Dirty Detox

  • The Executive Director says Clitheroe needed another $583,000 for Detox. here
  • Clitheroe was already receiving far more than it needed for all of it's operations.
  • The Salvation Army will not give financial details, even to the BBB, (here), but it is possible to estimate their revenues and expenses.
  • More funding comments here.

  • Detox was getting $865,000 a year from state of Alaska grants. PDF (very large file)
  • Detox insurance receipts were roughly [vague guess deleted] (including V.A.)
  • Homeward Bound paid Clitheroe Detox about [vague guess deleted] a year.

Clitheroe had patients sign a PFD garnishment agreement if they were uninsured.
That brought in a lot of money.
Some clients lost their PFDs for years. [The PFD or Permanent Fund Dividend is an annual payment all Alaskan residents get. It comes from oil revenues.]

Detox revenue was well over [vague guess deleted], possibly over [vague guess deleted].
The cost to run Detox was roughly [vague guess deleted] per year.

Detox's basic staffing was around [vague guess deleted].
Normal staff was one LPN and one PNA. Both supervisors were LPNs, and sometimes one or the other would work in addition to the LPN that was on duty.

$262,800 for 24/7 LPN coverage $20/hr wages + $10/hr benefits
$175,200 for 24/7 PNA coverage $12.50/hr wages + $7.50/hr benefits

Add $200,000 for other expenses. (Residential has snacks.)

  • Employees got good pay and excellent benefits, but many supplies were donated. Even toiletries for Detox clients came from SARP. The only major expense was staffing (i.e., about [vague guess deleted])
  • Detox used a small part of the basement of Residential, rent was zero.
  • Detox saved Residential several thousand dollars a week, by having a nurse on site. Most of the work done by Detox nurses was the medicating of Residential clients.

  • The Salvation Army was supposedly paying $9,000 a month to medical professionals on a contract basis, but these people were generally seeing only Residential clients. Occasionally the physicians assistant would look at a Detox client for things like sore throat, etc.


There is ample evidence that something is "not right" with Detox's finances.

Because the financial numbers are not public, nobody will ever know.

People just have to trust....

2007 State of Alaska DBH Grant Awards
602-07-235 / 602-07-912 PDF or here (1.4 mb)
Clitheroe Center Anchorage Total: $3,982,030 ($3,692,030 + $290,000)
[Clitheroe Detox - $866,886]