A bunch of stories about melting pots with more significance than appears at first.

In the Weltanschauungskrieg section because they show the downstream effects of colonialization which occurred by monkeying with the worldviews of conquered people.



'Royalty' is a melting pot archetype which is meant to represent the progeny of the 'original family' of a society. Sort of a continual genesis story for people whose tribal identity has been stripped from them. Serving and submitting to the royal family, surrendering one's own identity, is a common path to success in any melting pot.


Where there is 'royalty' it means a society has not consolidated and can still backtrack, splinter, to its tribal roots. There are a lot of versions of 'royalty' of course, a lot of kinds of stratification, but seldom physical space in the modern world for a consumed tribe to recover.

Today in the world is a real 'domino theory' playing out. A long string of monarchies and pseudo monarchies which are rapidly destabilizing. Historically their next step is repression etc, but the progression is so obvious that the 'future repressed parties' will have weapons ready.

The 'fly in the ointment' that prevents a lot of people from understanding how it will end is the simple fact of hard borders for all melting pots. There simply is not some new territory on earth in which to expand, and as long as the common rabble has their sights exclusively on terrestrial real estate they are continuing the last phase of empires or melting pots.

Promoting nationalism through space programs is the most obvious tactic governments are likely to try. At this point though it will be hobbled by corporate factors.

Until small real national groups, like tribes, have independent space programs not dependent on melting pot patrons, things will get less stable. From here to there, from corporate and melting pot space programs to genuine tribal and federated space programs is likely to be a mess. Fake federal societies like the United States will find a hard wall of reality where propaganda and manipulation do not pass.

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