1) The future of Western Europe would be much better if the West were not preventing Western audiences from seeing Russian views


Britain has a need to at least try to maintain a status quo by provoking a large war.

It will almost certainly succeed in starting the necessary war, but not on maintaining the status quo..

The stupider the West can keep its citizens the more support there will be for pushing Russia to put nukes to use.

2) Everything is primed


But there is still no obvious way for Britain to get the U.S. to 'justifiably' attack China in the Pacific.

3) Worrying signs involving 'mercenaries'

In recent weeks there have been Western propaganda type pieces portraying 'heroic mercenary' types.

"Brits to sign up to fight Russian despot Vladimir Putin’s army have included former sniper Shane Matthews, 34, ex-carer Aiden Aslin, 28, who fought Isis in Syria, and former soldier Shaun Pinner, 48, who has a Ukrainian wife.


Two of those three are now in the news again.

"Two captured British fighters appear on Russian state TV, ask to be swapped with pro-Russian politician


British media have flooded the public with articles which push histories of the captured soldiers down, but other countries have not yet joined the Brits.

As more and more propaganda type issues complicate the conflict the British may feel driven to accelerate whatever their Asian plans might be.

Notice this prisoners hands are not visible, his body is covered, and his eyes move back and forth like he is reading, pointing to him being held by very sophisticated jailers.


4) It's important to understand references to 'nazis' in the context of Ukraine

People are often given inaccurate pictures of their opponents, by their own governments, for propaganda purposes. For example, during the cold war the 'US/USSR' conflict was presented as one of different economic systems when in fact it was two competing aspects of the global melting pot.

Fast forward to today, and an older rivalry, between Britain and China, is re emerging as the primary global battle. The UK has diffused into the U.S., Australia and other countries, and has near total control of the global economy. China has submitted to most of the UK imposed global ruleset, but has enough power to use those rules in a favorable way because the East/West line still has not led to an accurate delineation with the Eastern population i.e., indigenous new worlders. The same way the West fought Japan in WWII it will now fight China, and thousands of years ago the West would have won, but today it will not because of the new dynamics of the global melting pot.

So what does this have to do with nazis?

In WWII German national socialists were 'nationalists' opposing the melting pot.

The melting pot powers must continually eliminate rising tribal powers in order to prevent an emerging 'worldview' from fracturing the melting pot. Although Germany was not actually a tribal society, the psychology of the nazis involved a reversion to tribal mentality. In other words they perceived themselves as 'tribal' with respect to the melting pot i.e., 'relatively tribal', and they played that role.

Vietnam played a similar role viz the melting pot, and that war involving the French and U.S. armies was very significant for re establishing some Asian autonomy, another front between the West and Asia which will soon be strong support for Asian expansion towards other of their strong fronts in the popularly perceived 'West'.

In Ukraine there has always been a sort of tribal nationalism which was powerful and independent enough to challenge the global melting pot i.e., China and the UK at the moment. Russia's interest in Ukraine is quite different and represents a reversion towards sustainable borders rather than constant consumption of tribes.

'Naziism' in Ukraine has things that might resemble that in Germany, but a person better understands it by looking at the opposite of 'Ukrainian naziism'.

In order to reduce the 'worldview' threat to the melting pot, Ukraine has been under pressure to 'globalize'. This is a specific series of 'worldview' steps which lead a population to passivity and away from tribal defensiveness. These are the same things which are used to force assimilate conquered peoples, but it's done with finesse, usually money and political trickery, in places like that.


So, a person would say that looks like the opposite of naziism, and there is the problem with how modern societies are misguided by their leaders.

There are two distinct sides, and each has aspects that can be perceived as positive or negative depending on who is propagandizing. As history moves forward the two sides become more and more violent until either one is totally destroyed or hard borders form.

Regardless words like 'nazi', 'liberty', etc etc, here are general traits of the two sides, each of which has aspects seen as 'nazi' by the other side.

a) Tribal side

Has traditions which precede the melting pot, for example language, original religion, etc / 'Modern naziism' is an attempt to recover those distant traditions.

Has  very strict moral guidelines. / 'Modern naziism' tries to impose what they perceive as a better morality.

Develops new sciences within a system that is not intelligible to outsiders. / 'Modern naziism' is not actually isolated cognitively from the melting pot so these efforts fail.

Has aggression towards outsiders, something which is dealt with peacefully through means developed over millennia, like diplomacy.

Is not overtly expansionist except in what is rationalized as 'defensive expansion', what might be called lebensraum pursuit, same as thousands of years ago.

b) Melting pot side

Has a melting pot religion, usually Christianity or Islam or 'state worship', or a mix. This originates as a tool to control conquered people but evolves into what could be called a nazi mentality, a false 'state worship' religion inappropriate for its practitioners.

Has flexible morality with no absolute traditional laws. This is necessary to create a flux in conquered people so they can be trained. The 'consciousness' of state is entirely collective, the individual is irrelevant. A symptom of this is the execution of 'criminals' and other prisoners in unstable melting pots. As the fracturing continues at some point those countries which have renounced direct state executions will restore them.

Consolidates science, but creates bigger and bigger divergences from nature over time. This is one of the things solved by real diplomacy but made worse by the coercive diplomacy of the melting pot.

