As it appears likely that Rosie Tapia's killer is likely to be charged soon, and there are many unusual overlapping psychological elements in the string of child murders in Salt Lake City, as well as connections between those cases and others, this page will point out some of those elements.

The page will be written after police announce charges in the Rosie Tapia case, or when there is a public investigation of various ‘forensics services’ type companies in Salt Lake City, or perhaps within a year if those things don’t happen.

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1) During the Utah trial of Joseph Paul Franklin, the prosecutor was involved with one of the main witnesses. 

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2) Uta von Schwedler was a woman who died in Salt Lake City under circumstances that are not really suspicious. A Utah company used her death as a framework to promote one of their products At first glance not a big deal, but looking a little closer there are problems there.

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