Reddit site moderators, and other sites' moderators, impose their specific beliefs on the public by banning and deleting opinions which don't match their own. One major focal point on these sites involves transgender issues. These moderators have grossly inaccurate views, but they portray themselves as serving that community and claim they are preventing psychological damage or worse.

What is the truth?

This page will be an assembly of facts which refute the fictional 'lgbtq' and transgender fictions being imposed on Reddit readers and others. This will try to use archetypes and Jungian concepts, so it will be in the psychology section of the website.

Here is an author who had transsexual surgery some years ago, but has opinions that would result in his being banned instantly on Reddit. 

Another 'trans' person who recognizes that the issue is not what it seems. 

In Progress


Q What is the most likely cause of 'transgender'?

A All animal species have two lineages, from two different original microbes. As a species consolidates the 'male' and 'female' lineages balance in such a way that the two lineages are physically 'compatible. As a conquered group is being assimilated a person can see this process over the span of generations as traits compete and diminish or expand. When there is a 'riddle' in the two lineages which is not resolved then that, and other unknown factors, cause a physically transgender person, or a tendency towards homosexuality, which is just a variation of 'transgender' caused by the same thing. When a parent tends toward that conflict they transfer the conflict to their child, which is the proper thing parents do with conflicts.