In Surveillance States, like the U.S. and China, people are reduced to pawns of whichever clique controls the state apparatus at the moment. Privacy, personal space, becomes taboo.

Slowly the death spreads.


Temenos. "A Greek word meaning a sacred, protected space; psychologically, descriptive of both a personal container and the sense of privacy that surrounds an analytical relationship."

"Jung believed that the need to establish or preserve a temenos is often indicated by drawings or dream images of a quaternary nature, such as mandalas."

"The symbol of the mandala has exactly this meaning of a holy place, a temenos, to protect the centre. And it is a symbol which is one of the most important motifs in the objectivation of unconscious images. It is a means of protecting the centre of the personality from being drawn out and from being influenced from outside.["The Tavistock Lectures," CW 18, par. 410." 

Note The reference to 'an analytical relationship' above is unfortunate, but is left in. The downfall of analytical psychology was the attempt to subordinate it to a corporate framework, make it the property of a certain type of 'medical' business expert. While Jung tried to encourage the importance of an individual understanding their own mind, his 'followers' sometimes promote the notion of a 'superior' analyst who shares proprietary secrets i.e., a person who 'had the knowledge first' and must be compensated, respected, etc. for that.


This is a concept elaborated on by Jung. Not usually considered an archetype, but the archetypal concept of 'space' can be seen as being on a continuum, with Temenos at one extreme.

An individual whose lineage is completely homogenous i.e., an indigenous person, and whose environment is 'indigenous', will have a naturally very strong internal space from which their perceptions can seek patterns.

In the melting pot, personal space is sacrificed in favor of a cauldron that is meant to eliminate whatever contradicts the 'conquering' aspect. The melting pot has 'a driver and a passenger' who are rivals.

The most common visible substitutes for indigenous Temenos in the melting pot are disciplinary/educational physical spaces like jails, mass schools, and political or religious ideologies.

 So if you wanted to draw a continuum of physical symbols of 'space', a jail or school would be at one end, representing melting pot space, and a Mandala, or 'Temenos' would be at the other end, representing an unpolluted indigenous mind with unlimited space to resolve questions.

While the global trend is toward consolidation of melting pots, very few melting pot people will ever catch more than a glimpse of the far end of their continuum or spectrum i.e. toward Temenos. Likewise, an indigenous person in an unlimited environment will not understand 'deliberately created jails, mass schools, etc'. They will perceive limiters like illness etc, but those things will be challenges to avoid, rather than disciplines.


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