Leaders around the world are cooperating to gradually introduce a global lockdown, mainly to reduce global warming from CO2, but also to deal with certain other issues.






This page will discuss various aspects of the global lockdown as it develops.

Til then some FAQs.


1) a) the initial reported origin was a food market in Wuhan, but

b) the World Military Games were held in Wuhan just weeks before the virus was detected, and

c) Wuhan has the only high security bioweapons lab in the region.

d) Any entity that had the resources, and motives, involved in releasing the COVID-19 virus would have realized that its effect would have been limited and would diminish once a vaccine appeared. They would have prepared a second virus to hit just before the vaccines were available.


2) Obviously the first major move to initiate a global lockdown will be telegraphed. Here is an infectious disease expert https://www.cnbc.com/2020/12/28/us-can-miss-covid-strain-because-the-holes-in-our-net-are-too-wide.html 

The next step is almost certainly for some soccer hoodlums or some political group to get caught deliberately transporting a more infectious variant from one country to another. At this point maybe Britain or South Africa to the U.S. If it is a South African distributing the virus to minorities in the U.S. it would be better headlines and facilitate the lockdown among liberals, but it will probably be simpler folk of the type governments use when they need a patsy, people like the shoe bomber or the underwear bomber. https://theintercept.com/2015/03/16/howthefbicreatedaterrorist/ 

The irony is that there is no need to set anybody up. At any given moment, dozens of small groups and countless disaffected people have been conspiring in dozens of countries to mutate and spread CoVid. There are subtle references to the utility of the virus to various interests throughout the media.

The U.S. though has roughly 0.5% of its population working in some kind of police or intelligence agency. There are countless people with badges chasing just a few potential bio terrorists. A few of them might get lucky and find one, but for the rest the only option is to create them.

3) Once the first few ‘bio terrorists’ are caught, the U.S. will probably announce that it has created a new agency. This agency obviously already exists on paper, in the planning stage. It’s leadership has been selected, it probably already has a building selected. This will probably be early 2021. The ostensible purpose of the agency will probably be something to do with bioweapons enforcement, but it’s main real use will be facilitating the psychological transition to global lockdown. Less developed countries will pass on that kind of ruse and just use troops to control folks who don’t understand why it is necessary.








~In Progress