The domains below, and several more, are available free to anybody who wants to make their own math / science / ai / Native currency exchange, under certain conditions.

They are also for sale if anybody wants to make an offer. They are expensive.

Anybody who wants to register a new domain can Google “Whois check” and find unregistered domains. There are always sales going on at certain registrars that offer domains for a dollar or so for the first year and roughly $20 a year after that.

Send a message to if interested in buying or getting one of the domains. They are only available for free to anybody who I am reasonably sure will actually build a certain kind of exchange.

1 The conditions are for one year. So if a domain is given for free the conditions have to be followed for one year. After one year you can do as you like. A domain that is sold obviously has no conditions.

2 The main condition is just that the domains actually be used to create an exchange that focuses on math and science and/or ai and/or genuine Native currencies. 

3 Each domain has to focus primarily on high quality math / science / Ai / Native coins, and if other coins are traded, the math, science, ai, Native etc coins have to be given priority e.g. they have to be more prominent on the website’s main page, it’s index page, than other coins.

4 Any markets based on a garbage coin have to have the same trading pairs based on math/science, ai, and Native language coins. So if you have an ethereum or bitcoin market with 30 pairs you have to offer the same market built around math/science, ai and Native language coins.

5 The actual coins that qualify as math/science, ai and Native might be somewhat subjective, and the purpose isn’t specifically to pump certain coins, so the actual list of coins is a matter for the actual exchange maker to figure out. The domains are given to somebody who is trusted to make the exchange, but ‘enforcement’ is simply a gentleman’s agreement. For that reason very few people who might ask for a free domain will be given one.

6 For at least one year, the exchange has to have a dedicated page that has only links to other similar exchanges, as soon as they exist and ask for a link, and not links to garbagecoin exchanges.

7 For at least one year, the exchange has to have a page dedicated to suggestions for tribal currency coins, including their security. You can copy and paste the ‘How to make a tribal currency’ page from this website but it would be better to make your own page.

8 An example of a simple arbitrage / exchange website that can be started by one person is the BlakeTrader page used for a group of coins several years ago A simple page that lets anybody automatically trade between a group of currencies. The owner charges a small commission and only sells in small lots so he or she can constantly arbitrage between people and groups within that economy.