This page has the three 'Big Trap' pages at the bottom, and will add updates at the top, as this situation is likely to start developing fast soon.

The first page, at the bottom from May 2020, has a lot of guesses that were not entirely accurate or in some cases even close, but as the situation clarifies corrections are made. 

~Things to watch, or possible indications~

1) An influx of Russian and U.S. troops right before the collapse will happen in order to peacefully evacuate Israelis. This item may or may not be related. 

2) Egypt is important to watch, but Egypt can be destabilized in a matter of hours so it may not be much of a leading indicator. When Sisi is assassinated it's likely there will be urban fighting beginning in Israel within a week.

3) There is about a 70% chance the Tzurkov kidnapping is intended to create a psychological situation among right wing Israelis right before things turn rough. A provocative video involving her would probably indicate days or weeks before an attempt by Israelis to maneuver the U.S. into something, and there would be heavy involvement of "UK/Russia" pseudo Zionists in the U.S. political scene. This would mainly be useful in identifying those U.S. individuals involved, as for example before the Iraq invasion. 

4) One important possibility that should not be discounted is that non Ashkenazi European Jews are being utilized by the UK to carry out this project. 

There are strong indications this is the case.





It's unfortunate that European Jews, including many so called 'Mizrahi Jews' who call themselves Middle Eastern, hesitate to specifically call Zionism a UK / European project. 

Saying Zionism is not Jewish is only 50% accurate because of what it omits. This allows the UK, and soon the Russians, to take control of Judaism.

5) The UK's long term strategy to contain China involves promoting Islamic extremism globally to end up with a global infrastructure which will counter China under the control of a European or UK 'Abrahamic religion' worldview, i.e., Judaism, Christianity and Islam all drifting in a European direction.

This allows China and the UK to continue getting an ever increasing share of tribal societies, even within the seeming context of emerging multipolarity. 

Millions of people around the world have been raised within carefully crafted worldviews which have trained them to serve the Britain/China paradigm while imagining they are serving some abstract higher value, or even acting under their own free will.

6) An interesting part of the strategy is recreating the fraud of the U.S. civil war in other places. The U.S. civil war mischaracterized the U.S. as 'black vs white' rather than European or 'colonizer' vs indigenous. This mischaracterization let the Europeans 'win' no matter which side of the issue a person was on.

In this case the European consciousness of Judaism is being split between various European sects, all of which are simply European groups without any genuine link to the Middle East. Thus a European presence, and control, can be introduced to that region via backdoor. 

China recognizes the strategy, and the implicit understanding is that the UK is acknowledged by China as the only 'competitor' which will be tolerated, in other words China and the UK 'agree' to continue dividing the rest of the world's tribes amongst each other without conflict.

Part of this involves the UK shift to Australia, one of the greatest looming tragedies in human history. Of course China will not respect this implicit understanding any more than the UK has under comparable circumstances. Another reason why weapons must proliferate rapidly. 


 Big Trap 3



Anybody can look at the global landscape and figure out that there is one essential strategy that the UK needs to employ going forward.

The UK is trying to increase the power of Australia, as the U.S. and Britain decline rapidly.

In order to create a stable environment for Australia, it is necessary that it not be China's chief rival, and that there be some reliable threat that the two countries can cooperate on.

In the 1980s and 1990s Zionists were trying to sell the notion of 'radical Islam' because they perceived it would be an enemy that would lead to an empowerment of Israel.

At about the same time, the UK began doing things that appear to have had only one effect i.e., creating 'jihadists' under cover of fighting them.

While Zionists perceive 'jihadists' as something that guarantees their future security, so does the UK. But that's where the overlap ends.

This is the third and last of the Big Trap pages which roughly explain how the UK and its subordinate countries walked gullible Zionists into cooperating in their own elimination.

At this point the last leg of the strategy, the elimination of the state of Israel, could start at any moment, but will probably start around the end of this year, and no later than the end of 2025 with a high degree of certainty.

An interesting side note involves China's strategic reason for cooperating with the UK's strategy, and that could be looked at in depth at some future point.


It looks, very simply, like the reason Israeli 'leadership' is cooperating with this dark plot is that they perceive the overwhelming tsunami of anti Zionism which will begin soon in Europe.

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The underlying thing which will make this a tragedy, or 'second holocaust' seems to be a basic psychological tool called elsewhere 'the mafia storefront'.

