Salvation Army Clitheroe.  

 This Director spent a considerable amount of time (on the previous page) collecting ads for akweb on commercial websites that display google ads. After he had collected 34 text ads, he spent almost three hours casually enjoying the website. Then... for three minutes he fluttered 34 separate clicks on the homepage, each from a separate advertisement from the website . The previous day, between 3:34 p.m. and 5:22 p.m. AK time, the same Director clicked three google ads from  for

http code 200 = page is new to that computer, or has been changed since last viewed
http code 304 = page was viewed previously and has not been changed

Because ads at the bottom are all code 200, it looks like the Salvation  Army Director opened a new browser tab each time he found an ad. At the end, when he had enough, he would open a tab, click the ad, close the tab and click the next ad, until all 34 were clicked.

...etc" identifies the specific ad that the Salvation Army Director clicked on. That url sends the computer to a google program that then redirects the computer to the website.
This is done by google to track clicks. People have the choice of paying for each click or paying for each 1,000 impressions of the ad.

"client=ca-pub-4974930..." etc is the google identifier for the website ""

Google ads purchased by the impression cost a minimum of 25 cents per 1,000 impressions. The ads on the anchoragemovies site that are listed here cost about 55 cents per 1000 impressions.
That means this Salvation Army Director  drained almost 2 pennies from my advertising budget.
Obviously he thought I was paying by the click, and was trying to play with me. (Yes, let's play).

This particular Salvation Army Director has visited the  websites and many times. He has also downloaded over 800 kb from and numerous other related sites.