This page will list possible solutions to the various problems mentioned on the website.

Useful algorithm indigenous language currencies are a focus of this website, and solve a lot of problems, but this page will focus mainly on other things.


1) Economy

Global warming is being dealt with by a consortium of government and private actors through the coming global lockdown, and the upcoming viral wars, but their solution necessarily will create lots of economic turmoil and consequently urban issues like crime. Regardless a person’s politics, nobody should have to spend the bulk of their energy defending against malicious government or private entities. In any technological society the vast majority of problems, including crime, flow from poverty.

The ‘Universal Basic Income’ or UBI promoted by a candidate in the last election would partially solve this.

There are a few different kinds of UBI.

1) Free money with strings. This is the most common. Free cash with poorly hidden strings which overtly try to pay people not to commit crimes, and to obey some group that has control of funding.

2) Free money without strings. This leads to more civilized development, but has to be done properly. Scandinavia famously tries to depoliticize economics, but they create dependence in order to preserve their melting pot.

3) Free goods and services with/without strings. Variations of the first two. Of course in a melting pot the ‘original’ commodity which pre exists food and other commodities in the minds of meltingpotheads is money, cash.



In Progress


2) Homelessness

Retail office space is vacant at a high rate due to Covid, and once the BioWare ramp up, a lot more commercial space will empty. Homeless people could lease ‘offices’ in which they could sleep, sort of like Japanese micro hotels. There would have to be a little screening so paranoid meth addicts weren’t in offices adjacent to PTSD Iraq vets, and simple rules would be needed until the people got better housing.