles.


Wang Yongchun was an executive at PetroChina.


Cai Xiyou was general manager of Sinochem, a Chinese oil exploration company.


Guo Yongxiang worked for the China National Petroleum Corporation.


Tao Yuchun was an executive at China National Petroleum Company


Li Hualin was a Chinese oil executive.


Jiang Jiemin was a top Chinese oil executive.


Wang Tianpu was head of the largest Chinese oil company.


Liao Yongyuan was head of another Chinese oil company.



Corporate Spin

A vegan girl went to a rabbit farm and snatched 16 rabbits. 

The purpose of the rabbit farm is to kill the rabbits for meat and fur.

The rabbit farm's purpose is not to do anything positive for the rabbits.

When she took the rabbits, the farm retaliated by killing a bunch of the rabbits that had not been taken, then going on a mad marketing spree trying to promote the idea that the vegan girl had caused the death of a hundred rabbits.

Normally it would be a silly story, but almost every single major media outlet has jumped on the rabbit farmer's band wagon. There are countless stories now trying to portray the vegan girl as a short sighted do gooder.

She is an effective opponent of factory farming, with a lot of Instagram or Facebook followers and factory farmers are made uncomfortable by videos she has posted, such as 


though her YouTube channel is not that popular. A person could argue she was 'stealing' rabbits, but trying to portray her as killing them is sleazy.

What was the farm doing with all of its rabbits? Killing them.

What was the vegan girl doing? Repatriating them so they would not be killed.

Why did the farm kill the remaining rabbits suddenly? Because it was an opportunity to blame somebody else for 'bunny killing'.


A few days later the truth comes out.

The farm had a lot of dead rabbits, they were worried she had photographed them, which she did, so they accused her first of killing them.



Mnuchin's Trap

Treasury secretary Mnuchin is obviously a poker player.


He is also, clearly, comfortable with deception on a grand scale, though he is not as gifted at that.

He has been promoting a certain aura with regard to the management of the economy, and it's clear that he is hiding more than he is showing. One of the central guesses most people make with regard to his future policy is that it does not include inflation to any great degree.


At this point he seems to be backing himself more and more into a policy corner that has to end poorly for him. So the question is whether he really is so poor at understanding the long game, in other words is he really a feeble minded kid in a candy store? Or does he have some secret strategy behind him?


911 Operator  "911, What's your emergency?"

Bank teller "Hi, we're being robbed. About 5 guys with guns. They've shot several people."

911 Operator "I'm so sorry to hear that."

Bank teller "Can you send a SWAT team and some tanks?"

911 Operator "Wow, can't do that. We're having a work slow down to protest a cop who got fired for strangling somebody. Only 'quality of life' and 'broken windows' policing until the mayor apologizes and offers cops more money and a longer weekend".

Bank teller "Huh? I just saw a bunch of cops arrest a prostitute and put her in a van. They've been interrogating her in the van for a while now. Did she break a window?"

911 Operator "That's a quality of life issue. The cops feel it helps their quality of life. Would you like to contribute to the Policeman's Benevolent Association? You get a magic bumper sticker that wards of traffic tickets if you donate $50."

Bank Teller "Not right now. Bye."



Something very off.

A bit too much news about Afghanistan recently.

Combined with the oil glut, it's clear something is not quite right.


Looking at the fake comments coming out of Ft Bragg which are skewing news articles it's clear there is about to be a massive terror attack, probably within a week or two, engineered by the U.S., which will be used to justify intervention in a third country, probably Iraq.

Lots of dead Americans, more than lots of dead 'fake terrorists', meaning people who resist the invasion.

And there's nothing anybody can do about it.

The most disgraceful aspect of these deceptions by people in government is that a brief glance at equities and derivatives markets shows that big traders know exactly what is going on and are already pricing in another fake U.S. oil war.


China and India butt heads on the moon.

Both China and India currently have lunar landers sampling material on the moon.



Ever since an American astronaut was caught stealing food on the international space station, astronauts have carried guns.

The Chinese typically carry a 9mm sidearm and keep a rocket launcher in their rover. India prefers to equip its astronauts with shoulder launched anti tank missiles. So it isn't clear which side has the advantage.

Iran was expected to join China and India on the moon this week, but it opted to equip each of its space teams with a Suicide bomber and that has not gone well.



Columbia's President Duque is a failed author who tries to stay relevant by working for a major cocaine trafficker.

The cocaine cartels plan to reinstate the rebel insurgency that shredded Columbia decades ago.

The U.S. will help, again. What could possibly go wrong?


"In an official document of the Defense Intelligence Agency, dated 1991, Álvaro Uribe appears at number 82 of a list containing the names of the most important drug dealers in Colombia. Uribe is described there as a collaborator of the Medellín Cartel and intimate friend of Pablo Escobar; he is also accused of possessing financial interests in companies engaged in drug trafficking and would have assisted the cartel with regard to extradition laws. Recently released diplomatic cables show that a Colombian senator told the U.S. Embassy in 1993 that the founders of the Medellín Cartel financed Uribe's senate election campaign." 






Should dangerous police attitudes be reigned in, or crushed?

A group of NYPD decided to use violence to arrest a person who was selling loose cigarettes.

The guy was selling cigarettes for around a dollar each to support his family.

The police officers were being paid upwards of $80,000 to $100,000 a year.

The police attacked the peaceful person selling cigarettes, and strangled him to death. Here is video that shows up to the beginning of the strangulation. The police refer to such deaths as chokehold death when they are committed by police and strangulation when they are done by anybody else. In the video he is seen asking why the police are harassing him. Is it reasonable for a citizen to expect to not be attacked by a gang when they are doing something harmless? Should it be okay for violent gangs to attack police?


The officer who directly did the strangling received several hundred thousand dollars in salary after the incident but before he was fired. He also received several hundred thousand dollars that had been paid into his pension, and was told he would have to invest the money elsewhere.

The cops killed a harmless person, but none of the cops were charged with any crime, including the killer.

Now the cops are protesting by not doing their jobs? In any other profession they would be disgraced publicly and those who refused to work would be fired en masse.



Who does Interpol work for? 

Here is a red notice issued by Interpol, there are many similar examples from many countries.


Is the young woman a criminal? 

There is not one mention of her on Google so she must not be a major criminal.

Why would police officers want to have her under their control, in custody?

Does she look like a bank robber? Would she have stabbed a bunch of people? 

Should a global police agency really be able to issue 'red notices' to all police agencies in the world based on secret proceedings in one country? 

Maybe she really is some global criminal, but if that is the case then why is she being prosecuted secretly? 


Technology has Uses?

In all of Brazil is there really not one person who is able to lure Bolsonaro onto a 737 Max?



Should there be an investigation into why police suicides are increasing?



Why do judges help cops hide their misconduct?

A cop in California shot a young adult at Walmart and shot the young person's parents in their backs.

Normally police would be very quick to release a video of somebody shooting two people in the back, so people could see the crime, but when a cop is the one committing the crime the video stays secret.



Her parents raised her to be a 15 year old aspiring actress. Epstein took that dream away.

Now what's she supposed to do? 



The New Domestic Terror

For decades the U.S. has taught the world that one of the keys to corporate success is judicious use of terrorism. Fake oil wars have been started around the world to prevent other countries from exporting oil and cutting into oil company profits. The U,S. has always been fully cooperative with the oil companies, more than cooperative.

Now that the the U.S. is about to become a major oil exporter, and a massive glut is starting to develop, countries that have been targeted by the U.S. will start to play the game the U.S. started. Within a decade or so it will be possible for anybody to recalibrate the U.S. side of the global economy as easily as it was in the past for the U.S. to neutralize exports from countries like Iran, Iraq and Venezuela. 

The irony is that these 'foreign terrorists' will be domestic.



The Cows are Getting Mad. 





Yay! Inflation!

What happens when the sudden shift to inflation occurs? Among other things, the vast amount of money invested in long term treasury notes loses most of its value. Then people will want to sell things to raise cash. 



"All we have to do is keep our stories straight" is the official motto of law enforcement.

A cop claimed he was shot by a sniper in the police department's parking lot. It immediately became clear something was odd. There was no bullet, plus the supposed bullet hole wasn't a bullet hole.

That doesn't matter, his chief said. He called in the press. Helicopters with SWAT teams took off. Roadblocks were established. More and more manpower was mobilized, resources brought in from neighboring departments. 

Two people were detained.


But so many people knew what happened. The truth was bound to leak. There may have been several dozen law enforcers who knew the story was a hoax before the chief decided he couldn't keep it secret from the press.



The case is like that of Lt. Charles Joseph Gliniewicz who staged a killing. But in that case the FBI helped the local police keep the secret, until a local cop lost his temper and started telling reporters the truth.


It's very possible that there are dozens of cases like this a year, or more, considering that every time it happens both federal and local law enforcers try to keep it secret until a very large number of people know, at which point they still try to portray themselves as having heroically exposed the fraud.

Maybe next time they'll get it right.


Art Acevedo and the Web Of Federal Corruption.

Art Acevedo was a failed Internal Affairs sergeant for the LAPD when a picture that he took, of himself having sex with another police officer, got into the hands of a certain party. That certain party, who now controlled him, arranged his rapid promotion in the LAPD.


He then moved to Austin Texas, then Houston, becoming police Chief of both cities, and his patron continued helping him get promotions, even flooding the media with stories about his imaginary qualities.



From the beginning there were lots of signs of something not quite right. Acevedo is a certain kind of Cuban and Cubans of his political background famously do not get along with blacks. 



Compare with https://www.austinchronicle.com/news/2014-12-26/officer-wins-firing-appeal/

And the article on Detective Charles Kleinert at http://peacefulstreets.com/corrupt-cop-of-the-month/

It has never been exposed who Acevedo's secret patron is, but there are clues.

Acevedo aggressively seeks out high profile 'anti gun' positions, despite some unusual oddities that regularly occur in his departments. 


Recently one of his officers got some bad publicity for killing two people. An investigation found that officer has a history of weapons in his custody disappearing. He has confiscated a lot of weapons, but they have all disappeared. That Houston officer is black and his name is Gerald Goines.


Years earlier, in LA, another officer named Goines had violated the omertà code of officers and complained about a killing.


Each of the places Acevedo has been police chief have a problem with police losing guns.



There was a lot of controversy regarding the ATF's operation 'fast and furious' which supposedly was designed to remove guns from circulation, but which many people suspect was secretly a gun selling operation run by corrupt federal agents.


So where are all these guns going? Why would a vast network of corrupt federal agents and police be running an organized gun running project? The answer is easy to figure out if you are familiar with the politics of Latin America and the Caribbean. 



Supermax Super Secret?

Frederic Whitehurst is a former FBI agent who exposed some problems at that agency.



The Supermax is a secretive facility that houses inmates who are controversial as well as people who have highly classified information that the government wants to keep secret. Robert Hanssen, Harold James Nicholson and Noshir Gowadia are at the Supermax.




Umaru Mutallab is one of the richest men in Africa. As part of a complex operation involving agents from several countries, including the U.S., his son Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab was influenced to commit an act of terrorism that was designed to both discredit 'terrorists' and drive a wedge between African Muslims and the U.S. The details are not near the top of any search engine results but are easily findable online. Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab is currently at the Supermax.




Amazingly, Anwar al Awlaki, the Forrest Gump of international terrorism who supposedly had a role in almost every terror plot that had vacancies, was also a recruiter of Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab. And Zachary Adam Chesser, another friend of Awlaki, is also at the Florence Supermax.



