Salvation Army Clitheroe 

... behind closed doors.

The same day that Salvation Army Directors discovered this website, I began cataloging some of their visits and putting them on the website (bottom of timeline-A).
A big deal had been made about me using my work computer to get information about other treatment centers for a client. It seemed ironic that they had several computers on this website almost around the clock.

One of the audio files at that time was  contactmrsee.wav. The Residential Director had told the hearing officer that my ultimate employment option would have been to contact the H.R. Director. The hearing officer sort of groaned. Anybody who listens to the H.R. Director at the hearing would see the futility of talking with him. He stretches the truth past it's breaking point to make him and his buddies look good. He is very loyal to his peers, but completely lacking in higher values.

There was literally not one Salvation Army Director or supervisor that I worked with that could be considered fair and impartial. The assistant to the executive had a sense of right and wrong, but even she was ultimately loyal to her paycheck.

The H.R. Director and the Executive Director both use the same ip address ( For several days one of their computers kept hitting the contactmrsee file, over and over and over. Because of the timing, as well as the people involved, it looked likely that person was trying to get me to "contact mr. ..." (i.e. the H.R. Director).
Let's make a deal? No thanks.

Here is the audio in mp3 and wav

Here is the "page 54" the Residential Director refers to.

The Residential Director told some opportunistic whoppers at the hearing that will come out if a serious investigation of management at Clitheroe is ever done.