When a powerful person or group wants to get another to do their work, a necessary first step is to sell the product as not the will of person or group 'a', but rather to rebrand it.

For example if the mafia wants to open a charity for the purpose of laundering money they do not open 'the mafia money laundering service' then hire people to do that. Rather they open a real charity, for example save starving cats in urban areas, then they find people who want to save starving cats, and they now have a real charity whose spokespeople are convincing because they are sincere. They can get past lie detector tests or any hostile interrogation by opponents.

In the same way, governments induce people to serve the will of the controllers of those governments by creating delusions of eliteness. People are conditioned to believe they have an 'elite' skill or understanding which distinguishes them from the common rabble.

These 'elite' soldiers then can be reliably trusted to believe their understanding of their actions can't be shared because, after all, they have an underlying eliteness which allows them to understand what is going on, and it would not be possible to 'share' that eliteness with commoners.

In the case of the state of Israel there are a series of popular delusions underlying this motive. These delusions are visible to any individual who notices facts, but are invisible to those group creatures involved, in other words invisible to anybody operating within a group construct.

In this case, an example of a psychological progression would start with the 1973 war. At that time certain Israelis were aware that the war was being contrived as a ploy which would be used to create an artificial peace with political neighbors of the state.

Most individuals retreated from the meat grinder in order to profit later, but a simpler core was led to walk into the mess in order to perpetuate a fake version of a real archetype related, for example, to Masada.

Now today, the inheritors of this mafia storefront are evolving, as factory animals, by pretending that their eliteness now guides them to participate in harvesting their compatriots, and part of this process, or obligation, involves keeping the process secret.

Today, the equivalent of the 'suicide commanders of 1973', who deliberately went to likely death to feed their deception, are the next generation of elite morons who engage in trivial stupidities which they fabricate in their 'elite bureaucratic' minds. These people might concoct ways to slightly reduce the slaughter by engaging in further trickery to encourage out migration of Israelis before the final mess. But their underlying goal is simply to keep the situation secret i.e., to preserve their elite status.

It's important to keep in mind the underlying context. The UK, and now Russia, are using 'state of Israel' to lure pseudo Jews i.e., Zionists, religious but not tribal Jews, to broadly hijack 'Judaism', and take control of it and its subordinate populations.

So the first step in countering it, very difficult, is disavowing the notion that Israel state is tribal based. If this truth, that the state is based on a clique not a tribe, is undermined, then Israel would have less internal legitimacy, but also be less vulnerable to this sort of sabotage. The UK and Russia are able to profit from both sides of the equation, like a broker making money on spreads, because zionoids are so incredibly stupid. They want to 'own' Judaism, and collect royalties, instead of allowing simple truths.


One of the darker aspects of 'globalization' is the creation of what Jung called "mass men". 

Within most melting pot societies there is an escape available to individuals, a way to leave the fatal mindset of terminal industrialization.

Israel is somewhat unique though, in that it has created an entire population which has been effectively raised to believe that their place is that of industrialized tools, people trained to be perpetually obedient to a system that created them for its temporary usage. Like factory cows that have been trained to walk to the slaughterhouse.

They have been trained to assume fake identities which do not actually pertain to them, then to perceive only those things which serve their owners.

As harvest time approaches is there any way to pop the cognitive bubble which European Zionism uses to guide its animals to the slaughterhouse?


An interesting historical aspect of Judaism is messianism. Even today there are many Jews who believe that there is an external messiah who will 'take away their problems'.

There are many rational ways to discount messianism. Parents serve as obvious messiah's for a person, their purpose is to take the lethal aspects of their children and pay that price at some point. The problem is that there are two parents, and they also serve as templates for the self or 'god', something which only has one aspect according to certain religions.

So that paradox in Judaism is not solved properly by a lot of Jews primarily because there are 'experts' who promote a 'messiah' function which is external and does not work.

Here is an example of a clown who calls himself rabbi, but who is smarter than most people. 

The 'mysterious' aspect that confuses a lot of people in that regard is a simple function of tribal groups which is referred to on another page. 

Jung researched various functions within melting pots but generally avoided strictly tribal functions, but there are certain tribal functions that only can develop after a very long period of consolidation, and can only be deduced, not observed, from any melting pot.