But there's more.

Another friend of Awlaki, Sharif Mobley, was being pursued by the FBI for terroristic offenses. His lawyer requested some documents under the Freedom of Information Act. The documents had a lot of redactions. Unfortunately for the FBI the lawyer got a hold of the document without redactions.

"The document relating to Mobley was a copy of an FBI account of an April 7, 2010, interview that U.S. agents had conducted with Mobley in Yemen.[9] The FBI had given the un-redacted version of the document to the Yemeni government, and this version was filed in the Yemeni courts on May 23, 2012. Mobley's Yemeni lawyers passed the document to the UK Reprieve legal team and the Reprieve legal team passed it to McClanahan as part of their court documentation package."

 "Upon comparing the document officially filed with the Yemeni Courts and the redacted version obtained under the FOIA request, McClanahan alleged that the redactions where done to hide FBI misconduct and possible violations of the law, not because it revealed sensitive national security information.[46] McClanahan contacted the Department of Justice regarding these alleged violations. He also met numerous times with the FBI to resolve issues over the documents. The FBI demanded he delete all documents, surrender his computers, allow review/access to his email and subject his premises to search without warrants."

 Mobley then disappeared in the custody of Yemen police.




The Unabomber is a former professor arrested as a bomber and held in the Supermax. The U.S. government had over a hundred people working full time looking for him and offered a $1,000,000 reward. 


Dandeny Munoz Mosquera is a Colombian hitman being held at the Supermax for an airplane bombing that killed 110 people. There isn't much about him in English language press but Spanish language stories questioning his guilt and pointing to a complex plot abound. 



Spanish https://www.las2orillas.co/la-kika-paga-una-condena-de-160-anos-por-la-bomba-del-avion-de-avianca-no-fue-el/

Ramzi Yousef is at the Supermax. He was the supposed mastermind of the first of the two WTC bombings. Most people don't know that the FBI provided the live explosives for that bombing, because the second WTC bombing gave the government legal 'liberties' to control news involving terrorism.



Zacarias Moussaoui is at the Supermax for his supposed involvement in the second WTC bombing, 911. He had a very strange 'email connection' with Nick Berg, a young American who was held by American forces and then mysteriously beheaded by 'terrorists'. Berg had the type of 'disrespectful rebel' personality that would have angered the young U.S. military and 'intelligence' types who were holding him. Moussaoui is one of many people in U.S. custody who are prevented from giving open interviews to media.






Another supposed friend of Moussaoui is Richard Reid, the 'shoe bomber'.


Terry Nichols is at the Supermax. He was friends with McVeigh but did not know the bomb he gave help with would be used to kill people. There are other serious problems with the facts of his prosecution.


Kenneth Michael Trentadue was suspected of being involved with McVeigh and Nichols. He is not at the Supermax.




Warning / Graphic http://kennethtrentadue.com/


Sauce for the Goose, Sauce for the Gander?

Earlier this year cops in Florida used terrorism laws to secretly install cameras in a massage parlor so they could watch people having sex.


The motive of the police officers was entirely a sexual motive, they were not trying to promote any value nor save some kind of victim. Because they are police officers they can pretend that they were doing their job, but anybody who has common sense and is honest knows that the motive of those police officers was voyeuristic.


Still, cops do set an example for some people. Just as rampant shooting by police lead to rampant shootings by simple minded followers of the police, the tendency of police to use 'security' to legitimize their appetites for pornography is leading others to do that. Here is a security worker in Oklahoma who seemed to not realize that he did not have an 'official' badge, and therefore was not able to give official cover to his pornography operation. 



An Oil War Starting?

It has nothing to do with any country's national security. It is entirely conceived and executed by people whose only interest is in reducing oil exports from Iran and Iraq so oil prices increase and these major oil investors make more money.

If it continues it will lead to thousands of deaths of U.S. 'soldiers' and tens or hundreds of thousands of Iraqi and Iranian deaths.


The people instigating these wars come from many different nationalities, religions etc. All they have in common is that they will profit greatly when oil prices increase. They use an 'Arab vs Jew' context for their business only because it works, they know millions of U.S. evangelicals will support literally any military action if it is framed as 'defending Jews'. The root of this evangelical fervor is a desire for 'Armageddon', and many of these people who have high level positions in the U.S. government are eager for a war that they imagine will 'bring Jesus'. 


Bitcoin, Gold or WWIII?

Interest rates are low or negative in a lot of strong economies, and a lot of news articles speculate about the effect.

The Swiss have an interesting 2015 article that seems to harp on the negative effects for banks, but it reads kind of like they are trying to distract others from some benefit they are getting from low rates.


An article that goes further in looking at the downside on Yahoo.

https://finance. yahoo. com/news/switzerland-tried-negative-rates-1970s-160004040.html


Looking at what happened in the past, it looks like there will be a competitive cycle of countries lowering rates until a recessionary environment, then some shift to something inflationary like the 1970s. 

What has changed since the 1970s? The vast amount of debt governments hold. That seems to be governments secret sauce for spurring on the economy, create money with one hand and buy it with the other hand. It's like having an invisible trillionaire who doesn't consume anything.


The Chinese have figured it out and are trying to slowly follow that example, but the question that arises is what will happen when the economy gets to the 'recession then inflation' part of the cycle?

It looks like there will be a mad dash for global commodities. Countries with strong currencies can buy weaker currencies, but then the countries with weaker currencies could use an equivalent amount of their currency to buy a global commodity like gold. Economies right now are in a 'polite' phase, but if there arises again 'dirty economics' as for example preceded WWII in Europe, and which the United States continued engaging in through the end of the last century, the only way to avoid war will be to make sure all 'dangerous' countries have access to global commodities.

China is being allowed to monopolize wealthy subsea deposits of rare earths and other precious metals. So, once the mad dash starts, the U.S. and other developed countries will have stocked up on gold, which China will start depleting soon to cover its weakening yuan.

But if China's currency continues weakening... they could be forced to take drastic steps to get 'hard currency', like gold, to buy consumer commodities. 

It all looks manageable, until you factor in the social effects of the one child policy which will put a lot of pressure on China to expand its territory, among other things.


The Mysterious Fragmented Quote

RInaldo Rizzo is paraphrased in all mainstream news sources as saying he last saw the unknown Swedish "Epstein girl" at an airport.

"He said he saw the girl approximately a month later aboard a flight with the Dubin family to Sweden. She was dropped off at a Swedish airport."


When she left the island she was apparently drugged, brought from the island to the house of a wealthy Swedish friend of Epstein, then? 

Was the apparent involvement of Prince Andrew, Tony Blair, Governor Richardson, Senator Mitchell and others a factor in discouraging people from finding out what happened to that girl?  

Epstein's housekeeper died of mesothelioma, so he can't be asked.


The detective who led the investigation probably has more information, but he died suddenly last year.


Is there anything in the documents that the media has not reported on, but which should cause concern?


Should You Help Your Children Be Smarter?


A few years ago a respected peer reviewed journal said that prenatal exposure to fluoride makes children less intelligent. 


Actually a lot of studies have shown that.

But none of them were peer reviewed in JAMA, The Journal of the American Medical Association.

Until now.


At this point it is negligent to continue supplementing fluoride in any water pregnant women might drink.

Here are the top ten fluoridated water states, places where extra fluoride is added to the water. If you live in one of these areas it's likely your taxes are paying the government to reduce the intelligence of your children.

1. Washington D.C.: 100% of our capital is fluoridated! 

2. Kentucky: 99.99% of Kentucky is fluoridated.

3. Illinois: 99.3% of Illinois is fluoridated.

4. Minnesota: 99.8% of Minnesota is fluoridated.

5. Maryland: 99.8% of Maryland is fluoridated.

6. North Dakota: 96.9% of North Dakota is fluoridated.

7. Virginia: 95.6% of Virginia is fluoridated.

8. South Dakota: 94.8% of South Dakota is fluoridated.

9. West Virginia: 92.4% of West Virginia is fluoridated.

10. Iowa: 92.3% of Iowa is fluoridated.


Nobody wants to take away anybody's right to drink fluoridated water, or to give fluoridated water to their children, but shouldn't people who want brighter children have the right to not have mandatory fluoride supplementation in their houses, schools etc? 


Zombie Prion Apocolypse?

"While the Fore people stopped consuming human meat in the early 1960s, when it was first speculated to be transmitted via endocannibalism, the disease lingered due to kuru's long incubation period of anywhere from 10 to over 50 years."


"In 1967, CWD was first identified in mule deer at a government research facility in northern Colorado, United States."


Since then, more and more animals are turning up in the U.S. with prion diseases. The slow progression gives the illusion of a less dangerous epidemic, but all of the evidence seems to point to a big, growing problem. 


These panthers have not been diagnosed yet, they are suspected of having been poisoned. If it turns out they have a prion disease the implications will be significant. Whether or not these specific panthers are suffering from a prion disease, it is likely prion diseases will start jumping to humans and other predators soon.


The number of prion infected creatures in the U.S. is quickly rising.




Are scientists learning about the problem quickly? No, actually some years ago they were sure they knew the cause, but now they aren't even sure that what they thought they knew was true. In fact prions do spread the disease but they may not actually be the root of the disease.

Prions are almost indestructible. A bird or other scavenger can eat infected material and it's droppings will contain prions which sit on the soil without degrading, until they are consumed by another creature.  

"Prions cannot be destroyed by boiling, alcohol, acid, standard autoclaving methods, or radiation. In fact, infected brains that have been sitting in formaldehyde for decades can still transmit spongiform disease."



In Order for U.S. Oil Companies to be Profitable, 2,000,000 barrels of foreign oil must be prevented from being exported.

Secretary Pomoeo says that the U.S. has been doing its part to keep Exxon profits high. The U.S. has prevented well over 2,000,000 barrels a day of oil from leaving Iran, Iraq and Venezuela for years. 


The focus for now is on Iran, but if oil prices start to drop, the U.S. can deploy troops if necessary to any number of regions.



Tax Dollars at Work

Most people can figure out by now how this article ends. 

It starts "The government’s star witness, Naseem Khan, was a fast-food worker earning $7 per hour before the FBI enlisted him as an informant and paid him nearly $230,000 over three years."



Angel Dust or Cheap Land?

Looking at land auctions one property came up recently as a possibility. Googling the address came up with this letter sent to a neighbor.

"Dear Mr. and Mrs. ..."

"The ... Contaminated Sites Program has completed a review of the environmental records associated with the Residence...Based on the information provided to date, it has been determined that ... no further remedial action will be required unless new information becomes available that indicates residual contaminants may pose an unacceptable risk."

 "Site Description and Background..."

"After purchase of the property in 1995, the current owners cleared a wooded area and large amounts of solid waste left on the ground to create a backyard lawn. In 2008, the family dog dug a hole in the southwest corner of the property uncovering a buried steel 55-gallon drum. The drum had Eielson Air Force Base markings on the exterior and the contents were labeled as lube oil. The ADEC Prevention, Preparedness, and Response Program was notified and involved the Air Force in sampling the soils underneath the drum during a preliminary investigation. One drinking water sample was collected from the property’s drinking water well prior to the filtration system. Soil sample results contained arsenic, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs as Aroclor 1254), pentachlorophenol (PCP) and methylene chloride above ADEC cleanup levels. Contaminants were not detected in the drinking water sample. Based on these results, the site was administratively transferred to the ADEC Contaminated Sites Program."

"... ... ..."

