Antipsychiatry is the attempt to expose the false worldview created by those behind pharmaceutical psychiatry.

Pharmaceutical psychiatry began as an attempt to impose a Western, or more specifically Western European or British, worldview on the global community following WW2. The global influence of the United States following WW2 allowed a great deal of power to be invested in the project easily. For decades after WW2 the U.S., Britain, Australia, Canada and other 'British descendant' societies largely controlled the path of global development.

It is very difficult to research antipsychiatry because since WW2 a well funded 'Weltanchauungskrieg' project has been devoted to globalizing a narrow interpretation of psychiatry, or 'pseudo psychiatry', and part of that project involved discrediting critics, including 'Antipsychiatry' advocates. A person interested in privately researching the subject should first be familiar with the MK projects and have some knowledge of the psychological operations various governments were involved in post WW2. It also sounds very conspiracyish until you know the facts. 

R D Laing was a famous early Antipsychiatrist. Anybody interested in Weltanschauungskrieg can learn a lot by studying the clever ways he was marginalized and minimized, by very specifically British interests, despite being very strongly on the truthful side of the pharma psychiatry issue.

While Jung was an intellectual theorist who explained a lot of the development of human psychology to science minded people, Laing was more a populist who tried to translate the basis for those theories into something people could understand, as a sort of bridge. 

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