Evidence in the Elizabeth Tzurkov kidnapping, the overwhelming indication being that she was abducted in preparation for a provocation of some kind by the UK and a subgroup of Zionists controlled by the UK, with the ultimate goal being an initial confrontation with Iran, followed by the elimination of Israel.

1) On January 3, 2020 General Shen Yi-ming, Qasem Soleimani and Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis were killed, along with a few other people.

Almost two years later 

The four killings almost certainly originated together. This was clearly a calculated psychological operation, not anything designed for effect. In other words the purpose was not any change in geopolitical calculus, rather it was designed to have a secondary effect unrelated to the individuals killed. The specific people responsible for all of these killings were connected both to the highest level of the UK as well as that aspect of the state of Israel which is psychologically subordinate to the UK. The actual laborers i.e., those who implemented the killings, could have been from either the UK or Israel. The government of Israel has zero independence at this point, and there is no high level person not utterly controlled by the UK or Russia.

It's worth noticing that the assassinations of Shen Yi Mng and Bipin Rawat appear to have used the same 'electronics cancelling weapon' that was used on MH370. 

2) The net effect of the killings was to embolden a very narrow subset of European pseudo Jews, or to portray them as emboldened. Between the World Wars the UK worked with Zionists to create a certain mindset in Germany. Today the UK is working with several other countries to create a similar mindset among 'mainstream' Zionists.

3) Israel then announced that it had captured an "Iranian assassin", a man with a severe Elmer Fudd speech impediment who claims Iranian spies gave him details of his mission through Snapchat. Obviously the goal was to make Iranians laugh i.e., to let them know that their allies were playing their part. This abduction was acknowledged by Netanyahu as a Mossad farce, which puts it in a different realm than the killings in item 1 above. In other words this was done by Israelis directly in support of the actors in item 1 who may or may not be Israelis but are under the control of UK based strategists. 

4) The people who kidnapped Tzurkov tried to use local resources to publicize the kidnapping, but finally had to resort to using one of their own to pish it into the mainstream. 

This probably indicates the provocation is a few months or less away.

Many top Israelis have probably been led to believe that a defining war is approaching which could bring them security, but almost none are aware that it will result in extreme violence and very high deaths until an intervention, probably by Russian troops, followed by the installation of an overtly European 'pseudo Jewish' administration associated with Chabad.

5) The Tsurkov kidnapping could be unraveled by researching those people involved in the 'Iran assassin abduction' and tracing those individuals back to their UK source. Of course that won't happen since no country investigates its own spy agencies, but especially Israel would never do such an investigation.

6) Two articles from several weeks after the disappearance, but before it was reported in English language press. 


The strategy behind the careful elimination of the state of Israel is starting to be more clear now. This page will point out where it stands. The point is not that there is anything wrong with eliminating that political entity, but rather there are toxic flaws in the scenario as it is unfolding, including

1) The high number of deaths of Israelis is unnecessary

2) The authoritarian Judaism which will be 'put in charge' of survivors is not acceptable

Of the two, the latter is much more offensive in this specific context

Although the project which is unfolding is not acceptable, no alternative is presented here, except for common sense i.e., a military coup in Israel with unlimited violence against settlers until they are pacified, leading to a heavily armed Palestinian government and Israeli weapons limited to firearms.


The underlying problem has to do with resurrecting a tribe in such an unbalanced way, as alluded to on the unwinding page. 

Zionists did not in fact naturally resurrect 'Jews', rather they resurrected a narrow group from Eastern Europe.


There are two important groups to identify which are key to understanding the process. Of course a lot of people are aware of what is going on, but also a lot of people are not so it is described here in detail.

These two groups appear at first to have opposite motives and origins, but one is clearly subordinate to the other which raises the question of how separate their origins are.

Group 1 is a transnational group, obviously formed as part of a calculation or 'treaty' among deluded individuals from all the major global powers, in the context of fantasies about 'world peace' or some utter stupidity which allows them to pretend they are managing global events for some good end. 

Group 2 presents itself as an ultra nationalist Zionist group with incredible connections within several major governments. They have access to things which are beyond what any such group would normally find, this and other evidence points to their actually being a subset of group 1 which is being used to pacify ultra nationalist Zionists, sort of like giving a valium to somebody before their execution.

In other words it looks like group 1, an external group of transnational doll housers, has taken control of ultra Zionist leadership, and is walking their followers into the trap. Of course the state has a disgusting history, but this past misconduct by Zionists does not justify this much worse tactic by transnationalists.





