Dirty Detox

(Audio is from a hearing held by the Alaska Department of Labor.
It was held to discuss an employment issue.)
  • Snippets of audio are used on the website. Below are the full sections of the hearing, so the snippets can be heard in context.
  • The personnel documents containing the accusations discussed are listed here.
  • The testimony was given under oath. There are several obviously untrue statements (given under oath) by one of the Salvation Army directors.

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Compaudio                wav (click here)          mp3 (click here)          2:00
(Did client who was having sex with staff get special privileges?)

Psychaudio                wav (click here)          mp3 (click here)           0:30
(Salvation Army H.R. Director)

Pregnant                wav (click here)          mp3 (click here)              1:00
(Residential Director)

Section2                 wav(click here)         mp3 (click here)              13:20
(Residential Director / Salvation Army H.R. Director)

Section3 part1       wav (click here)         mp3 (click here)              7:39
(Cross-exam of Residential Director)

Section3 part2       wav (click here)         mp3 (click here)              2:33
(Computer abuse accusation)

Section3 part3          wav (click here)         mp3 (click here)             4:42   

H.R. Director          wav (click here)          mp3 (click here)            15:49
(His full testimony)

Legalisms                wav (click here)         mp3 (click here)              5:05
(Hearing officer summarizing rules)

Compilation             wav (click here)      mp3 (click here)              13:04      

  • The Residential Director refers to me in a condescending tone as a "part-time weekend" employee. He doesn't mention that even though I was classified "part-time weekend", I was averaging about 60 hours a week over the entire time that I was employed. (He averaged under 40).
  • The Human Resources Director suggests I lack the knowledge for the job. He doesn't mention that I have a B.A., which is more college than any other Detox employee, including both supervisors. My degree is in Psychology, which is relevant to the job. None of my bosses in Detox or Residential had any education to qualify them to work in a rehab. Their only "experience" was in their current management jobs, which they got through religious affiliation, not qualification .
  • The Residential Director says he was "forced" to discipline me because of 2 client complaints. One of the two is client "Zack". The other was Zack's friend. Zack used his knowledge of sexual improprieties by certain staff to manipulate those same staff members. Audio here.