If a person went over my computer use during the time I worked they would find almost no personal use of the computer.

If that person looked at computer use by my supervisors, they would find hundreds of hours of shopping at strange internet stores, looking at entertainment sites, printing fun pages, etc (the printer was by my desk).

Visits to this website by Salvation Army directors have continued through February 2009 (here).
  • Part of my job was helping clients find services at other agencies. In Detox, a client asked for help finding outpatient services. She was a few days from being discharged. I let her send an email to another Salvation Army office, and to another treatment center. (Copies of the emails are linked below)
    Getting outpatient info for clients was important, it was done a lot, and it had never been a problem.

 audio (click here) of the H.R. Director cross-examining the Residential Director.

Here is the "computer policy".

When I asked for an explanation, another charge was added.

  • An ROI is a form that lets a person communicate confidential information. There was no such information in the email I sent, nor any client name. The 2 emails sent by her, with me watching, did not require ROI's.
  • The supervisor never looked at the emails before saying they needed ROI's. They don't. If anybody wants to look at them for the first time.... everything that account was used for is here. The material from NCADI and NIDA was all free. The client typed the text in German.

At the hearing I tried to ask if supervisors were selectively enforcing the computer policy.
  • Staff who were having sex with one client could let that client do anything on computers, in full view of supervisors, and in some cases with their assistance. Some nurses also showed pornographic pictures of themselves, on Myspace pages, to the male client they were having sex with (I learned about that from a supervisor).
The hearing officer said "Ask [the director] if he recalls that."
Here is the audio in 
(it has a long pause. Same recording as on Learning Curve page)

The hypocrisy of many Alaska Salvation Army Directors is amazing.
Salvation Army Directors have spent hundreds of hours on this website (akweb.org). Below are some visits (as well as related pages).

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