Salvation Army Clitheroe.  

      Which rules are enforced, and how severely, depend on the status of a client.

      A "higher status" clients heroin use in detox is "tolerated", while a low status client is expelled for eating candy.

  • One female client went on an outing to Walmart with her unit. In the women's unit, the director restricts sugar consumption. The client bought some candy, and brought it back to Clitheroe.  This client was a very timid and reserved young Native woman.
  • The Director was in a foul mood. She told the client that if she wanted the candy, she would be expelled.
  • The client said she wanted the candy.
  • The client was expelled. 
  • Sugar vs alcohol is a popular topic.
    Different studies show different things. Whatever the effect of sugar on alcoholics, expelling them for eating sugar is not going to further their treatment.

The smoking rules are another oddity. Men smoke anytime, women smoke at a few designated times. It is irritating to have to defend rules by saying "because I say so".

  • One client went by her initials, "AA".  The director of her unit decided that going by one's initials has a criminal significance. The client was made to use her strict legal name. Staff were told to report anytime AA told people that her name was AA. Even very conservative staff were scratching their heads over that. The director finally coughed up the hairball, and let AA use her initials. It was made clear that the Director was angry that her "authority" had been challenged by the client. 
  • AA was also a smoker. One day she asked for an explanation of why men had open smoking all day, while women had very restricted smoking. She was expelled.