1) If this is underway why has Progozhin not been sent to Israel as a 'refuge'? 

That's a mystery. The most obvious explanation might be that if he were overtly pushed to Israel it would cause even more people to figure out what's going on. So it's more likely he is being maneuvered until 'he himself' decides to do that and it can be presented as natural. Very similar to the initial 'rebellion' set up in which Shoigu carefully sabotaged him until he, Prigozhin, appeared to be rebelling for his own motives. This tactic of provoking a negative reaction carefully, discreetly, so it appears as an action unprovoked by others is a common signature of the psychological status associated with what's called 'group 1' further up this page.

If Prigozhin and Zelensky do not end up in Israel shortly before the final push the most likely explanation would be simple accidents outside the control of the plotters.

2) Isn't Chabad Jewish though? Isn't it good for them to 'administer' Jews in the historic land of Israel?

Chabad is more a marketing agency than anything else. They have a product which is easy to market, but it is not Judaism. It is a narrow sliver of European Judaism, and the net effect is again forcing European worldviews on a captive audience i.e., non European Jews. Calling Chabad "European" is accurate, calling them "Jewish" really is not. 

That is a big part of the reason the UK is cooperating with this project. If Jewish influence were to fully revert to a more original Judaism there would not be any ability to use the unified Muslim bloc around the Jewish enclave strategically, against Chinese control of their domestic Muslim population. Same with Russia.

An 'archetypal' way to understand the problem with Chabad is by looking at the concept of 'worshipping clay gods'. Anybody is free to worship what they want but promoting a 21st century version of idol worship should not be called Judaism no matter how brilliantly it is packaged.

Chabad is the only current major political organization which encourages the belief that it has somehow locked into the 'messiah' archetype, and it then uses that, which is something tens of thousands of people believe, to prevent real understandings which would arise from actual Judaism.

If a person wants to use a collective mind example, what Christians refer to as 'the beast', once Chabad has overt political control over the land of Israel they will be filling the 'antichrist' function in Christian terminology.



Big Trap 2


This is an updated version of the Big Trap which could be put in the Weltanschauung section, but will stay where the original is, in the psychology section.

The core of the 'big trap' is the illusion that Jews are a homogenous group.

Every group has a mix of melting pot and indigenous, and in Western Europe Jews, broadly, were one of several dozen visible groups which interacted with more recent stable populations.

Fast forwarding to today, several consolidated, recently stable, groups are trying to make use of what is commonly perceived as 'the Jewish population' to further their own short term interests.

In order to perceive the big trap, a person has to acknowledge several things.

1) 'Jews' today, broadly speaking, in the popular culture, are neither a tribal nor a religious group. They are a construct which has political uses to other groups, positive and negative.

2) There are several tribal entities from the past which are most visible as subsets of 'the Jewish population', but which are in fact more closely allied to other current groups perceived as 'tribal'.

3) Jews have been heavily involved in globalization, as a self serving tool but also in many cases as a legitimate progressive policy, in the past.

4) Globalization has, and does, directly contradict the survival of tribes distinct from the mass, and globalization at this point today will lead to the end of the human species on its current track unless there is a hard turn towards facilitating survival of tribes. In other words once there are two identifiable tribes the next step is not one, but zero, due to advances in weapons technology.

5) The popular perception of 'Jews' as homogenous is being used by one of the 'hard to differentiate' tribal groups, as a way to project some price of some sort away from that group and its allies onto the 'Jewish mass'.

6) The recent 'Abraham Accords' are one of the rare public steps this indistinct tribal group has taken, and their aggressive use of Chabadniks in their scheme shows that there is an urgency to what they are doing i.e., their willingness to use a hidden asset, the Chabad political infrastructure, so overtly, indicates their project is nearing a big step.

7) There is no direct evidence that the recent Trump drama is directly related to the plot, but most likely Trump was recruited by some consortium decades ago, paid through discreet channels that would try to ensure his obedience, then thoroughly milked once he was in a position to further the interests of allies of that consortium.

8) An important part of the 'big trap' involves the fact that certain things are visible to some groups or individuals and not others. The irony in this is that while the conspirers take advantage of the blindness of others they ignore their own.

