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This website tries to make clear for individuals something many corporate and government people have already figured out, that digital currencies will soon be used as part of vast networks that provide work using 'human input' in currency mining algorithms.

A major point is that corporate and melting pot interests in this economy are in direct competition with individual and tribal interests.

Unless strong steps are taken, tribal extinctions will accelerate and the longterm result will be much more harmful than most people imagine.


Digital currencies will change a lot of things soon, including the way corporations, countries and people work.

Artificial intelligence coins are the next big step in the digital economy. They will consist of networks that develop sciences by generating 'questions' and 'answers' using both human input and software.

Eventually it will become clear that the 'security' of private and group transactions must be based on spoken languages that are common to the communicators, not common melting pot languages. Whether this security is controlled by individual/tribal powers or corporate/melting pots will determine a lot of things.


The purpose of this website is to encourage the development of indigenous language digital currencies, and to help indigenous language groups develop ai networks that can compete with the coming corporate and government digital ai networks.

Numerous corporate and government entities are preparing to develop coins, and eventually most, or all, of them will become ai network coins. 

There are important reasons ai networks should be built around indigenous cultures and languages, rather than corporate and melting pot interests, and this website tries to present some of those reasons.


The domains listed below are free to any indigenous language coin groups, at my discretion, as that ecosystem develops.

If you have an indigenous language coin, and are interested in one of the domains, leave a comment below in the comments section or

As of mid Feb 2021 all are still available.











 You can also search for domains by googling "whois" and finding domains that have not been registered yet, then buying them from a registrar like Godaddy or 1and1, the two largest registrars. 1and1 and encirca list most new Top Level Domain extensions such as .exchange.

New blockchain based domains are also becoming available, but that is developing slowly. 



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