1) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iUjUeQjMkpo 


2) There are two paths to outer space. The current 'hyperscientific path' involves sacrificing more and more parts of the planet, including species, until failure becomes more obvious. The more sensible path from here using archetypes starts with a Himalayan state and will probably be default once problems with the current path become more visible.


3) A brilliant scam, designed to legitimize Zionist claims to Middle Eastern real estate.


The astonishing thing is that so many high caliber scientists agreed to cooperate in using their academic cleverness to deceive.

Anybody with basic logic skills should be able to discredit the article.


4) On another page is a description of what looks like an obvious wrongful conviction, https://tribalcash.org/the-confession-tapes.html Lawrence John Delisle, still in prison, which involves his leg seizing and his car running into a river with his family killed. I mention on that page that other people, including me, have had similar experiences with a leg seizing. Here is an example from BitChute at about 22 minutes 40 seconds https://www.bitchute.com/4dabfbc3-f0f0-49b4-b4f1-4d00f65e6d26 

Of course the pilot has a lot of money and 'credibility', so he did not go to prison. And almost certainly he did not have a full epileptic seizure, as suggested, but rather a simple seizing of muscles in the leg which is being sold as a seizure to prevent the 'accountability' that lower status people face in similar situations.



5) Yahoo Comments has joined the bandwagon of preventing the public from learning the truth about nuclear weapons. Comments that even approach the subject are removed by teenage moderators.

At first it seems odd that anybody with a basic education and understanding of the world would try to limit public knowledge in this area, but if a person looks at the broader context of collaboration between the UK and China, an explanation becomes obvious.

A page may be made at some point just listing various types of weapons that already exist, and explaining which ones are most suited for "foreign" use vs those most useful for pacifying populations. The UK is giving China the 21st century in exchange for Australian security going forward, and whether or not a person supports that calculus it should at least be discussed.


6) Bitcoin drops and follows a logical technical pattern.......until precious metals markets open and gold rises.

It's an obvious stunt, done at a government level, to make bitcoin mimic a commodity.

If governments can afford billions of dollars to monkey with bitcoin why do they hire $10 an hour traders who cannot anticipate an obvious move in metals?


7) What a devious and corrupt group of leaders we have.

A person has a hard time unraveling the lies that the public are fed, but at least there are clues from time to time.


The economist being interviewed understands that a "pseudo recession", i.e., war, is being engineered to control commodity demand and buy time for the dollar, but she is afraid to speak truthfully. Any meticulous person comfortable with endless trivia could create a detailed documentary showing exactly what the U.S. is doing and how foreign governments, i.e., small groups within those governments, try to profit by accommodating the U.S. It isn't all such a big deal...except it is a colossal deception against the public.

Wars have always been engineered for profit, but a person has to wonder how many people would go along if they understood that it is entirely financial, and designed to benefit only those who figure it out.

Another economist, also a woman but less vulnerable to coercion https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e3Vms1hSSes Still, she either ignores or is afraid to explicitly observe that the United States is trying to maneuver into an authoritarian system because only an authoritarian system will be able to compete with China.

There are other options, like federated small societies, but the problem always comes back to the simple fact that who has weapons has liberties, and by current standards any small societies would not be able to compete militarily against larger authoritarian countries.

Until the problem is articulated it cannot be solved, and the U.S. is using its full police powers to make sure it isn't articulated. One of many indications the United States is at the end of its life.


8) Wait, what?

a) People protest if a bakery spends a hundred dollars on something they don't like, but Elon Musk helps himself to billions of dollars from Tesla customers, and people aren't sure where they stand?


b) "Multiple independent epidemiological and clinical studies further indicate that SARS-CoV-2 infection and “long COVID” strongly correlate with the onset of progressive neurological disturbances that include Alzheimer's disease (AD), prion disease (PrD)..."


c) "...adding that Bentley’s wife informed him of the death"


"...His wife says she hasn’t yet seen his remains, or even proof of his death"



9) The delivery of Europe to China, by the UK and Russia, is probably the biggest gift ever given in any context throughout history.

Israel is an interesting distraction, but not that big a story in comparison.


10) There are a lot of gaps in information publicly available about prion disease.



And for $35 you can read https://publications.aap.org/pediatrics/article-abstract/81/1/85/55024/Human-Growth-Hormone-Therapy-and-Creutzfeldt-Jakob?redirectedFrom=fulltext 



July 2020??? https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/32681865/



How many of these are there?



Covid conspiracies may just be the tip of an iceberg https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC10047479/






11) A 2017 video that provides more indication that it was not medical consideration, but rather strategic thoughts which motivated coercing mRNA into millions of people.


The fact that both Chinese and U.S. scientists were involved, but large numbers of Americans only, not Chinese, were injected with the specific mRNA raises more questions.

It's a mystery that probably has to be solved using a behavioral view, since there is a vast segment of the Chinese population which is not trapped in the UK's cognitive bubble.


12) Britain's disgusting deal with China