"Based on these analyses, the following contaminants were detected above the applicable cleanup levels and are considered Contaminants of Concern at this site:"

"• Aroclor 1254 (PCB)


• Methylene chloride

• Trichloroethylene (TCE)"

So, the obvious question is, Why was there PCP in 55 gallon drums of toxic waste that the military surreptitiously buried in a residential area? 


Epstein's Will

Today it was announced that Jeffery Epstein wrote a will two days before his death.


At first glance that would seem to strengthen the theory that he committed suicide, but there are a few problems with that. 

1) He would have had a will already prepared, so the implication is that he wanted to change something about his will. The supposed new will does not contain anything that would seem to be impacted by his situation though. He left his money to a trust with his brother as sole heir, so his brother is the only person who could contest the will. That's likely how his will has always been. Claims against his estate were not impacted, except that a modified list of assets was supposedly provided, which would make claims easier.

2) The ultimate beneficiaries / controllers of his assets / will are anonymous individuals. The only way that would have changed is if some new reason to change those in charge of his trust developed after he was arrested. In other words, most likely one or more of those anonymous individuals was closer to him, more influential, in the last days. The appearance is that one of those anonymous individuals was involved in motivating him to update his will.

3) One of the witnesses to the new will was Mariel Colon Miro, one of el Chapo's lawyers.

"Yes of course, that is my signature. I was a witness,” Colón Miró said Monday when reached by The News regarding the Epstein will. "I can’t divulge more about my involvement. I can only confirm I was a witness,” she said. “At the moment, I have no other comment. There’s an investigation.” 


El Chapo's presence in the same facility was widely reported, so at first glance that doesn't seem suspicious. But actually el Chapo left the facility several weeks before his lawyer went there to supposedly witness the will. 


Is that lawyer generally a person who can be trusted to be truthful? She was caught during el Chapo's trial possibly helping the drug lord communicate with associates through his wife. It looks like she was paid to claim she had been a witness because she has a history of being willing to do illegal things for money.


If she was a witness to the signing it would have been several weeks before his death, and she would have been asked after his death if she was willing to change the date on the signing. 

Why would somebody have asked him to update his will? Was one or more of his lawyers concerned that one of the anonymous people controlling the trust was no longer appropriate for that position? Has a prominent member of Epstein's circle recently disavowed him, making it inappropriate for him to be part of the anonymous trust group?

Did he or they rush to change the trust because they knew he was going to die?


A lot has been in the news about Flint's water crisis.

Flint Michigan had a lot of lead in their drinking water. Lead is strongly correlated to learning disabilities, violent crime etc. Flint Michigan has a violent crime rate far above the average. 


There are other places with lead in the water, but they are seldom mentioned in U.S. media. Here's an article from a Canadian news site about lead in the water in Newark NJ. 


Since the 1970s Newark has been famous for only one thing. 


Gary Indiana scores even worse on the murder capital list. 

The West Calumet Housing project is on the edge of Gary Indiana, in East St Louis, Indiana. 


The residents of the housing complex were told to leave, after years of lead exposure.

There are thousands of highly contaminated areas, spread across the United States, many of them now superfund sites. A lot are old military or corporate dumps where highly toxic material was stored and is starting to corrode through storage containers and seep into groundwater. 



If a McDonalds chef makes a mistake that causes mild food poisoning, he or she would be fired immediately and possibly arrested.

If an NYPD cop accidentally kills somebody for selling loose cigarettes he or she could collect hundreds of thousands of dollars while spending years on relaxed desk duty until fired. 



There would be some complaints, of course, if the officer kept his pension, so the chief announced he would not keep his pension. Pretty honest and straightforward of the chief?


"According to O’Neill’s statement at the press conference, Pantaleo will be stripped of his 13-year vested pension. All of those contributions will be returned to him,"

A very substantial part of the benefits package for NYPD employees is a generous contribution to a pension plan. So the officer has a lot of money in the plan. The police chief will return that money to him, so he basically still has a huge pension, he just has to invest it somewhere else. 


What about the person who filmed the cops killing a man who was selling loose cigarettes? He was a petty criminal and drug user but not violent, physically a small person, about 100 pounds.

Several months after the film became public police went to his house to look for drugs.

They arrested him, his mother and his brother for drugs. 

"On Feb. 10, Orta, his mother, and brother, Michael Batista, were arrested on multiple drug charges after police entered their home in the early morning hours."

"All three were charged with multiple felony and misdemeanor drug counts."



Police Stories

Plainclothes cops supposedly were watching an area in search of a murder suspect when they shot Cesar Tomix Sarmiento-Molina, who had approached one of their cars.

They quickly released a story that two males had approached their undercover vehicle, appearing to have the intent to rob them, so the police shot back. They then portrayed the victim as a criminal "with a warrant".

"Cesar Tomix Sarmiento-Molina, 34, of Milwaukee was shot and killed. Morales said there was a warrant for his arrest on a burglary charge."



"According to Milwaukee Police Chief Alfonso Morales, Sarmiento-Molina was part of an attempted robbery of two plainclothes officers, both of whom shot at him."


The police then claimed they were going to demonstrate their transparency by releasing the body cam. The body cam released had not been turned on until well after the shooting and starts about twenty feet from the victim, behind a second car, so the scene is obscured. 

The police chief explains why the body cam was turned off during the shooting, but the explanation he uses is one that is only used by corrupt police officers, it is not used in honest departments.

His explanation was that 'the camera is turned off except during enforcement activities'. A body cam film is not public unless and until it has been vetted to remove inappropriate or confidential information, and a small camera well under an ounce can hold up to many gigabytes of film, thousands of hours of video, if necessary. The police were trying to hide something. 

Unfortunately for the police, there was a surveillance camera for a local property that recorded the shooting. The film of the actual shooting shows the victim and one other person approaching the plainclothes cops to ask them what they were doing in the parking lot, but before the victim even reached the vehicle the police started shooting. 

The victim worked at a business there and wanted to make sure there was not criminal activity going on. 

"He was a good person, he helped everybody he was unjustly killed," said Luis Morales, employee of man shot and killed. Luis Morales told FOX6 News -- in Spanish -- Molina was his boss.

He believes Molina approached the undercover car for security reasons. He says Molina would often check out unknown vehicles parked near his business. "They shot him. They didn't let him speak or anything. That was unjust," said Morales."


The police by now realize there is a problem, and created a lengthy "Community Briefing" video. They realize they have to include some of the details that the public has learned, but they continue the coverup as best they can. 


One thing that stands out about their "Community Briefing" is their emphasis on why the officers were there. 

The police seem a little too eager to push more and more information out regarding a homicide suspect that the cops were supposedly looking for. They play a 911 call with the voice distorted. Something does not quite look right.

What was a large group of plainclothes cops actually doing in the back part of a vacant parking lot? 

They were not constructing surveillance based on that 911 call, as they claim, obviously.

So what were they doing?


In 2015 Autumn Steele was shot and killed by a police officer.

The police claimed that they wanted to be transparent so they were releasing 12 seconds of the body cam video that showed her being killed. 

Witnesses claimed the police were lying, but the police claimed the full body cam video was legally secret and they couldn't release it. 

After a few years of expensive legal proceedings the family got the full body cam video. 



Do police want people coming to their homes?

In Massachusetts it is legal to grow a few marijuana plants in your home. This family had 20 marijuana plants, which is more than a few, and were probably selling some to people who couldn't grow it themselves. 





Simple facts.

The police try to portray themselves again as heroes protecting the public, but what are they actually doing?


1) The person involved in this shooting did have a lot of arrests.


His last conviction for any crime was in 2012. Police got a warrant to raid the house for drugs, probably marijuana. In other words he probably did not have good job prospects, and he chose to make money honestly, by selling drugs to customers who wanted to buy them. 


2) His two obvious tendencies are drugs and guns, A person in that area who doesn't carry a gun, if a gun is available, would be foolish. Should he respect his natural need for a gun, or the artificial rules of police who want to be his bosses? Any person should have the right to carry any personal weapon they like, and they should face natural consequences, not gang laws designed to empower only cops. If he pulls a gun inappropriately he should be shot, if he doesn't then whose business is it that he has a gun?

3) A large number of cops, dressed in bulletproof clothing and with vastly superior weapons tried to surprise him in his home to arrest him for drugs. He evidently wasn't surprised. The officers all tried to run away, but two were left behind and hid from him until they could be rescued,



Most people know to play along with the phony police narrative in cases like this, but the truth is that a) the guy was not prone to random violence, b) the police targeted him with an act of random violence, c) he responded admirably, the police did not, but 4) since the police control the narrative they get to spin the story for a while.

People who engage in random violence should face spontaneous targeted violence. Mr Hill does not seem to have been a person who engaged in random violence. If he, or anybody else, does engage in random violence then a person can only hope that their target will surprise them. 

Police tend to lie. A lot. Looking at his 'lengthy arrests' a lot of questions arise. In the same incidents charges involving driving without a license overlap multiple assault charges. A fair guess is that the police fabricated the assault charges to exaggerate his crimes. He is charged also with things like kidnapping. Did he actually kidnap anybody or is that yet another exaggeration by police? What are the details of his 'lengthy crimes', and why do they have the appearance of having been grossly exaggerated? 

If a person really commits a serious crime they should face an instant serious consequence.

What are the key takeaway questions?

1) Why would a group of heavily armed men invade a person's house under the pretext of looking for drugs? 

Answer. They are looking for Adrenalin.

2) Did that person actually commit 15 aggravated assaults on the same day he committed 7 simple assaults and a DUI and numerous other crimes? Or were the police grossly exaggerating to make themselves look heroic? 

3) Should a person be discouraged from carrying a firearm in a place where it makes the most basic common sense to do so? 

4) Are there any crimes, any at all, that the police are willing to be truthful about and which justify attacking him in his home? The police have referred to lengthy charge sheets that obviously have some fictional elements. Are they willing to detail factually in the media even one of his past crimes that justifies their attack? Or are all of his past charges a mix of exaggerations and lies involving a petty criminal who the police portray as dangerous? 

5) Why are police encouraged to lie? Policing is the only profession in the United States where lying is not only ignored but is the norm. There is no other profession whose members can reliably be considered dishonest. They harass and intimidate and even assault, as in this case, not to serve society but to send the message that they have more guns and people better pretend to respect them. Is that really a good lesson for younger people who should be taught that integrity should be part of any job? 


Yield Curve Inversion = Recession Soon?

Considering that there are trillions of dollars in sub zero bonds around the world, if that money flows out of bonds and into a productive equity, as long as manufacturing increases the result would only be inflation. Lots of inflation, because governments can't ever make short term bonds have a negative yield to spur growth, and once monetary policy types realize that then they have only one option, inflation. 

Unless a parallel economy both soaks up the excess fiat, and produces a commodity. 

The digital economy would do that with ai coins. 



A network of traps

All that is left of the so called "Epstein investigation" is a crafty wilderness of traps designed to ensnare investigators who overreach their supposed authority. Dozens of high level 'official' investigators will snoop until they trigger a snare, then lose their job. Lower level types will be fired in greater numbers as they clumsily stumble. 



The Sleaze

When a federal agent is caught in misconduct, all he or she has to do is whisper "I'm not the only one going down", and they get a sweetheart deal. Here is a pretty serious felony, lengthy prison for anybody without a badge, but this federal agent knew the secret whisper. 


It is not rare for a police officer to shoot somebody on the pretense that there was a slim possibility the person might use their car as a weapon. 

