Sim Gill is running for re election as DA. 

This page will explain his involvement in the Hser Ner Moo murder prosecution, along with a few other things.


One aspect of the prosecution in this case which overlaps other topics on the website involves gang activity.

The investigation, and prosecution, after Hser Ner Moo's murder was a textbook example of how to encourage the development of ethnic gangs. All of the Burmese witnesses, on all sides, were abused and terrorized by police into cooperating with the police version of events.

The one woman who did not cooperate vanished. See the 'La desaparecida' page on the left menu.

Sim Gill can produce a media friendly image that claims to deal with issues like gang problems. 

But the truth is that he, and the FBI, are the biggest supporters of the development of violent ethnic gangs. 

Small gangsters know how to play with bigger gangsters.

"We are very grateful for the service all Law Enforcement, Military and 1st Responders do for our community, for that very reason we offer these brave and amazing individuals 50% OFF on their individual orders when presenting their agency ID. 

Everywhere in the world, except Salt Lake City, people know that only the crookedest cops would use their badge to get a 50% discount at a family restaurant. The fact that the offer is at the top of their page suggests it was a popular offer, and was useful to both sides. The restaurant was associated with a previous kidnapping which looks like it was a distraction from another crime.

People like Sim Gill and the FBI agents he covers for know that all of the small gangsters in their territories will pay tribute to them, until they don't have to.

The United States is one major economic contraction away from them not having to pay tribute to 'federal gangsters' anymore.

Should you vote for Sim Gill?

Here are some of the few public mentions of him with regard to the prosecution of Esar Met. 

Below will be some of what was not reported by media.

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