Salvation Army Clitheroe.

Long term Time line


December 21, 2006

I started working in the Men's Residential unit at Salvation Army Clitheroe. I discussed my medical needs in depth before I was hired, and was repeatedly led to believe that I would get medical benefits "soon". See October 18 (below).

January 17, 2007

I started working full time in Detox, while continuing part time in Residential. Over the six month period that I was employed, I averaged about 56 hours a week.
January 18 to June 12 Timeline B Here.

May 4 & June 8
  • The supervisor says my employment probation is being extended and medical benefits are denied each time. This is at least partially in response to complaints I made to my supervisors about abuses that they were involved in.

June 11
  • I gave notice that my last day would be June 15.

Late July
  • When filing for unemployment I was asked by the Alaska unemployment office why I quit.

August 7
  • Alaska Dept of Labor asks for more details.

August 8
  • Alaska Dept of Labor asks me to send the email several times, fax it and confirm what I said over the phone.

August 9
  • Alaska Dept. of Labor discusses by telephone the reasons for quitting. Audio (26 sec) They ask Clitheroe to respond.
    (The reason I quit was that I was being obligated to participate in, as well as cover up, unethical conduct. The denial of medical coverage was used as a tool to force me to be compliant).

August 10
  • Detox closes. (news article) They claim financial pressures and staff shortages. They failed to give even one days notice to their employees. They also gave no notice at all to the State of Alaska, which channeled about $4,000,000 to Salvation Army Clitheroe for services in 2007 (of which $865,000 was for the Detox unit), and with whom they had an ongoing contract.

August 16
  • I am penalized by unemployment for quitting "without cause", and ask for a hearing. The purpose of the hearing is to determine if quitting was an unreasonable act.

September 14
  • Two Salvation Army Directors participate in the hearing.
  • They spent a lot of time discussing my "improper" use of a Salvation Army computers.html. (I had gotten treatment center information for a client without asking permission.) The Director lists my options outlined on "page 54" of the employee handbook. Audio

September 19
  • I lose the appeal hearing (but I get some audio files for The decision says I am at fault because I did not try to pursue a remedy within the Salvation Army. [There was no Director who was willing to challenge any decision by another Director, no matter how absurd the decision was. Listen to the Audio.]

October 18
  • I received copies of some papers I requested from my personnel file. One paper from January promises me the medical benefits that were still being denied in June. It is the only paper I received that is photocopied so poorly that it is almost unreadable.

"Employee moves from OC position to FT 40/hrs wk with full benefits $12.50/Hr effective 01-17-06"

scan1a.html">Click here for a very large, high res scan. It is signed 01-22-07 by the Assistant Director.
  • Missing is a pre-employment paper I was asked to sign, on 11/15/06, by two Residential Directors. It just says that I did not want "accommodations" for my "disability". If the paper had been included in those given me, I would have probably ignored it. The fact that it is missing makes it noticeable.

October 22
  • Christmas comes early.
"Point Woronzof to Mission Control. We have a problem."
"This is Mission Control. Go ahead Point Woronzof."
"That little shithead psycho has a website."
"Which little shithead psycho?? Hillary Clinton?? "
"No, that creepy little shit that was whining about medical benefits."
"Roger that Point Woronzof. Everyone has a website. This is 2007. Get back to work."

October 23
  • Clitheroe Supervisors / Directors have downloaded over 45 mb of files from Between 8:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. 2 Clitheroe computers downloaded over 35.47 megabytes from (computer ip addresses and

October 23
  • The Clitheroe supervisor at logged back in at 5:26 p.m. Two different Clitheroe Directors (A.C., D.S.) used that ip address to send emails in August. That person spent 7 minutes 18 seconds on the Computers page, and then moved on.

October 24
  • has taken the lead in files downloaded by a supervisor in 24 hrs.
    There is evidently one Clitheroe supervisor who takes overtime seriously.
  • A tip of the hat.
September, 2007
  • I contacted the Anchorage Equal Rights Commission and said I wanted to file a complaint against the Salvation Army. The investigator said he would look at this website and get back to me.

December, 2007
  • I called the AERC investigator and was told that he had not yet gotten around to looking at the website, but (he said) if I did not file a complaint within a few days I would lose the legal right to file a complaint, because of a time limit.

January, 2008
  • At the fact-finding hearing for the Anchorage Equal Rights Commission the Salvation Army H.R. Director and his lawyer decline my offer to drop the complaint in exchange for the medical benefits that I should have received anyway.

April, 2008
  • The AERC investigator says he has not yet begun looking into my complaint, but I am welcome to check back with him anytime. He admits he has not yet looked at the website.

August, 2008
  • The AERC investigator says he still has not spoken to any coworkers nor done any other work on this case, yet.

January, 2009
  • The AERC investigator sent me an official letter saying that he was ruling in favor of the Salvation Army. I telephoned him and he admitted that he never got around to looking at the website or interviewing any of my coworkers.

I cannot get a lawyer to help me, without a large amount of cash up front (which I don't have) so the issue is being dropped.

Since the complaint was made, there have been a number of additional deaths that can be linked directly to abuses of power by Salvation Army directors in Alaska.