Should people stop police from nonviolent misbehavior by hitting them with a car? 

Would it be a misdemeanor as long as the cop appeared to be probably in the wrong? 


The more oil that oil companies find, the more pressure there is to start oil wars to prop up the price.


The United States, pressured by oil company executives, has spent decades trying to sabotage oil exports from oil rich countries.


Soon the oil glut may force the U.S. into a massive ongoing war that benefits nobody and nothing except oil company investors. 

Was this girl given to an employee of the U.S. government, a federal agent, for disposal?



How low can Bond Yields go?

If a recession hits and governments want to heat up the economy there is not a lot they can do.


The implication is that either the global economy is colossally mismanaged, or there is a plan b.


Even Freud Would be Baffled

Two police officers of European descent, working in Louisiana, beat a person of indigenous descent, called him a 'fake American' and told him to go back where he came from.


Was the cop's boss too busy to babysit his punk deputies? Yes.



How Low can the Yuan Go?

China is cheapening its currency to improve exports, and the question in outsiders' minds is how far they will go.

This chart gives the appearance that the 'currency weakening' attributed to the trade war is actually something that was going to happen anyway.


If that's the case, and it looks likely, then the trade war was a pre emtive strike by Trump against that. 

Whether or not China could benefit would depend largely on how independent they can be from imports, which will become more and more expensive, unless personal wealth grows to offset that, which would be likely. At any rate it looks like the next step for China is to encourage domestic production of things that had been imported, which will have nationalistic undertones in the context of a trade 'war'. 

Will the U.S. also start domestic production of things that had been imported? Not necessary as long as China is devaluing the Yuan. 


More Cop Filth

Update / notice this shooting https://denver.cbslocal.com/2019/08/08/costilla-county-deputy-shooting-jackie-wample/ As police are perceived more and more as out of control people will become more clever in targeting them. A very simple fix would be bare minimum standards for police accountability, but that is not likely on the horizon. 

Police claim yesterday that they shot a man as he was reaching for a gun. 


The video does not show what the police claim.


But there's another problem beyond the cops lying about a gun. At the very end of the video is a cop supposedly doing chest compressions on the body, but he is not actually doing them. Look at his shoulders vs his arms. He is pretending to pump the person to keep him alive but not actually doing it. Some pedestrians had walked by and the cops were probably concerned about somebody filming them, so one of them, probably the lowest ranking, was told to pretend chest compressions.

Police in that area do like to shoot people, and a common theme is that the person is running away as they draw their weapon. 


It would seem sensible that people would shoot back at the police, and in fact here is a Colorado Springs cop who got shot when he and his partner were killing somebody. Strangely, if you Google the name of the person the officers killed, the first articles are sympathy articles about the wounded cop.


But, as seems to be normal in that area, there seems to have been some dishonesty in the police version of that shooting too, based on the stories in the media. It may even be that his partner shot him by accident. 

The partner of the guy those cops killed would probably like body cam video to clarify things, but that is not likely to happen. 

https://www.krdo. com/news/top-stories/family-of-suspect-who-shot-pueblo-police-speaks-out/1070903486


What is likely is that with police killing people on a whim, that town is likely to experience a mass shooting within a few years. The only factor that seems to correlate with, and precede, mass shootings is corruption and recklessness by cops.

Here is another story in today's news about a past shooting.


A kid is sitting on a bed, the cop shoots him and hits him in the knee?

What was the cop aiming at? If he wanted to shoot him in the head, how could he miss with a rifle at 5 feet? If he wanted to scare the kid with a loud noise why didn't he shoot a few feet to the left or right? 

Either way the kid will get $50,000 which will cover part of the anesthesia the doctors used. The hospital will probably set up a payment plan for the rest of the bill. 


Trump's Trade War Surprise

The so called trade war has been confusing markets around the world.



At first glance it looks like stupidity, but actually there may be a strategy behind it, and one that is supported by both sides, China and the U.S., which explains why it drags on. 

The seeming chief architect of the plan is Larry Kudlow, who has impeccable credentials as a world class idiot, when he is not snorting cocaine or drunk. 


The fact that the visible faces of the policy are Trump and Kudlow leads some people to dismiss it as stupidity, but here is a more likely explanation.

1) The world economy right now is in the process of shedding the 20th century framework that gave a vast economic advantage to developed countries. This was inevitable, but there were a few ways it could have happened. Without a 'managed collapse' of the advantage held by the developed world there was a great risk, almost a certainty, that a very small player, for example a small country, a political group or whatever would take the initiative and 'level the playing field' using any number of newly available 'technologies'. So there was a realization among leaders of many countries, groups etc that a 'controlled decentralization' of the economy was wise. 

2) The seeming objective of Trump's crew is to eliminate all tariffs, and an additional goal listed is protecting intellectual property rights, which has less credibility.

Eliminating tariffs eventually would even out much of the disparity in wages across countries. Today there are many countries where a person works for a dollar a day. That was fine for the U.S. 50 years ago, it kept the U.S. in a position of global power and other countries could only join the club when they figured out the game. But today it is dangerous to have a person who could potentially be educated in physics, chemistry etc earning a dollar a day while somebody else is paid much more. 

If tariffs and similar advantages were removed the main focus would shift to education and natural resources. China has an advantage over the U.S. in the predatory pursuit of resources, and if the playing field were not leveled peacefully they would slowly bleed other developed countries by monopolizing resources in the third world for at least a few decades potentially.

3) The problem that arises though is the political difficulty of 'converting' the entire first world economy to a position equal to developing countries. It would be like going to an elite country club and telling all the millionaires that they are from now on responsible for cooking their own food, sweeping up etc. They would cause problems, most likely. So the trade war probably will be directed in such a way as to make those people, and others who might complain, willing to trade 'something' for stability. In other words they would not today trade their position of supremacy for stability because they already have supremacy and stability. You can't sell an expensive life jacket to some random stranger on the street unless you get him on a boat first. Then the life jacket can be as expensive as necessary. 

 Likewise with concessions that are required of other segments of the population in order to 'level the playing field'. Extreme nationalists who derive a benefit from owning a client culture, for example India and Kashmir come to mind but there are hundreds of examples, have to be convinced to surrender control. If you say to a nationalist Hindu 'The Kashmiris do not want to join your party', the nationalist HIndu will say "They are part of this country and cannot leave". 

So that is probably an approximate explanation of the tariff side of the game, what of the 'intellectual property'. 

Intellectual property, in terms of technologies etc are not proprietary in any civilization that will survive. If you develop a secret technology to capture 10% of your neighbor's property, he or she will develop one to get 20% of yours. The only safe proprietary technologies are those that are protected by geography, or language etc. Compare 'technology a' which is 'protected' by a patent law and only accessible to a tiny few people, and 'technology b' which is a freely available technology developing in one language group but available to anybody who speaks the language or is interested. The first type of technology will have a toxic effect on both the society that developed it, and also competitors. The second technology benefits anybody who wants to use it, the only 'expense' is a very local financial cost. 

So, pretty likely the 'intellectual property' they are referring to is simply the gangster intellectual property of recognizing their strategy and profiting from it. They are playing the same elitist game as is always played, but they are giving an overt 'heads up' that anybody who sees the strategy accurately is free to profit from it. By extension, it's safe to guess that the news designed to make markets jump and dive is not entirely random. Anybody who watched the corrupt games played by Chinese bureaucrats with Bitcoin in 2013 can guess that their 'policy' decisions are profiting the policy makers, and anybody who has watched Trump scratch money knows both sides are doing that.

https://www.msn. com/en-us/money/markets/the-direction-of-the-us-stock-market-is-being-determined-by-china-s-currency-right-now/ar-AAFtYF2 article removed, no caches available

There is another aspect to the trade war that could have an interesting result. 

For a long time people have been scratching their heads about how U,S. national debt could soar endlessly, money supply increase exponentially, etc. Where are these dollars going? 

The common deduction has been that it is a bubble waiting to burst, and it is. But if you follow the likely steps in the trade war, it's possible the 'bubble's burst' will be distributed in such a way that it has a different effect than most people would expect. 

Using a global commodity as a measure, you could say for example an American today works on average maybe 3 weeks for 1 ounce of gold salary. A person in Haiti might work 2 years for one ounce of gold salary, etc. As things developed, Americans got a lot of resources Haitians etc did not get, primarily as a result of labor in less developed countries that was paid at predatory rates. 

Fast forwarding to a post crisis economy, after a well managed trade war, the U.S. dollar will be vastly less valuable compared to a global commodity like gold, but the Haitian dollar or peso or whatever will be worth much more. So while the dollar debt was unpayable previously in terms of both global commodities and domestic production or labor, after the rebalancing it will suddenly become affordable, at least in terms of global commodities, in other words the price of continuity / stability in the U.S. will be that the U.S. will be a net exporter of some as yet undefined 'global commodities'. 

A person can look back at the trickery that allowed such a disparity in the values of certain commodities in the past, and anticipate scenarios based on which commodities are given 'global value' or 'reserve' status in the future. Gold, by itself, cannot be 'the global commodity' because some countries produce it and some don't. Agricultural commodities are vulnerable in many ways and not suitable. The most consistent commodity, across the globe is 'a unit of labor', for example 'one hour of work', so the ideal global commodity would be a strict derivative of a unit of human labor, for example something that represents consistently across all countries 'one hour of work'. In the past governments have fabricated some unit of a fictional commodity that profited them specifically, then hired police to enforce their stupidity. That is what caused the current danger and probably wouldn't be wise to repeat. 

So a person can guess that the 'objective' of the trade war is not necessarily specifically 'the elimination of tariffs' but rather 'the reduction of the disparity between the value of a unit of human labor in different areas'. A complete elimination of the disparity would make no sense, people are not robots, but it must be reduced enough to eliminate the imminent danger it causes. 

The two sides, China and the U.S., are creating a microcosm in which part of the global economy is rebalanced, but a person should ask, what about the rest of the global economy i.e., other countries. The unexpected escalation in Kashmir seemed to have only one, tenuous, root, an attack that left several dozen Indian soldiers dead. 


Speed Bump?

"Police have said it’s unclear if Europe died before or after being run over. They also have declined to name the officer responsible."

Uhm, she probably died during the process of being run over.


Don't worry, sergeant. Wait a few months and the public won't notice. We can give the punchline to the media right after the next mass shooting. 

"Franklin was new to the Unified Police Department at the time of the incident. She had previously resigned from the West Valley City Police Department after she was placed on a week's leave without pay for consistent traffic violations, according to documents obtained by the Deseret News in March through a public records request. 

"Your driving history reflects a poor pattern of attention to proper driving tactics and this has contributed to an unacceptable number of preventable accidents on your part," former West Valley Police Chief Lee Russo wrote in a letter to Franklin.

She was issued disciplinary orders for a number of driving-related incidents that took place while she was in her West Valley City patrol car, including hitting a rock while making a U-turn, hitting a construction barrel, backing into a light pole, rear-ending another car while looking at her computer screen, twice hitting a concrete curb, and driving at least 90 mph in the express lane on I-15 and weaving in and out of traffic, even when she was not responding to a call.

Franklin was involved in seven "preventable/at-fault" traffic incidents during her eight years with the West Valley City department, according to the letter from the chief."



The Real Cause of Mass Shootings

The U.S. has had a lot of mass shootings in recent years. What leads people to do that?


Pick any city on the list, then google the city name with the words 'police corruption'. 