9) One of the interesting 'tribal blindnesses' in the 'big trap' involves the use of false leaders, externally installed or maintained leadership. Many former colonial territories were left, by colonizers, with a superficial tribal facade for future use. In this case it causes some Jews to perceive the Arab leadership very inaccurately. In practical terms it means this facade can be removed almost instantly at the right moment to profit. Any person can look at the following examples of clown antics in Jordan, and see that the 'king' is thoroughly owned by a British worldview, even as far as using psychiatry as a political tool. He wields it clumsily though, similar to what the Soviets did, as described on the Nouveau World page. 

10) Zionists have clearly been carefully walked into a colossal delusion which will be expensive.

"About three-quarters or more of UAE (88%), Qatar (75%) and Kuwait (74%) populations in 2015 are non-displaced, international migrants" 

And this set up is only made possible by an astonishingly low quality of leadership e.g. Bennett and an entire civil service infrastructure filled with incompetents who are useful to the 'other side'. 


In Progress 






Big Trap 1



An interesting thing is a sort of developmental gap in certain group ideologies. This could go in the worldview section, or it could be on a page looking at cyclical aspects of how tribes evolve, but it could also go on this page.

Tibetans had an unusually developed science tradition that was a result of their geographic isolation. In other words some sort of physical security allowed introspection which developed sciences rather than developing defensive things because of imminent external threats, though the Tibetans did have a long history of external threats.

Unfortunately there really are 'fake sciences' which people should not waste their time on, but in this video a person can see the way trivial insecurity compels a group to develop 'fake sciences' around things like political threats. 


The 'Big Trap' is a melting pot version of traps used by homogenous groups to snare animals. This is a clear variation of a tribal tool, but because it has unique features in the melting pot, it will be considered here a melting pot archetype.

The example used here will be an upcoming event from 'the war on terror'.

The backdrop for the event is a pending collapse in global oil markets.


One very reliable difference between tribal and melting pot hunters / soldiers is that tribals consider their actions subordinate to nature, their first step is to observe, while melting potters always start with an ambition, a plan of attack, or correcting something that they think 'nature' got wrong.

This invariably is invisible to melting potters up close, it becomes the new 'natural landscape', so that a person from one melting pot 'sees' the silliness in another melting pot, but not in his or her own.

"After sunspot development research was judged un-Marxist, twenty-seven astronomers disappeared between 1936 and 1938. The Meteorological Office was violently purged as early as 1933 for failing to predict weather harmful to the crops. But the toll was especially high among writers."


When a tribal group hunts large prey they try to 'melt' into the landscape, their group tries to 'synchronize' with the landscape.

This tactic extended, millennia ago, to warfare.

One human group would try to use stealth to attack another human group, then the tactic became more sophisticated to include a trap which precedes the attack.


Every human, and every group of humans, has generic human flaws. These are used to set the traps.

In other words any generic human weakness can become the basis for a trap, just as an animal's weakness becomes a basis for a trap targeting it. For example if a mouse likes cheese it will generally ignore some warning signs in order to get cheese.


As human races dispersed, they also commingled. This created a homogenous remnant i.e., the original tribal groups, along with numerous other groups that had a bit of the 'genetic history' that allowed a few of them to identify traps set by the original group. When that tribal group tries to snare a group that has some of its hunting skills, the trap is not well hidden.

To make this 'war on terror' example clear, first the parties involved will be identified, vaguely. It's important to understand the concept of gender descent as it relates to tribalism, that is discussed briefly on the 'Marsupial theory' page.

A copied quote from that page

"No evidence of Neanderthal mitochondrial DNA has been found in modern humans. This suggests that successful Neanderthal admixture happened in pairings with Neanderthal males and modern human females." 


Group 1) Political Arabs, as ethnic groups, and Muslims, as a melting pot group, here called 'Arabs'.

This is a melting pot group that includes many poorly differentiated tribes at an early part of the cycle of increasing melting pot power. It includes Iran and many developing third world political entities.


Group 2) Jews as an ethnic group, here called 'Jews'.

This is actually a melting pot group consisting of many tribes, but the historical context is important. Thousands of years ago Jews in the Middle East were very similar to Neanderthals before them and the global colonizers that followed them in an important way. The 'colonization' or expansion involved primarily male Jews with females from conquered tribes for at least several generations. This created a sort of genetic bubble, a vast temporary increase in apparent genetic strength for the male bloodline of the conquering group, followed eventually by an accelerating collapse until absorption into a less extended survivable group.

