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"The bottom line, there needs to be an investigation..."
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PHP form and email (late 2007 - early 2008) comments:

"(...)the lives lost and the services being removed here in Anchorage really pissed me off." -(email)


    " While I was employed in Outpatient as a counselor I went to my supervisor because [a] male counselor was sleeping with my client.  Nothing was done. In fact I was told "you need to treat all clients like they are lying until you find out that they are not!" " (php form)
Lectures (by one director, particularly) on the manipulativeness of clients are common.
Addicts can be manipulative, but to use that as an excuse (not to investigate misconduct by staff), is silly.


"Hi, I am a former nurse who worked at Clithroe about 8 years ago. (...) For many it was their last chance to get off the street. I always went home exhausted but feeling like we had been able to make a difference. (...) I always knew there for the grace of God I could have been the client instead of the nurse.(...)
Unfortunately your bitterness (however justified and i know it is valid) detracts from what could be a wonderful opportunity to achieve justice for those who are truely powerless." (...) (php form)

What do you suggest I do?



"My (..) is currently residing at Clithroe and receiving services for (...). [...] is doing well and plans on successfully completing the program. This was a life saver for (...) as there is no residential treatment available in (...). We are so thankful for Clithroe and the services they provide." (php form)


"I have a few qualms with SA myself, I have had several incidents with them over the years, and to be honest I have TOTALLY lost ALL respect for anything SA!! (email)

There are individuals who work for the Salvation Army who are very competent and have integrity. That's a website for someone else to make.

"Just sitting in a pew every Sunday and bending a knee does not qualify us for earthly gain. But people begin to become familiar with each other and sometimes learn to care about each other who they see every Sunday for years. Sometimes the church will also look more favorably on someone who is obedient and pays their full tithe." (email)

(The letter writer was trying to explain that favoritism is understandable).


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