So, what is the solution? The public already knows cops scatter when a shooter appears, so the answer isn't more cops.

Maybe it's time to arm citizens. A lot of people can't afford guns. Maybe instead of food stamps, the government should give guns to the poor, the mentally ill, the homeless etc. Each month a person who has a free gun could be issued a number of bullets based on their specific needs. 


How Many Cops in the United States are Rapists?

The number / percentage is very high.

There are about 670,000 cops in the U.S. 


"All told, the AP determined that some 550 officers lost their licenses from 2009 through 2014 for sexual assault, including rape, pat-downs that amounted to groping, and shakedowns in which citizens were extorted into performing favors to avoid arrest. Some 440 other officers were decertified for other sex offenses or misconduct, including child pornography, voyeurism in the guise of police work and consensual but prohibited on-duty intercourse."


550 very serious offenses, plus 440 fairly serious offenses equals 990 police officers. Well over 1/10th of one percent, which would be 670 cops, are included in that AP news report. 

What percentage of total cops are represented by the report? 

From the same article. "Though nine states and the District of Columbia declined to provide information or said they did not track officer misconduct, decertification records from 41 states were obtained and then dissected to determine whether the cause of revocation involved sexual misconduct."

And "Consider the variations between Pennsylvania and Florida. In Pennsylvania, the state agency responsible for police certification reported just 20 revocations from 2009 through 2014, none for sex-related crimes or misconduct. Florida decertified 2,125 officers in those six years, some 162 for sex-related misconduct."


And "The AP’s review at once represents both the most complete examination of such wrongdoing and a sure undercount of the problem, limited by a patchwork of state laws. California and New York, for example, had no records because they have no statewide system for revoking the licenses of officers who commit misconduct. And even among states that provided information, some reported no officers removed for sexual misdeeds even though cases were discovered in news stories or court records."

So it doesn't include the two most populous states, along with several other states, along with the simple fact that even in states that do punish and report rapes by police officers, most cases involving cops are hidden and involve neither punishment nor reporting.

At a minimum, the real number is probably four or five times what the study reported, i.e., up to one half of one percent of cops committing rapes in a given six year period.

The high end of the range might be that the report only represents a tenth or twentieth of cases, which would mean 1% to 2% of police officers actually commit serious offenses in a given six year period. 

What is being done about it? Police are highly resistant to wearing body cams, and police chiefs around the country try to prevent the public from accessing information about police misconduct, and the most serious long term offenders are often higher level 'connected' cops who are only arrested when an outside agency forces it.


Also "About one-third of the decertified officers were accused in incidents involving juveniles." And "Overall, the victims were overwhelmingly women and included some of society's most vulnerable — the poor, the addicted, the young." 

Protecting juveniles is certainly a cause du jour, but most of the victims are from groups that the media does not have an interest in nor seek out. Maybe, as with the James Blake assault case, a cop will accidentally cross a celebrity, and that will cause a brief frenzy in the media. Throw in some politics and some serious investigations are forced. 



How will the next U.S. recession end?

The U.S. federal reserve has started cutting interest rates, meaning they expect the economy to slow or stop growing, and need more cash put in through low interest rates. 


The problem though is that if the economy 'stops growing' to an extreme, a severe recession, what will they do to increase growth?

A free market economy requires a respect for basic economics, something which has not existed for a long time in the U.S. So now the economy is approaching a point where 'free market' tools, like lowering interest rates, will not be enough. 

What will the government do if the next recession is severe, people start rioting, homelessness becomes severe, jobs are minimal, etc? 

It won't be able to 'lower interest rates' as the solution. 

It's only option will be to take over various sectors of the economy, and heavily use police type authorities to control problems. 

It isn't even a "worst case" type scenario, it is probably the only possible outcome of the next significant economic contraction. The only alternative would be super 'quantitative easing' which, at this point, would involve shoveling trillions of dollars into many different sectors.

If the fed were able to do that without causing inflation and instability through another rate cycle then it would get to the point where lowering interest rates have almost no effect and the national debt would be inconceivably high and the dollar's credibility would be very low. 

A massive war would solve the problem and give government more options, but at this point most developed countries have millions of people capable of making significant weapons and many of those people would be 'the enemy'. They could be locked up, but then you have to get their sympathizers too. It would be interesting. 

A parallel digital economy that extremely overlapped the dollar economy would offer an escape, especially since it would add a lot of crowdsourced talent to solving the problem.

So most likely the next severe recession will be a fork in the U.S. economy, which will either lead to a collapsing police state where dollars are useless or a digital economy where dollars are nostalgic. 


"Drive her to jail, Judge?" "No, I'm drunk, you drive".

A 79 year old woman lives in a town where it is illegal to feed stray cats. 

She fed them and got 10 days in jail.


A judge who wrecked her car and told a cop “I am absolutely out of my mind. I am so intoxicated,”?

She got 3 days in jail. 



De La Who?

De La Rue is a major company that prints banknotes for many governments.

They scored a coup when they got the banknote business of Venezuela, a country that orders banknotes by the planeload. 


Things went south when Venezuela said they could only pay for the banknotes using the banknotes. 


Dong Samuel Luak is one of many people suspected of having been abducted by a corrupt regime in South Sudan. He was in the news very recently. He went missing in 2017 but had clearly been in imminent danger for some time, and had family abroad who would have tried to expedite asylum paperwork. 


Two months ago his suspected murder was in the news. 

https://southsudannewsagency. org/index.php/2019/05/22/family-statement-on-dong-samuel-luak-koks-murder/



Another interesting story in today's news. 



De La Rue is, uh, the British currency printing company that accidentally made planeloads of Venezuelan currency for free. A company like that would have constant contact with U.K. government agencies, and corruption accusations against them are serious. The news seems to have taken the stock by surprise, it has been dropping since 2018 but is down 10% today. 

From an article in 2011

“South Sudan is a brand new country and we have done the currency for that,” De La Rue Chief Executive Tim Cobbold told Reuters. Sudan, Africa’s largest country split in two earlier this year. The Republic of South Sudan achieved independence on July 9, following Africa’s longest-running civil war."


Strangely, the story is not mentioned on the front page of https://www.africaintelligence.com. They are usually ahead of the curve. 

Why would they not cover the story?

Uh oh.

They've been covering it since 2016.

"According to a 17 June report by ION, Athorbei has several accounts at the Kenyan Equity Bank and uses the accounts of the firms such as Riuwa Logistics Limited and Eat Right Limited to take funds outside South Sudan."

"The report added that Emmanuel Makuach Ayuel, a consultant for Bank of South Sudan and brother-in-law of President Salva Kiir’s envoy, Nhial Deng Nhial, is reportedly in the money laundering business with David Deng Athorbei." 

"He [Ayuel] regularly receives deposits in his account of over $200,000 from the British firm De La Rue International Limited which prints the South Sudanese banknotes, according to the newsletter."

"The international news outlet claimed it has received documents as evidence substantiating the allegations of financial transactions involving the two officials in business since Athorbei’s appointment as finance minister." 

Remember, Dong Samuel Luak went missing in 2017


So what happened to Tim Cobbold, the De La Rue executive who onboarded South Sudan? 

Don't worry, he's doing fine. 


Better than fine, actually.


Dong Samuel Luak? 

Still dead. 

Where does this money De La Rue paid go? 




Janney Capital Management LLC had over 1m shares in June 2014, other large institutional investors are hard to find. That company had unloaded all their shares by September 2014. 

Institutional investors do due diligence, so a person has to ask why the slide started in 2018, not 2016 or earlier. 

The appearance is that De La Rue was involved obviously in supporting a very corrupt regime that has slaughtered a lot of people. The fact that their CEO not only walked away unscathed, but walked out into an ultra lucrative position seems to suggest he was working in some measure on behalf of some aspect of the U.K. Govt. 

The fact that the price did not reflect an investigation until March 2018 indicates large holders, institutional or not, who do due diligence and were aware of the 2016 reports, did not dump the stock until, evidently, they felt mainstream publicity was inevitable, and they didn't think that until 2018. 

Who did these large investors and this major corporation feel had the power to cover up a scandal of that magnitude?

And who were these investors? There are currently no large institutional investors listed, very unusual for a company like that. Who was propping up the stock from September 2014 until March 2018? 


America's Scummy Cops and Their Absurd Immunity has Become Obscene

Several weeks ago a large number of federal agents were exposed as promoting the violent rape of a female politician on Facebook who did not support them. Regular citizens can go to prison for threats like that, but it is routine behavior for cops. 


Today another cop posts publicly that he thinks that same female politician should be killed. He knows that not a single one of his fellow cops will arrest him, for the simple reason that he is a cop, and immune from the laws others are forced to follow.

https://www.marketwatch. com/story/ocasio-cortez-deserves-to-be-shot-louisiana-officer-suggests-on-facebook-2019-07-22


Update / Due to publicity, and under pressure from local politicians, the police department has pretended to fire the cop who posted on social media that a congresswoman should be killed. Anybody who follows the news knows the cop will be rehired by that department or a nearby department in a short time. It is possible his rehiring with another department was arranged before he was 'fired'. 

If a McDonalds employee posted on social media the exact same words as the federal agents and local cop posted, a SWAT team would be at his or her door and he or she would be in jail. 

It's a pretty safe bet that criminal charges against the federal and local cops were never even contemplated. 


A day later, three of the top stories on the NYPost portray cops as victims of harassment.



Including an obvious case of overpolicing by cops bent on proving they can overpower people. The front page says "Queens man claims undercover cops roughed him up, but cops tell a different story". The implication is that he is lying and the cops are correcting him. He was on a motorized scooter, and works as a pizza delivery man. If the NYPD cannot afford body cameras, Walmart often has cheap video cameras under $50 that will record for hours and can be duct taped to the uniform. 

It appears that the cops used their car as a deadly weapon to commit a hate crime terroristically. At least that's what the exact same situation would have been portrayed as had the roles been reversed. 



Saudi Arabia, next? 

As oil prices continue to drop relative to production costs, and shale oil production in the U.S. starts to ramp up, oil companies are desperate to stop the glut, which means another oil war is coming. Venezuelan, Iraqi, Iranian and Nigerian exports have been stifled somewhat. 


The U.S. has been indicating it wants to go back to Iran / Iraq to destroy oil export infrastructure and prop up prices, but there are a few small indications the real target may be Libya. 

Libya would seem to be the most ridiculous country for the U,S. to invade, it would further unify the Arab block, and a decaying Egypt would certainly not become more stable with heavy U.S. involvement in Libya. 

So it seems, using common sense, that invading Libya would be one of the dumbest ideas of the new millennium, but, smart money says a catastrophic U.S. intervention in Libya has been in the cards for a while and may happen soon. 



Chemical soup

PFOA is a chemical that has been in the news recently, like bisphenol A, and will probably be in the news more and more until steps are taken to reduce exposure. 

When teflon first came out in the 1970s, under names like SilverStone, a lot of people thought it was a great invention. I used to bring Teflon frying pans camping, prop them between three rocks and build a fire under them. All of the nonstick coating would come off in large flakes into the food, so that after a few days you are cooking on bare aluminum. Meanwhile, with each pan you go through you consume maybe a gram of the Teflon flakes. Like a lot of people, I probably consumed more Teflon flakes than any of Dupont's lab rats. 

The half life of PFOA in the body is several years, so it will be several hundred thousand years, at least, until people who used Teflon on camping trips are clear of the toxin. 

Some people say it's harmless.

https://www.highya. com/articles-guides/non-stick-cookware-101-is-teflon-safe Article and online caches removed

Some say otherwise.


