Anchorage Equal Rights Commission?

When this complaint was filed [December, 2007] the Anchorage Equal Rights Commission investigator said that coworkers would be interviewed, this website would be reviewed, and I would get a chance to present additional material.
  • In January 2009 the Anchorage Equal Rights Commission investigator decided that Clitheroe did not improperly deny medical benefits.

    The Anchorage Equal Rights Commission investigator took one year to investigate this case, but admits that he did not get a chance to look at this website (which was made specifically to address this complaint!), nor to interview any coworkers, (other than the directors against whom the claim was filed!) Those directors told him that "numerous PNAs" were denied benefits, terminated, laid off, etc. That just is not true. There were no PNAs terminated during the time I was employed.

    There were other glaring inaccuracies in Mr. McGhee's report, but he refuses to simply investigate. His belief is "if a Salvation Army director says that 13 PNAs were terminated, then it is so". (There were only 5 or 6 PNAs during that entire time period).

    His decision contains numerous substantial factual errors, provided by the Salvation Army. The information that the Salvation Army provided can be proven false by interviewing any other employee of detox (something the investigator did not find time to do, during his one year long investigation). Since a lawyer was beyond my financial means there was no way to pursue it further.

    The Anchorage Equal Rights Commission did not get around to looking at this website until January 2009 -click here, after I complained that he had made his decision without looking at the website or interviewing any witnesses.

    [Mr McGhee made a second visit to the website on March 30, 2009. When he saw the log of his previous visit, he left. -click here. The man has some sense.]*

  • A general employment timeline is here

  • Clitheroe was closed the day after the initial complaint. (Finances were blamed). As of February 2009 I have dropped the issue and the local Salvation Army is opening a new Detox called the "Specialized Treatment Unit" or STU.