An important point here is that the 'success' of Jews through this process in the past was derived from certain very specific and identifiable values which have been scrapped to a large degree today. An analogy would be the success which was derived from the 'singular deity' as opposed to groups of individuals which 'worship' more tangible multiple deities.

The same process is at an earlier stage for many other groups around the world who have extensively colonized other tribes. The net long term effect is extinction of the original male bloodlines as a balancing effect takes place. In other words, for example Neanderthals are not entirely 'extinct', rather their male bloodlines have been reabsorbed. There are comparable extinctions and reabsorptions in female bloodlines but it is difficult to study them through history that often has a patriarchal bias.

It would be wise to study this process rather than simply letting it unfold. The energy and sophistication of this natural process is much stronger than any political or emotional tendencies to limit warfare.

Group 3) Jews as a melting pot group, here called 'Political Jews'.

This group includes the male descendants of the original Jewish tribe, but for the specific purposes of this page, it focuses mainly on one subgroup which mixed, in the distant past, with an Eastern European group.

The original non Jewish remnant of the Eastern European group has less genetic dilution than the part that split and converted to Judaism. They thus have a slightly different characteristic despite the overlap, and have both consequent advantages and disadvantages.

The Jewish part of this old Eastern European tribe has mixed with numerous other 'Jewish descendant' tribals, with the net effect being a vast 'male tribal' melting pot group that must either accelerate its expansion and remove the other melting pot groups, or go extinct in terms of the original male blood lines, like Neandertals.

At this point the 'accelerated expansion' has been negated by natural processes and is not viable. Personifying the interests of this male bloodline might make things more clear, and essentially that is already done in a 'collective unconscious' sort of way. So called 'anti semites' are tribals who smell blood. They vaguely perceive an entity i.e., a group, the descendants of males from a specific tribe who have grossly overextended, and they, the 'anti semites' are reacting properly, in a way that nature uses to precede the extinction and reabsorption of a bloodline.

The process will become extremely messy if enough people don't understand what is developing.


Group 4) An unidentified Eastern European tribal group, here called 'Unidentified group a'.

This group is deduced from evidence. It would require knowledge of Eastern European history to identify the specific tribal group.

Group 5) Generic melting potters, as described on the 'Global Idiots' archetype page, here called 'Melting potters'.

These are people who react collectively to news events in a predictable way. Every melting pot person has elements of this, but as conflict polarizes groups the manifestation is more clear in certain groups / individuals. What a lot of people miss is that many groups that call themselves tribes are actually diffuse melting pots ‘built around a tribe’. Another way to say it is that there is a continuum from tribal to melting pot, and groups often aren't where they think they are on that continuum.


One interesting fact regarding these groups is that somebody who believes him or herself to be in one group is sometimes actually in another group, because gender descent is more of a reality than cultural affiliation.

Most notably, for this example, many female Jews are 'more descendent' from tribal interests of maternal bloodlines that still exist, but which they are not cognizant of. The 'pattern' in which their female ancestors were colonized is sometimes used to 'justify' inclusion in a group fated for extinction, except that now there are 'Eastern' philosophical influences that make former vulnerabilities or flaws into useful attributes i.e., a sublimation process which is potentially available to anyone.

The same applies equally of course to female ancestors of male Jews, but in a patriarchal society the 'balancing mechanism' has been pushed too far in one direction and swings 'too far' eventually in the other direction.

Male bloodlines of the original colonizing Jewish group, whether in male or female Jews today, attract predators i.e., 'anti semites', but the specific breakaway group that left 'unidentified group a' is the main strategic target of that group. This will lead, or has led, to a concentration of descendants from that bloodline being in some vulnerable position, a 'vulnerable position' which can be deduced, and is a natural outcome of bigger influences, but which will not be easily visible except in retrospect.

This 'vulnerable position' has been refined to some extent by competing tribal interests, including 'unidentified group a' so that the precision of the attack is not limited geographically, as it would be in a conventional tribal attack.

Some interesting social trends are an obvious defensive reaction to this 'new' type of attack, but for reasons that would need a separate page these defensive steps are not useful.


The fashion of political correctness has prevented a general study of this phenomenon, but basically an individual's reactions, senses etc pertain to a specific group which may be different than the group they identify with.

