Dirty Detox

Clitheroe's website says:
"The Salvation Army Clitheroe Center prioritizes admissions into services for pregnant women."

Actually, the only group that consistently fares worse at Salvation Army Clitheroe than pregnant women, is Alaska Natives.

  • Five pregnant women were in Residential Treatment from Dec. '06 to June '07.

  • The first was expelled soon after it was learned she was pregnant. The young man who impregnated her is featured here. She was homeless when expelled. Her expulsion may have been related to a confidentiality violation, (see here). The circumstances around her expulsion from treatment will never be investigated, since the person who violated her confidentiality and expelled her, a Salvation Army director, is also the person who decides whether to investigate it. (He doesn't want to investigate his own misconduct. Audio here).
    • The second pregnant client was expelled with several other clients.
  • The third was admitted as a favor to a certain agency. She miscarried and left treatment early.
  • The fourth was initially denied admittance for being pregnant, but ultimately was admitted and did well (here).
  • The fifth had a difficult time and I don't remember how she left.

  • A sixth pregnant young lady was banned from Detox, but was admitted because a social worker for the V.A. forced Clitheroe to accept her.
    She is on the ban page.

  • From Dec. '06 to June '07: Insured 60+ year old men completed treatment at a much higher rate than uninsured pregnant women. The 2 oldest clients in residential December '06 (the month I began), were the same 2 oldest clients in Detox in June '07 (the month I quit).
  • Their histories made them poor candidates for Residential Treatment. After Residential Treatment each returned to detox to sober up.
  • The local Salvation Army made (very roughly) $40,000 on the two from Dec '06 to June '07.

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