The one thing I can say, with some certainty because I tested it, is that the tumors caused by PFOA shrink rapidly within a few months if a person consumes large doses of vitamins b12 and c. Don't mention that to a doctor though. 


The number of rapes committed daily by police officers across the United States is staggering. It is also secret. 

Why don't police catch serial rapists? https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2019/08/an-epidemic-of-disbelief/592807/

Is this a coincidence? https://www.deseretnews.com/article/900079921/lois-collins-if-you-want-to-make-a-dent-in-crime-do-this-every-single-time-sexual-assault-rape-kit.html

Is it a coincidence that two out of the three serial rapists caught in Northern California by a new dna technique were law enforcers? https://www.sacbee.com/news/local/article232195872.html

The third of the three, the only recently caught serial rapist in Northern California who was not directly employed in law enforcement, was a "safety specialist" at the University of California. In other words he was waiting for his job application with law enforcement to be processed. 

Here is another cop from that area, though not involving the new dna technique.


Are there similar problems outside of Northern California? https://www.nbcnews.com/news/crime-courts/los-angeles-police-officer-charged-multiple-rapes-after-dna-hit-n1031036

Should a person assume that there is something about policing that attracts people who like to rape women? Not necessarily. https://ktla.com/2019/07/05/off-duty-lapd-detective-charged-with-75-counts-after-allegedly-filming-in-restroom-at-angel-stadium/


Yawn, does anybody not know how this ends? 10 day countdown started a few days ago evidently. 

When officers arrived, Brand "presented a weapon," Shearer said. One of the officers fired. Brand was hit and killed. But one of the other officers was also hit by friendly fire" ...

"Salt Lake police are required per city policy to release body camera footage of any critical incident within 10 business days. Police say they will hold a press conference at that time to release more information."


update / surprise

The person did actually have a paintball gun, but was no match for the polish firing squad. 



Homeless Wars?

The Iraq and Afghanistan wars were estimated, as of several years ago, to have cost the U.S. between $4 trillion and $12 trillion. Both wars are ongoing, so the cost is higher by now. https://www.csis.org/analysis/us-military-spending-cost-wars

The U.S. has about 500,000 homeless people. 

In other words, the United States could have skipped the war and instead bought every homeless person in the United States a one million dollar mansion. 

Wait, that would only cost $500 billion. 

The U.S. could have bought 8 to 24 or more $1,000,000 mansions for every homeless person in America. 


Is Global Warming Real?

This chart shows the level of CO2 in the atmosphere over the last 800,000 years. CO2 is the main "greenhouse gas". 

A few decades ago CO2 started to skyrocket. In the last 50 years, it suddenly jumped higher than it has been at any point in the last 800,000 years. 

According to Wikipedia https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carbon_dioxide

"There are few studies of the health effects of long-term continuous CO 2 exposure on humans and animals at levels below 1%. Occupational CO 2 exposure limits have been set in the United States at 0.5% (5000 ppm) for an eight-hour period. At this CO 2 concentration, International Space Station crew experienced headaches, lethargy, mental slowness, emotional irritation, and sleep disruption. Studies in animals at 0.5% CO 2 have demonstrated kidney calcification and bone loss after eight weeks of exposure. A study of humans exposed in 2.5 hour sessions demonstrated significant effects on cognitive abilities at concentrations as low as 0.1% (1000ppm) CO 2 likely due to CO 2 induced increases in cerebral blood flow. Another study observed a decline in basic activity level and information usage at 1000 ppm, when compared to 500 ppm."


One more mystery solved.

When Whitey Bulger was transferred to a new jail, and quickly killed, there was a lot of speculation over why the FBI wanted him dead. 


Most speculation probably involved the fact that he had employed a lot of FBI agents in his gang, had paid them a lot of money, and had allowed some of them to remain anonymous at his trial. 


Whitey Bulger had control over law enforcement while he was a crime boss, and the FBI agents and other law enforcement personnel employed by him took great pains to hide this. At his trial they tried to portray him as having been an informant. Considering the amount of money he was paying cops and FBI agents, and considering all the murders and other crimes the cops and FBI agents helped him with, that was an astonishing twist.


But now a new possible motive appears. Simple, petty spite by federal agents. 



America's devotion to scapegoats

The United States teaches its youth that the key to winning wars is to attack countries you can easily beat. Has that knowledge trickled down?

In cities that have a lot of shootings, it is normal for police to drive away from the sound of gunfire until they are dispatched specifically to deal with it. This can be deduced by looking at response times, and sometimes even by looking at surveillance videos of shootings. 

https://ijr. com/heres-how-long-on-average-it-takes-for-police-to-respond-to-a-911-call/


One of the constants in recent mass shootings is that the police who are nearby all run for cover and wait for the shooter to finish killing. Then, once he or she is out of bullets, they hold a press conference saying they expect to find the shooter soon. Police were criticized for running away from the shooter during the Las Vegas mass shooting, the Pulse nightclub mass shooting, the Florida school mass shooting. In fact one of the first priorities of law enforcement after a mass shooting has been to hide the fact that many officers ran away. Is that changing?



Historically, police in the United States have been known for causing crime then pretending to heroically reduce it, so maybe scapegoating lower level cops who do what they have been taught to do is a step in the right direction. 


Central Park Five

The Central Park Five was a famous case of police 'shortcut solving' a major case by snatching some young people involved in petty crimes and pinning a high profile crime on them. 

The case has been off and on in the news for many years, but there has been a recent push to rehabilitate the image of the NYPD by presenting inaccurate facts about the case. 

One thing police often do, especially in high profile crimes that have been solved improperly, is get the victim to 'see things the way police do'. It has everything to do with trying to make the police look 'good', and nothing whatsoever to do with justice. They create a sort of choice the victim has to make between one threatening group and another, and most victims will choose the police, even when the police are lying. https://abcnews.go.com/US/case-settled-1989-central-park-jogger-believes-person/story?id=63077131

Any person should be able to quickly spot some of the deceptions used by the police officer in the article and video below. 



Why would it be important for police to convince the public that they did not make a mistake in the Central Park jogger case? 

The actual rapist had committed numerous other rapes before and after the Central Park jogger. In one previous case they had identified him as having committed a violent rape but did not arrest him, and in the Central Park case and numerous ones that succeeded it the police could be seen as responsible to some extent. 

When police shortcut cases by arresting the wrong person, fabricating evidence, etc, they generally face no punishment when they are caught. But in a case like this their image is dirtied and their response is often to further lie. 

Why do police often tell blatant lies to promote distorted narratives? Because, for whatever reason, most major media will promote lies from the police no matter how obvious it is that the police are lying. https://nypost.com/2002/12/05/why-reyes-admitted-rape-bid-to-win-protection-from-a-jogger-con-2/


Will a USD stablecoin save the U.S. economy?

The U.S., using the NY Attorney General as a proxy, has repeatedly attacked Bitfinex and Tether. 

Initially the motive appeared to be Tether's success in creating an 'alternate dollar'. The U.S. dollar will become a little bit too liquid as the crypto economy grows, and attacking that process is a sort of idiot's version of snake oil. 

Most likely fiat issuers, governments, will eventually start issuing their own digital fiat, which would make more sense. Once the digital economy grew to the tens of trillions in usd, the fiat digital currencies would act as additional assets or resources, a sort of sponge for hyper extended economies. This would put fiat government on sounder footing in relation to 'new' corporate digital entities that are likely to be much more powerful than traditional corporations have been. Those governments that are largely controlled by traditional corporations, notably the U.S. government but also many others, would have to choose between a death spiral and a digital renaissance. 




As the rest of the world prepares for a series of Oil Consortium wars to prop up oil prices, Norway takes the Crypto Lead





The U.S. educational system

The 'rape culture' education of U.S. citizens begins at an early age, with children forcibly vaccinated. It continues with a militarized police force that can attack anybody, lie about it, then punish the victim. But it's crowning achievement is an arbitrary penal system whose only purpose is to promote the idea that preying on the weak is the purpose of power. 



A few weeks ago Libya announced its oil production was at a 6 year high


The Oil Consortium watched as international prices for oil dropped. Exxon and it's Consortium partners swung into action. 




Saudi Arabia indicates that it is onboard for new oil wars

Three of the top ten most profitable companies in the world in 2017 were oil companies. 


China is cracking down on Oil Consortium control of politics, but in the U.S. it is still Exxon Mobil that decides where 'democracy' needs to be enforced. 

Exxon has problems, though. It's stock chart is abysmal.


Resource trends have been clobbering the company and it is in a last ditch desperate effort to maintain its profits for a few more years. 

As the Oil Consortium struggles to hide a massive oil glut which threatens to collapse prices, Saudi Arabia nods that it will go along with whatever new wars are necessary to limit exports from competing oil producers and prop up crude prices. 



The country with the biggest ability to collapse oil prices, Venezuela, has been neutralized. 


The other non Consortium countries on the top ten list, Iran, Iraq, Libya and Nigeria, can expect war if they start increasing oil exports. 


Fat, funny Leonard

Admiral Gilbeau had a 15 year relationship with a foreign defense contractor who was almost certainly controlled by a foreign government. 

He took vast amounts of cash, gifts, prostitutes etc for many years. 


"With his small, white service dog Bella with him court, Gilbeau apologized to his family in the front row and to the Navy."



Mueller time

Mueller's investigation supposedly clears Trump, but now the investigators are getting ready to be grilled.


For decades the Russians worked to infiltrate the U.S. political and legal system. 

Applicants for sensitive U.S. government jobs had to pass a number of tests to make sure they were not easily recruitable by the Russians. 


Was the investigation rigged?

 There was plenty of strong evidence of irregularities in the 2016 election.


The purpose of the 'investigation' appears more to have been putting another nail in the coffin of the Cold War, rather than removing a president who is distinctly not coldwarish. The Russians are an important buffer between China and the U.S. 

But it remains to be seen if the U.S. will go full Stalin purge on the old guard, and if they do, who would play whom. 

A FBI top agent, who was sleeping with one of his employees, conspired to rig the election. Should that kind of interference only be illegal for non FBI agents? 


The privileged class

In the U.S. it is very common for police who commit crimes to not be arrested, as long as the media has not gotten involved. Instead the police officers who committed the crimes are dealt with discreetly by their department, usually given a warning of some kind. The public is either not told about the crime itself, or, not told that an officer committed the crime. This is extremely common across the United States and includes some very serious crimes.

A 77 year old, and numerous others were caught in a prostitution sting. The police put video cameras in the sex room and watched people having sex for several months. Now they want to release the tapes to the public. 


Meanwhile, thousands of cops who were arrested for things ranging from rape to theft to wifebeating want to keep even the fact of their having been caught a secret from the public. 



As the Houston drug raid slowly fades into history

"A 911 call from the mother of now-deceased suspect Rhogena Nicholas put 7815 Harding Street on police radar. Sources close to the investigation say her mother called reporting the 58-year-old was doing drugs inside her own home."


That was one of several versions of the 911 call given by police. Did they finally tell the truth in that version? Ask the mother. 

"On Jan. 28, Rhogena texted her mother a prayer in the morning. Around 4:15, she and her mother talked one last time. It was about buying groceries and the expected cold weather in Louisiana. They hung up thinking they would talk the next day, but that would never happen."

"Jo Ann said Rhogena and Dennis lived a quiet life in that house on Harding. They had been married 23 years, and loved each other very much. She last visited the house a few years ago, and said she never saw her daughter do drugs, and definitely never saw heroin."