Has an appetite for outsiders which can manifest either in a positive or negative way.

Is necessarily expansionist because when a melting pot stops consuming tribals, it fractures. This aspect of melting pot nations was imposed on Germany pre WWII in a massive sort of transference from the global melting pot to that country. Sort of like the global melting pot isolating and transferring one aspect of its fatal disease to one element state within it, then destroying that state as a sort of ritual sacrifice. Because Germany was not actually 'the disease', this ruse was short term cosmetic, and not anything else.


Countries are almost all 'melting pots' today, with exceptions like Bhutan being under tremendous pressure if they open their borders. So even though people refer to themselves and others by nationality, anybody from any melting pot country may correspond more with the substance of the majority of another country.

Here is an article about "U.S. people who do not support Nato". Instead of referring to the people as pertaining to the 'anti nazi' bloc, they are referred to as 'U.S. people' who are deficient or disloyal in some way. It's standard propaganda fare in melting pots, and leads to the same thing in each country.


That gets back to one of many problems with a fracturing melting pot. Each melting potted population has vast numbers of what would be called 'saboteurs' if it were a tribal society. Historically this problem was resolvable but when 'East met West' the 'new product' was saboteurs who were the actual federalized populations i.e., the mixed children who were 'better' than their still existing original tribal analogues. This is one of the reasons for false federalism which tries to control those populations by using a gang to empower the original colonizing entity. The false federal powers use more and more violence as their societies fracture until the actual 'federal' mixed population consolidates, something like lemmings off a cliff in the modern world.

The solution in a place with available room to expand is a temporary shift from 'tribe vs tribe' to a broader context of 'male vs female' for a period of time until a new tribal society evolves from the melting pot.

This aspect of consolidation is used manipulatively by melting pot powers to create a false female complement to the melting pot, a sort of extension of the type of political manipulation of 'group vote' or 'parliament style' manipulations used to extend the power of conquerors.


Notice how matrilineal societies have been weakened in the 'Western' side of the melting pot, even exterminated in many cases.




UK strategists use this awareness, and understand the cosmetic importance of gender adaption to consolidate a melting pot. This is why things like homosexuality are necessary to the consolidation. These strategists are actually using concepts from analytical psychology, which they themselves obscured from the general public, to come up with ad hoc solutions to their 'problem of the day. There are numerous problems with the manipulative UK strategy which will be addressed individually as they come up.

Notice that Chinese mainland core power group is more balanced, with the West imagining they are creating a long term challenge to that power. This is simply the result of the UK etc having a short term view of that issue compared to the Chinese, who play a longer game.

An interesting example of the natural solution which arises whenever this problem happens involves animals.

There are articles about bull frogs along the east coast of the U.S. which illustrates the solution well.

Along the East coast of the U.S. is a population of bull frogs which extends roughly 3000 miles. If you take any bull frog in that three thousand mile strip and mate it with another bull frog within fifty miles, its children will be healthy and viable. Within five hundred miles, likewise, but less stable and viable for several generations. When you go beyond 500 miles you start getting into mule territory



The net effect are federalized populations of bull frogs which are prepared for any break in geographic continuity that might occur, and which happen again and again everywhere.

 In Progress

5) In addition to visible groups and alliances, there are hidden interests involved in the conflict

a) One of the most interesting, and significant, involves an unknown group from Eastern Europe referred to on the 'Big Trap' page. This group is potentially identifiable, for example by examining the connections of the "UAE chief Rabbi", but the interesting thing is how they manipulate other groups while they themselves remain hidden.

Via entities connected to the UAE Rabbi, for example, and possibly the Chabad group itself, they are doing something that some Jews are sharply criticized for having done in the lead up to WWII.

The current deception is an extension of what began with the 'war on terror', except this time the targets are Jews not Muslims. The Framework of 'the state of Israel' gives this non Jewish group control, through Jewish shills, of what is popularly perceived as Judaism. Any Jews who point out contradictions in 'Jewish policy' i.e., things that do not originate from Jews, is cancelled by the loudness of those Jews who have been deceived into doing the dirty work.

6) Trump's conversation with Zelensky in Ukraine about Javelins and Russia sanctions




7) Whoever is arranging these high level trips has a surprise in the bag once Britain is ready


8) Who really has control over Russia's invasion?

Russia's focus with regard to Ukraine is largely internal. They view it as a local strategic defense issue, but are aware of outside interests. They have little control over outside interference.

A person should note that the invasion started at the end of winter, when Russia would have the least leverage.

9) A lot of the propaganda does not withstand any scrutiny, but is still pumped into a gullible public

"Ukraine is the focus, but Russian troops are in several ex-Soviet republics


 Otay, but


10) An interesting example of tribal i.e., gender descent vs political expedience

"The conspiracy theory that Hitler had Jewish heritage dates back to before the Second World War and stems from the fact that his paternal grandfather is unknown.


"However, a study by psychologist and physician Leonard Sax has shed new light supporting the claim that Hitler’s father’s father had Jewish roots.


If Hitler's paternal grandfather was Jewish, and if his Jewishness were genetic/tribal rather than simply the result of a conversion, then it would explain his actions as part of the developmental process of 'new tribes' i.e., he was 'consolidating' into a new tribal identity which necessitated eliminating an older one.