Salvation Army Clitheroe.  

"FAFSA" is the correct name of the federal student aid form.

"FAFSHA" is a common misspelling for FAFSA. 

Google sends a lot of people to this page who misspell the word.
If you want to apply for student aid (fafsa) go to 

  • There was a young native woman who called Detox saying she wanted to quit smoking crack because she was pregnant.  She was denied admittance at first by the nurse, but was eventually given a bed in residential. 

  • One evening, she said she was thinking about leaving treatment. 
  • She had an interest in  college, so it seemed proper to give her school information and let her fill out the first step of a FAFSA (financial aid form). It was something to  keep her mind off leaving. Clients had been given college information before, and nobody had complained.
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  • As she was filling out the FAFSA, there was a phone call from a staff member in the conference room. The staff member was literally screaming that it was forbidden to give college information to clients. The client could hear the screaming and was wide-eyed. The staff member later said that talking about college might interfere with a client's treatment.  
  • The staff member wrote a lengthy complaint in the residential log about my letting a client get college information and fill out a "FAFSHA". 

  • Shortly after the staff member complained about getting college info for a client, the Director of her unit arranged for that staff member's son to be hired as an assistant counselor. 
  • That staff member was later caught taking a cake from the kitchen, at night. The director asked that the staff member's name not be used when the cake incident was discussed. (It would be rude to embarrass staff).
  • The Director of that unit left Clitheroe and is now Director of the Alaska Women's Resource Center.

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