Stablecoin Universe?

Stablecoins are digital coins representing a fiat currency. 

They will cushion the next financial shock, and are an important psychological transition towards digital money. 

Those companies and countries that issue them do so mainly for profit, they are hugely profitable in any competently run business. 



Hemperor. The secret history of hemp in the U.S.

Before the Oil Consortium, there were other corporate consortiums that controlled U.S. politics. 

Most Americans don't know that it was once legally mandatory to grow hemp in the U.S. 



Is Google run by the Oil Consortium / U.S. government? Part 2

Most Americans get the information they use to form political opinions directly or indirectly from Google. Google makes a show of promoting 'good' causes, things most people support, but Google does take orders from those with power. It has been criticized for doing sneaky things in support of the darker aspects of 'the patriot act', essentially sabotaging liberties to support a group that has temporary power. 

One interesting example involves Obama and Cuba. Most Americans know very little about Obama's visit to Cuba. 

Try to find details on Google and you will see that Google doesn't seem to want a certain aspect of the visit studied. 

Here is a Cuban news article on the visit. http://en.granma.cu/obama-in-cuba/2016-03-20/president-obama-in-havanas-plaza-de-armas


Is Google run by the Oil Consortium / U.S. government? Part 1

In today's news, an article about the opposition in Venezuela.


The government there supposedly 'kidnapped' an opposition figure and committed other travesties. 

The government of Venezuela was elected in a democratic election. Because of Venezuela's huge oil reserves, and the fact that it pushes down oil prices simply by exporting a small fraction of what it needs to sell to maintain its economy, the U.S. has been sabotaging its oil export capacity, under guise of 'promoting liberty'. 

The only opposition to Venezuela's government comes from the oil companies and their supporters in the U.S. government. 

The Oil Consortium's employees in the U.S. government are trying to reduce the standard of living in Venezuela so that the population will be unhappy with leadership there. As a result, the Venezuelan economy has been reduced to rubble.

Food and other necessities including medicine are hard to find. As a result, many people are revolting against the government.

Those 'revolters' want the country to surrender to the U.S. and the Oil Consortium, believing that such surrender will lead to wealth. What they don't realize is that the goal of the Oil Consortium and its employees in the U.S. government is not liberty nor democracy. Their goal is simply to prevent the export of oil by Venezuela. If Venezuela exports oil in large quantities it will drive down oil prices and reduce margins on the vast shale oil deposits being monetized in the U.S. 

The profits of Exxon Mobil and other large members of the Oil Consortium are at stake. 

If you search 'Venezuela news' on Google though, all of the first results are sites that support the Oil Consortium, news and opinion sites backing the Oil Consortium and the U.S. government. 

Does Venezuela have any newspapers that support its own government? 

Why is Google helping the Oil Consortium sabotage Venezuela?

Here is an older article from the time Chavez was in power https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2012/oct/03/why-us-dcemonises-venezuelas-democracy 

And some newer articles after the U.S. economic sabotage campaign started to increase. 


https://canadiandimension .com/articles/view/us-state-department-no-longer-wants-elections-in-venezuela





Fetal Cell Vaccines? The power of lobbies. 

A number of people do not like vaccines. In most cases it has nothing to do with dislike of medicine. It's usually a simple matter of somebody not approving of a stranger sticking a metal object through their, or their child's, skin, and injecting chemicals, good or bad. As offensive as injections might be to some people, forcing injections on anybody should offend most people, and telling people that their children must get injected whether they want it or not is ridiculous.

Humankind survived a long time without injections. If there is a prevention for cancer that requires people to get a finger amputated should all people be forced to do that? It would save the country a lot of money. What about if it were two fingers? If you support that cure would you go along with jailing parents of kids who refused to participate in that cure? 

Some people who oppose injections claim that some common injections, like chickenpox, are made using aborted fetal cells indirectly. That's obviously an absurd claim. Except it happens to be true. 


Is it really 'okay' for somebody who does not want to use abortion products to get those vaccines? 

The 'National Catholic Bioethethics Commitee' says 'Don't worry about it'. 

It's sort of like kosher pork. 


A donation here. A few phone calls. Pork is kosher and the aborted fetus whose cells cultured a vaccine goes to heaven. 


Law Enforcement credibility deficit

Every day in the U.S. thousands of women are arrested and offered their freedom in exchange for sex, or, in many cases involving the most vulnerable groups, simply raped, by law enforcement personnel. This happens in all cities, all states, across the United States and is almost never investigated unless another crime, or publicity, forces an investigation. 


More details ignored by most media  https://thefreethoughtproject.com/cop-pulls-car-next-to-building-so-mother-cant-escape-kills-her-during-unauthorized-prostitution-sting/

Also very common across the United States are massage parlors where prostitution occurs. These are in all 50 states, all major cities. Some of the women are, like most people, forced to do that work for financial reasons. If they didn't do that work they would make less money at another job. 

As various social issues converged and it appeared imminent that law enforcements chronic rape issues would headline, the "human trafficking" issue suddenly took center stage. 


The exact same individual officers and agents who commit badge rapes now giggle together in their police stations as they watch surreptitiously placed cameras record people having sex.  


Do prostitution raids disguised as phony heroic 'human trafficking' rescues really help anybody? The women either go to jail or get deported, so obviously it's not about helping them. The men will always be able to find prostitutes, even if it is in the form of a professional relationship 

When top law enforcers are able to flip the narrative to suit their interests, even hijacking the concept of shame  https://www.theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/2018/07/have-they-no-sense-of-decency/565415/ and then having an intimidated media support their nonsense version, it should be obvious that 'authorities' are misguided. 

It is a lot like the drug war. The U.S. has a) prevented access to many natural intoxicants on the basis of 'moral authority', then b) forced young people to use dangerous synthetics that kill tens of thousands a year, but c) vastly increase violent and property crime while d) presenting the cause of the crime as the drugs rather than the prohibition. 

Will the tendency of young people to use intoxicants, or the tendency of urban people to use prostitutes suddenly disappear through the efforts of armchair wise people? No. Those things just go back underground until the next generation, when they return with a vengeance. 


If law enforcers do not have ethics and simple integrity, at least some of their targets do. https://mobile.twitter.com/VCarlisle/status/1099054003235635200

Compare 'human trafficking' in the United States, where the women are arrested and sometimes deported, to human trafficking in some other countries. https://nypost.com/2019/03/21/myanmar-women-are-being-sold-as-brides-into-sexual-slavery-in-china/


U.S. Economy = In Trouble

When your "long term trend line" for interest rates almost intersects zero, 


And you are old enough to know what the word 'stagflation' means.

And your debt easily flies past $22,000,000,000,000, 


You should start looking for a new currency. 


What happens when a crooked topcop retires?






As scientists discover that birds defecate, the government mobilizes resources to protect taxpayers from this insidious threat

"The costs estimate was not immediately known. But an estimate in 2009 — for what was then a planned concrete cover for the reservoir — was $1.6 billion."



As western voodoo science slowly spreads

"The development of economically damaging populations depends on several factors, including, spring moth flights, cropping practices, weather conditions, natural enemies, and others. Most years, armyworm populations are kept below damaging levels by several predators, parasites, and pathogens."





Always the little details that matter

No charges.

Body cameras? Secret. 


"One North Texas couple spent two years fighting to find out how their 18-year-old son died during an arrest in Mesquite; police had failed to report they shocked the handcuffed teen in the testicles with a stun gun and stood on his head."



No Rush


Ethiopia "Thanks for giving us a discount on the export version of your new plane. We'll have a preliminary report in 30 days."

Boeing "Sounds good.". 



When can you start?

Donald Trump's new Deputy Director of National Intelligence was a UPS driver just a few years ago. She won the lottery and thought she wouldn't have to work again. 

After her money was spent she applied for waitress jobs, but had no luck until she bumped into Donald Trump outside a McDonalds. He asked her what the capitol of Albania was. She said Birmingham. He said "You're hired". 


She will be working directly under Director of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen, who previously was personnel director at Hooters. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kirstjen_Nielsen

Once a week they will meet in the newly created "jello room" in the west wing of the White House. 


Artificial Intelligence vs Natural Stupidity

As the world moves into the era of private militias, we are less than a decade away from anybody being able to deploy micro drones with explosives or other payloads. Anybody with a little skill, technical knowledge, and very little money will be able to target anybody, anywhere, for any reason. 

Is automated lethal combat acceptable to most people? Not yet but the Fake Defense Consortium is working on making it fun. 



Oil from Somalia could drive crude far lower within a few years

A desperately impoverished country with significant reserves likely, Somalia is one of the biggest threats to the Oil Consortium, after Nigeria and Venezuela. 


The Oil Consortium has its military wing, the U.S. army, dealing with the issue 


but it puts European interests at odds with the U.S. 

The big winner? China. 


If a few bold politicians try to push back too hard 


they will find out that the same Oil Consortium mafia that creates fake terrorists abroad also are in the U.S.


Boeing. Decentralized.

Bankruptcy? PaperShredder Party? "Setting out with 50 billion yuan ($7.4 billion) in capital and a mandate to help Chinese private enterprise expand globally..."   


As competition heats up between competing transnational corporations for lucrative contracts, up and coming corporations show that they learn exactly what they are taught. 


"Boeing has delivered 350 of the Boeing 737 MAX jets and had remaining orders for 4,661 of the planes as of January, according to the company."  


In other words, half of one percent of all Boeing 737 Max variants delivered so far have crashed within a few months of delivery, killing all passengers on those crashed planes. 


A Conspiracy Event

A lot of 'conspiracy' theories make the news. A few turn out to be true. 

The conspiracy theory that is probably just months from causing a seismic change in geopolitics is the oil story. The goal has never been to seize any country's oil, but rather simply to prevent them from selling their oil, so we can sell our oil at a higher price. Just a fact, not really a conspiracy, but there are indications the fact is about to get traction. 


It's not hard to figure out. Venezuela, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Nigeria. All in the list of top ten countries by proven oil reserves. 


It's not a good time to work for Big Oil. Bush and Cheney of course were former oil executives. A president and Vice President from oil companies at the same time? And Rex Tillerson, who Trump appointed as Secretary of State was CEO of Exxon Mobil 


Of all the rubber bands waiting to snap on the U.S. overseas, this supposed 'conspiracy theory' will probably lead to the biggest changes. 


The U.S. is finally going to leave Afghanistan


The invasion started on October 7, 2001. At that time the public was told troops would only be there a few months. 

In 2002 troops were expected to leave within a year or two. 

In 2005 the U.S. was going to remove all troops within a few years. 

In 2010 a complete exit of all U.S. troops was just a few years away. 

In 2015 the U.S. said it was making preparations to withdraw from Afghanistan. 

So now, 2019, the U.S. is finally going to leave Afghanistan, in 5 years. 

It seems odd that after 18 years of using vastly superior sophisticated weapons against a primitive tribal people, the U.S. controlled government in Afghanistan only has a grip on about half the territory. 


The Taliban must have vast support from the Afghan people if U.S. soldiers are barely able to hold on to half the territory. 

