Pages that may get written

1) Britain's plan to send foreigners to Rwanda is full of psychological implications for the UK's core policy group 

This page will be in the psychology section, and will put Britain's imperial psychology in the context of common pathologies.

2) Although India is drifting towards ethnic or religious nationalism, it is a better model for the globe than most countries 

The federative styles of India and Russia are sustainable, those of the United States and China are not.

The ongoing disaster of fallout from the UK/China rivalry will not stop until Indigenous American federations replace China and the United States.

3) The liver is usually where hunters look to see if an animal is sick

But industrialized society has turned organs into units that submit to some categorical diagnosis. 

This is related to enforced stupidity, but in some things the stupidity no longer needs to be forced.

Chemicals which weaken the liver are all over society, but the pharmaceutical industry will always find a profitable medicine to address concerns like hepatitis.

4) No facts either

"And yet the book is not overly academic. It includes no footnotes, endnotes or even a bibliography" 

China has no reason to attack Taiwan, like all their challenges, the solution, for them, is to wait.

Britain has every reason to get the United States to attack China with maximum devastation to both countries followed by a cozying up of Australia to China. The worse the United States fares the better Australia will be.

The United States leadership has been dumbed down and stripped of any shred of integrity.

The United States population is lapping up British propaganda like it is koolaid.

When the British finally engineer a way to get the United States to sacrifice its remaining standing by attacking China, the British will realize how stupid their plan was.

And of course the clouds of devastation will allow Australia to somehow 'fix' its Aborigine problem.

5) There are obvious interesting aspects to some types of quantum games 

But the real story has to do with the underlying flaws in melting pot sciences.

6) The previous big shift in global economics started with the dollar consortium conspiracy

There are probably lessons to be learned from the various failures of that project. 

7) Britain has invested vast amounts of U.S. dollars and Ukrainian lives in painting Ukraine as the battlefield between East and West

In modern history the state of Israel has been more useful to Britain than to Jews.

Unfortunately, a lot of Jews are easily walked into cooperating with an agenda they do not understand. Again. 

8) "All translation rights are avaliable" lol 

This page will go in the weltanschaaungskrieg section.

Worldviews diverged in ancient history due to geographical isolation, but today there are new factors at play.

Jews offer a visible example of one way worldviews can become distorted and diverge.

When tribal Jews dispersed following military losses they carried something of value which was their discipline. That discipline, Judaism, was of course not a tribal factor, it was an external discipline. A person from another tribe who practices that discipline does not become a Jewish tribal any more than a French person who studies karate becomes Japanese.

Nevertheless, the association of discipline with tribe was encouraged as a defensive measure by expatriate Jews, "You are one of us", perhaps as part of a hope for reciprocal treatment.

As the fiction gained traction the benefit that Jews received was doubled down on by them, leading to a 'globalist impulse' which, in fact, was a simple social profit transaction. The British used variations of this dishonest transaction in their own colonialism, an in fact all colonizers, even if they don't take overt political power, use it.

Externally, other groups adapt their view of the world in whichever way suits their past, not as a conscious decision but as a reaction. 

In the current example, Britain i.e., UK/U.S., etc, is cleverly melding various fictions to give increased inertia to mistakes promoted by non Jewish elements of "Jewish" society, i.e., power groups which have hijacked Jewish tribal interests, 

But there is also a natural vulnerability that historic mistakes are making manifest, something which can be addressed properly with facts, or used improperly in a way to speed faster into tragedy. 

Because political i.e., 'public', control of all major Jewish institutions is now in the hands of 'non Jewish Jews', i.e., foreign tribes which have adopted Jewish discipline, those institutions, including the state of Israel, can be puppetmastered by allies of those foreign tribes. 

9) More manufactured drama at Google's "Fake AI" project

The fake ai being promoted by Google has been mentioned on other pages, but this page will go into a specific news article. 

The dispute involves 'criticism' of a paper called "A graph placement methodology for fast chip design", linked in the first paragraph of the following article. 

Google is trying to draw the world along a false path for as long as possible before the mad dash to real artificial intelligence begins.

Looking at the person fired in this case, and his connections to India, 

this could be a sign the break between fake and real ai is approaching.

Once real ai is opened up as a legitimate field of science, countries like India will be powerhouses. One possibility in this case is that the firing served two functions

a) Continue the diversion using silly drama which encourages people to believe 'ai' is what 'Google AI' is about, and

b) Remove one foreign connected individual from the inner rooms of Google's project

Superficially, the 'challenge' this researcher made was trivial. The 'Nature' article refers to a very minor architecture issue which is not in the domain of real ai, and is not even super meaningful in the field of fake ai. It's simply a fake ai i.e., 'software' method for ordering the parts on a circuit board.

One of the big vulnerabilities of the melting pot will be lain bare when competing societies start working on real ai using network, probably built around cryptocurrencies.

All melting pot cultures which have pigeonholed their populations into a narrower and narrower science view will have weak networks compared to more diverse places.

The United States i.e., the UK centric aspect of the melting pot, will be feebleminded compared to many other countries for several reasons, not least the 'cheapened labor' and 'hardwork ethic' forced on other countries, but the real kicker will be when cultures isolated from the melting pot start to intersect the ai which will develop once Google fake ai loses control of the global artificial intelligence narrative.

Like so many other things, it's another example of a colonial mentality willing to sacrifice the interests of the broader species to make short term profit or power gains.

10) Was Three Mile Island sabotage?

Netflix has a Three Mile Island documentary in the style used for propaganda, so it's possible new information will be public about that incident soon. 

A fair bet is that the oil consortium sabotaged Three Mile Island in order to keep oil going as the main fuel. The oil consortium had enough control of the U.S. government that there wasn't any risk of a plot like that being exposed.

Is there actually any evidence that the accident was actually sabotage designed to scare people away from nuclear power?

March 16, 1979 the movie "The China Syndrome" is released and starts fears about a nuclear accident. 

March 28, 1979 Three Mile Island core meltdown. 

Any discussion of sabotage was prevented, but the net effect was that nuclear energy was no longer seen as a replacement for oil in the short term. 

If the Netflix documentary is meant as a propaganda set up in line with other Netflix documentaries then there will probably be more documentaries and revelations about the oil consortium coming to light soon, with the purpose of that campaign being to steer blame away from UK/U.S. figures, perhaps as an extension of new 'war on terror' narratives.