Those individuals who created this trap are evidently cognizant of that, and have used it to induce 'allies' into participating. The further an 'ally' is from perceiving the trap, the more he or she will feel empowered by participating, and the more 'expendable' they are too.

In this case, a group of Jews from Eastern Europe has some tribal overlap with 'unidentified group a', an overlap that does not occur in other groups of Jews.

Some among these Jews can identify their traps, which makes them a mandatory ally, or a threat.

The specific group of Eastern European Jews can be excluded from being 'unidentified group a', but the interaction between the two has reached a stage similar to the 'final stage' of melting pots where a small number of powerful melting pots compete to survive.

Ethnic Arabs with tribal interests, along with political Arabs e.g. Muslims, have carefully been walked into an elaborate battle against Israel.

The most likely scenario is that the conflict has been planned to be outside any moderating influence, a free for all, but once the situation stabilizes the host countries of 'unidentified group a' in Eastern Europe will quickly land on their feet.

Western Europe and the United States are likely to become very unstable politically, Israel will likely not exist as a country within a year of the event, which could be around the 'Holocaust forum' on January 23, 2020.

The backdrop for this trap which is playing out starts in Europe pre WWII.

Jews were, like many ethnic groups, heavily persecuted in Europe. This ultimately led many of them to try to assimilate, synchronize, with the larger group among which they lived.

This, in turn, led to some alliances which were calculated as being 'profitable' to all sides i.e., subjectively 'fair' arrangements which each side negotiated, explicitly or implicitly, trying to safeguard their own interests and the interests of those for whom they claimed to speak. 

The state of Israel was established as a 'melting pot offering' to Jews. It provided a context in which Jews could supposedly form alliances with other groups, as per melting pot custom.

Before this, no Jew would pretend to 'speak for Jews', but now there was a framework negotiated by some Jews that tried to claim the right to speak for all Jews. 


A prelude to the trap that will be pointed out here is a minor version of the same trap.

Those Jews who had 'surrendered' to the melting pot among which they lived still had the language, culture etc of Jews who were not interested in joining a new culture. Thus, they were able to 'sell' their position to some other non assimilated Jews in an effective way. They served as both ambassadors of the melting pot and proselytizers for it. 

So, in the context of global politics post WWII, there were

a) Jews disinterested in group politics, i.e., observing the real, nonpolitical aspects of their tradition,

b) Jews committed to one or another political side, i.e., trying to use 'their traditional group' for a political purpose,

c) and Jews somewhere between those two sides.

Then came the 'war on terror', which brought a new surge of power and political wealth to those Jews who were vested in the use of Judaism as a political tool.

This 'war on terror' though was more a manifestation of tribal alliances than of anything to do with terrorism.

Ultimately it was about staking new melting pot ground and creating a vast mechanism to make it profitable.


When 9/11 happened, a lot of people assumed that 'Jews' were behind it.

There were certainly some Jewish people who were involved in a way that was clumsy, in fact a bit too clumsy.

As the scenario developed, it became clear that another group had made use of the political interests of political Jews to walk those political Jews into a vast trap which is about to be sprung, again.

The exact group behind this has some common tribal weaknesses though, some of the weaknesses that have 'taught' other tribes to be cautious with large traps. The identity of that group is not clear yet. They are distinctly Eastern European and homogenous, but just as they used the 'human flaws' of political Jews to set a trap for them, they created a trap for themselves.


As the 'war on terror' progressed, the populist narrative of a Jewish hand behind it grew. The evidence always seemed reliable, clear, anybody could look honestly and see what appeared to be heavy influence by 'political Jews' in this framework.

Those political Jews who appear to have clumsily led the 'war on terror' are now realizing that although they seem to have gotten political benefit from their involvement, the long term cost is something they are familiar with.

So, at this point those same political Jews who, claiming to speak 'politically' for Judaism, amassed a great problem, are now eager for a solution.

The solution that was offered, and to which they evidently agreed, was an attack within Israel that would, from their perspective, push the focus of the war on terror away from them.

The context for this attack appears to be a conference that is scheduled for January in Israel.


This looks a little bit different than 9/11 though.

9/11 relied on fairly widespread knowledge of 'some pending undefined action' among a  pretty significant number of people with direct ties to the Jewish community and several other groups.