Why is the United States trying to occupy a country clearly against the will of most of that country's people? As with Vietnam, the answer appears to be commercial 



Knock Knock, A Clockwork Orange

In NY, a robber with a fake gun is charged with murder after police spray bullets everywhere and kill one of their own while reacting to the fake gun https://nypost.com/2019/02/13/robbery-suspect-involved-in-nypd-detectives-death-charged-with-murder/ Meanwhile, in Texas, a senior cop who has a decades long history of manufacturing evidence might face minor charges for directly participating in the murder of two harmless individuals. Why is real murder committed by a cop less serious than indirect responsibility of a non cop for a killing committed by others? No doubt the police chief will explain that at a press conference eventually. 

**Update Just days after he was supposedly in critical condition with his jaw wired shut and struggling to survive, one of the crooked cops at the center of the Houston problem is sent home by doctors https://www.click2houston.com/news/hpd-officer-at-center-of-deadly-botched-raid-out-of-hospital-lawyer-says

**Update The coverup begins. First police said the raid was sparked by "neighbor's complaints" https://www.newsweek.com/who-are-dennis-tuttle-rhogena-nicholas-easygoing-couple-identified-suspects-1311631. Now they claim the dead victim's mother. "Acevedo said detectives were first alerted to the alleged drug-dealing at the Harding Street house in a 911 call from a mother concerned her daughter had been involved in drugs at the residence. Police launched an investigation about two weeks before the fatal January raid." https://abcnews.go.com/US/houston-police-embroiled-scandal-lies-found-knock-warrant/story?id=60991293 There are a few problems with this, and it will be interesting to see where it goes.  **

**Update These police officers obviously have conducted a lot of these raids, and they always find drugs. What happened this time that caused no drugs to be found? The officer with the drugs was shot. His partner removed the drugs from his person before he was taken to the hospital and the backup team was able to place a small amount of drugs from the "emergency" supply kept in the police cruiser. https://www.click2houston.com/news/1-400-cases-tied-to-officer-at-center-of-deadly-raid-to-be-reviewed **

**Update Note that 'investigators' issued warrants to search electronic devices issued by the police department, which would not be likely to have incriminating material, but did not issue warrants to search the electronic items of the cop who is accused now of falsifying evidence to get a warrant for the raid. https://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/houston-texas/article/I-feel-like-it-s-a-set-up-Attorney-for-13625902.php He obviously has some black tar heroin somewhere that he was going to plant on the victims. Are the 'investigators' giving him time to recuperate and dispose of it before they look?**

**In 2019 it is now possible to buy a small video camera that will record for many hours at Walmart for under $100. But for some reason police around the country resist wearing body cameras until they are forced. Is there a reason so many police in so many states do not want to have the same scrutiny of their work that is normal in so many other professions? http://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/houston-texas/houston/article/Lack-of-body-cameras-limit-answers-from-botched-13611860.php **

Weeks before the police admitted that the search warrant in the following raid used false testimony by a senior police officer, this article appeared https://reason.com/blog/2019/01/30/the-cops-were-the-aggressors-in-this-wee 

So called "no knock" raids are one of many tools used by unethical police to harass critics. It is similar to "civil asset forfeiture", excessive surveillance, "monitoring", etc. 

You can read through the comments on some news sites after botched police operations and often see references to the right to defend oneself against the police. This growing public undercurrent has led to an extremely unusual act by police in Texas https://abcnews.go.com/US/houston-reviewing-1400-criminal-cases-light-botched-police/story?id=61204009

A group of police officers there had been using "no knock" assaults on private residences of critics. If somebody was not supportive of local police this group of officers would invent a crime, fabricate evidence, and break down the person's or family's door to "show them who's boss". Very similar to what police have always done with civil asset forfeiture, excessive surveillance and other forms of harassment. 

The big difference now, and what caused the police in Texas to  start making a show of policing themselves, is more and more people are arming themselves against dangerous cops. 

Are there real uses for "no knock" raids? There are potential uses for anything but nearly 100% of the time that tactic is used it is unnecessary. A simple matter of a bunch of petty, incompetent people hiding in a 'powerful' group and attacking who they want to attack. Like any corrupt group, they create a sort of bubble in which they are 'serving the public' then they use the force of their group to pressure the public into believing, or at least pretending to believe, that 'reality'. 

Policing is a straightforward job. The first rule of ethical policing is "Do not commit crimes". Do not intrude on people using your job as an excuse. Most police seek that job because they like power over others, and policing gives them the opportunity to frame that urge behind an illusion of benevolent public service. They can knock down doors, snoop through peoples' things, seize property, as long as they can get enough of their buddies to go along with their darkness.

Throughout history, assembling a mass of armed people and giving them extraordinary legal authority to intrude on "suspects" has always led to a rapid increase in the number of 'suspects'.

United States law enforcers are creating 'suspects' faster than they can jail or shoot them.  

Some of the comments on Twitter from the Houston Police Department page   https://mobile.twitter.com/houstonpolice/status/1093583514157629440

"CLEAR the Victims Names !!!!! TODAY!!!! You owe this is the Victims, the COPs get a pay check and a nice retirement, the Victims of your Agencies Dereliction simply got DEAD and SMEARED by You and your STAFF without hesitation, meanwhile little @JoeGamaldi LIED!!"

"Y’all killed two people defending their castle from a home invasion. Release the security tapes you confiscated from the neighbor. How many times did your breach fail? "Bang, bang” on the door. What do you expect to be the response?  Arrest for the UC and have Art resign"

"You #SOB'es have the nerve to use this as an opportunity to talk about #GunControl. 59 year old Disabled Navy Vet & his wife of 21 years. Gunned down in cold blood & for what! Where were the drugs y'all had supposedly bought there before the raid? Most drug dealers have drugs..."

"It's turning out that the police are the actual 'dirtbags' in this story."

"and the officer who threatened people for exercise of 1st A rights? how is he being punished?"

Many people are on death row across the United States for committing much less serious crimes than these officers committed. Very few, if any, of the police involved in this are likely to even lose their jobs.

Were the dozens of administrative and other personnel who supported this and hundreds of similar attacks really not aware of what was going on? 


Oil Slick

Venezuela is developing with a new twist https://www.bloomberg.  com/amp/news/articles/2019-02-15/at-venezuela-s-houston-outpost-chaos-and-hope-for-emancipation


Venezuela is in the same situation as Iraq, Libya, Iran and many other countries. 

The Oil Consortium wants to reduce Venezuela's oil output to prop up prices, but Venezuela is different than the Middle East. Venezuelans and other Latinos have more credibility with the mainstream U.S. public than previous targets. 

The Venezuelan 'opposition' leader Juan Guaido is charismatic but not too bright. Blinded by ambition, he appears to believe the nonsense he is spewing. 

What he doesn't know, or hasn't figured out yet, is that if he were to be successful in "saving" Venezuela and restoring oil output, he would become the same annoyance to the Oil Consortium that Maduro is. 

A lot of young people, raised on fake news, don't know how it ends. 

He, of course, will become an unwilling martyr, a hero' for Venezuelans to idolize, at his grave, as their country sinks into chaos.  


Evangelical groups have always been clever in their business

Guatemala has a long history of indigenous people being abused by religious types who want to 'civilize' i.e. convert them. In 2017 there was a fire in a Guatemalan orphanage that is playing out in the courts. In the news today some details https://www.irishtimes.com/news/world/deaths-of-41-girls-in-guatemalan-care-home-fire-reveal-terrible-cruelty-1.3793923

More interesting, in a pathological way, are some reactions by evangelicals shortly after the fire. 

From https://www.christianitytoday.com/news/2017/march/40-girls-die-orphanage-fire-guatemala-asks-evangelicals.html

"Earlier this month, a fire at an orphanage outside of Guatemala’s capital caught international attention. Forty children died of carbon monoxide poisoning and burns; the tragic event drew worldwide condemnation."

"But the aftermath of the fire has given hope to those who work with the Central American country’s orphans. As the government turns to evangelicals for help, it seems the tragedy may spark the breakthrough many have been praying for."

"In some ways, the tragic blaze—set intentionally by children locked in the overcrowded facility—was not unexpected by evangelical experts. In 2006, Orphan Outreach founder Mike Douris told the Guatemalan government that the orphanage’s design wasn’t a good idea."


An interesting development worth watching in the oil industry

Ken Saro Wiwa was a Nigerian tribal activist who tried to limit the power of oil companies in his region a few decades ago.

At the time oil companies used government employees controlled by them to influence policy overtly. There was little camouflage of the 'behind the scenes' influence of oil company interests in oil policy. 

Ken Saro Wiwa was executed by his government with fairly direct influence in the execution from an oil consortium. 

Now, decades later, his widow is suing Shell Oil https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-02-12/shell-s-history-in-nigeria-comes-to-haunt-it-on-its-home-turf

There are a few interesting aspects developing, but one of the most significant is the timing. Coming as several powerful interests are preparing to expose United States meddling in Venezuela, it looks like Ken Saro Wiwa's widow is setting up a sort of grand slam against oil companies or, more specifically, their agents in the governments they have controlled for generations. 

The shale oil glut in the United States, developed at the expense of Native Americans interests, has led the oil power brokers to try to limit oil exports from various countries, including Venezuela, through behind the scenes sham 'democracy' posturing. The goal being to reduce supply and keep oil prices high. The people who develop these U.S. government policies on behalf of oil companies have developed a gaping vulnerability that appears about to be used. This is a story worth watching. 

The oil consortium agents, in various governments, created an elaborate paper trail to try undermining anybody who could expose them. This paper trail included false indications they tried to stop the execution. 

Whether the truth becomes visible through the trial remains to be seen, but a lot of oil secrets are likely to start flowing soon. 


Intellectual Property

For many years gasoline in the U.S. had lead added to it. Even after it became known that the health effects were severe, there was resistance to using unleaded gasoline. The effects have been long lasting, but are starting to reverse https://jalopnik.com/our-iqs-are-six-points-higher-since-we-stopped-putting-5968523 though there are still many lingering effects from that and other uses of lead https://qz.com/1228542/low-level-lead-exposure-kills-hundreds-of-thousands-of-us-adults-every-year/

Many effects of leaded gasoline, such as demographic effects on iq scores and crime https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lead%E2%80%93crime_hypothesis effected populations on an historic scale. 

Another chemical known to cause various impairments is manganese. 

"According to results from a 2010 study,  higher levels of exposure to manganese in drinking water are associated with increased intellectual impairment and reduced intelligence quotients in school-age children. It is hypothesized that long-term exposure due to inhaling the naturally occurring manganese in shower water puts up to 8.7 million Americans at risk. However, data indicates that the human body can recover from certain adverse effects of overexposure to manganese if the exposure is stopped and the body can clear the excess". https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Manganese

Reading the astonishing science on manganese added to gasoline, and knowing who makes the rules, it isn't hard to predict what the future holds.

a) https://www.epa.gov/gasoline-standards/epa-comments-gasoline-additive-mmt 

b) https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Methylcyclopentadienyl_manganese_tricarbonyl 

c) https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1533284/ 

d) https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1533013/

The United States, of course, adds manganese to gasoline. Some other countries are starting to take roundabout measures to reduce exposure 

https://www.dawn.com/news/1420807 and 


but in the U.S. it is the big corporations that make the rules

https://www.politico.eu/article/fuel-for-the-lobbyists/ and


Note that you will have a hard time finding anti mmt manganese additive information on U.S. sites, and a hard time finding pro mmt information on sites in any other country. 

Here is what scientists in some countries were reading in 2008 http ://www.   collegiumramazzini.org/download/walsh08.pdf  item removed/broken link

Here is what U.S. scientists read today https://www.slideshare.net/mobile/AftonChemical/afton-chemical-mmt-octane-booster-the-global-story.