In September it was noted that the Governor had signed Senate Bill 100 on July 17th, 2007. here / orig
 Testimony on S.B.100 is here. (scroll to near the bottom).
Below is speculation, but it looks like something that should be looked into. I don't know how to research it further.

  • From the testimony given by Alaska senators, it looks like the Salvation Army was being offered a huge windfall [a 5 year, $1.9 million dollar per year contract] without any competition.  The language is not concrete, but it seems straightforward.
  • Senator Bunde asks if Clitheroe would run [the financially significant] pilot program. [The Clitheroe employee] said he assumes his facility would have a very high interest in working with this project.   There are many facilities that would be interested in that project.
  1.  Akeela, for example, has much more experience with that type of client. They would do a better job.
  2. Why would a senator invite an Alaska API employee to give testimony, then casually ask if another organization that individual is coincidentally associated with would be interested in the financial benefits of the project? 
The person who is identified as a state of Alaska API employee is the Salvation Army employee responsible for admitting clients. (He is known to all Clitheroe employees).   


 Interestingly, deleted is...
  ... the deleted has a habit of doing "special favors".

The investigator's partner is the influential Anchorage citizen on the example2 page.

A former Salvation Army board member named "Sarah" has an email link at the top of the page here. / orig


  • The Salvation Army representative gives a false picture of the financial situation at Clitheroe.  
  • The Salvation Army gets about $4 million just in state grants for Clitheroe. That is more than enough to cover all salaries and reasonable expenses. 

  • The person giving testimony is the same person who decided who would be admitted to residential treatment. It can be proved, contrary to his testimony, that financial considerations were a major part of his decisions. 

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