This is a melting pot archetype which anybody interested in politics and psychology should understand.

Since early history, a young man has had the opportunity to join a national gang, an ‘army’, attack a neighboring group, and take a wife from the conquered group as a ‘trophy’, proof of his superior war skills. 

Now though, in the age of the melting pot, this old practice has evolved. 

Today a young man in a melting pot will join a military gang on a military foray into a harmless foreign country, under some pretend pretext. Then, on ‘returning from battle’ he will take a wife from a group previously conquered by the melting pot.

This is part of the natural weakening of the melting pot. Those couples children are slightly hobbled in the future, and further descendants begin the process of reabsorbing male bloodlines, as described on the Neanderthal Code page.


Daniel Holtzclaw became a police officer and was accused of doing what hundreds, or perhaps thousands, of police officers do every day in the United States. He stopped ‘lower status’ women and threatened them with legal problems if they did not have sex with him. 

It is one of the most common crimes in the United States. Despite it being prevalent and generally accepted as ‘normal behavior’ by police across the United States, he was singled out and prosecuted.

All of the people involved in the prosecution perceived him as a suitable officer to prosecute when a fully European ‘American’ officer would not have been prosecutable.

This double standard is visible across melting pots and never disappears. If he gets out of jail and has kids, his kids will face a subtly different kind of targeting, on and on. The U.S., all melting pots, are designed to federate various groups, but they invariably create permanent caste hierarchies in which real power is carefully kept from those who ‘overfederate’ by taking a war bride.


An interesting quality which distinguishes people is their ability to perceive other paradigms.

Immediate descendants of ‘war couples’ are a little bit hindered in perceiving paradigms. After a few generations though it becomes much worse. 

Many groups exist today in the world as mixes of males with bloodlines that are retreating and females caught between conflicting loyalties to their immediate ancestors and their more distant ancestors.


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