In other words there were people within political Jewry and various other groups who knew 'something' was developing, and there were people who knew exactly what was developing, and the latter group could 'justify' their plans, they could be articulated, discussed etc.

The current event is planned in a much more 'compartmentalized' way.

The same 'Unidentified group a' has control of enough assets within Israel to make the plan happen, but is not able to utilize most of those resources, people etc, directly.

This led to their first mistake, a massive footprint created by having to use a high level 'reliable' asset to do some nitty gritty work.

This same mistake was made a number of times in the past and its specific nuances have become a signature of Unidentified group a.


Here are the groups listed above, and where select parts of those groups now stand.

1) Arabs are closely allied as an ethnic group with Jews historically and with unidentified group a in recent history. Iranians, not specifically Arab, but included in this bloc, are most closely connected to unidentified group a and their political leadership probably has made preparations that are indiscreet. This, ironically, is probably being covered up by those political Jews who are aware of it on the same grounds 9/11 preparations were ignored i.e., an inaccurate, mistaken, vague sense of political 'national security'.

2) Jews who are disinterested in politics but who are in the physical area where preparations are taking place will be aware that an event is developing but will not articulate anything, out of caution. Their access to information is the 'tone' of the preparations, something which has evolved into a problem for the political Jews who cooperate with 'unidentified group a'. Because most of them are not aware of the specifics, but are aware something is imminent, and because they have been misled by those they mistakenly trust, they are likely to look for safety in the wrong places.

3) Political Jews generally externalize their defense, they 'trust' that their political conglomeration e.g. including the state of Israel, and other political groups, is ‘wisely’ looking out for their interests.

note / most political Jews from a certain geographic area are not able to perceive the difference between their groups actions and the political actions of unidentified group a. This is a result of compromises made in the past by political Jews from that small area. Those political Jews from Eastern Europe who are participating may articulate a 'Jewish' motive but at some point they will realize that they have cooperated in what may be the effective end of Jewish political power in many countries for generations.

4) Unidentified group a has cultivated paradoxical relationships with several groups in an unsustainable way. At this point their calculation is that the developing 'muslim' bloc i.e., Arabs, Iranians and third world converts to Islam, is a more 'long term useful' ally than political Jews.

5) Melting potters are being set up to take a stance behind what will be presented to them as 'their' tribal interests. So called 'white nationalists' in the U.S. and elsewhere are trying to become the leading edge of melting potters in many countries as a result of what will probably be a thorough gutting of liberal influence in previously 'progressive' zones.


Once the event has taken place, the remaining political Jews who are still allied with unidentified group a will start to realize that they have been hoodwinked. Their 'survival option' will be a retreat to some 'sanctioned' Jewish subset which is adequately controlled by unidentified group a.

Arab influence will suddenly skyrocket but by then there will be additional factors driving oil down. 'Muslim political' influence will then step in to the void left by retreating 'Jewish political' influence, and unidentified group a will be positioned to play a similar game with that group.

Because of the restive Muslim population in China, unidentified group a has been playing both ends against the middle, making a melting pot mistake roughly comparable to the one made by political Jews.

Coinciding with this event will probably be some action in the U.S., by unidentified group a, aimed at driving a wedge between evangelical Christians and political Jews.

This will probably be a symbolic event that goes over the heads of political Jews, but echos strongly with evangelicals and will push them generally in the 'fake tribal' direction of white nationalists.

A prime example would be the destruction of the statue of liberty, but there are many possibilities. It's possible that the same select group of gullible political Jews who were so easily manipulated for 9/11 will be coaxed into this operation as well.

In that case it can be expected that there will be a comprehensive exposure of their operation, and they will scratch their heads over how they got caught, never imagining that they were given the job so that they would be caught.

In the context of the current political climate in the United States, it's entirely possible that there will be 'trials' for the political Jews involved. Incredible irony will be visible to some people as the 'exposed' political Jews will believe it was 'their' operation as opposed to them being unwitting stooges of unidentified group a.

Russia, closely allied with unidentified group a, has been playing a sort of shock absorber role between political Jews and unidentified group a. Russians will be presented with a revised history of Stalin which encourages their own version of Eastern 'white nationalism' at the expense of political Jews who they had been allied with. Ever optimistic, but unrealistic, political Jews will imagine that articles like the following have an implicit hidden subtext. What will take too long to dawn on them is that the hidden subtext is not what they imagined.





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